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I've been contemplating having a tummy tuck for...

I've been contemplating having a tummy tuck for years now. After having 4 kids it just doesn't look so great anymore. I have major skin folds hanging down and abdominal muscle separation, which makes me look like I'm 3 months pregnant all the time. Pants with a 'comfort band' are my best friend. I can't stand that no matter how much weight I lose, I always have this ugly pouch hanging. Haven't worn a bikini in over 10 years.

I've been working out and have already lost 14lbs since January, planning on losing 10lbs more (hopefully) before the surgery, which is scheduled for June 6th. Originally I had a surgeon in mind but after reading his reviews I have decided to go with someone else. Dr. Jugenburg is top rated and his reviews are great. I have met Kim, the managing director of the clinic 2 weeks ago, and she has given me tons of info and answered all my questions. I will be meeting Dr. Jugenburg on May 5th and to get my blood work started. So excited to finally be doing this!

I hate waiting

2 more weeks before another consult with Dr. J. Having a hard time losing weight and all those Easter chocolates aren't helping. Started high impact aerobics classes at the gym to see if it will help. Yesterday I thought they would have to peel me off the floor. Have also discovered 'Vega Protein Smooties'. Really yummy actualy and low calories and fat but high in protein. I will drink those for breakfast and lunch and hopefully that will help as well. need to cut down on carbs.

Still contemplating if I should have lipo on my flanks. I would like to but it's an extra $2000. plus not sure if it will make the swelling worse and ruin how I look for the wedding. Oh I guess I didn't mention that I have to attend a family wedding on July 19. I hope that I will look good enough after the surgery. That will give me exactly 6 weeks. Anyone have thoughts on that???

To tell or not to tell

I've told my sister about the procedure, however I don't really want to tell my mom because she tends to worry too much and make a big deal out of everything. Plus she'll say 'why do you need this? too much money! etc.'. But I need her help to stay with my kids on surgery day, since hubby will be with me. It would be easier if someone is at my house so they can go to school, rather than having them stay with someone for the night. The other things is that on day 3 & 4 post op, my hubby can't get the time off because of a huge meeting. I'm thinking of asking my mom to take time off work to stay with me but not sure if I want to tell her. No doubt she will already be asking about June 6th and what is going on. I was thinking of telling her that I'm getting my bladder fixed. LOL

Surgery Date

I guess I had my dates wrong because my surgery date is June 5 (not 6). That means I have to get hubby to take Friday off and have someone at my house to watch the kids. Thank goodness I called to confirm. Wish I could just get it done now, sigh....but no cancellations so far. I hate waiting.

Weigh loss is going so so. Yesterday I ran almost 10k with hubby and now I can't walk. Also started some high impact aerobics classes. Maybe that will help.

It's getting real

I did it. I paid my deposit today. Now I need to get all my blood work and medical history done and sign my life away. It's funny cause I have a meeting scheduled with Dr. Jugenburg on Monday and I was planning on paying the deposit then, but Nora sent me a message asking if I was still interested in the surgery date because they are just holding the spot for me. Aaaaaaa!!! freaked me out that my date is going to go to someone else who comes along and pays money to secure it, so I made the treck to Toronto this morning to be on the safe side and paid the money.
I need to get some stuff together for post-surgery, but not sure what I will need. Found a recliner on kijiji that looks great and we could use it after the fact in the basement, so hopefully we can pick it up this weekend.
Maybe you ladies can help me with a list of 'needed items'.

Things to get:
recliner - check
pillows -
gravol -
polysporin -
cotton balls -
extra pjs -
robe -
lax-a-day -
CG for after -

Well I'm sure there are more important things I'm missing but this is all I can think of right now.

I have a cold right now and feel like crap. It was hard hitting the gym today but I managed to run for 30 minutes.

Met with the Dr.

Had my consult with the Dr. this morning. I'm now 100% confident that he will do an excellent job. He even told me that I had a small hernia in the belly button, which I had no clue about. So that's why I'm able to see inside it now. I always thought it was because of all the pregnancies.
I had questions about doing lipo on the inner thigh. You know that area that always rubs together when you walk. He was pretty straight forward and told me that although it will help a bit with the rubbing it won't really give the look of having that gap between legs, so for that kind of money not really a huge impact. Lipo of the flanks would be more beneficial but again he didn't push it and showed me my photo from the back and said "does this bother you a lot?". If it doesn't lipo isn't necessary.

I picked up my recliner on the weekend. So comfy!
Gotta hit the gym hard now. Didn't get a chance to do anything this weekend. Was sick and so many things to do.

Blood work and forms

So I signed my life away and faxed in all the forms, went for blood work yesterday and have an appointment on Friday with my family doctor to do my medical history.
I really wanted to hit the gym as hard as possible but last week hubby was off and fixing our deck, so he needed the car to get supplies and then I had appointments for the kids coming out of my ears.
Now I got a huge migraine and just want to lock myself in a dark room without sound. running is the last thing on my mind.
Mother's Day was lovely though, my daughter made me breakfast and I had ice cream for a treat. :)

The cat is out of the bag

I spent the morning with my mom today and had to stop at my family doctor's office to have her fill out my medical history forms. Originally I had told my mom that I was getting my bladder fixed, but today she looks at me and says, something isn't right.....don't lie to me...what is going on.
So I had to tell her that I was getting the tummy tuck and surprisingly she was okay with it. Didn't freak out or try to talk me out of it. Of course she's worried but I expected more drama.
I'm down to 135lbs, so that is great. hopefully I can lose a few more before the surgery.

