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I'm a youthful (lol) 61year old mother of twins. ...

I'm a youthful (lol) 61year old mother of twins. After my pregnancy (full term) my stomach looked like a deflated balloon. Have hated it ever since..probably like many of you who are reading this. I did lot's of research and chose Dr. Jugenburg based on his reputation and reviews. The clinic is in the Royal York hotel and everyone I have met has been super nice...especially Kim the nurse. I feel like we're besties now. Dr. Jugenburg is very professional and answered all of my questions with ease. I'm having a full TT with lipo on my flanks. I weigh 150 and would like to get that down to 138lbs. (5'6") I have been going to the gym 4 days a week for a year now so I'm in pretty good shape other than my stomach.

My jelly belly....

This is the one & only time i've taken a shot of my ugly stomach....omg! Can't wait for my surgery on Wed. I'm so glad I found RS many stories (and I thought it was all about So many wonderful women sharing pics & stories. Thank you for that....I really appreciate all of them.

This is the end of our relationship jelly belly.....

You've been attached to me for 27 long's time to part company....goodbye forever!

TT in the morning...

well this is it...should I bring anything to the clinic with me tomorrow? I'm wearing comfy clothes and staying overnight in the hotel (clinic is in the hotel). Will I feel like putting on makeup in the morning?
Any last minute suggestions would be greatly appreciated.....pretty nervous...& excited.

Home now...

Everything went really well. Pain but taking Oxy is helping. Quite bruised but can tell that my belly is flatter Had a bite to eat and drinking water.

Day 3 post op

my body looks like some has beaten me all over with a baseball bat! I'm black & blue and all swollen. The pubic bone area is really swollen and red. I've been icing it so hopefully it will go down soon. I feel like i'm walking in a fog ..the days are long. Feeling positive about the results. The oxy take away most of the pain.. Can't wait to take a shower.

Love my shower!

Today is day 4 post op and I know I've turned a corner on my way to recovery. Feeling way more human after my shower...especially washing my hair. I didn't have drains to worry about so that made it much easier. My pubic mound is still so swollen...looks so weird! lol I'm walking more upright every day but I know I shouldn't walk fully upright yet. I'm very swollen and there is a bit of a burning sensation around the mound area. All in all I think i'm really doing well. Wishing all of you who are going through a TT or thinking about having a TT all the best. Don't wait as long as I did....

Day 5 post op

Feeling clear headed today b/c i'm not taking the Oxy anymore. T 3's for now. Still have swelling especially on the pubic mound. Looks so weird! Not sleeping very well. Wake up every 3 hours. Still difficult getting in and out of bed but I don't really think a hospital bed is necessary. I can do small jobs like cleaning kitchen counters...I'm so glad I have my dog to keep me company....I've been walking around the house quite a bit but not overdoing it. Seeing surgeon on Wed. which will be 1 week post surgery.

Extremely important

So most of us do our homework when it comes to picking a surgeon, date etc.
What I want to emphasize to everyone having any kind of surgery is that unless you remember to take a stool softener you are most likely going to suffer with a bowel obstruction which is very painful.
Make sure you start taking a stool softener at least 3 days prior to your less meat and have more fruit and soup etc. Drink lot's of water....Keep doing this after your surgery as well. Don't stop taking the stool softener especially since you will be taking strong painkillers which causes constipation. Read the above over & over until it sinks in....and when you sit to have your first poop...remember me! Trying to poo when you've been cut from side to side ....well you can imagine. Best wishes to all...

7 days post op

I had my 7 day post op at the ps office today. I was told I have to remember to walk hunched over...imagine.. All my life I was told to stand up
Found out that my rectus muscle was repaired. (Always knew it was separated by my twin pregnancy)
1600 cc liposuction
1124 gms, of Pannus weight...I looked up Pannus and yikes some of the pics are enough to give me PTSD
Still swollen & stomach is numb and I saw my new belly button today :-)
I am extremely happy with my results so far....and it's only going to get better. I can't drive for another week & I have to start massaging the areas where I had lipo....It hurts a bit to massage because the areas are biggie.
Love my new Victoria Secret bra....big step up from I might even buy a thong hahah
Thanks to all of you brave women that have gone through this surgery and posting here. You have been my rock along with my amazing husband who has been waiting on me hand and foot.

