Everything you want to know about breast augmentation :)

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I have wanted to do this for years, but I didn't...

I have wanted to do this for years, but I didn't get serious about it until the summer of 2014. (Thankfully, my husband was not opposed :) ) I started doing A TON of research then and went to some consultations. I chose my doctor at the end of last year and got my new boobies a week and half ago!

I'm 5'7", 120 lbs and 26 years old.
I got 350cc Mentor Smooth Moderate Plus Profile, under the muscle, inframammary incision

Dr. Connall has a 3D Vectra imaging system. It's so flippin cool! This machine scans your breasts and an image pops up on the computer. From there, they are able to enter whatever size and variety you are interested in viewing. It is the bomb.com. Seriously, I'm not even joking. You can see it from the front, all the angles to the sides and from the top. They have a site that you log in to at home so you can see all your options at home. This really helped me determine what I wanted.

Can I just say, this process wasn't at all what I expected! I'm pretty sure I've had every emotion you can think of throughout this entire process. Everything from...well, is this stupid? I love my body, I even love my tiny boobies! Is this necessary? Should I really go through with it? To...I'M SO EXCITED!!! If I have to wait one more day for my new girls I just may EXPLODE!!!

As you can see, it's been quite the roller coaster. So, let's talk about the consult. Things to know...you don't really have to know anything. Just show up (mine had me bring a sports bra to try on sizers). And some money if they charge. They had me do the Vectra scan first and then asked me some questions. Dr. Connall examined me and I asked all my questions. Then we were able to get into the fun stuff...like playing with sizes on the computer and trying on sizers. It was about an hour long and not intimidating at all. It never hurts to go to more than one doctor. You should shop around until you find a surgeon that you feel really comfortable with. Also, check out their websites. You should like their before and afters. Try to find a before that looks close to you and look at their result. Every surgeon has a different style, so be sure you like it before you commit!

The Pre-op...dun, dun, dunnnn. For some reason I was super nervous about this appointment. Not really sure why bc there was absolutely nothing to be worried about. It kind of reminded me of the consult -ish. They emailed me a bunch of documents to read over before I arrived, along with a more in depth medical history. I read them all, got a folder of wish pics ready to show the dr. and filled out everything that was required. They talked to me about which medications/supplements I needed to stop (i.e., fish oil) and they gave me some pre op scrubs. I was told to wash with the scrubs the night before and the morning of surgery. We finalized the size I wanted and that was that. It wasn't even a little scary.

Next comes the big day! There was 2 weeks in between my pre-op and my surgery. The week before, I made sure I got everything ready.
-I did any household chores that needed to be done: laundry, freezer meals, vacuum, dust...I'm a clean freak
-I picked up my RXs and straws
-I made my comfy station: - my couch with a sheet over it
-a stack of 4 pillows so I could relax while being elevated to minimize swelling
-an end table close by with water with a straw and my meds (out of the bottles)
-the tv remote
The night before, I washed with the scrubs as directed. The morning of, I washed with the scrubs again, as directed. When we got to the surgery center, I put my clothes in a bag, myself in a gown and my hair in a net. I got an IV. The nurse went over my medical history with me. The anesthesiologist came in and talked with me briefly and then Dr. Connall came in. He grabbed a purple marker and drew on me.
Next thing I know, I'm in the operating room. They had me lay down and before I knew it, I was waking up in the recovery room. It was super fast. Only 33 minutes. He said it was very easy, things went super smoothly and bam! I was done! My husband was there and he took me home.

I have to say, it hurt A LOT more than I thought it was going to. I was in a ton of pain for the first 3 days...and I hate pain pills. Your new boobs won't feel like bouncy, amazing boobies. They will feel like rocks on your chest. They won't move, even a little. Your skin is being stretched a ton, so it's going to feel super tight. It will be hard to breathe for the first day or so. This gets a little better every day. They are going to look freakishly alien as well. They'll be super high up and swollen and they just look weird, so don't freak out. I got the expected after surgery bloat and constipation. (This might be a little TMI, but I didn't poop for a week! It hurt and was so gross. Like, really, so gross.)

I had my 1st post op appt 6 days after my surgery. He said things are looking amazing and they instructed me to massage them twice, for 5 minutes, every day. They showed me some specific massages they want me to do. At first, it hurts, but it gets better every day.