Was contemplating getting my flanks lipo'd but I've decided just to leave it be and concentrate on the tummy only. Honestly I can spend the $2000 for the lipo on more important things and if I keep working out eventually they will get smaller, so I don't think it's worth it. Well, who am I kidding, I'd rather get lipo all over my body than work out and look awesome. but I don't have a money tree in the yard. LOL So I will take what I can and be happy.
Gotta go for a jog in a bit, hopefully I will work off some of the brownie my dad made me eat earlier. ;)

side note

I guess I never mentioned that I'm 41, so I hope that won't affect my skin elasticity and my recovery. Also I'm 5'3" and 135lbs currently. It's so much harder nowadays to lose weight. I think I've mentioned that I have 4 kids and during my pregnancies I looked HUGE and yes I always got asked if I was having twins. Therefore the muscle separation.


My bloodwork results have come in and everything is PERFECT, as per Kim. Woohooo!!!! I was curious about my homoglobin levels, cause I really have no idea what they could be. I understand they need to be at least 11 to do the surgery. Mine are at 15! I guess my high protein / veggie diet is paying off. My blood pressure has always been good too, even during pregnancies it was always on the low side.
I've discovered that I love to run outdoors. I really enjoy the high impact classes at my gym, they really kick my butt, but running on the treadmill just isn't the same as going outside.
My husband has longer legs so he gets frustrated that I'm always behind him but I say 'slow and steady wins the race'. I can go longer than him. I feel like doing a 10K, but it won't happen now, will have to wait until after the surgery.

Question for all you ladies, are any of you using compression sox or stockings? Did you PS recommend using them? I read on a few profiles that the girls are buying them as supplies but can't really find much info. And I haven't received my instructions yet.


I meant 'hemoglobin' levles.

No turning back

Paid my remaining balance yesterday , so it's a done deal. I have exactly 2 weeks from today and of course hubby has a very important meeting that just got scheduled for the day after my surgery and he can't take off work. Sometimes I feel like he's not even trying.

Spoke with Kim yesterday and she gave my last minute instructions : no alcohol, no vitamins, no aspirin or advil, no creams/lotions/perfumes/make up the day of surgery. No food or drinks after 7pm night before (I will have to confirm timing cause I forget things so easily). I was hoping to at least have my eye liner on, since I have to take the train down and want to look a bit human. Need to call her and ask.
My surgery is scheduled for the morning, I'm 2nd, so I need to be there for 7:30ish to check into the hotel and get ready. At least I won't be starving all day.
Gotta remember to start taking my laxitive a few days before to get it into my system.
Need to CLEAN CLEAN CLEAN the house and get all organized before the surgery. That is my biggest fear, what my house is going to look like when I'm out of commission for a few days.

1 Week

I can't believe it's just 1 week before surgery. Hubby did get the Thursday afternoon and Friday off to stay with me.
I've put my oldest in charge of cooking and feeding everyone until I'm better, now that she's been taking 'foods' in school and experimenting I think she'll do great. And it gives her some responsibility.
I'm starting to get nervous.


T minus 2 days. I can't believe I'm this close. Had a dream last night that I was in the clinic and they were just about to put me under.....and then I woke up.
Started taking a laxative, to prep my body....dr.s orders.
Trying to fit in a few more aerobics classes before Thursday but I feel so stiff. Cleaned the house inside out and just have to pack my bag and set up the recliner.
I guess I better make a list of things for everyone to do, so they don't forget.
OMG my house is going to be such a mess. I think I'm stressing out over that more than the surgery.


I don't think I'll be able to sleep tonight. And of course of all the things that would happen, I get a call for a job interview for tomorrow. Why oh why? Hopefully they will still call me in a few days to schedule something.
Trying not to eat too much today, well...not really hungry anyways. Just have to set up my recliner and pack my bag and get the kid's stuff ready for school. I think that's it.
Now the nail biting starts.

I'm on the flat side

I have survived!!!
Couldn't get access to the site from the iphone cause I didn't remember the password, so here is my update.

