29 with 2 Kids. Ready for Enhancement. Trinity, FL

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I've never really had full and perky breast, but...

I've never really had full and perky breast, but since having kids they have gotten even worse. I'm currently a 36c. My doctor and I are hoping to do a 350 cc implant on both sides safely with the lift. I've already had my pre-op and it seemed standard to everyone elses. I'm excited for my procedure.

Starting to have second thoughts

I had a few random conversations this week that have lead me to think I am not making a fantastic choice about getting the implants. Though, having larger breasts will be a perk from the surgery, I really want a pretty chest and to be lifted as well as symmetrical. Some guy friends of mine were telling me that they would be concerned with them not feeling real and not really being a fan of them (fake boobs on women). I want to feel confident, but at the same time I am not looking to turn off men, in the end that will make me self conscious again. Hoping you girls have some advice of similar situations that turned out to be the false of what they are saying. Or know of any men or husbands who thought that and are now happy. Thanks. :/

One more day between me and my surgery

I'm getting ridiculously excited!. I received my apt time today. I am the last surgery since it's longer due to the lift and the implants instead of just the implants. I have to be there at 1115. The funny thing is that I wasn't scared at all until I started writing this post. I know it will all be worth it in the end. I pray for positive results and an easy recovery with speedy healing. I hope my scars are minimal too. Aaahh time for rest, I'm sure I'll just have another dream about the procedure though.

Surgery all finished!

Typing from phone, so short sentences. Had my surgery today all went well. Not as much pain as I thought. Hurts to move arms but that's about it. I think they look beautiful for day 1.

day 1 pictures

Today is my post op!

Today is my post op visit. The dr told me to take it easy and no massages last night. He wants to show me some different techniques. I had breast a that were a little off in size so I have 350cc in one breast and 400 in the other. Since silicone sizes are pre measured, he had to use the 400 and couldn't adjust precisely. The 350 kept falling into my armpit and the 400 remedied that well. You can't really tell a size difference, that breast just appears more boxy. Once it drops it should look just like the other. I'm so happy I did it and I love them. The pain isn't as bad as I thought either. I took a half of a pain pill last night and nothing today. The worst is moving my arms but over all not too bad.

Feeling Reprieve

Today I was actually able to put my arms high enough to make a ponytail! Yesterday I played around with some bikini tops and it felt great. On the downside, I still feel nothing in my nipples and I'm hoping it's normal 72 hours after surgery. I don't want to lose it :(
Tampa Plastic Surgeon

Sweetest guy ever and extremely knowledgeable. Fantastic office staff. So far everything is great and I'm very excited to complete my procedure.

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