52 Yrs Old 3 Grown Daughter Much Need Makeover. Towson, MD

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I am 52 yrs old have 3 grown daughters No matter...

I am 52 yrs old have 3 grown daughters No matter how much I diet and exercise I cant seem to get the results I strive for. I have been researching this site for months and decided on full Tummy Tuck lipo to flanks and back with fat grafting to my butt. All set for May 12 excited yet very nervous. I have like 9 hrs until i head for the flat side.. I have cleaned my house Finished all dirty laundry grocery shopping complete Had and electric recliner delivered today for me My Hubbys is too hard to get out of lol. Im as prepared as I am gonna be Thanks to all of you wonderful ladies on this site. i have been following your journeys and I have to say without all of your posts i dont think I would have been as prepared as I am..My Dtr is going with me for the procedure in the morning and will stay with me untill my Hubby gets home from work to take over.My Husband has been awesome through this entire process Ive even caught him reading up on it lol My daughters are going to take turns helping me during the day they r amazing as well.. I am in such good hands at home.. I must tell you Im scared I realize thats normal.. Am i gonna wake up.. And Im worried about my butt as stupid as that sounds I Dont want a big butt!!!! I just want to look like I have one a little round one no more flat one.. Well Ladies my journey to the flat sides begins at 8:30 tomorrow morning wish me luck and maybe add a little prayer I will update tomorrow sometime or friday

4 Hours Post Op

Well i have to tell you for the first couple hrs I thought I was gonna die. took a little nap and pain mefs feeling much better Hubby brought me the most beautiful roses home.. My dtr did fantastic job getting me home and settled knows all instructions emptied my drains I am truley blessed to have the family I do.. Dr and staff were just the Best. Have to send my comfy recliner back bcuz of the fat grafting to my butt i have to lay on my side and i was looking forward to recovering in that chair lol..however i am surrounded by lots of pilows.. It hurts to cough but after the initial Im gonna die it feels like i have done a million sit ups.. Well time to rest will post later

4 days post op

Well i have to say its been a rough couple of days .Trying to get comfortable uggg The worst part is the pain meds r not my friend...So nauseated Had first follow up visit this morning she said I look good other than being nauseated gave me meds for that...No more pain pills..really i dont think I need them havent taken any in 10 hrs just a little back ache which is definetly the lesser of the evils. Stomach muscles r sore from dry heaving havent eaten much no appetite which hasnt helped...i get to shower tomorrow Yay i know that will help sink bathing is for the birds lol..

5 days post op

I am so glad that yesterday is behind me..I am feeling so much better ..I have lost some weight Dr S did say they removed a lot of skin And I know some is from not eating much for first few days. Took a shower today that felt so good the hot water running on my back could of sat there forever ..starting To look a bit more human did put some Mascara and a bit of eyecolor on today. My dtr and grandsons were here for awhile my little man made me laugh and that hurt a bit it was haha ouch haha ouch lol My DTR found humour in that as well. I get wore out easily so I'm trying to rest this afternoon day by day things r falling back to place I can move easier don't want to rush time but will b glad to stand up straight without getting tired.. And by the time this is all over they won't b able to tell me GO SIT DOWN anymore I'm a bit ocd so I'm having trouble with my house being in their hands But I know I need to suck it up cuz I am very lucky to have them all

1 week today

Today I am so over this I didn't sleep good last nite ..I was so swollen yesterday I feel bigger than when when I started this journey My stomach muscles burn I'm sick of this cg is it too tight not tight enough..I'm tired of being in this house I am truly the poster child for What The Hell Did I Do..I can honestly say I get jealous when my husband runs the vacume cleaner ...if I sit it hurts if I stand it hurts..I'm not doing anything today maybe I will feel better tomorrow. This is not me I have my routine and this isn't it. Any words of wisdom ladies I know its still early in the game but boy this emotional rollercoaster is the worst

Feeling Better

Well I made it through yesterday and what a difference I feel like a different person today I have energy I had my second follow up this morning Still not ready for drains to come out not going to stress over that go back on Tuesday Dr S said I will probably be ready for at least one then and removing some sutures also..yay..ouch lol.I did have my first cup of coffee this morning too maybe that's why I feel so good lol came home did some light cleaning and a load of wash some dusting Didn't want to over do it so I stopped on first floor tomorrow is another day I am going to rest for the remainder of the day maybe take a nap Still not sleeping good at nite one day maybe I will b comfortable in my big bed again.I'm sure my hubby feels the same way he stays with me woke up and he was on couch with me Thank God for Sectionals lol.

