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So I've always wanted to get my nose done. I have...

So I've always wanted to get my nose done. I have been very self conscious about this since I was about 13. I could barely breathe due to a deviated septum, I fractured my nose when I was younger so the middle of the bridge shifted slightly towards the right and I hated the hump on my bridge. I did a ton of research and found Dr. Golden and decided to go for it. He's a great doctor and he is realistic about what he can do and what the outcome will be.

Profile Before

I just found a pic that was taken while ago but it shows what my profile looked liked prior to surgery.

Day After Surgery

This is a picture the day after surgery. Its very scary, when I first saw myself I had to vomit, it was soo gross. My entire face was swollen (not just my nose)! I had no idea that my face was going to be this puffy. At this point my face didn't really show all the bruising yet. That all happened gradually during the day and the worst of it was on day 3.

I was told that day 3 is the worst, and it definitely was. I don't have any pictures from this day for that reason. When I woke up on day three my face was bigger than it is in the picture that I posted from day 2. My eyes looked like black golf balls, they were extremely swollen and it was really hard to even open my eyes. The eyelid as well as below my eyes were both bruised. My cheeks were bruised, my forehead was all puffy and big, and overall my face was huge! I kinda looked really fat in the face....

Day 5

So today I went back to see Dr. Golden for my follow up. He said that my swelling and bruising was normal because he had to break my nose to fix it. I have to go back again on Friday to follow up again. My face still looks huge but the cast is off so you can see the profile a little better. It is still swollen so it may take a few months before I am able to see the end result.

Day 6

Im not going to upload any pictures today bc I have yet to have any significant changes. My face is still very swollen (its kinda scary looking at myself in the mirror).

Yesterday I went to CVS down the street from my house and I was so scared that someone would like cry when they saw me but thankfully there weren't any other customers. The associate there had a daughter who had just had her nose done as well and she was really helpful...I was trying to buy all these things that I didn't really need but that I wanted like weird stuff that I thought would make me heal faster but she had some great advice and told me what I could and could not use thankfully, she was great. She had a few tips that helped her daughters healing process, she told me to freeze wet wash cloths in plastic freezer bags and then once then are frozen to place them on my neck and this will help the blood flow back to my face. Also she said to hard boil two eggs and gently place them in my eye sockets, without touching my nose, and this will help with the bruising on my nose. I know they kinda seem a little strange but they're worth a try. I just woke up, its almost noon, so once I'm done eating breakfast (blueberries and yogurt) I will me a cup of coffee and try to sit on the couch with the frozen wash cloths on my neck.

I've been eating fresh pineapples as suggested by Dr. Golden, but I think I need to take a break because I still have braces and the citric acid is too harsh when I'm eating such large amounts. I'm taking my vitamin C supplements, I got the gummy form and take 5 a day, which is 625 mg of Vitamin C. Hopefully this is helping. Its like 1000% DV so yeah...

If anyone could help I would really appreciate it, these are things that are bothering me right now:
-my nose is constantly running, I should prob invest in a tissue company I am using so many
-yesterday when I was at the doctor I could breathe through my nose but now I cannot
-around my chin and mouth is still bruised...
-today I woke up and my lips now look huge, but I guess that could be a good thing
-my top lip is weird, I can't smile, before when I would talk only the braces on top would show but now my bottom teeth are showing and the top are not...

Funny Story The Day of Surgery

I guess this seemed a little funny to me afterwards, but maybe it was really rude. Anyways so after I was given the IV I had to cough and idk if my arms were tied down, I don't think they were but I think the IV was already kicking in so I could feel them and I kept saying "excuse me I need to cover my mouth so I can could can you untie my arm..." then after surgery I still had to cough and I still thought my arms were tied down so I just kept coughing without covering my mouth and they told me I could cover my mouth but idk what was wrong with me so I just kept coughing.. gross.

Near the end of surgery I could hear what was going on, like the doctor talking to the nurse and resident, it was weird but I couldn't feel what they were doing but I heard them like breaking things...

Day 6 Update Again

I decided to post a picture, the bruising is going down and the swelling is as well. The yellowing around the bruises and down my face show the areas where the bruises are beginning to heal. This picture also shows a bit of the side view.

Recovery is a struggle.

I never imagined that things would be this bad. I thought that this surgery would cause some bruising but I never imagined that my entire face would have bruises and be so swollen. Today I felt like a monster, when I look in the mirror I don't even recognize myself. I feel so ugly and just wish that all of this swelling and bruising would go away. I went to Target to get a few things and literally had to put on like ten pounds of makeup, yet I still don't even look cute. How sad is that. Most people were giving me extended stares and looking at me weird. I've never experienced anything like this, EVER. I'm so sad, I started to cry when I got into my car and I was supposed to finish up my christmas shopping tonight at the mall but idk if I have the strength to leave again. Tomorrow I have to go back to my doctor and I hope there is something that he knows of that will help me heal sooner. :(

Day 11

My eyes are still bruised and my nose is still swollen but they are both going down with time. I got tattoo coverup makeup from sephora for my eyes so that takes care of the bruises. I still have subconjunctional hemorrhages in both of my eyes but they are verryyyy slowly going away.

Day 12

Swelling on my nose is continuing to go down and its starting to look cute!

Day 13

Trying to get my nails done and someone decided to send me a snap chat of myself but hey I actually look cute!????

Day 14

It's been exactly two weeks and the bruising has finally gone away. I have been left with dark circles that surround my eyes. Dr. Golden told me that these may take a while to go away, so I just need to be patient and wait. My nose is still swollen from the front.

3 Weeks

21 days since surgery! Here are some pics.

4 Weeks

Here's a pic of me, it has been 4 weeks and my nose still looks extremely swollen. I have really bad dark circles from the blood from surgery sitting in the orbital rim. Does anyone know of anything that will make that go away other than just covering it up with makeup, it makes me look sick and old and my professor asked me about it the first day of class which was sooooo embarrassing!

5 Weeks

Here's a pic 5 weeks since surgery. My subconjunctival hemorrhages have finally gone away!

New pics

I haven't updated in a while because I have been super self conscious about my nose and the darkness under my eyes, but here are some pics from before, 5 and 6 months post op for comparison.

3 months post op

My eyes still look super dark.
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