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Hello Everyone, I am motivated to get my sexy...

Hello Everyone,

I am motivated to get my sexy back! To wear the clothes I want. Enjoy shopping for clothes again and feel good in my bare skin again!

I have considered having a tummy tuck for almost 10 years now, since the birth of my first son. The damage started there and it was a bit depressing to lose the part of my body that I loved the most. I knew one day I wanted to give my son some siblings so I held off and dealt with the body I had for a very long time. I now have three boys, ages 9, 2 & 1. Some I decided that I am done having children and I am now ready to focus on my body and gaining back my self confidence.

The first phase of my journey will be a tummy tuck, the second will be a brazilian butt lift and then a breast lift. I thought about maybe having a mommy makeover first but it will be a bit more risky when it comes to blood clots which runs in my family and financially cost more even though I may save a bit in the long run. However, my tummy is my main concern and since I have been waiting for this transformation for almost ten years I'm a bit impatient and can't wait for it to happen!

I have already started to make healthy lifestyle changes so its not such of a struggle to maintain my appearance when I start having my procedures. I feel good and am very excited for what is to come. The plastic surgeon I chose Dr. Anthony Youn out of Troy, Michigan comes highly recommended as I will be trusting him with my life and body.

I had my telephone consultation November 19, 2012. I have listed the quote below for a tummy tuck w/lipo to the flanks/hips and a quote for a mommy makeover as well:

Abdominoplasty (comp. hip lipo) surgeon fee $5100 minus $100 consult fee= $5000
Hospital/ OR/Anesthesia $3410
Total of all costs $8410.00


Abdominoplasty (comp. hip lipo) surgeon fee $5100 minus $100 consult fee= $5000
Mastopexy $4200 - 15% disc. = $3570
total of both $8570
Hospital/ OR/Anesthesia $4735
Total of all costs $13305.00

I will be going with the tummy tuck w/lipo of the flanks/hip only for now. I am in the process of booking my date.

I officially booked my surgery date the day before...

I officially booked my surgery date the day before Thanksgiving. Yeaaa!!! My Pre-Op appt is June 10, 2013 & Surgery is scheduled for June 11, 2013. I have already started shopping for supplies that I will need during that time. I will update you all on my tummy tuck preparation list at a later date.

I'm 5'6 & 160 lbs I plan on going on a more strict...

I'm 5'6 & 160 lbs I plan on going on a more strict diet when the new year hits. I will be drinking more water and keeping track of my calories each day. I wouldn't mind being in the low 140's with my weight. I have already eliminated sugary soda drinks, minimized junk food (still working on switching out my snacks for healthier options..it's def a challenge lol) avoiding eating out, minimized my sodium intake as well as highly processed foods. I'm learning and training myself to shop differently and the produce section in the grocery store is becoming my new best friend.

Happy New Years! Time is definitely speeding past....

Happy New Years! Time is definitely speeding past...my turn to make it to the other side will be here before I know it. I am down 5 lbs...currently at 155 lbs and i decided to measure myself today as well just for kicks and the numbers came in at 40-39-38.5 whoa! breast-tummy-butt smh is all I could do...now either I can't measure correctly or something is totally off with those numbers lol I know I can measure so I'm not in denial hehe but something def has to change...my body is a total wreck...If I knew what having babies would do to my body umm umm umm...we should be advocates for teens wanting to have babies so they can see what their bodies can turn into...Well, ladies I have a lot of work ahead of me to get this body together. I know a lot of us are trying to set new goals for the new 2013. I'm starting to look at my naked pics as a motivation to continue to better my body. I def don't want to look any worse than I already do. Let's stay focused and best of luck to all with your journeys!

So I'm down to 150 lbs and I can't really say...

So I'm down to 150 lbs and I can't really say where the pounds are coming off at, besides my butt. I see very slight changes and I was hoping to see more. I will continue to see if I can lose more weight.

Update on measurements 37.5 breast 36 tummy 37.5...

Update on measurements 37.5 breast 36 tummy 37.5 butt. I've been working really hard on staying disciplined with my diet, which I like to think of as a lifestyle change versus diet. Looking back on my review, I'm proud of myself for reaching my weight loss goal! I'm officially 140 lbs to the T. I may push the envelope and bend another 5 to 10 lbs to get to 135 or 130, but prob nothing past that. In the meantime, I will def maintain my current weight if nothing else.
When I had my phone consultation I weighed 160lbs and I was game for lipo to my flanks. Well, I'm now 20lbs lighter and I don't think I have a need for the lipo to my flanks, so I will be cancelling the lipo to my flanks and I'll just get the tummy tuck. It's prob best that way. I can save all the lipo for the butt lift that I would like to have at a later date, which I may have to gain weight for. I hope everyone is having as great of luck with their New Year's goals as I am. I'm a few months away from my transformation and I feel good about the progress so far.

