Rhinoplasty journey - large nose -24 - London, GB

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I'm under I delusions about my nose it's large...

I'm under I delusions about my nose it's large it's the most prominent feature on my face and it's been broken 3 times!!
I feel it covers my other features on my face that might stand out more if my nose wasn't so large!
I have had my consultation with dr lahoud and after seeing his work am going for rhinoplasty with him!
My aim is to have a nice nose that doesn't hang off my face!
I'll be happy just to be able to have a nice photo and not worry how my nose will sit!


Anyone know anything that I really need to take with me please

Counting down the days !!

2 weeks 6 days !!!
Went out last night for the last time with my big nose !!! Can't wait to have a night out where I feel pretty ????????????


Started applying arnica gel today dos this actually help anyone ?

On the other side

So went for surgery this afternoon dr lahoud has been amazing and all the nurses etc.
I am not in any pain at the moment just have really sore dry throat the nurse brought me strepsils and drinks with straws

Can't sleep X

Getting used to breathing through my mouth obviously slightly uncomfortable it's not half as annoying as I thought it would be or as it was at first, I fell asleep at 10pm and have woken up at 1.30 hopeing to drop back off soon.
Luckily transform have a television in my bedroom keeping me occupied.
So glad I did this. Just waiting for the swelling to come out in the new few days now.

day 1 post op!

Still no pain
Bruising is starting to come out now, I am back in the comfort of my home.
Transforms hospital was lovely and I could not recommend it enough the staff were so accomadating, they were stroking my hair as I was being put under they were so lovely, the nurse after my op helped me so much and kept checking on me, at no point after ringing my bell for the nurse was I ever left waiting I felt like a priority it was lovely.
I woke up once last night and can't believe how quickly I have adapted to sleeping upright as I am a side sleeper.
I have been eating normal foods, slightly slower, I can not believe I am
In no pain, I didn't find having my packaging removed painful either it sort of felt like someone was pulling my brains out though lol!

Day 2 postop

Been fine all day but feeling slightly tender this evening but not pain as such
Have slight bruising and you can't really see it in the pictures but there is slight swelling round my eyes and between my brows but still waiting for tomorrow as most reviews say day 3 the bruising hits hard

Day 3 post op

Woke up feeling slightly tender
Took some pain killers and fee fine, still not much bruising am starting to wonder if my bruising will get any worse or have I had the worst of it now ?

Day 3 post of

I'm praying that that's it for my bruising now as it's going yellow now and swelling going down

Day 4 post op

Woke up this morning with a sore back and neck from sitting up sleeping.
I removed the drop pad underneath my nose and what a relief can breath so much better and face feels more able to move
Can't believe that all my bruising has come and gone and how minimal it was, dr lahoud must have been really gentle

Day 4 post op

I don't think there is a lot of swelling under my cast but even so I can see a dramatic change already! Really hopeing my new nose softens my face out! Love it so far

Day 5 post op

Little tender today still happy with no pain my bruising is really yellow but can't complain as been so lucky
Put some different angles up I can really see a difference

Cast off

So had my cast off today and just burst out with tears it's straight but still looks massive I feel like hiding I hate it st the moment really hope it takes shape like other people's do or I will be wanting a revision hundred percent looked so much smaller with the cast on I can't bring myself to upload a pic

Profile shot

My profile looks fine but from the front I look deformed

8 days post op

The swelling has gone down a substantial amount since I had my cast taken off yesterday but is still very swollen across my nasal bridge, I am starting to feel happier with my nose

9/10 days post op

The swelling seems to have gone down slightly but still not happy but I do know that this is not the final result and I have just got to ride it out, my little baby has knocked it several times which is so worrying but she is only 8 months and doesn't know any better I will just have to be more careful

Day 11 post op- whose had a revision rhinoplasty

I know I should be grateful and happy as the appearance of my nose has improved but I can't help but want a smaller more curved nose.
I do like my profile it is a big improvement it's just very large from the front and although there is swelling there I don't think it's as much swelling as I would like ! I am starting to get obsessed !
Has anyone had revision and been happy ?

