46 Year Old Mom of 2 - Better Late Than Never - Troy, MI

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Hello everyone! I'm a 46 year old divorced mom of...

Hello everyone! I'm a 46 year old divorced mom of two adult children. I'm 5'6" and 160 pounds. I'm writing this review to help others my age who are going, or thinking about going through this procedure. The women who wrote on Realself really helped me when I had my tummy tuck last year. So I decided it's my turn to give back.
My surgery isn't until January, so that gives me 2 months to lose the 20 pounds I've wanted to get rid of for two years now. If new boobs isn't a motivator, I don't know what is! :)
Today I'll post some "wish boob" pics and in the near future I'll write about my weight loss progress and post some pics of my "before" self. And of course, I'll keep you guys updated on my post-op recovery. Wish me luck!

Rice Boobies

Today I went to Meijers and Target. I bought rice from Meijers and a 36C lace unlined bra from Target. With my current weight, I'm close to filling out the 36C already. However, when I lose the 20 pounds, I know that there will be much air up there. :)
Anyway, the reason for the rice is so that I can make rice sizers. They're not exactly like the sizers you'll get in the doctor's office, but they give you a close idea as to the weight and size you'll have. I attached a youtube link on how to make the rice sizers. And my pictures are of me with 250cc's with a 36C bra and other rice sizers. I predict by surgery time, I'll need at least 350cc-400cc moderate profile to fill out a 36C bra. Here is the YouTube link:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q9tHqhH4bow&list=FLEWXyA-AY7cOB1oyIIG11wQ&index=1

5 days left!!

Only 5 days until my surgery!! I'm so excited! I have my meds all ready and I just bought some God awful pj's that button in the front. The doctor suggested it so I won't have to pull anything over my head. I'll post some before pics in a few days.

10 pounds down and less than 2 days to go.

Here are some before pics that I promised. After 2 kids.....very depleted boobs. :(
I didn't reach my 20 pound weight loss goal but I did lose 10....150! Yay! 10 more to go! Now that there's less than 2 days less I'm getting super excited. If I'm not too out of it or too much in pain, I'll post some post-op pics the day of surgery.

Best Surgery Ever!!

I just got home a few hours ago and I have to say the surgery was easy breezy. The most painful part was putting in the IV needle. I woke up with a little pressure, but it wasn't bad at all. My plan is to take 1 pill of hydrocodon every 4 hours. If that works well, tomorrow I will shorten it down to 1 pill every 6 hours. And the third day I'll switch to Tylenol. Later today, after I take my nap, I'll post some pictures of my new boobs.

Surgery Day Post Op

I must reiterate what I said early....this surgery was so easy breezy!! I'm following my hydrocodon 1 pill every four hours and it's working out great.
My doctor (Dr. Ellen) decided on 400cc's Silicone implants under the muscle for my left breast and 425cc's for my right (my right breast is slightly smaller). I know it's just hours after the surgery, but I can't wait for them to drop. Right now they're shaped like the cartoon character Sponge Bob Square Pants! I'll post more tomorrow and tell you guys how my pain is going.

Official Day 1 Post Op

I'm still feeling good and keeping up with my meds. I've heard that day 2 and 3 are the worst, so we'll see how that goes. Tomorrow I plan on going to Victoria's Secret to get one bralette. I'm going to wait until they drop to buy more because my size may change. I'll take a pic of my new bra and post it tomorrow.

Day 2 Post Op

The local anesthesia they injected into my chest wore off today. I could feel a little more tightness on the upper parts of my breasts, however it wasn't painful, just uncomfortable. I was still able to switch from hydrocodon to tylenol extra strength. I was also able to drive for the first time today as well. I headed straight to Victoria's Secret. I planned on buying just 1 bralette but I loved them so much I ended up buying 3. Saturdays are the days I go to church and the process of finding something to wear was a struggle. Since my boobs haven't dropped yet, and they still have a weird shape, I wanted to wear something that detracted from my chest. After trying on numerous sweater dresses and button-down tops, I ended up choosing a sweater and infinity scarf to go over it. That seemed to do the trick. Oh before I forget, I did try on other bras at V.S. and so far I fit into a 36D, but that could change once they drop.

First Check-up

Today was my first follow-up visit with Dr. Ellen. I got my stitches taken out (yay!) and she said everything looks great. She noticed that my breasts are already starting to drop. That's good to hear but my boobs still feel like 10 pound rocks! Tomorrow I will post some 1 week photos.

Week 1 post op

Not much has changed in a week. However, they don't feel as foreign and they're starting to soften up ever so slightly. Yesterday the doctor said if my strip doesn't fall off by Sunday, take it off and start putting on Neosporin. When that happens, I'll show you a pic of my scar. I haven't seen it yet so it'll be a first for both of us.

Scars - 12 days Post Op

I know I promised to show these on Sunday, but I had a crazy and hectic weekend. Anyway, the scar under my left breast seems to be doing a little better than the one under my right breast. However, I am pretty satisfied with the progress of both. Disclaimer; the lines under the scars are from my bra. :)

1 month update

1 month
Today marks one day since my surgery. My boobs have dropped slightly and they're starting to feel more real. I can sleep on my side (with the help of a pillow that I lay under my boob) and the only thing that hurts now are my nipples (they're super-sensitive!). I also attached a video to show you how they move at one month.
Bloomfield Hills Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Ellen performed my tummy tuck procedure last year. She did a great job and my scar is a thin fine line. So of course I trust her to work on my boobs this year and I would recommend her to any of my friends who are thinking about cosmetic surgery.

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