492/533cc mod plus silicone love them!

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I am 33 and an wanting a breast augmentation. I...

I am 33 and an wanting a breast augmentation. I have two kids ages 9 and 6. I've always had smaller boobs normally have been a B. I recent lost some weight and they have went down a lot. I think I'm probably an A now. I've never disliked them so much. I had a consult yesterday with Dr Gorin and he was amazing. I was so impressed. We decided on 457 natrelle moderate plus profile. They seemed perfect. I'm going to book the surgery date soon. Can't wait!

Pros and cons

I started researching the pros and cons with silicone implants. I finally realized I need to stop. I realize everyone has different views or problems just like any review you look up. One thing I'm concerned about it the MRI. My doctor said to not worry about it till around the ten year if you've not had any problems. Anyone else agree? I'll post some before pictures really soon.

Before pictures


I really want to be a full C or maybe D. I can't tell what 457cc would make me. I keep looking at all these different pictures and there all different. I also keep hearing to go bigger so I'm kinda hoping it makes me a D. PS said to not go any bigger then 457cc. PS also said probably would need a donut lift on the left side. It is a tad bigger and droopier. Of course that's the side I bf more on and got more milk on. Kinda a tad nervous about the donut lift. I don't want my nipples shooting outwards and looking weird. Anyone lose sensation from it? Do implants make yours areolas larger? Going to book the surgery next Monday for hopefully early November


I'm 5'7" and 141 lbs. Goal is 135 and toned more by the surgery. Want to have my dream body to go with my new boobs! :)

Booked surgery today

Went today and booked my surgery for nov 4th at 8am. Preop is oct 21st. Hate how far away it all seems :(

Wish pics

Here are a couple wish pictures. I had a hard time finding some. I was trying to find some that were kinda like me before but most I didn't like the after. I'm super worried about the gap where there's suppose to be cleavage. Obviously now I don't have cleavage I have a huge space. I really don't want that huge space after my surgery. Can't tell will the implant somewhat fill that? I see some pictures where girls still have that space. A little is fine but not a hole hand like I have now :D

Waiting game sucks!

The days seem to go by so slow. My surgery seems so far away. I'm addicted to looking at realself all the time now. Just wish the day would be here! :)

2 weeks to preop

Got some bandeau and bralettes today from Victoria secret. Got a couple ice packs too. Not sure what my ps will send me home in. I think I need to get a zip up sports bra. I'm super excited for the preop appointment and getting questions answered. I'm trying to find more wish pics hard to find online. Feel like all I'm doing is looking at boobs! :)

More wish pics

I've had such a hard time finding wish pictures.

Preop today

I had my preop today. Lots of info. Asked about doing 492cc and he said I could. Now I'm worried it's to big. Part of me thinks it's fine then the other part is worried. He said I'd probably be a dd which is crazy. So hard picking the size. Still doing mod plus that's what he said would look best. Can't believe it's so close I can't wait!

Getting closer

I can't figure out what to do with my hair the day of surgery. Any suggestions? I was thinking a French braid the one with two braids. I was thinking then I wouldn't have to deal with it. But can't find anyone I know that knows how to French braid soooo idk :/ can't believe only 3 more days!

492cc pic

Tomorrow's the day!

Can't believe it's tomorrow. Excited and nervous. The whole operating room freaks me out probably cause I've never had surgery. Took a few pre picture to compare after.

All done

Not in much pain thank goodness. Just lots do pressure. Got 492 in the right and 533 in the left. I'll update the how the whole day went soon :)


Other way around on sizes right 533 and left 492

Surgery day!

Appt was at 8. Went inside they gave me the gown, hair net and these long socks to wear. Got onto the bed then Dr Gorin and in and marked me all up. We talked about sizing. I wanted them equal so he said he'd make sure of that and I didn't want such a space between the middle. Then the anesthesiologist started the iv. Said he was giving me something to relax. All a sudden I woke up out of surgery. Crazy I didn't know it was like that. So fast. No nausa or anything when I woke up. My chest just felt tight but that was it. No pain just some pressure. Crazy we were in and out so fast. 8-10:30. He ended up doing 492 on left and 532 on right. He ended up not having to do a donut lift thank goodness. Can't wait to see them. Im all wrapped up in an ace bandage and the strap. I don't think I'm going to take it off till weds when I shower. Sucks cause I want to see them but I don't want to not wrap it up back right. Right now still not in pain just pressure slightly. I've been taking ocycodone two every 3-4 hours but it's not making me out of it thought I would be. I've never taken pain killers before. Ill post pictures Wednesday :)

Tightly wrapped

Look small

I can't tell much with the bandage on but I feel like there small. Guess I'll know more after I can shower tomorrow. And I know they will look better once they drop and fluff from what I have seen on here. My huge gap I had between my chest looks way smaller only two fingers rather then a hand which I'm super glad about. I guess regardless anything is better then what I had. The doctor predicted id be a dd I'm hoping so. Not in a bunch of pain but still in some. Really hard to get up off the couch. I've been keeping up on the pain pills so I think that helps but still hurts and lots of pressure. Can't believe how rock hard they are. I keep trying to watch a show but I keep falling asleep. On my fifth time trying to watch revenge :)


I keep peaking in the bandage and they look small. Maybe I'm just stressing for no reason but I thought with the size I got they would be big :( I don't see me being a double d

Yay for a shower!