Day 12 post op

Changing every day and of course it looks better than it did before but I think I'm going to look Into having it a little smaller and curved on the bridge to have a more feminine look, I know I have to wait a year.
My nostrils are lop sided too but I have read that this is normal at this stage

Actually embarrassed to go outdoors

It's so wonkey and wide some may say I'm pathetic but I pic nearly £5000 and still have a big nose

Out and about

I have been out and about and no one has noticed that I've had a rhinoplasty which means one thing it still looks big massive shame, feel really upset and no one understands, some pics I have taken here make it look nice and other u can see it for what it really looks like

New day

Nose feeling less swollen today, one minute it's nice and an hour later it's wonkey and swollen it's mental.
Rhinoplasty truly is an emotional roller coaster !
Seeing it less swollen makes me excited to see my final result fingers crossed


I know I have an infection my nose is leaking yellow pus and the smell is vile this started 11 days ago, transform
Took swabs on Monday and still have no results yet so can't give me treatment, have told me to call on Monday, another 3 days away! Not happy in so much discomfort and I know it's some sort of infection it makes me gag I can taste the smell ! Feeling low !


When the nurse took out my stitches she only removed from across my tip on the outside none from inside my nose but there is deffinatley stitches inside my nose

Revision rhinoplasty

Has anyone had revision rhinoplasty before ?
I know I have to wait a year but it's deffinatley something I will want my nose is still just to big and wonkey.
I know it's still healing I just know that beside the swelling it's still big and witch like !
Is it more expensive to have a revision?
What are your personal experiences with revision rhinoplasty

4 weeks post op and absoloutely hating it

My bridge is still huge I hate it so much this next year is going to drag so much until I can book my revision just feel like I've spend loads of money to still sit here and cry about my nose all the time

Never get surgery with transform again !

The post op care is disgusting I'm absoloutely fuming i still have an infection and still none of the original anti biotics and keep being spoken to like dirt! Complaint time !

Why is my profile so deceiving

And the front so ugly


What is the average amount of time post op when people start to breathe normally again I find it hard to eat as can't breath through my nose so make horrid eating noises lol

Still changes all the time

Still finding it flares up with swelling most of the day but when it goes down my tip looks really nice, just got to take the advice of my fellow real selfersand wait I suppose there isn't a lot more I can do

3months post op

Is anyone else's nose still hideous at 3 Months post op it's starting to make me depressed

Rock bottom

I hate my nose more and more every day, the side is okay but I look deformed from the front. Will this change ????

Still unhappy

I am still unhappy with the width of my bridge my surgeon seemed please I raised my concerns he just said its a bit swollen and to wait. I am convinced I am going to have to have another operation to achieve my desired results. How do I go about this do I have to wait to book in etc. People that have undergone revision what have your experiences been like are h happy or wish u left alone? As stated before my profile is massively improved but my front is horrible

What do I do

5 months post op nose still wonky and lop sided from the front. Has anyone else had this? I look deformed has anyone else had this and does it sort it self out ?

Approaching 6 months post op

The first 6 months have been such a rollacoaster but I am finally starting to feel happy with my nose I can physically feel with my fingers the swelling has gone down. Everyone tells you to just wait but when it's your nose it's like the end of the world. I'm not getting a revision. Lahoud has massively improved my nose I've just got to stop picking faults in myself. People please wait the whole year before judging your nose my nose has changed so much for the better in the last month alone. I wAs 110% set on arevision 2 months ago now I am very happy . Thank you lahoud

1 year post op nearly

Nearly one year post op and my rhinoplasty has given my life such a positive impact! its an emptional rollercoaster through out the first year but so worth it! Anyone who would like to see pics before after or has any questions don't hesitate to email me on rhino91x@outlook.com!
Dr Lahoud

Dr lahoud himself is fantastic I wish I said a bit more of what I wanted, consultations where quite rushed. My main problem is with transforms aftercare which is absoloutely disgusting !!!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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3 out of 5 stars Wait times
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