Went in on Thursday morning and was pretty calm. I actually had a really good night's sleep and when the alarm clock went off at 4am I thought, gah...why do I have to get up so early. Once I checked into the hotel I went to the clinic to get prepped. Kim was so sweet and asked me some last minute questions, then gave me some pills to take. Now it was waiting time. 2 hours.
Just as I was dozing off Dr. J walked in. He took some photos and marked me up and we had a nice chat about what was going to happen and my expectations and any last minute questions. I didn't get a chance to take a pic of my marked up tummy. Oh well.
Then they took me to the OR. It all went pretty fast. IV was in, compressions stockings put on, then oxygen mask. well I was out like a light within seconds. Next thing I know is I am waking up all groggy. I think the surgery took about 2 hours.
Hubby was waiting for me and he and Kim wheeled me to my hotel room and put me in bed.
At this point I was feeling pretty good.
Couldn't really eat much and my throat was so dry the whole day and night and even now. Not sure if anyone else experienced that but I couldn't even swallow my bagel, had to wash it down with water.
The hardest part was getting in and out of bed to go to the bathroom.
I slept okay in the night, only got up once to pee and I didn't wake hubby up to help me which I got yelled at by hubby and nurse the next morning. I could feel burning at the incision site.
So all in all day of surgery went well.

1 day post op

Today is another story. OUCH!! I'm taking percocet for pain every 4 hours but I don't think the effects of it las that long. It is making me super groggy too. This morning the nurse came to check on me. She took the binder off to see and I got a peek at my new tummy. Looks good so far, really wrinkly and the belly button and scar are covered with tape so I couldn't see. She told me not to take the binder off for 1 week (unless I really had to for a few minutes), so I guess it's sponge baths for me. Kind of glad I don't have to do anything for now. Can't imagine having to deal with drains or cleaning the area.
Once the nurse left my hubby decided to fix the binder and tighten it a bit more, bad idea.
We sent down to wait for the taxi to take us home and the stupid driver parked a million miles away and supposedly couldn't get to our area because of construction, so hubby had to wheel me accross the sidewalk. Of course he happend to hit a huge bump and I thought I was going to die from the pain. I have a really hard time walking, I don't know what I would do without that wheelchair.
Finally got home and almost passed out from that binder being too tight, had to get hubby to losen it a bit and feel so much better.
I've sort of figured out how to get up and down by using my leg muscles and doing things VERY VERY slowly. The hardest part was going upstairs. We have 13 steep steps and that was quite the challenge.
I can barely eat and now my stomach is starting to hurt from the medications. I can't even imagine having a bm right now. LOL
I will seriously not be doing anything for the next few days, except going to the bathroom.
My 1 week post op appointment is next Thursday, hopefully I will feel better by then. Will post some photos later, when I have a chance.

day 3

omg the back pain. and I keep getting stomach spasms everytime I start to fall asleep? has that happened to you? it's unbearable. I talked to Kim about it and she said it will get better with time. so not fair cause I'm drugged up and tired and want to take a nap and here I'm dozing of and ....bam spasm wakes me. hope it goes away soon.
Tried to go #2 today and got a bit out, but everytime I get the rumblies by the time I get up and to the washroom it's gone.
Nausea, yuck! I've been having some connectivity issues and wasn't able to get on the internet. pics will have to wait until I can get downstairs to upload them.
Finally managed to take the binder off for a few minutes, putting it back is a challenge.. I can't really tell what I look like, all wrinkly, but definitely flat. Dr. J did some lipo on the sides. I feel pain everywhere.
Gotta ship my youngest off to my sister's house.
aaaaa.... theses spasms are killing me.

Day 4

Managed to sleep last night, not sure how. Took Lorazepam and it must have knocked me out because the spasms just kept coming and I didn't have the energy to fight them anymore but then the next thing I remember is waking up at another spasm. I guess it was time to get up. Managed to go to the bathroom and did #2 again, feels so good. Changed my clothes and actually went downstairs to sit on the couch. I'm starting to feel tired again. must be the meds.
little by little.

some pics

3 days post

4 days post op

I"m afraid to take the garment off and stand up without it. I feel like as soon as I move my muscles will tense up. Now I know what everyone means about the love/hate relationship with their CG.

Day 5

Doing a bit better today. Had a pretty good sleep with the sleeping pills helping . Kinda getting used to the spasms, they are not as painful as before, just annoying.
I've been able to walk around a bit more by myself and get the kids ready for school. Just get tired so quickly, and I guess the pain meds making me more sleepy. I've never taken so much stuff all at once. I can tell that when hubby takes the binder off and puts it back I am swelling because it feels so much more uncomfortable after it's back on and in the morning it feels okay again.
I've been trying to drink my protein smoothy at least once a day and just eating bland stuff, like egg whies, some rye bread with butter, turkey breast, tea. nothing that would bloat me or be really heavy in my stomach.
It's funny when the PS was marking me up he told me to stand on the scale to see how much I weigh and I was down to 131lbs. couldn't believe it.
I normally would stay away from bread but it avoids me getting a stomach ache from the pills. And bananas and cottage cheese constipate me, so not wanting to take a chance.
So far no nausea yet.
I think I will just rest most of the day today and then walk around a bit when the kids come home from school.
I hate being incapacitated and in a haze where I can't get anything done and have to rely on others. my poor hubby I keep yelling at him whenever he moves the recliner foot rest for me. he just does it too fast (even though to him it's super slow) and it always gives me a spasm, so I yell at him. But on the other hand now he is in my shoes for a few days and is already realizing that it's not easy being home with the kids and taking care of the house. He's starting to whine that all he's done is sit in the kitchen and cooked all day and no one wants to eat it. ......cry me a river. :)
I think I am standing a bit more straight today. Maybe I will go outside for a bit later on.
I love the fact that Dr. J did some lipo on my flanks and stomach. No matter what, my belly looks 100% better already. Should be exciting to see the final result.
Hope everyone else is doing well.


