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Hello, Before I begin, I will like to state...


Before I begin, I will like to state that under no circumstance will I be uploading pics. I

I am a Canadian male of ethnic origin (punjabi/indian ancestors).

Long story short, I love my cheek bones, eyes and dimples that gave me a very defined, athletic face, however, always felt that my ethnic nose masked the full effect. The tip was slightly droopy, the nose itself was floppy and lacked cartilage, the nostrils were too wide and the skin on the bridge was a little too wide. There was also a slight hump on the bridge adding to the lack of nose definition. If any indian males are reading this, you know the typical nose I'm talking about ( not as bad as ranbir kapoor and saif ali khan though LoL, just the average indian nose )

As a graduation present, I somehow convinced my parents to let me get rhinoplasty. My sister had received a breast lift some years prior, so this precedent worked in my favor.

The research began. I'm a gut feeling kind of guy. Thus, when I discovered Dr. Lawrence Tong, I knew I found the person who was going to work on my face. He never lost my faith during the consultation. He was my first and only consult. Some of you may say I'm crazy for being that hasty...but when you just know. His credentials alone speak for themselves. I highly recommend him to anyone in the GTA area, or to those who are fortunate enough to be able to travel for their surgery. He provides many services other than rhino.

As you can tell from the date, this is day 7 post-op/cast removal and my nose is what he promised ( well, a bigger version of what he promised because of the current swelling-----people weren't kidding about that swollen tip LoL )

It will be a very natural look for me. Nobody will be able to tell, and I also don't plan on telling anyone. The final outcome can be predicted well following cast removal. My cheek bones are now in full power of my face with the protruding nose finally vanquished. Bridge is perfectly straight and has that clean sleek look. 3/4 angle shot is superb. I can't wait for the swelling to dissapear...this will be a nice nose.

Some notes I'd like to add:

1.) If you have oily skin like me, expect tons of blackheads in pretty much every pore of your nose, and small pus filled pimples all over the sides of the nose where it meets the beginning of your cheeks. Have your acne products on hand for when you come home. You will most likely be given the green light to gently wash that area. If your surgeon however says no for whatever reason, then poor you lol. Just tough it out. The pus filled pimples should stop since the cast is off but the black and white heads will torment you cruelly. If you are more lucky than me you will probably avoid the pimples.

2.) When cleaning nose of dry blood and boogers during the first week.... THOSE AREN'T NOSE HAIRS! Even if it is a nose hair, don't pull- just to be safe. They're the stitches. There is high probability you will fall for this trickery at some point. Don't cave like me. I ended up ripping off half the stitching where they make the incision for open rhino on night 6 lmaooo. Luckily for me it didn't matter at that point. It came out so easily and painless so it was pretty much done it's job anyway. However don't play dice with them.

3.) There is barely any pain. You won't need much of the pain killers. I only used two of them. Will sell the just kidding. At least there wasn't for me. I also never bled much. I bled a bit after surgery and I know this since I saw the blood for myself on the gauze after the nurse changed it. Then, when I came home from the surgeon's private location, a line of blood trickled down each nostril onto my upper lip. I wiped it, and that was the last I saw of any kind of blood that made it past my nose. I didn't even use the gauze anymore when I got into bed. Most of it was BOOGER CENTRAL coming down and bringing all the blood already inside with it HOWEVER, I cannot promise you this same experience. The amount of pain and blood after surgery will most likely be dependent on your surgeon's work + your current health and habits

3.) People aren't lying about the swelling effect. Patience is a virtue, especially for males I'd assume, since our noses aren't made as small as female noses in rhinoplasty for obvious reasons ( unless your desire was to look more feminine than masculine, then to each their own). As long as you can see the efficient work and superb changes and sleekness on your cast-removal day, I think we should be good to go.

4.) If you're not a mouth're screwed. Sorry, there is no way to sugar coat it for you...just screwed. You will have zero access to your nose airway. My sleep has been HORRIBLE and I am so tired while writing this right now. This has been the only hurdle so far in my rhinoplasty journey ( oh yeah, and those pimples). Hopefully I can get some sleep after I write this as my left nostril is being nice tonight..... i probably should have took advantage of this already instead of sitting here on my laptop.... ahhh wellll

5.) Psyche. There's no 5

I will update on my next post-op meeting with my surgeon to let you know how the swelling watch goes. And I apologize once again for my refusal to post pics.

Good luck to everyone else on their plastic surgery adventures......hopefully they are not in vain...pun intended LoL

FAIL: Lack of sleep has ruined me.I didn't even...

FAIL: Lack of sleep has ruined me.I didn't even bother to edit or re-read.

It should have been 1,2,3,4,5,6 for the notes. Well that is embarrassing. Anyway, good night and will update in about 5 weeks.

Okay I lied, I'm back. A quick tip for people...

Okay I lied, I'm back.

A quick tip for people who experience really oily skin on their nose post surgery.

Proactiv. That is all you need. It's only the second night from cast removal and the excess oil production is already annihilated.

You don't need to use the proactiv on your whole face. Use your normal wash for your face but then use the 3 step proactiv for your nose...and taadaaaa.

Benzoyl peroxide will increase the nose's sensitivity to sun. Recall that the skin is already sensitive to sun due to surgery. Thus, you are now even MORE sensitive to the sun. So take necessary precaution.

p.s I swear this is not a proactiv ad lol

Started exercising again as of oct.25th. Its only...

Started exercising again as of oct.25th. Its only been two weeks, so for cardio I use the exercise bike since it is low impact. I'll start running laps at 4 weeks. For weights I do everything I normally do, except I'm going lighter weight higher reps and inhaling and exhaling religiously on each rep, just to stimulate the muscles without putting too much pressure on my face or increasing my heart rate to unacceptable levels. I also can't do legs. If anybody works out their legs, you will know it's impossible to not hold your breath at certain points on your reps because of the demand legs require. Holding breath= R.I.P nose at the 2 week mark. I will not do legs until the 6 week mark just to be safe. I may even push to the 8 week mark.

Be smart if you're going to add exercise back in at the 2 week mark. Stop right before failure. Forcing yourself to get that last excruciating rep might blow up some vessels in your nose. It shouldn't be a demanding workout. Just light conditioning. you should be able to carry a conversation while exerting yourself. If you can't, you're being too vigorous.

Taking pics down. Not comfortable with the fact...

Taking pics down. Not comfortable with the fact everything shows up on google. Private message me and I can email you pics instead.
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