5 months post op update

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Let me just start by saying I wanted to get this...

Let me just start by saying I wanted to get this procedure done for quite a long time now. Even since I was in high school I hated my profile view of my nose. Now that I am 22, and graduated from university this year I finally decided to go and get my nose done. I had my consultation back in November 2012 and booked my surgery post exams for May 1st. We had agreed to get my deviated septum fixed also the plan was to have my dorsal hump removed and my surgeon also said he would give me more of a feminine and natural profile look since my nose was a little too big for my face.

Because of this site and your personal stories...

Because of this site and your personal stories that got me through this process, I decided to share my experience. As I mentioned earlier, I got my septorhinoplasty procedure May 1st, I decided to get it because I had a deviated septum and I wanted to change my side profile. The surgery went really well, honestly once you get the anaesthesia you fall asleep within seconds and you wake up already in the recovery room. The nurses in my hospital were beyond fantastic honestly I can't thank them enough, they put me into ease and were so helpful.I can't believe 7 days has gone by since my surgery...these days flew by so quickly! I can say that I finally feel like myself again (look wise is questionable haha) I actually felt great today! stopped taking my tylenol today and accomplished a lot around the house. I finally started tackling the pile of boxes and bags that need to be unpacked, since I haven't unpacked since I got back home from university cause I had my surgery the next day...so now I finally have clothes in my closet (YAY!) lot more do to do tomorrow before everything gets done though urghh
despite the great and productive day I had to day, this past week has been extremely difficult for me emotionally and physically. I had awful headaches all week, and felt so much pressure that I honestly was in bed for 4 days pretty much all day. I honestly thought reading from some other peoples blogs and diaries on the internet that they were out and about after day 2 or 3 well unfortunately this was not the case for me. I felt so tired and just had these awful migraines, so just heads up be prepared that everyone heels differently and that you might be in bed longer than you expected, and thats okay...just take a minimum of 1 week off of work. You start feeling a lot better after a week.

Swelling wise, I had lots of it! i seriously looked like a huge blown up balloon by day 2. Couldn't even recognize myself in the mirror! At first the area near my eyes was really swollen, then it moved to my cheeks at day 3, and by day 5 the swelling moved to the bottom of my face (near the jaw area). My top lip also was swollen so i couldn't smile and the top palate in my mouth was a little sore and swollen (its a weird feeling). 7 days later and I can officially say I don't look like an alien anymore YAY! For those who are frightened because their tip looks really high when they have the cast on, don't worry I looked like miss piggy at first and it was because it was taped very high and was very swollen, which I posted a pic of. So don't worry once your cast comes off it will fall back into place. To minimize the swelling I recommend ICE, ICE and some more ICE!!! Ice at least for the first 72 hours it helps so much. I personally bought 3 bags of pees and put them into 10 small ziplock bags, and rotated them from the freezer. It works wonders and pees are very mouldable and can easily take shape of your face. I also bought a eye mask ice-pack, it works great too especially after you get your cast off your can put it on and ice your nose for a bit. I find that icing your nose once you get your cast off helps with the swelling, I started doing it twice a day. Im also instructed to tape my nose at night to help with the swelling. And at first sleeping on elevated on 2 or 3 pillows was a hugeee pain in the derriere, but by now I got used to it. Its not too bad after day 3 and it does really help with the edema. I still have a tremendous amount of swelling on my nose kinda resemble avatar right now since I especially have a lot of swelling in the top part of my nose, and also have swelling in the bridge and my tip (even though I didn't have any tip work done) aka my whole nose is still swollen haha. So recovery is a very long process, but day by day you see improvements and I can't wait how its going to look like in a few weeks :)

Now on to the bruising. I had a lot of bruising, had black bruises under both my eyes. I swear it looked like someone knocked me out, there almost gone though!! give it 2 more days and I think my face will be black eye free. I actually used arnica gel to help with the bruising and swelling and it helped so much! So I defiantly recommend this product to anyone who has bruising.

I got my cast and silastic stents removed yesterday (well since its 1am I guess 2 days ago may 7th). Since I had septoplasty preformed as well, It felt sooo much better once I got my silastic stents removed OMG who knew they were so friggen big! it hurt a bit to get them out but it was really quick. Removal of the cast was painless, kinda like removing a bandaid. I still have a problem with breathing through my nose but its getting better day by day, last night my nose was actually not stuffy for the first time. I still breathe through my mouth even day, which honestly by now on im so used to it that I think i might of forgotten how it feels to breathe out of the nose. My surgeon gave me the green light to blow my nose gently after my cast removal, and I do usually before night time but Im nervous I'm going to damage something since its only been a week so i try not to. Hopefully I start start breathing out of my nose by the end of this week.

