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I'm writing to alert everyone to the process that...

I'm writing to alert everyone to the process that takes place with Dr Jugenberg's Toronto Cosmetic Surgery Clinic operating out of the Fairmont Hotel on Front St in downtown Toronto. There are questions that are asked in the first appointment that should have been addressed PRIOR to the appointment being booked. They process the $200 charge for the first consultation prior to the appointment and prior to any questions being asked. I found this out during the first appointment. Questions like; BMI (Body Mass Index)? and/or High Blood Pressure? and/or Heart Disease? etc... These are questions that are in the paperwork that is completed AFTER the appointment is booked. Note: If your BMI is 30+ you will not qualify and/or if your blood pressure is high (even if under control for years) you will not qualify, and/or if one of your parents has heart disease, you will not qualify. This is information that should be noted on the site or at the very least, these are questions that should be asked at the time of booking. They charge for the appointment PRIOR to it even taking place. This should have been the first red flag. The other was when the nurse I met said that Dr. Jugenberg was taking a "sabbatical" from the hospital which I believe meant that he was doing surgeries at the hotel and as such, anyone that had a history of anything may not qualify. And, when I checked reviews there were no negative comments at all. The highest number of reviews with not one negative comment or review. As my appointment ended very quickly, the nurse agreed that I should not have been charged and as such she arranged to have the charge reversed. A colossal waste of time that could have been avoided if the questions had been addressed up front. They would have had those answers from the questionaire so the appointment should have been cancelled by the clinic without the charge going through up front.
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I did not meet with Dr Jugenberg. I only met with his nurse who said I was not a fit for the surgery.

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