If I had the option to turn back time to before surgery, yesterday I would have told you that NO WAY in hell would I go through with this feeling how I feel. not worth the pain and agony. However, a day surely makes a difference. Feeling much better today and starting to get used to the aches and pains and looking at my belly makes me realize that a few days of suffering really are worth it to look so much better than before. I think days 3 and 4 were horrible for me, now I am on the upswing and feeling better every day. So for all you ladies who are thinking about getting a tt, you will be in pain, you will question why you have done this to yourself, you will wish to reverse or fast forward time, but once you get to days 5+ you will feel so much better!! And it will all be worth it!! :)

Day 6

Laughing and crying is forbidden at my house at them moment. It is so hard not to laugh at something but I can't even imagine doing it right now. I think I would blow up.
Slept pretty good last night, thanks to the sleeping pills. I'm still spasming but not as often, and when it happens it doesn't hurt that much anymore.
I'm able to walk around much more now and my back isn't hurting so bad. I think it's because I am straighter, although my husband yells at me that I'm supposed to walk L shaped...whatever. you try walking in the shape of an L for more than 5 seconds.
I've switched over to Tylenol #3 and it seems to hold back the pain. Honestly if it wasn't for the muscle spasms I would be okay.
Had my husband wash my hair this morning. Aaaaaa.....'I feel human again'. Not sure how I'm supposed to shave my legs anytime soon, but I don't care right now.
Tomorrow is my 1 week check up with the PS. That should be a fun outing.
Oh and I've discovered what everyone is talking about when they say 'swell hell'. OMG near the evening my binder gets so tight that I think I will explode out of it. I think part of it was that I had to go #2 and feel a bit better now, but I can tell the difference in swelling from this morning.
Just wish that I could do more. Had a bit of a melt down this morning arguing with hubby about something stupid. I just want to be able to move faster and clean my house and pick up toys again. It makes me anxious to see stuff lying around and others just walk by it instead of picking it up. Other than that it was a pretty good day.

Diastasis Recti

I e-mailed KIm at the office to ask if she could find out how big my muscle seperation was, and the PS told her that it was a Moderate repair......quite good sized. I'm assuming that means about 3 fingers wide, but I will ask Dr. J when I see him tomorrow.

Day 7

Had my 1 week check up today. The drive to Toronto was hell with all the construction and traffic and bumps on the road. Nurse took off the bandages and cleaned the incision site and I saw my new belly button. looks good! nice and round. She said I can start massaging the tummy to get swelling down. And next week I can start straightening up more. The only concern is my muscle spasms. They shouldn't be so strong and happening that often. It's like my body clenches as soon as somone touches my stomach or I make a certain move or go over a bump and spasm happens. Surgeon gave me a prescription for a strong muscle relaxant, which will knock me out some more, so we shall see if that helps. I''m happy to say that I don't need the Tylenol 3 that often anymore, every 6 hours maybe. Everything is healing nicely but my hips and sides are swollen. I am able to get up and down so much easier now . I might even attempt to sleep in my own bed in a few days.
Took some pics of my belly but have to get them off hubby's phone. Will post later.
Next appointment is in 1 week to get rest of stitches out.
I think I might even brave standing up without the binder in a few days. :)

some photos


I swear my family is trying to kill me. I wast trying to change my binder this evening and they just couldn't stop making me laugh. Oh the pain! but honestly it felt less painfull than the laughter yesterday, so maybe my muscle is getting a good workout.
I have noticed so much more swelling from the first day. You can see it in the photos. Belly button looks pretty good I think and the scar is nice and thin.
I think the tummy tuck surgery should come with a disclamer : "If you are prone to getting toe cramps or charlie horses or if you are the type of person who cannot stop laughing once you start, do not have this surgery" LOL that's me exactly. what have I gotten myself into?

Day 8 - Good and Bad

So I took the muscle relaxant last night, although I was sort of scared just thinking of what could happen to me. But I couldn't take it anymore and hoped that it would just knock me out. Well it took a couple of hours for it to work and I was so uncomfortable on the recliner. Went to bed at 10:30pm and woke up at 5am, had to pee and had so much pain in my hips and flanks. Honestly the pain from the lipo is much worse than the scar, that doesn't bother me at all besides burning a bit. I have to say that Dr. Jugenburg went above and beyond with doing lipo for me that I didn't pay for. He really wants you to look your best.
Back to this morning, took another muscle relaxant pill and tylenol 3 for pain and it completely knocked me out this time. My husband said that he and my 6 year old came down in the morning and thought I was dead, cause I didn't move at all with all the noise going on.
I have to say though that the pills are really working. I have not had any spasms today and even went grocery shopping. They lasted about 8 hours and I could tell that they wore off cause hubby went over a bump and my stomach spasmed all of a sudden again. But they do make me feel really loopy and out of it. So that was the good part.
The bad part - OMG I got a toe cramp - twice. First in the right foot, then 30 minutes later in the left. If you have ever had a toe cramp you know what I'm talking about, if you haven't......count your blessings. I am cursed with that. So there I am screaming in pain, can't really cry or bend down or move or anything. Had to hold on to hubby while he was putting ice on my foot. times.
Anyway, kids are home from school and the whining and fighting has begun. Love my kids. :) I think I will go lie down.