Got to take a shower this morning. Took the ace bandage off and of course they look weird. My left is droopier then the right. He said to just wear the strap for now. I couldn't get all the ink off and I used the lotion stuff they gave me. Any other ideas how to get it off? Can't wait for them to look better. I'm worried the strap will push the nipples down? Still haven't had a bm. Had two cups smooth move yesterday and took stool softeners so hopefully something today. I look three mths prego lol

Feeling pretty darn good

Trying to get off the pain pills. Haven't been in much pain except I had a bad headache yesterday and nothing would help it. My boobs still look weird. Still wearing the strap. They don't look like I have 500cc at all. It's super frustrating. So I guess that I just need to accept my boobs are just gonna look weird

Got most the ink off

At least they look normal covered up :/


When do everyone start driving after there surgery? I tried to today and it killed my boobs :/

Depressing day

Having a bday party for a friend tomorrow and can't find anything to wear. Everything I wear I don't look like I even had my boobs done. There so oddly shaped at the moment just sucks. The bombshell I use to wear had so much padding so now without a bra it just looks the same it seems. No one understands the whole process of dropping and fluffing. I feel like people are going to think I said I was going to get it done but really didn't. I'm just a debbie downer today. I think staying in the house is getting to me and making me depressed

Not much change

Still not much change in my boobs. There's not as much pressure. Mainly in the mornings and evenings they kinda hurt. Still wearing the strap. Have my postop tomorrow. Hoping I can start wearing a bra. He didn't want to me cause he wants them to drop. Emotionally feeling way better. Kinda felt like I did after having my kids. The baby blues instead this was the booby blues ;( feeling normal now. Excited to have normal boobs soon! I get weird tingly sensations and my incisions kinda hurt at times. My nipples feel ultra sensitive. There not always hard don't know if that'll change. I heard somewhere after implants your nipples are always hard. But I've heard lots of stuff. I notice I get out of breath fast. They gave me this breathing thing that helps a lot. Helps me catch a deep breath.


Postop appt

Had my postop today. He took the strips off my incisions which was nice. Incisions look really good he said I can use mederma now or vitamin e oil. He showed me massages to start doing. Crazy how the implant moves. He said they look normal right now which is relieving. Told me I can ditch the strap and wear a bra just no underwire. I found some thin sport like bras to wear. Start work tomorrow so he gave me another prescription for pain meds. I do a lot of reaching at my job so idk how I'm gonna feel tomorrow. My incisions hurt and my nipples are still so sensitive. Least I didn't lose sensation :) my boobs just feel so heavy hopefully once they drop and fluff they feel normal. Or even a bra might help. Still been taking a couple oxy before bed I'm always in some pain after the day. Go back in a couple weeks for another appt.


What do you ladies think work best on the incision to lessen the scar? My surgeon said vitamin e oil. He said it's the same as mederma but wanted everyone else opinions :) thanks!

Pain at work

Back to work and it's painful. Trying to get off pain meds but need them at work. Mornings and evenings I'm in so much pain. Boobs are so sensitive. How often should I massage? Wondering if that will help things.

See some change


Tried a bra on a friend gave me 34 d and it fits :) well prob won't when they drop which I was hoping for a 34dd which it's looking like it. They look so much better in a bra :) hides the craziness! Can't wear the bra though it's underwire. Oh well fun to try. Don't have as much pain the last few days. Nipples are sensitive but not as bad thank goodness. Baby steps I guess :)

Victoria secret

Got sized at Victoria secret today 36d but the 36 I had to wear on the closest slot so I got a 34dd and it fits perfect. Kinda worried when they drop I'll need a different size but don't know what id get. Hopefully they will still fit. The cups look so big. I tried on my old miraculous vs bra lol so much padding wasn't even a bra. Yay to normal bras :)

Bra problem

I can't find any bras that don't hurt :( I got that 34dd at vs thought it was great wore it to work yesterday and had to take it off after a couple hours cause it hurt. So I returned for a 36d thought maybe that would help. Wore it today and took it off with in five minutes. Sucks I wanna feel normal agsin. They aren't underwire but they hurt on my incisions and just all over. I've been wearing the ones that look like a sports bra that are spandex material I see lots wear them on here. Does not wearing a regular bra do anything bad to the shape of the implants?


Top Day 7
Bottom day 24

Messed up

Whoops messed dates up suppose to be Day 3 top day 20 bottom

3 week appointment

Had my three week appointment today. He went over the massages which I was doing one incorrectly. He said to do them 3-4 times a day. Everything looked good. He said he will see more results at my next appointment in a month. Got cleared for lower body exercises. Photos still look horrible with no clothes. For some reason pictures look worse then in real life with these boobies :)

3 week picture

My husband took this picture looks better then the ones I take :)

Feeling normal finally!

Finally no more pain. Forget I have implants at times which is great. I kept thinking I'd be in pain forever. Always have some achy pain. But it's been a few days and nothing. I still get a little morning boob but it's not much at all. Nipples are a tad sensitive but nothing at all like it was. There slowly dropping still kinda weird looking but it just takes time :)

Sorry so long

Sorry I keep forgetting about updating. Things are great. My boobs have turned out perfect. I love them. They totally feel a part of me. I loved swim suit shipping finally this year. All my shirts fit way better. Definitely loving these boobies and so is my hubby :) so far I only like Bali bras. I haven't found a vs one that has fit good. I'm in a size 36 D or 34 DD.
Portland Plastic Surgeon

Had my consult with Dr.Gorin. He was absolutely amazing. Office was very nice and so was staff. Dr Gorin answered all my questions before I even asked them. He is very personable. Helped me figure out what size very easily. Received an email later that evening saying it was nice to meet me and if I had any questions to email. I emailed back thank you and he replied again two mins later. I have never had a doctor be so prompt. Can't wait to have my surgery with him. Going to book an appointment soon

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