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My motivation for having a breast reduction is my...

My motivation for having a breast reduction is my belief is that these "jugs" are overrated. I have nursed three children in a 2.5 years!!! So needless to say, the elasticity and heaviness of my breast are in full effect. I have been considering this surgery for 2 years. Now, I am so so ready to go!

Ladies, I first would like to tell all of you that...

Ladies, I first would like to tell all of you that you have assisted in minimizing if not eliminating the fear that I once had associated with this procedure. I am beyond excited to remove the harnesses from my undies drawer and add nice, bras WITHOUT an underwire.

My pre-op is on Friday, July 7th, and I am more than excited. The doctor is having me get a mammogram prior to the surgery (I am 34 years old; however, I have zero health background on my father's side of the family). After reading all of your posts, I now feel armed with the appropriate questions to ask. Again, thank you!!!

Oh, I will post pics a little later... :-)

Well here's a little more information about me......

Well here's a little more information about me... I am 5'4" and weight about 145lbs. I workout often, and am very health conscious - I am a vegetarian. Not sure what that has to do with anything; however, I thought I would share. :-) I remember for the longest time I would purchase DD bras from Victoria's Secret. Well one day, my husband and I were out shopping, and we drifted over to Nordy's for a proper bra fitting. When the lady came out and said oh... You are a 32 F!!! I nearly hit the floor!!! I could not believe it. She said oh, yes, VS will tell you that you are a smaller cup size and compensate by increasing your circumference around to compensate for them not carrying your proper size! I felt like I had been tricked all of this time. So, needless to say, I went to Nordy's and then hunted at Nordy's Rack to find my correct size.

So, my initial appointment with the PS started with my OB/GYN. I scheduled an appointment with my OB/GYN because of serious tenderness in my breast area every time I removed my bra! My OB said the pain could be hormonal, or it could be due to the heavy sag of my breast... I suggested the later was the issue... LOL

Any who, met with the PS, whom I might add is FABULOUS!!! Met with Dr. Jewel, and she was so kind and nice. She took all of my considerations and concerns and placed me at ease. After meeting with her, the business manager came into the room and explained the process to me and if I was not approved for the surgery, they would resubmit and more than likely receive an approval. Well two weeks after I met with her, I received a phone call stating the insurance company wanted more information regarding my back and neck pain... They also wanted to know if I had any brusing or rashes under my breast... Well Anthem, of COURSE I DO!!! So about one week later, the business manager called me back and said... I have great news for you... well, I screamed and jumped up and down. This was in March, nonetheless!!! So now, July, yes JULY, almost four month later, I am awaiting my surgery. Nervous, excited, at peace, waiting to drop these underwires!!!!

Ladies that workout, how long before you were able to do non-aerobic workouts? I do not mind being able to do light weights on the lower-half of my body. I do kickbox, and figure it'll be about 6 weeks before I can return to that; however, I do plan to walk slowly on the treadmill in my garage after my second week. Thanks for your help in advance...



Eeeek!!! Just left my pre-op and I am pissed......

Eeeek!!! Just left my pre-op and I am pissed... Can you believe I forgot to ask the doctor how many cc's she would remove from each breast... Wow, that seems to be the most obvious question to ask. Anywho, I asked her if I could swim, she said as long as my drains are out and there are no open wounds. I did find out I will have my drains in for a WEEK - YUCK! She did say that none of her patients have lost nipple sensitivity nor has "dead nipple" ever occurred to any of her patients. I pray to God her record remains in tact! I asked her about working out, and she said I can do anything that does not cause serious breast movement after 2 weeks. So basically that means no kickboxing or spinning for 2 MONTHS! OMG... Well the treadmill and stairmaster will be my friends. She also did say that I need to make sure I take it easy the first couple of days - which I will... Kinda trying to take advantage of that and let my hubby take the lead with the kids and the household.

Oh, she told me a sports bra is just fine, and I am happy about that. She told me after a week or so, if I am going out and need to take my bra off for a couple of hours that would be fine. That is so great to hear because my anniversary is 8/4 and I want to wear something sexy and STRAPLESS or at least off of one shoulder. I am so freakin' happy ladies! I feel like I am prepared and ready to rock and roll. I have been waiting three months for this and ready to be on the road to recovery. Thank you ladies for your encouragement!

OH! My follow up is one day after surgery and then again one week later... :-)


So, I am home after an early start SIX AM TO BE...

So, I am home after an early start SIX AM TO BE EXACT - after 4 hours of sleep. So my PS will NOT do a reduction without a mammogram... not sure if any of you ladies had to partake in that prior too. So, after getting my boobs completely flattened, I asked the lady how long before the results would be in... she said SEVEN TO TEN DAYS!!! I said oh no! My surgery is on Tuesday, July 17th!! She said, oh, I will put it on rush and the results should be back in a couple of days... I sure do hope so.

Well ladies, I am almost there!!! A week from tomorrow around this time I will have a new set of perky girls!

So I am home from the hospital and actually feel...

So I am home from the hospital and actually feel better than I thought I would of. My day started off arriving at the hospital outpatient surgery center at 6:30am with a scheduled surgery of 8:30am. After all the pre-op shenanigans, Dr. Jewel came in and marked me up... I must say, her bedside manner is beyond FABULOUS! She responded appropriately to all of my questions with kindness! Well, while she marked me, she said that I am a great candidate for vertical method... I told her, you are the pro I will follow your lead and I am glad I did. I have a miniimqk scar around my areola and a scar onnthe side for my drains... As of right now, I have sensation in my left nipple, amd have minimal sensation on the right breast.... I chalk that up to anesthesia. she did not use any tape on my breast and after what I have read about removal of the tape, I am beyond grateful.

Currently I am in shock with the size; however, I do believe that is because I was used to my milk jugs - is this normal ladies? She did not remove my nipple actually... Just looked... So hopefully It is just really numb.

Overall, I am beyond happy, my posture is better, scar is minimal... If you are pondering I say go for it... You just may be pleased!

Oh, the doctor called my husband after and told him I would be pleased, and she is right, I am. I did not speak with her after; however, I will see her tomorrow.

Today is day three into recovery and yesterday was...

Today is day three into recovery and yesterday was rough I must say... However, isaw my doctor, and she said everything went great and that I am healing fabulously. I took off the surgical bra, and actually have on one of my old sports bras... Which is odd... Any who, today I will be resting and relaxing. Oh, I did get some good sleep last night, thanks to Tylenol PM; however, I woke up with some discomfort and had to quickly tak Vicodin... I then went back to sleep for about two more hours.

Talk with you all soon... Smooches

Today is a good day... Some of my nerve endings...

Today is a good day... Some of my nerve endings decided to come back together - the feeling was not so good... Any who, I was able to find an affordable bra, with support that has a front clasp!!! Here is the link just in case anyone else is looking for one.|Athletic%20bras&prdNo=8&blockNo=8&blockType=G8

Ok.. So my recovery is going fabulously!!! By week...

Ok.. So my recovery is going fabulously!!! By week one I was up and at it... By week two I was working out - I am thrilled with the recovery and the look of my breast!!! The icing on the cake is my portion is only $355! The insurance company was billed 11k and my portion is so low... I praise the Lord for this. Thank you ladies for your assistance!
Lisa Jewel

I selected Dr. Jewel after a referral from my fab OB/GYN. I met with her, she was super sweet and informative... Not to mention available to answer any and every question I had for her! She has got to be the nicest doctor with confidence and wonderful bedside manner. I would select her again and again and again....

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