Day 9 - swelling

Yeah, the swelling is getting pretty bad. I do watch what I eat and stay away from anything with a lot of sodium in it. Maybe I need to drink more water, but then I'll have to pee more and I'm already running to the bathroom at lot.
I slept in my bed last night. It was so much more comfy than the recliner but harder to get out of. The challenge is the turn because my hip/side hurts. Speaking of that, everything was wonderful in my bed with my 6 pillows (I'm not kidding) except that my left side is burning like crazy from the lipo. Muscle relaxant is helping SO MUCH!!! I have to make sure I take it at the proper time and it stays in my system. Took the kids to swimming lessons today, hubby drove but I went in with them. Felt great but I wish I had a shirt that says "Stop staring at me, just had surgery!". LOL
I so need a massage of my back. Can't wait to straighten out.
Been massaging my tummy through the CG a lot, it's supposed to help with swelling. Feels weird but I'm getting used to the sensitive feeling. Took the CG off for a while last night but I feel naked without it.
As I mentioned on the June 2014 forum my 'lady parts' are so swollen it's crazy. Everything from scar down is pretty bad. However, thanks to Funky Nana I have bought some Advil and it is actually helping a bit with the swelling. I got the extra strength but I think I will ask the pharmacist if they have something stronger behind the counter without a prescription. Someone also suggested Bromelain, I will get that as soon as I go to town next week.
Will have to drive by myself on Thursday to take me to the Dr. appointment. Hope I will be okay.
One thing that I am really happy about is that I'm not having any issues with #2. It seems like my stomach needs to eliminate as soon as I eat a meal, and I don't even eat that much. This is what has helped me:
- started taking Colace 2 days before surgery (once in the morning and once in the evening).
- take a dose of Restorelax (about 20ml of powder dissolved in water) every day.
- also taking Bio Gaia drops every 2 days to get me moving.
With this it's been 'easy peasy lemon squeezy' as my 4 year old likes to say. :)

Photos 10 days post op

Stretch marks

I'm amazed that my stretch marks that used to be above my belly button are now right above the incision. Where did all that extra skin that the PS pulled down come from?? I can't believe that he was able to stretch it that much.

12 days post op

I'm bored. Can't do much around the house and iI try to clean a bit and do the laundry but then I feel like I am overdoing it. Sick of being stuck in the house. Hardest part is not being able to pick up stuff or lift my 4 year old.
Other than that I'm okay, nothing new. I still get the spasms if I don't take my medication on time but the swelling is okay with the advil. Actually yesterday I took off the binder and was able to close it up tighter than before and I didn't get that tightness feeling in the evening, like I was expanding under the binder and it was squeezing me. So I guess that means that I wasn't swelling that much in the evening as before. My belly button felt tender yesterday, I hope it's healing okay.
I'm seeing the PS on Thursday to get stitches out so we will see what he says.

Compression Garment

Should I be buying one? Anyone have one and is happy with it? What brand (I'm in Canada) and size?


I'm thinking of ordering this garment from Leonisa. What do you guys think?

The good, the bad and the ugly

The Good:
- I don't swell up anymore in the evenings. Was able to tighten the binder a bit more today to keep it nice and snug. I like the feeling of snug.
- I am able to bend over to pick things up..yupie!!! Slept really good last night and drove the car for the first time without any issues. Just can't turn that much to look behind when backing up.
- I am walking straighter today. So happy that my back isn't hurting so much anymore.
- I feel fine and have lots of energy, I think I could even do very low impact workouts. Going to check with the PS tomorrow if I can start walking on treadmill. I can do leg excercises without pain so maybe I can do squats or similar. Keeping fingers crossed.

The Bad:
- Feel so bad that I can't pick up my 4 year old. Today she fell asleep in the car (needed to go for a drive cause I am going stir crazy) and had to wake her up when we got home. She was so not happy and wanted me to carry her so she could continue sleeping. :( I had to make her walk.
- Still getting those darn muscle spasms if I don't take my meds on time.
- I tried jumping (very lightly) to see if I could do a light workout class and NOPE that would be a no go at this point.
- I'm eating way too much and too much junk, because I'm home and bored. I NEED to go to the gym, do a good workout, burn some calories. WAAAAAAAAA!!!!!! I've gained 2 lbs and it's not swelling.

The Ugly:
- What gives? It's getting harder to go #2. I'm still taking the Colace twice/day and the Restoralax but for some reason my system all of a sudden isn't purging the way it did before. hmmm.....
- OMG I keep getting a tickle in my dry troat and makes me want to cough, but I can't. It hurts too much. And today I almost sneezed for the first time since surgery. Thank heaven I stopped it but it was sooooooooooo close. I think I would have died from the pain.

