Getting 275cc Silicone Unders - When Did You Get Back to Exercise?

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I've been considering getting implants for 3...

I've been considering getting implants for 3 years, ever since I stopped taking hormonal birth control and my breasts lost volume. I have gone to two plastic surgeons. My main concern is looking good naked after implants-- because I'm small-framed, I don't want that 80s, stretched melon-ball look. I went to two Drs, requesting a small C or big B, and have decided to go with either 255cc Mentors, under the muscle, or 275-300cc silicone, under the muscle implants, with incisions underneath the breast.

I am really excited for the procedure and results, but I'm wondering if anyone has any recommendations on sizing for me. I don't mind a high-profile look, and I'm wondering what my best bet is in relation to not having too much skin to stretch. Do any doctors or other women who have gone for a more modest implant have any advice? I'm firming up my appointment date tomorrow, and I'll be going in for 3D imaging sometime in the next few months.

This site has already been so helpful, talking to...

This site has already been so helpful, talking to other girls and women who are thinking about BA and who've undergone it. I wanted to update and say that I'm currently considering 250-300cc silicone implants, after talking to Dr. Youn's fantastic patient coordinator. She reiterated that the final size is my decision, and that if I think I'm one of the few women who would regret going too big (I've read the #1 regret is going too small), that I should definitely stick to my gut and go with a more natural look. Then there's that whole parental issue--I don't mind if my friends know I have had a BA, but I rather keep them small enough so that my mother doesn't know I've done it. Even though I'm in my 30s, I don't want to disappoint her. Though I'm guessing

I like my body as it is. I work out a lot and I eat healthy. I'm by no means perfect, but I don't have a lot of negative body issues. I would like bigger breasts; if it weren't possible, I wouldn't be heartbroken. I like exaggerated femininity, and I love the idea of having a body that screams sex a little louder. A girlfriend of mine got breast implants nine months ago. Sometimes when we go out, I can't stop staring at her boobs. Oddly, I kind of want to drive people to distraction like that. I'm a feminist, and I believe in equality, yet feeling desired is really important to me. I'm excited to have that kind of impact on people.

One thing that bothers me about telling the men in my life I'm getting a BA: the automatic assumption that I'm insecure with my body. I mean, I'm as insecure as anyone else, but that's not my reasoning behind this. Men almost get sad for me, and it makes me angry! I feel like plastic surgery is just one more option we have to experience something new, to change ourselves for better or worse. It's a life choice like any other, and it's great when my friends react with, "I'm excited for you," or "I wish you wouldn't, but it's up to you, not me." Instead of ... doom-judgment-face.

I can't wait for my pre-op appointment (I've had two consultations with different doctors), so I can have 3D imaging done and finalize a size.

Does anyone have any advice regarding crease vs...

Does anyone have any advice regarding crease vs nipple incisions? I'd like to know more about women's experiences with those, and with scar healing. I will probably go with crease, as that's what my surgeon normally performs. I'm pretty sure my scar will be visible, based on my body frame/skin. I'm scared to go through the nipple, but he also performs those from time to time. I'm only scared based on having sensitive nipples, which is probably an irrational fear. I don't plan on becoming pregnant, so breast feeding isn't an issue. Thanks!

I took out my loan today. I took out a ridiculous...

I took out my loan today. I took out a ridiculous loan, in terms of how long I'll be paying it off and how much interest it will accrue, but I like the idea of paying $70 a month for my ta-tas, rather than scrounging to make $300 payments every month. I pacify myself by saying I will make more than the minimum payment, dammit! lol. I'm waiting for the patient coordinator at the doctor's office to call me back to book the appointment. I am hoping for the day after Christmas (something tells me my doctor won't be working, but a girl can dream, right?) or the third week of January.

I told my mom about my plans last week. This made a huge difference in going forward with getting implants! She was so supportive and I was so surprised. She's always been very practical and it's rubbed off on me, which makes me an annoying combination of 50% practical and 50% passion---so making decisions can make me crazy. She made me flash her, and then we looked through my doctor's before and after photos. She has small breasts as well, and though she emphasized that I have a great figure and don't need implants, she is perfectly fine with me going a couple of sizes bigger. My favorite comment of hers: "Don't implants cost $50,000?"

I'm really excited to be at the next phase of getting implants. My main concerns now are getting back to yoga and exercise after I get them. I am really active and love to dance, pole dance, practice yoga, kickbox, etc. When did everyone get back to an exercise routine?

The date is final! I can't believe I'm waiting...

The date is final! I can't believe I'm waiting until January (had to arrange it that way for time off), but at least it's something amazing to look forward to in the middle of winter. January 11 surgery, December 19 pre-op. Yay!
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