Thought I would share my survival necessities:
1. box of Kleenex
2. tylenol and prescriptions meds (pick them up before hand or on your way from the hospital, thats what i did)
3. 2 packs of Q-tip packs (these will become you best friends...ahhh best invention ever)
4. Vaseline (lips get veryyy dry)
5. hydrogen peroxide (mix it with warm water and use Q-tips to clean out nostrils)
6. polysporin (use q-tips and put it around nostrils once i got my cast off)
7. 3 packs frozen pees and eye mask ice-pack
8. arnica gel
9. popsicles (helped with the swollen lip situation)
10. lots of books, magazines and movies (trust me after 4 days you get very bored)

Il keep you guys posted on my progress :)

Sorry I know I look horrible in all my recovery...

sorry I know I look horrible in all my recovery pics....mainly cause i hibernated in bed for 5 whole days...if i knew i would be posting them to my review i probably would of made my self look semi human haha
but I hope this can show you that heeling does take awhile but as you can see it improves day by day :)

Its 2 week post op today!! cant believe its 2...

its 2 week post op today!! cant believe its 2 weeks already. The swelling has decreased dramatically and I can say is that I lovee my side profile!! so happy with the results im seeing so far! I didn't have my tip altered so the tip isn't too swollen, but the rest of the nose is still very swollen especially my bridge and the supra tip area so waiting for the nose to get a little thinner and more defined...ahhh so hard to wait for the final result. My breathing is pretty good, its better on one side than the other but I think that's due to the swelling. Im still taping my nose at night and sleeping on 2 pillows doing everything I can to minimize the swelling. I actually went on a jog outside for the first time since my surgery, its nice getting back into routine of things. Well that's pretty much all for my updates, I try to keep really busy because I don't like obsessing over my nose too much, so studying for my gmat exam that I plan to write at the end of june. Il update again in a week! for those that had their surgery recently...happy healing everyone :)

Posted some new pictures :)

posted some new pictures :)

1 month post op

Hey guys!
well its been a full month since I got my surgery...crazy huh? i mean even though this month flew by, I still feel like I counted down the days til today. Since last time I updated, my nose has gotten better, the swelling has defiantly gone down too. I gotta say I really like my side profile now, I finally feel like I can take pictures and not constantly worry if my side profile is showing. But....theres always a but haha I feel like my front view is so wide now especially when I smile and my teeth show. Im hoping its still the swelling since its only been 1 month. Reallly hope that when I update in a month I can say that I like my front view better as of right now I guess its still a waiting game urghh. I do feel like my nose is more swollen one side than the other, and still feels a bit weird likes its not my normal nose yet. Also, I finally went out with a bunch of friends for the first time since my surgery last weekend and drank, gotta say after drinking my nose did swell up A LOT :( so going to avoid alcohol for a few more weeks. But no one noticed at all that anything changed which Im super happy about, my biggest worry was not looking like myself again. Another update is that I finally started going to the gym again YAY!!! and I gotta say i didn't notice any major swelling after even tho I did an hour of spin class and then 30 minutes of muscles exercises. Plan to get back into the routine of going to the gym 4 times a week. Anyways thats all for my updates :) crossing my fingers that my swelling will go down more soon, Im actually going to see my surgeon for a 5 week post op apt next thursday so Il ask him about that. Hope everyone is recovering well and those who are having surgery soon good luck!

6 weeks post op!- not really sure how I feel

So tomorrow will be 6 weeks....and to be honest I don't know how I feel about it, that is why I changed it to not sure. There are certain aspects of my nose that i love like my new profile, but then I feel like the front looks much wider than before, especially when I smile. I know I still have a long way to go for recovery and for the swelling to disappear but I just never thought at 6 weeks it would look this wide especially since I didn't have any tip work done. I guess Im a little disappointed, and its so hard to be patient and wait a year to see the final result when I wanted this surgery and saved up for it for soooo long. I now decided to avoid pictures with the flash at all costs, cause I just don't look like myself. I found some grad photos of me taken in November 2012, and I gotta say I miss my front and my smile, they just complimented each other so well before. Im just praying this is just the swelling and will look a lot better in a few months. Wish I could say I was happier at the moment but I guess I need to learn how to be patient. Has anyone else experienced this problem?
Also my graduation is next week and this officially sucks!! My whole family is going to want to take pics...just great haha
ps. added the before grad pic and then a recent photo with flash of the front of my nose so u guys can see the difference

8 weeks post op!