I'm going to take some photos on Friday.


I ordered some CGs from Leonisa and they sent me a referral code. So if anyone is interested in ordering something from them, you get 10% off if you use this code. Please feel free to use it.
My order should be arriving soon, so I will let you know how the garments turn out.

2 weeks post op

Went to see the PS yesterday and let me tell you, it was a 2 hour trip downtown and a bit of walking around and by the time I saw him at 11am I was pooped. Just wanted to drop into bed and not move.
He says that everything is looking perfect and he has no concerns. Took a couple of stitches out explained to me how to get up and down properly. He showed me pics of my before and I told him that I don't want to see those ever again....and we chuckled (well sort of LOL).
He told me to clean my belly button with water and soap every day and make sure it's nice and dry and then apply some cream to it, like nivea or vaseline to keep it from drying out. I'm assuming he meant the outside not the inside.
I'm still spasming but now I know most likely why. He said that my muscle seperation was way above average, about 5". No wonder it's hurting so bad. This muscle hasn't been used in 15 years. He gave me another script for the anti spasm meds and told me to tripple the dose at bedtime to knock me out.
I asked about excercise and Dr. J said that I can walk. YUPPIE! Walking outside or treadmill is fine, everything else is forbidden for 6 weeks. I said "what about squats?" and he rolled his eyes. nope. But a girl had to ask.
Oh and he likes me to put the binder on top of a piece of clothing so it doesn't irritate the skin. Also showed me the proper way of tightening it and the tighter the better. And yes, we will walk straight again, as per dr. J. :)
Going back in 2 weeks if there are any issues, he wants to see me at 8 weeks. I just love how he took his time, didn't feel rushed at all and he wanted to make sure that all my questions were answered.

When I got home I took some pics and boy did I swell because of my little trip. No kidding about the swell hell. My right side was hurting me so bad in the afternoon I was going nuts, even with the advil. I can see in the photos that it's is swollen much more than the left.
And I hate the look of my belly button, it grosses me out.

Day 16

I am feeling so much better today. Almost walking straight now, just a bit hunched in the shoulders still. Also I tried to see if I could run (I know...I know) but nope, however I can do a very brisk walk. So happy I'll be able to go back to the gym next week and walk on the treadmill.
Bending over and getting in and out of the car isn't a problem anymore.

My kids are driving me crazy! Anyone else???? I am not looking forward to summer vacation at all. My 2 girls fight like cat and dog and if their friends come over then there is always someone fighting or crying. This is going to be a long 2 months. And I wish I could take them places to get out but not sure if I will be up to it right now. Long walks at the zoo or roller coasters are out at the moment.

I'm going to attempt washing my hair standing up today, just have to figure out how not to get my scar wet. I've been doing a combination of sponge baths and washing my hair upside down but I'm tired of that. Need a nice hot shower.
Did your PS tell you when the surgical tape can come off the scar?? I forgot to ask and I probably won't see him for 6 weeks.

Day 19 post op

Today I feel like crap. I guess my little shoping mall experience yesterday really kicked my butt. Who knew that walking around for 3 hours would tired you out so much. I am exhausted! My right side hurts. I don't understand why it hurts so much. Dr. J must have done a lot of lipo there.
I do feel like a lot of the swelling has gone down from where the incision is. And the sides don't look as bad, but my right side is still bigger than the left. I will massage it really well every day to see if that helps.
I have been taking Bromelain 500mg twice / day and Arnica 3x/day. So maybe that is helping. My bruises are gone.
Really just want to stay in bed today and do nothing. I think I will just sit and snuggle with my 4 year old all day.
I am walking almost straight now...almost, and have slept much more comfortable. Am even able to turn to my side a bit now, if it wasn't for the pain in my right side I would probably be able to sleep completely on my side.
Yesterday I read something that mademe laugh so hard I thought my insides would burst. I swear my muscle was burning and I was sure I would pop a stitch. So not fair. I just couldn't stop myself but it hurt so bad.
The other day my son told my daughter 'don't make mommy laugh or she'll sound like she's having a baby'. LMAO!
And then he says to me "mommy did you fix your tummy so you could have another baby?"...yeah NOT!!!!!!! Thank you for the muscle separation baby cakes, but that will never happen again. kids! ;)
My belly button is all red and crusty. I've been picking at the scabs. It just grosses me out the way it looks right now. but still better than before I guess, so I shouldn't complain.

some photos from Day 20

Got my new CG from Leonisa

My CG came in the mail today. I actually ordered two, one with hooks on the front and one that just pulls on. I ordered the medium size going a little bit smaller because I read that the material might stretch a bit with time and also hoping that eventually swelling will get better and leave more space. Holy Cow, was that sucker hard to put on. Didn't think I could but I did it. LOL
Actually it's pretty stretchy and once I got it over my hips it was easy. The one with the hooks was much easier to put on.
I really like them. It really holds everything in and it's a nice strong material. I ordered the high wasted one and it goes from under my boobs to just over the beginning of my hips, so it coveres everything.
IT IS TIGHT! And it wasn't really expensive, $30 for the pull on and $40 for the other one.
Anyways, here are some pics. So far I like it.

my belly button

Oh boy, my belly button isn't doing so well. It is huge and swollen and red and oozing. just talked to Kim at the PS's office and she will be sending over a prescription to clear up infection. I just sent her a photo of it to see what Dr. J thinks. I hope I didn't do something to cause this. I just want to cry when I see how huge the hole is. I hope it gets smaller as the swelling goes down.

