36 Years Old, 3 Kids, Hoping to Balance my Body and Finally Have Boobs! - Troy, MI

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I scheduled my consultation almost a year and a...

I scheduled my consultation almost a year and a half ago and it's coming up on August 3rd. I've always wanted larger breasts and liked how my body looked during pregnancy and breastfeeding when my boobs were big. I have three boys and breastfed each for around a year, so needless to say my boobs have been through a lot! They were never big, but now they seem smaller than ever and have stretch marks from filling up/deflating/filling up/deflating over and over and over. I'm around 127 lbs and 5'5" or 5'6". I'm thinking that I'll want 375 ccs, moderate or mod +, silicone/cohesive gel implants. My main concerns are first and foremost my health- I've never had surgery, so that does scare me and I'm also concerned about complications or related medical problems after surgery. Also, Like everyone else I don't want to be too small or too big. I don't really want to buy all new clothing so I'd like to still fit in most of my size small tops. I also don't want to look heavier because of my boobs- I like to run and be active, so I would like boobs that fit my athletic(ish) body and are manageable to work out/run with.
My husband is super supportive- he knows I've wanted boobs for forever yet it's always been my choice- he's a self proclaimed butt guy. He's coming to the consultation with me and was a little skeptical that I only made one, but this dr is pretty phenomenal and honestly I don't have time to go to multiple appointments with three kids!
I've been reading reviews and looking at photos on this site for about a month so I decided it's time to add my story. I'm not the most comfortable posting my before photos but it is what it is and I feel like I'll get better feedback and suggestions if people see what I'm starting with.

Bathing suit- before

Just adding two photos of bathing suit shots (padded bikini top) to show more of the full body and get suggestions for implant sizes. I think 350 or 375 ccs, under the muscle. My husband thinks 375 or bigger (of course) but I just don't want to look heavy in clothes or be too big for my body - any suggestions?


I had my consultation - was so nervous! Found out I have to wait until at least November bc I stopped breastfeeding in June and the dr wants there to be more time for my breasts to finalize their size (dear God, could they get any smaller?!?) and make sure there is no milk left in any ducts. I'm definitely disappointed that it can't be sooner, but there's nothing I can do. The dr was very matter of fact and to the point. I tried on a couple sizes but already pretty much thought I'd want 375 ccs. He did say I could get a larger implant on my right side (400) to balance the asymmetry but I don't know. I'm concerned that two diff sizes will take a long time to even out and that 400 will be too big. So do I do 350 in the left and 375 in the right? I'm just not sure. I have to go back for a second consultation in November when I should be all clear from breastfeeding and I combined that appt with a pre op and tentatively scheduled surgery in December. Overall I felt like everything was very standard and maybe a bit impersonal. Not sure if that's the right word but that's the best way I can describe it right now. Maybe that's bc I have to have a second consultation so he wanted to just do some quick trying on of sizes this time- and if that's the case, I completely understand- I would not have had the consultation now if I knew about the 3-6 months past breastfeeding thing. My friend thinks I should have another consultation with a different doctor to find one who I click with, and I get that but at the same time this dr is known for doing outstanding work and ultimately isn't that what really matters? And with three kids and a job I don't have much time to keep seeing different doctors. I don't know. Overall, it was a fine appt but I am disappointed that I have to wait. Oh! And I completely forgot to ask about profile recommendations!!! I'm so pissed at myself! I don't know my measurements so I'm not sure if I have options between moderate plus and high.

2nd Consultation/Pre-op... still undecided on size

I am losing my mind stressing about size! I had my pre-op/second consult to be remeasured. My dr still thinks I should get a larger implant in the right since there is less breast tissue and I'll be more symmetrical that way. I was all set on 375ccs, but the thought of the right being 400 ccs seems a little much to me. I'm in that spot where I feel so many of us are when you are afraid of being too big or too small. I keep telling myself that anything will be better than what I'm currently working with! But... I don't want to feel disappointment after the time and money and pain that will be involved in this whole process.

