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I have been researching Dr.'s for years now it...

I have been researching Dr.'s for years now it seem. I have paid for so many consultation that its crazy. I had one with Dr. in Mexico and Dr. O in Belgium whom i thought was rude. But any way this Dr. was referred to me from a Lady here . His name is Dr. Azhar Ali . I Swear to you I love him he gave may options and showed me how he can fix it plus I don't have to leave the USA. lol . I show you guys my process

Waiting on schedule date.. Nervous

Date is schedule

So my date is July 7.. I am not too nervous but just ready to get this over with and move on with life. This is something that has been bothering me for years actually since I was about 8 years old. My birthday is in august so I pray most swelling and bruising will be gone

More before pics

I finally did it

I'm in a lot of pain but I think I'm going to love it.. Pictures coming

Day 2

The pain and swelling is horrible. I feel so bad and look like a monster.. Better days are coming i hope

day 8 no pictures

day 8 im excited to get these little spiders out my face. I will update pictures but for Now im not sure if im happy yet my tip looks so big it makes my nose look bigger. I cant really see a bridge
Im trying not to regeret doing this since this is something that I have wanted all my life

Two week up date

I'm so happy I could cry
This Dr has changed my Life

Before n after photos

Nose Before with scarf still swollen I'll update in 30 days

I found some old nose pics for you all to see these are all my old nose

Some of these pics I used to try to contour my nose . To make it look smaller but would just have that line down my face looking crazy

30 Days since Surgery.. Still swollen but I'm so HAPPY

See the tip still swollen this pic was about 2 weeks ago
The last pic is with make up but wow look at the difference in my before nose simply Amazing job I love this Dr

Ok 2 months down

Dr said my Tip is still swollen and I can tell. Bc it's still sensitive . Plus I think I hit my nose a time or two.


Bloomfield Hills Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Azhar is Great bed side matter I cant wait to my surgery date I am finally doing it ..

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