So, I'm post op day 10 today. I can finally say that they don't constantly hurt or ache anymore! That stopped on day 9...so it took me a while. I still get "zingers" which hurt, but they're not constant. I can lay on my side for a little bit when I sleep and I'm not sleeping elevated anymore (starting tonight). I never got very swollen. I think it's bc I've slept sitting up (on 4 pillows) since the surgery. They still look odd, but have dropped a bit.

Now, let's talk about emotions. 1 day post op I looked in the mirror and couldn't believe me eyes. I thought they looked way too huge! They're about the same size now as they were then, but I'm more used to them. I have had feelings of being ecstatic about it and so excited about my new girls and then I'll wonder why in the world I did this and regret my decision. The roller coaster of feelings they talk about is no joke. The struggle is real people!

Now, I'm on the up and up! And it's only been a week and a half! They are softer, they don't hurt as much and they're looking less alien every day. I've read that on average, it takes 25 days to feel like they are a part of you. I'll let you know!

Before Photos

I blurred out my nips...to maintain a bit of modesty :)

11 Days Post Op

I blurred out my nips...to maintain a bit of modesty :) You can see, the left one is dropping a bit more than the right one so far. From what I've read, this is normal as I'm right handed...the muscles are stronger on my right side so it takes a little more time to relax.

11 Days Post Op

I blurred out my nips...to maintain a bit of modesty :)

It's time for girl talk

Alright, we have lots to talk about today peeps.

Pain - I'm still having a bit of pain in my boobies. I have the typical shooting pains or "zingers" along with some overall achy-ness. In addition to this, my back hurts...a lot. I used to get my back popped every dang day, but for the past 3 weeks I haven't been able to pop it. Ouch.

Using my chest muscles - I have submuscular placement. So, they put 350cc of silicone under the muscle. Obviously, the muscle has been stretched out and traumatized right? So now, my chest is super weak and it feels super funky whenever I use my chest muscles. I've read that this takes about 3 months before it stops feeling weird.

Reaching over my head - my PS was ok with this from the get go. I can raise my arms a little higher each day, but if I over do it...say reach up into my cupboard for a jar or something...it almost feels like it stretches and cramps at the same time. Bizarre, I know.

Sleeping - I am a side sleeper and this is still pretty hard to do. It's like I have to sleep on my back and am able to turn just a tad, so I'm kind of sleeping on my side-ish. And of course, I have to have a pillow for my boob to lay on. Otherwise, it aches and hurts.

Numbness - right after surgery, everything was numb. It kind of felt like touching your boobs with a bra on. You can feel pressure, but not really sensation. Since then, I have gotten almost all of my feeling back. The lower half still has a ways to go, but it's coming back. Also, when the skin does get it's feeling back it is super sensitive! It feels like a bad sunburn on my nipples, on the sides and on top. Having anything touch them hurts, and clothes are no exception. When I'm home, we draw the shades and my top comes off. Needless to say, my husband isn't complaining ;)

Scars- as they drop, my incisions are more in the crease. Sometimes this hurts and is uncomfortable.

Bending over - is tough. It feels kind of like my breast is separating from my body a little. It's weird and I don't like it.

Sex - we had this on day 10. We tried to wait, but I have been so unbelievably horny! I think this is partly bc I never have a shirt on and bc I look down and see my new beautiful big boobs and I feel really sexy! We have always had a smokin sex life, and this has amped it up even more!

Working out - well, I've been trying to take it really slow. I have gone to the gym a couple times, but I just walk on the treadmill for around 30 mins at 2.8. Told ya, super slow. I even bring a book to read so I focus on reading and not pushing myself.

My right boob is still higher than my left - my left is more squishy too. But the right is dropping...it's just taking its time. The muscle was stronger, so it's going to take a little while for it to relax and drop.

I feel like they are part of me more and more - although they still feel slightly like foreign objects. I am getting used to them. Hugging people is still awkward. I'm a good tight hugger, but I have to scale back a bit and be mindful of their projection, or else they get smooshed and hurt.