Weighing in at 136 lbs...I'm really not trying to...

Weighing in at 136 lbs...I'm really not trying to lose any more weight..I'm more concerned with maintaining the weight lost and staying around 140. I am about two months and a few weeks away from my procedure. :-D I try not to focus on the procedure too much right now..it helps the time fly past quicker for me.

Delayed journey that is now picking up speed...

My original plan was to have my tummy tuck procedure performed in 2013, which did not happen at that time. The price of the procedure went up slightly, but what can I say besides it wasn't my time. I am now scheduled for surgery on July 3, 2014 and everything is in place and paid for. I had my lab work completed last week. I will take updated photos and measurements before surgery. I have maintained to keep my weight down. I weigh in between 135-140 depending on the day. :-) I will be driving to the Troy, Michigan area the morning of July 2, which is the day of my pre op appointment. I'm excited to be back in the real self community and look forward to connecting with you all! Best wishes on your journeys!

Moving Day & less than 3 days for surgery

Hi there,
I am truly blessed. Moving into a new house today and my surgery is less then 3 days away. It's a bit overwhelming, but I am thankful to The Lord for raining so many blessings on me. Thank you Lord!! On another positive note, I've been so busy I've barely had the chance to ponder and have anxiety build up about having surgery. There are some last minute items I will need, but everything will work out the way it should. Stay Blessed my Beauties! :-D

Troy, Michigan here I Come!!!

Good morning,
Headed to the Detroit area this morning. Today is my pre op appointment, which was scheduled the day before my surgery. Tomorrow is the Big day! :-D

I Have Arrived...

I Have Arrived! ;-D

Pre Op pictures

It seems as though I carry a lot of weight in my mid section. How much more weight do I need to lose Realself??? Something has to change. I pray Dr Youn works his magic on me tomorrow.

I made it to the Flip side

Hi there,
Surgery was this morning. Everything went well. I found out I had a small hernia pre op while getting marked. I have been dosing off sleeping most of the day. I will be staying overnight at the hospital, which is a nice feature.

Goodnight Realself....Zzzzz

Staying on top of moving around...

Just checking in w u all. Everything still seems to be coming along well. I'm back home and making sure I stay on top of getting up and moving a bit every few hours to avoid blood clots along w moving my legs and feet while resting. This is very important to practice. Hope everyone enjoyed the 4th of July holiday!

Day 5 post op Recovery

Still taking it easy even though each day is getting better. I have a pain pump and prescription pain pills. I rarely used the oral pills, maybe two pills. I was instructed to remove the pain pump myself by my Doctor. I will remove the pain pump later today. Happy healing dolls! :-D

Leaving Follow up Dr appt

I had an extended Tummy Tuck Muscle Repair & Lite Lipo both sides above front hips w/only 1 drain and a pain pump.

I had a follow up Doctor's appointment today which went well. I had the drain removed, steri strips replaced and stitches removed. Everything is going great with me. Thank you Lord! I owe it all to you!

3 week Post Op

Feeling good! Walking almost completely upright except when exhausted, Still swollen, wearing a tighter garment, most of the bruising has faded and my scar incision looks rather thin to me. Preparing myself for scar therapy now. I'm thinking of using silicone strips and I'm thinking of a good daily regimen to use for scar therapy when to massage scar and when to use the silicone on the scar. Trying to find a good balance for the scar therapy. Let me know if you have any suggestions. Thanks! Hope everyone is doing well!!! :-D

Started Scar Therapy

I am using scar fx silicone sheets on my scars and I have also started using what others call the marble trick for your belly button to shape it. In addition to that, I continue to wear a compression garment for 90% or more of the day.

1 year PostOp

Currently weigh in abt 155 lbs my results would look even better with a lighter weight. I had a full tt no lipo I would like to preserve my fat for a bbl. My surgeon that preformed my tt said I don't have much fat in my tummy area n that it was mostly skin. I had a successful recovery n am very satisfied w my results.
Detroit Plastic Surgeon

I have been researching for quite some time and I found Dr. Youn on askmen.com. Dr. Youn has been named one of the top three plastic surgeons in the United States by askmen.com. He also comes highly recommended from all the reviews I have researched and I fell in love with his natural looking work from his photo gallery.

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