The CG was a bit tight as well. My binder feels so nice and loose in comparison. Hope that isnt' what cause the bb to swell up all of a sudden. Is too tight bad??
Take a look at the pic of my bb right now.

Pity Party

So my belly button is starting to hurt. So upset because the clinic messed up and sent the wrong prescription to my pharmacy and by the time I went to pick it up they were closed already and of course it's a long weekend (Canada Day), so what are the chances someone is going to be around tomorrow. I've left a message with Kim and will call in the morning, but I'm not holding my breath.
The pharmacist suggested polysporin for now, which I probably should have been using from the beginning. sigh. I just want to cry right now but can't, so that makes me want to cry even more.
I'm back in my binder for now and it's so uncomfortable compared to the Leonisa CG, except that it's not so tight.
I wish I could send back to exchange the size but my bb left goey stuff on it and I ripped the tag off. I will probably order an XL because I really liked how it felt under my clothes and I think it should still be pretty tight.
So for those of you who want to order, measure correctly and don't go down a size like I did. Maybe once the swelling goes down a big and my bb is healed I will be able to get into it more comfortably.
Off to bed now cause there is nothing else I feel like doing tonight. :( Thank you ladies for your kind words and I'm sure you are all right. The swelling will go down and the bb will look better and smaller. Just right now I am having a pity party.

Happy Canada Day!

Happy Canada Day to my fellow Canadians.
My bb is doing much better. I sent back my Leonisa garments for an exchange to a larger size. I realized that there is no point in trying to squeeze myself into something that barely fits when my binder isn't even that tight. Especially when I am still so swollen. Really hope they come soon because I am so ready to dump that binder. So hot under it and it's bulky.
So I am getting the XL instead of the Medium size and hopefully it will fit much better.

Other than that nothing exciting has happened. Just trying to enjoy the weekend and the nice weather, although we seem to be getting a lot of thunderstorms and tornadoes on tuesdays.

4 weeks post op

Doing pretty good. I ditched the binder and found a cami at Target that is made by Maidenform called 'Self Expressions'. It has the same compression as my binder and it feels so much nicer. Soft and no fiddling with the velcro. I still wear the finder for the nigh but I hate the marks it leaves.
Swelling in BB has gone down a bit and the cami is doing it's job. I also looks like my hips are getting a bit better.
I have sneezed a few times now and it's not as bad as I thought it would feel, but not pleasant for sure. I've cut down my meds pretty much to just the Bromelain 3 x/day and the Gabapentin for spasms to 2 x/day. Also I didn't really take any pain killers today so hopefully I won't have to anymore.
I still get tired really fast, but I guess I have an excuse to take naps. Yeah right...with 4 kids and one being a 4 year old this isn't going to happen. I'm just dreaming.
Got some updated photos.
I was gong to put up a photo of my new CG camisole but I forgot to take one. Silly me, will do it tomorrow.

the Cami

As promised here is the tank top/cami I got from Target, It's a Maidenform 'Self Expressions'. I really like it. A little bit long but manageable. Much better than the binder.

(almost) 6 weeks

I'm doing pretty good. Swelling still in the evenings but it's okay I guess. I have noticed that the swelling has gone down a bit already but nowhere near what I would like it to be. I will take some pics tonight and post.
I've been wearing my Leonisa pull on CG and love it so far. Sometimes I wear the XL and sometimes I wear the Medium. If I can get it over my hips I'm okay.

This morning I was half asleep when my body decided to do a stretch. Well actually just my legs...and I felt a burning sensation and a pop just below the bb, kinda half way to the incision. Scared the hell out of me. I thought maybe I pulled a stitch in the muscle. Maybe, but I've been reading it up and it's very unlikely and even if it was a little stitch there are so many that it won't really do anything. I have left a message with the PS just to put my mind at ease. I hope it's nothing but I am a bit more swollen today in that area.

Other than that I am so excited that my muscle spasms are gone!!! I stopped taking the meds a few days ago and all is good.

6 week photos

I took some selfies. I have to say that I suck at taking pictures of myself and my camera isn't the best. I always feel like I look better in the mirror than on camera.

Fun day

Yesterday was the much anticipated wedding I had to attend and I have to say that I had lots of fun and felt pretty good. I tried not to eat anything salty the day before and noticed that my swelling was so much better in the morning. Managed to wear the Medium size Leonisa CG under my dress and it didn't feel like it was squeezing the life out of me by the end of the night.
I even managed to dance for a bit and only started to feel a bit of lower tummy discomfort by the end. (my feet were another story LOL, thank goodness for bringing a pair of flats with me to change into).
Swelling wasn't too bad either when I got home and in the morning. Now I'm going to relax for a few days to keep the swelling down as much as possible.
Some photos.