I haven't told anyone but my hubby (obviously) and don't think I will - when it comes down to it, it's just nobody's business. I absolutely love them, but I don't need to flaunt them or tell others what I did. I did this for me, not for anyone else. If ppl want to speculate and judge me, I'm ok with that, bc honestly, haters are gonna hate no matter what, so who cares?

Still need a little help with things like stirring the pb, taking down the shower curtain and vacuuming etc, etc .

I can't lay flat yet- I can lay in my bed with my head propped on a pillow, but I can't lay totally flat. It stretches the skin where the stitches are and that doesn't feel so good.

I do 5 min massages 2x/day - I am really diligent about this. I have never skipped it. I don't want cc and if there's anything I can do to prevent it, you better believe I'm doing it!

I measured myself and am a 32D for now - I googled how to know what cup size I was. So, I know it's not super accurate, but it's nice to have this reference just for me.

My 2nd post op is next week - looking forward to this. They said they might give me different massages...I'll let you know! And I'll be able to see my scars for the 1st time!

My emotional roller coaster has slowed down - there are still moments when I'm feeling a little cray cray, but overall I feel like I'm way less of a hot mess than I was a couple weeks ago.

I feel like they are beautiful and I love them! They look better and better every day! At times I feel impatient. I feel like it's already been 3 months, not just 3 weeks! I am so done with this waiting for final results thing. I just want them to be dropped and fluffed, and squishy and bouncy already! Does anybody else feel like this? I know I have to be patient, so I will be, and I will love the journey along the way :)

I'll post pics later tonight or tomorrow. Happy healing friends!

A Few More Things

There are a couple things I forgot to post about yesterday...

Tightness - They are getting less and less tight. My skin feels like it has stretched out pretty well and I didn't get any stretch marks or rippling of any kind. I do stretches to help with this a little more.

Nutrition - this is actually what I do...like for a job. So, I know food and nutrition and what foods to eat to help me heal faster. I have to admit, I was a little shocked at how long I was constipated for! It's those dang pain pills. In retrospect, I should have started taking the stool softener along with the pain pills. I think that would have really helped. And also, because I know nutrition and I know my body, I am NEVER constipated. So it made me feel really off. But things have been right as rain for a couple weeks.

Enjoy valentines day with your new twins loves!

It's a been a month...say what?!?

I can't believe it's been a month. It feels like it's been so much longer and shorter at the same time. Bizarre right?

I had an appt with my PS last Thurs. Things are looking great! I was able to see my scars for the first time. They are raised and puffy and pink...all of which is to be expected at this point. I was given silicone strips to put on them. This helps the scars heal and become less noticeable. I keep them on at all times except during my showers. I take them off during and stick them back on after. They said they'll last around 3 weeks. You're supposed to stop using them when they aren't sticky anymore and get new ones. The also offered me laser treatments for around $400. I think I'll take my chances with the silicone thank you very much. We'll see how they look after a couple months and go from there.

At my appt, my PS said that my breasts were a tad hard. I had a different nurse go over the massages with me to make sure I was doing them correctly. At my first post op appt I was told to do one of my massages a certain way, but, as it turns out, it wasn't what I was supposed to be doing. I don't want to blame anyone or point any fingers, so we'll just chalk it up to a miscommunication and leave it at that. So it totally makes sense that my boobs would be a little hard, bc I wasn't massaging them and softening them up the right way!

I have been doing everything they told me. They re-taught me that massage and gave me a new one to add to the regimen. Since Thurs. I have noticed that they have gotten much softer and more squishy. They still have a ways to go before they feel like real boobs, but they're getting there and I feel pretty good about it.

Driving - I drove on post op day 10 out of necessity. It hurt and felt uncomfortable. I haven't driven since, but this past week I have gotten so much better! I feel confident that if I were to drive it would be totally fine.

Working out - I've gone to the gym and can pretty much do anything I want. I try to avoid using my chest muscles as much as possible though...it still just feels weird. I was told not to lift anything over 25 lbs for the first couple months or so.

Running - I used to be the president of the itty bitty teeny weeny boobies club. When I would run, nothing would bounce on my chest, bc nothing was there. I am happy to say that I gave up that position and now I have big, beautiful, voluptuous bossoms :) They feel very different than my old ones when I run. They feel so different...I feel like I need to hold them when I run, otherwise they're flopping everywhere. Obviously, I need a higher impact sports bra and I never needed that before. So I'll get one and report back.

