34 Year Old Mommy of Two Year Old Twins and a 1 Year Old in Need of a Tummy Tuck, Muscle and Hernia Repair - Torrance, CA

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I feel guilty having surgery since my kids are so...

I feel guilty having surgery since my kids are so small and I feel bad that I will not be able to properly care for them for a few weeks. I had my twins at 37 weeks and they weighed 7lb 15ounces and 7lb 5ounces. I was huge and the weight and size of my babies gave me an umbilical hernia and significant abdominal wall separation. 15 months later I had another big baby weighing 8lb 15ounces. My body has had enough and I'm constantly in pain. About 4 years ago (prior to having kids) I had hip surgery to remove some bone spurs and torn labrum. The weakness in my abdomen is putting lots of pressure on my hip and back which is causing me lots of pain and nerve issues. My orthopedic doctor is hoping that once I correct my hernia and abdominal walls it will give some relief to my hip and back. I am so scared to have surgery because I'm afraid of something going wrong during surgery and not being around for my kids. I know that these surgeries are done all the time and that I have a good doctor and that they will do post-op exams before having surgery but I can't help it and I get really worried at times. Reading everyone's stories on here and seeing how happy people are with their results and how they don't regret having surgery encourages me but then I go back to worrying...My doctor is going to insert a pain pump for the pain has anyone else had one after a tummy tuck?

My belly

Pre-Op Appointment

Today is my pre-op appointment and I'm getting so nervous. My surgery is getting more real and I have lots of things going through my mind. I'm putting a list together to make sure I remember to ask all my questions during my appointment. I will post my before pics soon. Two more weeks until my surgery!

It's getting close!

Had my pre-op appointment last Wednesday and it took some of my nervousness away. I feel a lot more comfortable but still scared. My ps let me ask as many questions as I needed and took her time to answer them. I did find out that she does not want me to use a compression garment after the surgery. She said that she wants me to have proper blood flow and circulation. She is also hoping to save my belly button and that it doesn't die during recovery. My belly button is completely deformed due to my umbilical hernia. Today I picked up my prescription and bought a few things that I will need for after my surgery. Its getting more real!

Tomorrow is my big day!

Tomorrow is my surgery and i am so nervous! I can't believe how fast the days have gone. I will post pictures tonight or tomorrow morning.

Surgery day!

Leaving to the hospital in a few hours. In excited and nervous at the same time. I still can't believe that the day is here!
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