Comparison Photos - before and 6 weeks after

8 weeks post op

Can't believe it's been 8 weeks already. I've noticed that the swelling isn't so bad anymore in the eveneings. I do feel tight still, especially in the later part of the day and if I sit for longer periods of time. I have been able to stretch much better and reach higher now and I think my bb is starting to shrink into itself. It's sort of looking more oval than round, the way it looked at the beginning. There also have been a few mornings where I looked completely flat. Makes me happy to know this will be the final result months down the road.

I've gone out a couple of times now without my cg or binder and it's been great. Also started low impact aerobics and just made sure not to jump or run or do any sort of abs excercises or push ups. It felt so good to work out again. My legs got soft and were killing me after that. Need to work them to pre-surgery standard again. Squats here I come. :)

10 Week follow up

Went to see Dr. J for my 10 week post op. He took a look at my tummy and scar and asked how I was feeling, then said that everything was healing perfectly. He also explained that my bb will not really change, however right now what throws me off is the red scar around it, which makes it look so huge. But once that fades and will be the same skin color as the rest of my tummy my bb will just blend in and look like a normal bb. That makes me feel so much better and makes sense. My skin I guess retains redness a lot, so it will take a while.

He also said that the 'no feeling' effect in the triange area under the bb will last for about 1 year. Swelling should be all gone in about 3 months but he said that I don't really have that much anyway and what I think is swelling in my lower abdomen is actually bloating. So I just need to watch what I eat.

I feel really good and am finally able to run and jump without discomfort. Dr. J wants me to wear the binder whenever lifting things at work or home or excercising for another 3 months. Not needing it at night or for regular activities anymore.
Took some pictures and looked at the comparison and oh my, what a difference. Also took some measurements.
For the life of me I can't remember what they were now, should have written it down, but I've asked Kim to e-mail them to me.

11 weeks

I've been so busy, no time for updates. ;) Doing pretty good. Noticed that I'm starting to gain weight so I have to kick my butt into gear and start running again.
Have done a few low impact and step classes now and have no discomfort at all. Still wearing my binder during, makes me feel better and helps with the swelling.
Speaking of swelling, hardly anything now, even after a work out. The only day that I could totally tell I was swollen above my belly button area was the when I took the kids to Wonderland for the whole day. I pulled my 2 girls in the wagon up and down hills and walked all day and then went to work for a midnight shift. The next day I was huge! It took a couple of days and a few advils to get it down but that is the worst it's been. I can pretty much do everything now, except for jumping jacks. Laughing still hurts a bit.
I have been walking around without a cg or binder most days now. :) Feels good. And I've worn a bikini.....YAY!
Now I just need to work on loosing 10lbs and toning my legs and butt. That is my goal before Christmas.

16 weeks

Wow time really flies, I can't believe that I will be 4 months post op very soon. Sorry I haven't updated much, life just got too busy.
I've gained a few lbs so my curvy shape is not so curvy anymore. Also I have this strange bump below the belly button that feels hard and is there all day, so don't believe it is swelling. Getting a bit worried. Not so noticeable when I wear clothes but definitely there. Anyone else experiencing this???

1 year post op

So it's been just over 1 year since my tummy tuck and I feel kind of bad that I haven't been updating. I guess I should take some photos to show the change. I have gained about 20 lbs since October, which I feel really bad about. I blame it on the Holidays and everyone's Birthdays and good food. I haven't really been working out like I should have and just been busy with work and kids. Really have to kick my butt into gear now. Although I have gained weight in my hips and legs, my belly is still flat. Yes I still get swelling at the top but I know I have to lose weight to get rid of that. I still look 100% better than before. So overall I am happy with doing the surgery.

My belly button has healed and the scar has faded mostly. It looks so much better now. Not the belly button I envisioned but not too bad.

photos 1 year post op

I haven't posted photos in a long...long time. Keep in mind I've gained about 20lbs, which I am not proud off, but am trying really hard to lose now. I am still very happy with my results.
Toronto Plastic Surgeon

After doing some research and finding awesome reviews on Dr. Jugenburg I decided that I wanted him to do my tummy tuck. It wasn't easy getting an appointment with him at a short notice but I met with Kim and she was so sweet and helpful. She managed to find me a surgery date in the near future and I ended up booking right away. Today I've had my consultation with Dr. Jugenburg. He is great! Made me feel very comfortable, very down to earth and straight to the point. He doesn't try to sugar coat it for you and will be honest if he thinks that a certain procedure won't give you the results you hope for. He didn't try to push additional procedures on me either and he answered all my questions. I feel very confident that he will do an amazing job. Everyone at the clinic is very nice and I feel like I can ask anything. 2 weeks post surgery now and I am soooooo glad that I chose Dr. Jugenburg. I look amazing already. Everything went smoothly and I felt super taken care of from beginning to end. Dr. J is very patient, very calm and reassuring and I never feel rushed. He answers all my questions and if I think of something then Kim is just a phone call away. Dr. J went above and beyond doing my tummy tuck and even some lipo to ensure I look my absolute best!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
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5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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