29, No Kids, Inner Thighs and Lower Stomach - New York, NY

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I am getting married next year and starting my...

I am getting married next year and starting my wedding preparation as I plan to get married on the beach and want to be in the best shape of my life. My biggest area of concern are my thighs. Although I am not extremely concerned about my stomach (as I tend to flatten it when I loose weight) I've never been able to fully remove the lower belly fat. I have not started a eating/workout plan yet so I am hoping to jump start it with this procedure on my inner thighs and lower belly. I was told I may want to do the procedure a second time for my inner thighs. I will try my best to add pictures and update you all on my progress. Fingers crossed I have very high hopes for this procedure!

Can't wait to see a difference!

I am currently having the procedure performed. It's u comfortable at first but then you get used to it. Since I am using 2 small applicators for the stomach and each inner thighs I'll be here for 2 hours (rotating each side). I didn't eat lunch today so I brought food with me to eat and am now watching tv and trying to relax. Wish I had taken before pictures. I'll make sure to take after ones atleast to chart my progress. I was warned of bruising and swelling for up to 2 weeks. Hopefully it won't be too bad. I was told that most people see a difference in 3 months but could take up to 6 for full results. I also haven't started my work out and eating routine so I'm using this to jump start it. I neglected to mention before I'm about 5 feet and 120 lbs. I also might come back in a month and a half to treat the inner thighs a second time. I'll make sure to post in the next few days!

Few days post procedure

It's been a few days post the procedure. Wanted to say that everything you hear about the procedure being uncomfortable and painful is true with especially concerning the lower belly. There are times where it's the worst e.g the first 10 min when the machine is first placed on and the massage after. The machine is on the area for 10 minutes and each side is done separately so your there for 2 hours. It helped that I was distracted by eating, watching tv and texting. I wasn't able to rest and relax though. I'm happy to admit that I didn't bruise at all post the procedure just was red immediately after. However both my inner thighs and belly feel tender especially the belly and my belly is bloated. I hope the bloating goes down soon on my belly and I don't think my inner thighs look any different. I go back in a month and a half for my checkup and to get my inner thighs done a 2nd time. Sorry I haven't gotten around to posing pics yet I promise I will post soon. I really hope this works and was worth the pain and discomfort I am putting myself through! Also wanted to add Im going away next month so I really hope the bloating goes down and there is improvement before my trip atleast in the belly region! Fingers crossed!

I received a consultation from Ting she was very professional.

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