19 days po

Well its been 19 days since surgery with a lot of downs and ups I had to put the downs first This has been hard but then again I'm not 30 or 40 anymore lol ..Drove today for the first time yay Had PS appt today NO MORE DRAINS what a relief...everything is going well I do want to let each and everyone that reached out to me with words of encouragement how Thankful I am for all of you and this site..I may have lost my mind without it ....and everyone is right that this is a journey not to b taken lightly its a major deal yes it will b worth it in the end but believe you me its getting to the end that is challenging..

tomorrow will b a month

Its been awhile since my last update It will b 4 wks tomorrow starting to feel somewhat normal again need to remind myself to walk upright and maybe get a little more pep in my step I feel like I shuffle.Saw my PS today last weekly visit next appt 2 weeks..met a woman there today that was just a week po I felt her pain ...I am happy with my results would love to b able to wear my normal jean shorts something that doesn't stretch I am slowly but surely getting there going back to work on the 20th ..I'm ready I think getting back into a normal routine will do a lot for me also. This has been a long four weeks will post pictures soon I forgot to get a copy from ps office they took the good ones.. I can look in the mirror and see the difference if I could just get rid of the swell hell permanently Things would b really good but as with everything it takes time wish I was a more patient person lol

wow 6 weeks

Well tomorrow will b six weeks I have to say that I really thought I would never feel this good again I haven't been over doing it but I have been doing it it is such a great feeling to feel normal again To vaccume to do the everyday chores who would think that that would b such a big deal I must admit when you all told me I would feel better again I had some serious doubts lol...but I did prevail yay...Babysat our 3 yr old twin grand dtrs sat nite I really missed our pj parties.I knew when I made threw without being totally exhausted I was better..Saw my PS today said everything is healing well even my stress point that opened up is much better cleared me for the pool that made me really happy know where I will b this wknd on my float lol ... If this swelling would go away I would b even happier ....Thanks again ladies for words of wisdom had to let you know u were right

Before pic

So yesterday I was 2 month po I finally remembered to ask PS for b 4 pics God they r awful I also took one of my belly now I can't manage to take selfies from behind to show the difference I need to get my hubby to do it or wait until I have better light to do it in my bedroom...but for know here r the b 4 pics

9 week pic

Well its been nine weeks almost 10 were did the time go..I am posting my result pic as of now I am so glad I did this..I feel great Watching what I eat because there is no way I will ever go back to b 4 I have list a total of 16 lbs since surgery and still going to try to loose a bit more not going to worry to much about the numbers as much as the shape..Make no mistake about it This is a journey not to b taken lightly It is very serious Everyone's body is different some heal quickly some take longer...If your thinking of having this done Do you research read read read..You need to b prepared both physically and emotionally its a wild ride..in the beginning of my journey I thought What the Hell was I thinking!!!!!Now I'm thinking I should have done this sooner I'm so plzd with everything Espically with my choice of PS she is the best I cannot say enough good things about her or her staff ..Dr S has given me the body I wanted..So Happy ....

Wow its been 14 weeks

I can't believe its been 14 weeks!!! I feel like a different person Thought I would take some time to update and post some pics I still have a little hardness and swelling in my belly button area feel a bit chubby there My butt I love so much at first I wasn't too sure not use to having much back there I turned around one day and knocked over the fan lol now that I am getting used to it I love it My abs r starting to show definition can't wait to get back to work Tuesday and start going to gym ...God where has the summer gone I work for private school so I get the summer off perks but enough is enough of that time to get back to a normal routine I had a really hard time with this journey at first but I am so glad I did this No more trying on 50 different outfits just trying to look NOT FAT the first one is a winner !!! I wish all of you on here a Happy Journey even though it is a journey with a vengeance ...

Dr Shermak is a very welcoming Dr with a smile that lights up the room when she enters She makes you feel comfortable through the consultation process answering all questions and addressing concerns I feel very comfortable in her hands

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