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OK SO .. i am writing this review after finally...

OK SO .. i am writing this review after finally getting enough courage to rehash the awful experience i had with this man ... at my consultation with dr golden he insulted me by calling me an animal ( platypus ) .. he was very rude and arrogant .. he then asked me how much i could afford.. i thought that was a bit strange ... i was hesitant to go back to him until i ran in to a woman that just had her nose done by dr golden and she was very satisfied .. so i decided to make an appointment to have a rhinoplasty with dr golden ... while waiting in the waiting room for my procedure i asked the woman working the front desk if she had a nose job done and if dr golden did it .. her response was "UM NO i don't need to have a nose job i was born with this " .. i thought that was a bit rude and insensitive but whatever .. so the nurse called me back .. we walked in to a dirty tiny dingy room with carpet and a chair that looked like it was from a dentist office .. i began to panic thinking " omg what kind of room is this " i asked the nurse when she was taking me back to the surgery room ... she said "honey this is the room " .... hmmmm yikes this doesn't seem sterile.. so i started to panic ... the nurse put the iv in my arm ( not an anesthesiologist ) ... i passed out .. then woke up before the surgery even started .. i asked the nurse what was going on and she said " dr golden is still napping , he will be in shortly "i was a little loopy but could hear everything .. i over heard a nurse trying to wake dr golden up in the other room ... she gave me more juice and i passed back out ... when i woke up for the second time my eyes were tapped shut, hands and feet tied down ... i was begging for them to put me to sleep .. dr g kept telling me to be quiet ... after begging for more medicine he went ahead and broke my nose while i was nearly fully conscious and speaking ... i felt the blood draining down my throat and down my face .. i was choking on my blood begging them to put me to sleep ... i finally passed out again and woke up to him adjusting my nose asking his nurses if it looked straight ... after the surgery they sent me on my way ... i went back the next week for a follow up .. dr g was completely rude and arrogant ....the third follow up i wore a bit of make up because i looked so pale ... i didn't realize he would be removing the bandages that day but he did ... he was laughing hysterically and i didn't understand why ... he told me to get up and follow him .. so i did ... he paraded me in front of all of his staff telling them to look at my nose .. of course i was terrified at what he was laughing at .. one of his nurses got upset and said " stop it .. that is not funny " .. he grabbed my shoulders and shoved me in front of a mirror .. my make up was darker than my skin and a lot of makeup got stuck on the adhesive from the bandage and looked super caked on and this was completely hysterical to him .. i did not find it funny at all .. he even showed me off to one of his patients ... super professional ... they following appointment i had a bit of bleeding ... he told me i could die if he didn't cauterize it .. obviously freaked out and already feeling emotional from being completely conscious during a surgery i began to cry and told him i didn't want him to touch my nose .. he threatened to call the police on me and left the room ... the nurse that stuck up for me the week prior came in to the room to calm me down and told me how nasty and rude dr golden can be .. i let him cauterize my nose ... the week after that he had a dr in training with him ... he insulted me numerous times in front of this man.. told him the makeup story and how ridiculous my nose looked prior to him " fixing " it ... dr g cleaned the inside of my nose out and left the room ... i got up from the chair.. the dr in training said to me as i was walking out " i am so sorry he spoke about you like that in front of me and please look in the mirror before you leave.. i would hate for you to walk out like that " .. dr golden wiped blood and bugers all over my nose and cheek and was going to let me walk out like that .... after that appointment i could no longer take it and never went back ... i am absolutely horrified and completely traumatized by what i went through ... i was in my early 20's when i went to him and was very insecure ... i am so embarrassed and regret my decision... i constantly have migraines,sinus infections, drainage , sore throats, my nose is severely crooked ( it wasn't before at all ) and i have a strange bump near the bridge of my nose ... PLEASE consider other doctors or not having the surgery at all .. i regret it more than anything ... i am just now coming to terms with everything and i want to prevent others from going through this ..
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