24 Years Old, 5'8" 148lbs. Fitness Lover. Silicone 600cc and 550cc - Torrance, CA

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I have been wanting to get this procedure done...

I have been wanting to get this procedure done ever since I can remember. I am 5'8" 148lbs. I am currently a 36A, problem A A actually, and I want to be at least a D to DD. I have always lifted weights and been into sports, and always been more of a tomboy at heart but was always missing that something that made me feel more feminine. Finally I am financially stable enough to get this procedure and I cannot wait!!

The Before

Here's my before. I also made rice sizers to try on to see what 625cc would look like. I didn't try on sizers that big at my first consult because i didn't think I wanted to go that big but I definitely do. These even feel/look small lol

Pre Op was a success!!

Decided on 600cc high profile silicone implants. Tried them on to get a look and feel and I think they will definitely give me the look I want and also fit my body well. I'm going under the muscle with my incision under the breast. Now only 3 more days!!! :)))

note from my surgeon :)

I thought this was so cool because it was totally unexpected and exceeded my expectations of customer service. My surgeon sent me this note after I had booked my surgery with her. Loved it :) and made me feel that much more comfortable.

I have boobies!!

The procedure went great! I haven't really took off the bra and bandages to get a great look but I snuck a peek ;) I have silicone 550cc in my left and 600cc in my right. Pain hasn't been too bad it's mostly soreness and discomfort. Kind of a weird feeling lol I haven't had too much trouble sleeping upright. I bought a comfy seat pillow from Target that's been great!I have my post op appointment today with my doctor then I can shower and I'll get a better look at what they look like so far :)

post op items

Here are some things I have been using after surgery.
Seat pillow
Norco pain pills and Antibiotic (both from my doctor)
Arnica Montana
Laxative tea
Zip up sports bras
Bendy straws

Day 3

It's now day 3 post op. Been feeling some pain and the medicine makes me a little nauseous after taking it. Feeling sooo bloated too. Yesterday was a pretty rough day, mostly emotionally. I was tired, uncomfortable and just wanted to snuggle but couldn't lol. Took a shower which felt good but my boobs feel so weird. They are still really numb and don't have much feeling in them so when they move it's the weirdest feeling lol been wearing the band on top of my boobs all the time to help push them down. Icing has been helping with the discomfort. Overall I'm staying positive and so grateful to have had this procedure done :)

1 week!!

Finally beginning to feel somewhat normal again haha I do take Tylenol before work bc I'm still feeling some discomfort and tightness, but also a lot of tingles from the nerves. I drove carefully to work on Monday which felt very weird. Still wearing my surgical bra and band. Can we wear other sports bras or do we have to stick to the one the doctor gave us??


Dropping nicely! Finally looking more normal and feeling much softer. Bought a sports bra size 36D. Fits snug on them so I wonder if I'll get bigger when they drop and fluff some more

Almost 1 year post op!

It'll be a year in March since I've had my procedure done! It took almost a good year for me to feel entirely healed. Laying on my chest still feels weird lol because it spreads my boobs apart and I feel some discomfort. One thing I will say is that I wish they sat a little higher on my chest and a little closer but the doctor said there wasn't a way to do that based on the width of my chest and how my breasts were already shaped. Overall I am still very happy with everything and my decision to do it :)
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