I am in a profession where I do NOT want my implants to be obvious. I don't care if friends and family know, but it is something that I have to be cautious about at the work place. Last year I was breastfeeding so my boobs were larger and this year I've been wearing a VS "add two sizes" bra, so I'm hoping that there won't be major, noticeable differences with my implants.

So, that's stressing me out. And I need to call next week, make my payment and let them know my decision. Either 375 in the left, 400 in the right OR 375 in both (although my PS advises to get a size larger in the right and he's the expert, so I feel like I should follow his advice -- he did say that he would do whatever I'm comfortable with though as it's my body) or do I downsize to 350 in the left and 375 in the right?!?!??!?! If anyone wants to add their two cents, I'm taking advice donations!!! Thanks!

Before tank top

Just pictures I want to use to compare after


These are 375 on the left and 400cc on the right-- almost positive I'm going to go down to 350 and 375 as these seem a bit big for me

Driving 5 days post-op?

Since my surgery is so close to Christmas, my PS's office is closed a few day over the break. I made my post op appt for the 22nd, but my husband has to work. Do you think I'll be able to drive myself? I know I'm not technically supposed to and its at that appt that I would get cleared to drive, but wondering if anyone drove that soon after and if it was ok? The office is an hour away from me, so taking a taxi or uber isn't really an option. Plus I'll have my kids (who I plan to drop at in laws for a couple hours since its in the way). Thanks!

Nerves and Worries

Ugh- the nerves are kicking in. I've been up since 4 am and my brain can't stop thinking of a million things. Things I need to do before surgery, people I need to tell (my parents- ahhhhh! I'm an adult, why is it so hard to tell them???), questions I have about recover, fears about this big decision... I'm really concerned about my youngest- he's 18 months and I don't know how in the world I'll be able to do anything without picking him up. He's a total mamas boy. Anyone have advice on that?

Four days left...

I've been stressing out a lot about all of my decisions - size, timing, and even if this is a smart decision. Two things happened today that make me feel a little better. Everything at work fell into place -- I was concerned about having someone cover my responsibilities and missing time, but today someone contacted me who is going to be able to help (there are really only two days I'm concerned about because where I work will be closed over the holidays) so I'm feeling better about that. And, I told my mom today. I have to miss one of my son's Holiday programs at school because it was planned after I booked my surgery and got past the "change without penalty" date. I feel bad about missing it (when I first found out it was the same day I had MEGA mommy guilt and was practically in tears) but I found a friend to drive me to the hospital so my husband can go to the program and today I told my mom that I won't be there and why. She was supportive and said, "well I know you've wanted this" and also "you are going to be huge are you?" haha. I told her it shouldn't be noticeable to anyone who typically sees me in clothing because I wear a super padded bra. Anyway, I feel like I'm rambly and all over the place, but those two things calmed my nerves a bit. I honestly just cannot wait to get the surgery over with because the stress of planning for it and thinking about it is driving me absolutely crazy. I still need to get prescriptions filled and figure out a few other things, but I think most everything else is settling into place.

Size- ahhhhh!!!!

I was all set on 350cc for the left and 375cc on the right until I read some reviews tonight. Argggggg! I just felt like the 400 sizer was too big...but I don't want to be disappointed... But I don't want to be too big bc I'm active and want it to be somewhat subtle... But it's a lot of money to be disappointed...but I'd be disappointed if they are too big and make me look heavy...ahhhhhh!!!! I don't even know if changing the size is an option at this point. This is so hard! Here's a recent before photo

Decision made!