Pain - I would say that unless I'm really super actively using my chest muscles throughout the day, it rarely hurts. I still get minor zingers and some aches, but overall this has improved greatly.

Sleeping - the past couple days I have been in heaven. I can now sleep on my sides with no problems! Yay! All my fellow side sleepers know what I'm talking about ;)

Numbness - I can feel my entire right breast, on my left breast, I can feel my nipple and top half of it but the bottom half is still numb. It has time to shape up, I'm not worried at all.

I still don't feel like they're 100% part of me, but this gets a little better everyday. I would say right now I feel like they're 90% part of me. By next week, I'm sure they'll be up to 100.

I can lay completely flat on the floor, reach over my head and bend over without them feeling weird now.

One thing I never mentioned is using your arms. I swear, you never realize how much you use a muscle until you can't use it for a while. I couldn't prop myself up in bed, use my arms to lean up on the couch, or anything else that I would usually use my arms for and not give it a second thought. Be aware that this just takes time. Sat was the first time I used my arms for things of that nature...and it felt awesome!

The roller coaster of emotions - is almost completely gone. Yippee! There are times I wake up and I almost forget that I have these babies! I feel them and I smile...bc I know that they are all paid for and they're all mine and they are gorgeous and fun and feel amazing.

I'll post more pics either tonight or tomorrow. Happy Monday lovelies!

6 Week Update!

Hello lovies

It's that time again...where I get to update y'all on everything that's been going on in my boobie world ;)

At this point, things are pretty normal. I'm working out (although I still don't lift anything over 25 lbs and I'm avoiding chest exercises) and I have full range of motion (hallelujah!).

The pain level has gone down...although I will say that when I sleep laying on my back for a long time and get up the middle of my chest feels a little achy...but this doesn't last long, like not even 1 minute. I get zingers occasionally and sometimes my scars ache a bit. I think this is because my girls are dropping. But I don't have super sensitive nipples anymore and they don't feel like they're sunburned anymore...which is awesome. Bc let's be real, having a sunburn sucks, but at least you know you'll have a sweet tan after. Feeling like you have a sunburn and being white as snow? That really sucks.

I have been super diligent in massaging them the right way and they are finally pretty squishy!!! They still aren't like real boob squishy yet, but they are much much better than they have been.

My scars look better and better everyday. I think the silicone strips are really working!

Other than that, there's really nothing to report. They are just so cute and sexy and fun! They really do feel like a part of me now. Yay!! I'm really glad I did this and I can't wait til summer! I've been scouring the internet for cute swimsuits and the best fake tanner. That's all for now! Have a fabulous day!

Week 6 pics

10 Weeks!

Can I just tell you that my boobs are feeling fantastic?! They are so much more bouncy and fun!! I am seriously loving them! I wasn't sure how I felt about them a couple weeks ago, but they just get better and better with time. So, if you are thinking you made a huge mistake when you got your BA...slow your roll. Give it time. Wait at least 3 months before making a drastic decision. I still haven't gone bra shopping. I'm waiting for about 4 months out to spend money on good quality bras. So for now I'm just wearing sports bra/cami ish support under my clothes. I love them so much. I'm able to downplay them while I'm wearing clothes, but they look huge and beautiful and perky when I'm naked...just what I wanted! One thing I will say though, the whole dropping and fluffing process hurts like a mother ******. Like for real. My girls look and feel amazing, but I can always tell when they're dropping bc OUCH!!! I wake up just about every night bc they ache so doggon bad. This hopefully won't last for too much longer! They said it takes about 3-6 months...let's hope it's closer to the 3 month side of things! Does any one else hurt as much as I do? They said it's normal, but shoot dang! Ouch!

My Wish Pics

A little late, but these are what I showed my Dr. and I got pretty darn close! I love them!!

My Pics

I decided to revamp my profile...so, here are my pics
Portland Plastic Surgeon

I felt very welcome by the staff. I loved the office, it had a very comfy vibe. I felt like Dr. Connall really took the time to answer my questions and he really helped me choose the best implant and size for my body. He has a very individualized approach. He is very thorough, very gentle and super nice. I sincerely enjoyed working with him and his staff.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
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