52, Mini Lift and Lower Blepharoplasty - Trinity, FL

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Well my surgery is finally tomorrow, I have waited...

Well my surgery is finally tomorrow, I have waited since January and before that 52 years! I am having a lower blepharoplasty and a mini lift. I initially went in search of a plastiic surgeon to take care got of my hereditary dark circles and bags which have gotten progressively worse as I have gotten older and was pretty satisfied with what I was going to do. Then I got home and started looking at pics trying to decide how my eyes might look without all of their extra baggage, when I realized my jowls were already poised to take their place. So after talking with a few people on Real Self and asking a lot of questions and doing a ton of research on the internet I decided one recovery would be better than two and called my surgeon back and added the mini face lift. Since then I have had one more face to face with my surgeon, and a face to face with his nurse, signed and received a book full of papers and consent forms, an EKG to check my heart, filled a bag full of scripts and ordered a bunch of vitamins/herbs to get me thru my surgery and recovery. I understand that every surgeon is different so here is a list of the meds mine prescribed:
Compro (Suppository for nausea, just in case)
Mupirocin 2% ointment(antibiotic ointment swiped inside the nose 2x a day for protection against STAPH)
Ondansetron--also for nausea
Cephalexin--an antibiotic
hydrocodone--for pain

I am also taking some herbal meds/vitamins which I heard can be helpful in recovery:
Arnica Montana -- 30x for bruising
Bromelain 1000mg -- for swelling
quecertin--1000mg -- also for swelling
Vitamin C--for collagen repair
Vitamin A -- for antioxidants
L-glutamine -- to repair muscles
alpha lipoic acid--for wound healing
zinc--also for wound healing
And a "Bruise stick" a chapstik type product made from Arnica and Bromelian for bruising

They also prescribed Xanax for tonight and tomorrow for anxiety or in case I couldn't sleep but its been a long wait and so far I'm ok for tonight! Wish me luck!

Sitting in the office waiting...

Well I guess a few more minutes won't matter...went over a few more things with the nurse, then she gave me a hospital gown, cozy socks and a robe to put on while I wait. It's 1:15 and I haven't had anything to eat or drink all day, so any anxiety has been replaced by hunger. Here are a few pics from this morning, without makeup and one with. Hoping I won't need as much makeup when I'm all healed!

Not sure what I expected....

Even though I read a ton & looked at lots of pcs no one could have ever prepared me for what I saw in the mirror the first time I looked after my surgery. My whole head was wrapped in bandages, my eyes black and blue. Surprisingly not too much pain, so I'm only taking Tylenol but lots of nausea, but haven't eaten much either so that may be part of it. I know they want you to rest, but I feel like I am forced to. I also did not anticipate a sore throat from being intubated. The first day, that hurt worse than anything else, now it's just by my ears. Saw my surgeon for a follow-up yesterday, he felt like everything went and looks perfect, took off the bandages, gave me a chin strap to wear, and said I could take a shower, which I will attempt today. I try to post some pics later.

Shower accomplished!

What a difference a shower makes! I have been taking it easy still but I really needed to get out of bed for a while, not the type to sit still too long, a shower was the perfect compromise. Plus, I was able to see a little more of what was going on. My eyes look pretty good today, crusty and red and a little swollen, but as bad as I thought they would be. The worst is by my ears, very tight and swollen but no bruising so that is a plus! I have been wearing my chin strap since yesterday, and continue to take my antibiotics, arnica, bromelian and Tylenol. I can almost see my face again, can't wait for tomorrow!

A few pics

5 1/2 days out...

This pic is from today, 5 1/2 days out, completely without makeup. As you can see there is just a tiny bit of yellow bruising under each eye and one tiny red dot on the left. It's a little red too, on the upper near the lashes (even though I had nothing done in the top) and near the edge of the lower lashes by the stitches where it is still swollen too, feels kinda rope like. But not bad or painful unless you really push, otherwise just numb. He did put a stitch at the corners of my eyes so there is still a bump and a little scanning, they had tape on them until yesterday, but it was falling off so my PS said I could remove it. The swelling is going down more everyday on the sides of my face and I only have about a 2"x2" patch of numbness left from just below my ear to just above it on both sides. The pain has still been really minimal, later in the evening, there is some soreness and stiffness, on my left side by my neck, like I slept funny, but a little Tylenol and it's gone. Staples and stitches out tomorrow, can't wait, hopefully the swelling will drop with that as well!

Heading back Friday!

Drive myself to my follow up appt today, first time driving in a week! At my appt they looked me over and took out only the anterior stitches and any of the dissolvable by my eyes they could find, but left in the staples and posterior until Friday. It was a little too soon. :(
My PS says I'm healing great though eye bruising virtually gone, stiches not red, infected, or bruised. He said I may begin lymphatic massage( gotta look that up) it's supposed to help with swelling and can put back in my contacts (if they fit) and makeup! Yay! I'll give some of that a try today and see how some makeup looks. I just want to loose up my eyes a little more, (a little less catty) then the rest can take its time!????

19 days past surgery...

Just a quick update, I am now 19 days post surgery, my bruising is gone, all of my stitches and staples are out, as of day 16. I was able to get my contacts in at day 14, I started back to work on day 13, I did not tell anyone what I was doing, except that I had my wisdom teeth out and my allergies were bad which was why I was Wearing my glasses. No one seemed to notice, at least they didn't say. Just waiting for my eyes and cheeks to drop a little more, so I look a little less wind blown. My PS says even though my healing is at the top of the bell curve, I am really nervous for my daughters HS grad on June 6th, when the WHOLE family will be here! Didn't tell anyone!

Pics from today including scars...

5 weeks post surgery!

Graduation party tomorrow, should be my biggest test, but I think my face is looking pretty good! My PS said to take an extra water pill or two to combat any extra fluid under my eyes, but that everything else looks great!

7 weeks post tomorrow!

Everyday is still a new adventure in the healing process, but if I'm stiffer one place, the next day it's better, Motrin and water pills still help a lot. Scars are healing great though and I think are gaining more feeling. No one seemed to notice at the graduation party except to say I never change! Haha posting some pics from today! Good luck to all hope they help someone!

Almost 7 mos post

Can't believe I am almost 7mos post, what an adventure! Would I do it again, in a heartbeat! Finally got a chance to take some new pics, I'll try to post them now, seems they keep rotating in preview, hope they right themselves once posted . As for the healing process, all stitches perfectly healed, according to my PS a little red still but that's normal, still a little puffy under my eyes according to my PS, so I still take water pills, to be honest my eyes look so much better to me I don't care, but do what he advised. In front of my ears is still a little numb, but getting more feeling everyday. Otherwise almost feel like I never did it! I see my PS again beginning of Dec. so I'll update again then, and he was going to try a laser on some of the remaining discoloration under my eyes, but we'll see what he thinks! Good luck to all no matter what stage of this you are in!
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