After a lot of indecision, uncertainty, changing my mind, and nervousness, I made a size decision. I am going with 375 cc on each breast. I came to the realization last night that what was making me most apprehensive was having two different sizes of implants. I was always really happy with the 375 sizers when I tried them on, but felt the 400 was too big. So then I sizes down to 350 and 375 but was having doubts about 350 bring smaller than what I want. I know someone said I should follow my plastic surgeons advice and I get that, but ultimately it has to be something I'm comfortable with. My PS said he would do two different implants to correct my slight asymmetry but since it's not a substantial difference (sure it's noticeable if I just stare at my boobs) and the difference doesn't bother me or my husband. And my doctor said that if we did two diff sizes he can't promise that the other one won't possibly end up larger. As I thought all of this through last night I felt this sense of calm and actually started to feel excited. I've been so nervous and debating about everything that I haven't felt excited at all. I'm still nervous about surgery and recovery but I really think this will be a good size for me! Just wanted to update for anyone else who is struggling with this decision. I know some might think it's dumb not to follow everything my dr suggested, but I think this is a case of me needing to go with my guy. Also...the awesome nurse I met with thought 375 looked great and couldn't tell a different and the woman who sets everything up at the office said she would go with the same size if she were to have implants- even if she had a slight size difference in breasts. So...that's it. Almost there. In 36 hours I'll be on the way to the hospital. Hard to believe I'm actually doing this! Have to get my prescriptions filled tomorrow and also have to make sure my scratchy throat is NOT a cold ???? hopefully I'll be able to sleep these next two nights!!!

Can't believe it's today

I feel like this isn't actually happening to me. Last week I was nervous, this week...not so much. I don't know what I feel. Anxious about surgery, waking up, recovery, and how I'll sleep. Sad that I can't pick my little guy up much the next few weeks. But I don't feel like I'll really be having surgery in 12 hrs. It's all very strange


Grrr- my update got deleted before I could post it. I'm home and sore but I think I'm going to be really happy with these results! Tight and my upper back hurts a lot. Haven't fully seen them yet, but I can't complain about this view

Day after surgery

I have boobs!!!

It still keeps hitting me that I actually did this! This is something I've wanted for years and years. I knew I wanted to wait until after I had kids and got back in shape, but even back in college I wanted to get implants. I'm so happy and regardless of how perfectly they match (or don't) and drop/settle, I am thrilled that I have boobs! It'll be so nice when they are soft and squishy!!! ????

Two days post-op

I haven't taken any pain medication since 5 am today. I'm really not in much pain- occasional pangs and soreness, but it's not bad. My husband helped me shower and change the gauze. It felt great to wash my hair (he did it) and get clean! I actually have pretty good range of motion with my arms. I'm trying not to overdo it, but I've been picking some things up, lifting bowls, toys, etc. and moving around regularly. I'm posting a picture of my ice packs because I love them! Got them at Home Goods and they work perfectly!!!

Recovery day 3

It's absolutely crazy to me that I had this thought earlier today: "should I have gone bigger?" I mean, seriously? I went from an A to 375 cc implants and I'm already so used to them that I want bigger? Ridiculous! It's just funny how the brain works and yes, I've thought "hmmm...I wonder if 400 would have been too big?" Or "maybe when I have to replace these i'll size up". I'm going to slap myself to knock some sense into me and appreciate these lovely new additions instead of questioning myself. I wanted them to look natural and fit my body without affecting my exercising or making me look top heavy and I think these will do that well when the settle in. Just want to share my experience with the size doubts and how it really hits everyone!!!

Overall, I've been doing a lot of little things today and kept busy around the house. I just sat down and feel my chest tightening, so I will probably do like last night and take either a pain reliever or muscle relaxer tonight to sleep. And as soon as my 18 month old is in bed I'll be icing these puppies!

Here are day 3 pictures-- I can see minor changes...

Day 4 post-op

My husband went to work today, so I had the kids alone a good portion of the day. My parents came over for a bit to help. Breakfast we had a picnic in the living room- the kids loved it!
I'm feeling good. Tight, but not in much pain at all. Starting to get itchy. My legs were achy tonight and once the youngest was in bed I was on the couch, popped a pain killer, and was done for the night.
Tomorrow I have my first post-op appointment- I'm interested to hear what he says regarding massage, band, etc. It would be awesome if I could get clearance to start doing cardio in a week. Already feeling flabby.

Six days post op

Feeling the impatience of wanting to be squishy and dropped...channeling my inner patience and positivity that in the end all will look great!

Eight days post- a few comparisons

My boobs feel fine- still tight and high but no pain there. My legs have been achy almost every day and that is freaking me out a little. Tired of sleeping on my back and i find myself partially on my side throughout the night a lot. Does anyone else have aching legs?