8 days post op

I feel like I can start walking straight, driving, exercising.....but no...I've been told not to...yet. Today I'm happier than yesterday b/c I finally got the sticky from the bandage off (with goo gone lol) Then I went over the area with rubbing alcohol. I haven't even taken a pain pill since 7am which is great. I'm going to stop taking T3's and see how it goes. I'm having trouble taking pics for a side view with my iphone so i'll get hubby to take some when he gets home & after he makes my

Looks like I had a grapefruit implant

Day 9 post op...feeling a little tired after my shower (blow dry hair) etc. That's my workout for now.
Healing is going quite well other than my mound which is scary big and feels hot to the touch. I showed my husband my stomach last night thinking he would be impressed with how flat it is and the look of horror on his face was comical. All he could focus on for the 1 second he could even look was the stitches on my belly ....too funny. The more he thinks i've been through a war zone the more sympathy I get....haha
Just before my surgery I stopped taking HRT's so now i'm having mini hot flashes....not too bad. I just walk around in a cami top while everyone else is wearing a down vest....I'm one hot mama! hahahaha
I'm definitely getting cabin fever now that i'm on the mend. I would love to just get in the car and go for a drive but I haven't been cleared to drive ....Instead I'm getting caught up on all kinds of reading that i've been always too busy running around to get to.
It's Friday and it's a beautiful sunny but cool day in Toronto...Have a great weekend everyone... :-)

Something important I learned today about Diastasis Recti

So it turns out that all the sit up, crunches & ab exercises I've been doing were the ones I should have been avoiding and probably did more harm than good. If your Diastasis Recti is less than 4" then it's ok to do the regular ab exercises but if like mine...yours are over 4" then only surgery to connect the 2 sides will ever do the trick. Why didn't someone tell me this 27 years ago? I would have stopped ab exercises and not felt all that frustration...and tears. oh well better late than never I guess... :-)

Ken Doll

It's official ...I look like a Ken Doll with my monster mound. I took 2 diuretics yesterday but they didn't help with the swelling at all. Other than that I'm feeling great...even have to remind myself to hunch over b/c there is no pain when I stand straight. I already posted a pic of my monster mound so I'll wait until I see a change b/f posting any pics.
Feeling so happy that I finally did this after 27 years..sigh....

12 days post op...feeling happy!

After spending the weekend taking it easy (like I had a choice) applying ice pack to my monster mound i'm feeling pretty good today. The swelling is a bit of a concern but from everything I've read it's pretty normal at this stage. Hubby has been great through this ordeal...even bought me a beautiful bouquet of flowers.

Exactly 3 Weeks Post TT

Hi Everyone;
Had my 3 week check up today. The nurse took out the couple of outer stitches that I had (the rest are inside)...Everything looks good...healing well. I figured that since I was already out I might as well do some Christmas shopping b/c I'm leaving for Florida on Friday & I had a couple of returns to do. Now i'm back home feeling sore. Still not ready to resume activities. The staff at my p.s. office are just amazing. The nurse Kim even gave me a hug. They make you feel like you've known them forever. I can't say enough about the wonderful care I've received. I'm so glad I chose Dr. Jurgenburg & I would highly recommend him if you live in Toronto. There's a reason why his office gets 5 out of 5 stars... :-)

5 Weeks post TT and i'm really happy with my results

After 27 years of wearing a one piece bathing suit I went out and bought a 2 piece just for fun. (target)
I still can't believe that I don't have to suck in my stomach & my rolls are gone for good. I know I can't look back but if I could I would have done this after my twins were born. I still feel young inside and with this new flat tummy I feel great.

The 6 Week post TT update

Hard to believe it's been six weeks already. I'm really pleased with my results. My stomach is so flat! Still have a bit of swelling on the flanks and mons areas but i'm guessing they will also be gone soon. My scar is so low & such a thin line that I can wear a I can't say enough about Dr. Jugenburg and his wonderful staff. Kim made me feel like we've been friends forever.
The TT has given me a sense confidence in the way I look & feel that I haven't felt in years.

TT before & after 6 weeks

Just want to have a side by side comparison to show what a remarkable surgeon Dr. M. Jugenburg is.

Back in a 2 piece bathing suit after 27 years....

I'm in Florida for a couple of weeks & today I decided to wear a 2 piece to the beach. It was so freeing to not be self conscious about how I look. No more rolls & sucking it in! I couldn't be happier. If anyone reading this is still on the fence about having a TT let me tell you it is really worth it. Make sure that you find a licensed plastic surgeon with great reviews. It's your body & it's major surgery so do your homework.

6 months since my TT

Just got back from florida where I wore a 2 piece bathing suit. I can't believe how good I look & feel. It feels surreal. I get so many compliments & people asking what kind of exercises I do to get such a flat stomach. LOL....I'm so happy. I feel years younger. Dr. Martin Jugenburg is an artist & I highly recommend him.

Lost 30 lbs. and now I hate the loose skin under my arms....

Today is May 9th & I'm torn between getting my arms done now or waiting until the fall. Anyone have any suggestions?
Toronto Plastic Surgeon

I know I struck gold when I picked Dr. Jugenburg for my TT. From the moment I first stepped into the waiting area I was greeted with a smiling staff. Kim McDonald is so friendly I felt comfortable with her right away. My surgery went smoothly & now 6 months later I cannot believe how great my stomach looks. Dr. J. did an amazing job. My scar is below the bikini line & I actually wore a bikini at the beach for the 1st time in 27 years. I am so happy that I picked Dr. Jugenburg...I would definitely highly recommend him.

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