I can't wait to be able to workout. With the holidays and no activity I'm definitely gaining weight :( I know it'll come right off once I start exercising/running but not sure how long that will be.

Two weeks post boobs

They will continue to get squishy, right? I feel like I'm not going to have the more natural cleavage, like I was hoping for, but at least of they are squishy I can push them together!

Went for a two mile walk today, then did squats, lunges, and some leg ab lifts. I am feeling flab coming on and hope to get cardio clearance at my 3 week post op next Wednesday.

Hope everyone has a happy new year-- filled with dropping, fluffing, and beautiful bra sales!!!

Three weeks post op

I had my three week post op on Wednesday and was given the green light to start cardio and lower body workouts. My dr said over the course of the next few weeks I can add in light upper body aside from push-ups, chest presses, and flys (I think).

I'm still somewhat swollen at the top of my boobs, so he said they will drop and fill in more over the next few weeks/months. They took off the covering on my incisions and I bought silicone to apply to the scars.

I went for a run last night and it felt incredible! So excited to be able to do cardio! I also bought a few bras although I'm waiting to officially be sized. 32 D might be s little too small, so I'll probably send it back and try a 32DD or 34D.

I returned to work on Monday and I think I've successfully hidden my boobs! I mainly work with teenagers so I didn't want to look obvious, and let's face it- they are more focused on themselves than on me!!! I did not tell any of my colleagues but I haven't noticed anyone looking at me funny- I've worn scarves, cardigans/jackets, and clothes to try not emphasize my chest in general. Since the past few years my weight/size has fluctuated due to pregnancy and breastfeeding, I figure no one really knows my true size.

I also can sleep on my side now! Hooray! Here are some pictures-- still looking forward to softening, dropping and fluffing, but feeling good! Next appointment is early February.

Never mind- it won't let me add photos right now :(

3 week photos

Trying again...

Scars, size, and bras

Started treating my scars- adding a few "before" pics.

Ordered bras. The champagne colored one is a 32D and I think I need a little larger. black sports bra is 34DD and I love it ($20 on Amazon!). Blue bralette is size medium from VS (oops, guess I deleted that one) bathing suit top- large from target.

A few other photos to update.

Love the silicone scar cream I got!

What's up with my photos?!?

5 weeks post surgery

Can't believe it's been five weeks! I feel so used to having boobs now- they definitely feel like part of me! I love it! Would I do anything different? Probably go a little bigger, to be honest. I hate that I feel that way because like everyone I wanted to be 100% happy and don't get me wrong, I'm VERY thrilled with them, but would I like them even more if they were a smidge bigger? I think so! Just food for thought for anyone undecided. It's so hard though- I know I was so afraid of being obnoxiously large. And in my opinion I don't feel like the sizes are accurate to my results really. I don't know if I'll get a bit fuller as I drop and fluff more (I hope!) but at this point I would say I do wish I had gone up one size.

I haven't been sized for bras yet, I plan to do that after my next appt which is feb 8th. I ordered a 32 D which might be a bit small (but it's Victoria's Secret so...) so we'll see what I end up being when I'm sized. I went crazy ordering bathing suits! I'm going to take some of them back, but not sure which ones. The bandeau and the keyhole one seem to kind of smush my boobs down, in my opinion, making them look smaller, so I'm not sure about those. I'm looking for feedback, so which one(s) do you think make my boobs look the best ;)

Don't mind my giant fuzzy robe in a few pics here- it's chilly in Michigan!

Long time no update

And this one is going to be so quick. More photos and info to come in a few weeks-- life has been so crazy. Love my boobs! Love having them soooo much! Occasionally I wish they were bigger, but no regrets at all. I'm a 32DD in most bras. All shirts still fit me (small). Working out is great other than I try to limit my push ups and flys because my dr suggested not doing any. I don't have any recent topless photos and my phone is full but here are some in clothes/bathing suits (my husband took the dress cleavage shot of course!!!)
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