Hey guys tomorrow will be my 8 weeks post op, i guess thats two months even tho I had my surgery May 1st so "technically" i guess July 1st will be the official two months. I decided to give you guys an update today since tomorrow il be hardly at home all day trying to juggle work and studying. Anyways, Ive been seeing a small decrease in my swelling, it has defiantly gotten a tiny bit better since 2 weeks ago. I still tape and massage my nose every night, not sure if its helping that much but I'm trying to do everything possible to get rid of this annoying swelling. My grad pics turned out way better then I expected, I guess since they were taken during the day with nice sunshine out, no flash needed to be used (hallelujah!!!). Hence my nose didn't look huge like it always does when theres flash on a camera...have u guys noticed that?
I mean I'm still not ecstatic about my results....am I happier? yess but I'm hoping this nose gets a lot smaller because I still don't like it from the front. But I decided to wait it out for at least another 3 months before I think about any kind of possible revision or really talking to my surgeon about it, I've mentioned it to him but he just said its probably the swelling and I have to be patient (kinda what I expected him to say). My next appointment is at 6 months so sometime in beginning November and if Im still not completely satisfied then, Il defiantly bring it up to him again. Im confident it will get smaller, but the trick question is how much smaller? And will I be happy with the final result? those are questions Im dying to figure out. I posted some before and after pictures side by side so you guys can see. Anyways hope everyone is doing well, and I love reading all of your experiences and progress :)

2 1/2 months later....

soo just a quick update...its been 10 weeks so 2 and a half months since my surgery, honestly there are some days and times where I catch myself looking in the mirror and I'm alright with how my front profile looks and others where it seriously looks like a friggen massive potato no shape or anything and i start to miss my old nose again. I think there were so many changes in my life recently, I graduated university, I moved back home, Im still confused what im doing come sept, and then this septorhinoplasty procedure which slightly changed my nose and I guess I wasn't really ready for it to be honest, not that were ever ready for anything that life throws our way. I just wanted to get this procedure done and move on, yet somehow there hasnt been a day yet where I forget that I had my nose done or dont think about the swelling or how it looks. I know this is all "normal" but at 2 and a half months post op I just wanted to move on with my life and kinda put it behind me, you know?
I still think from the front my nose looks massive and im kinda loosing faith that it will ever look like the front of my old nose. I knew that taking the dorsal hump will make ur nose look shorter but I just never thought it would make it look so much flatter and wider. I might still have a lot of swelling, but at this point I have no idea whats causing it to look wide maybe im seeing things who knows? or Maybe I have a open roof deformity or something? I guess time will only tell
The other night we had friends and fam over for dinner a few nights ago and my mom got a bit tipsy after a few glasses of wine at dinner and once everyone left we were talking about my nose while I was helping her clean up, and she was like "you looked so pretty when ur nose was thinner front the front, I guess you traded in your front for the new side profile" and I guess after she said that it just made me sad....I know she didnt mean to offend me but I guess the truth does come out when ones drinking. I just wasnt expecting my lower 1/3 of the nose to get so big I didnt even get any tip work done....why in the world does it look like a ballon? Im still so confused.
I love readings peoples updates to see that they are loving their new nose and how thrilled they are about the results, And in a way im a bit jealous and wish I was the ecstatic about mine too. Dont get me wrong I dont hate it, I love the side profile, but i guess im just shocked how wide it now looks from the front, I never asked to make my nose thinner but I certainly didn't expect for it to get wider either. I guess im just frustrated and confused and annoyed, all these emotions combined GRRRR haha This surgery has been one hell of a ride let me tell you, from all the emotions and dealing with the swelling to all these precautions you have to take, and then it making my skin on my face and chest break out like crazy for like 6 weeks after surgery (stress+more oil production+ post effects of anesthesia?) that I had to take a month of antibiotics since ive never seen my breakouts ever come close to what i had for those 6 weeks, weird right? have you guys experienced it too? it wasn't just on my nose it was on my entire face and even neck :s dont get me wrong i never had perfect skin but this was something else!
anyways enough of me talking about my skin haha my next follow up appointment is in Nov so when im 6 months post op, wish it was sooner so I could talk to him about my concerns, I know I can always book one but really whats the point? I already know what their guna say "its still swollen" at this point I have nothing else to do but wait unfortunately and hope that by the 6 months mark il be a happy camper :) lol
Also, Ive been watching some youtube vids on how to contour your nose lately might actually try that! Sorry for my long rant today....hope you all are doing well and enjoying summer :)

new pics

Confused about results....3 months post

Not sure what to think. My nose still is really wide from the front and its been 3 months post op. Since 80% of swelling should be gone by now im starting to really loose hope :( What do you guys think? Posted a a before and after pic

Another picture

My new side profile. Even though im not happy with my front, I do think he did a really great job on my side profile....what a difference!

4 month post op

Updating on ur phone is so difficult urghh so typed up my update and it dissapeared somewhere :(
Anyways hope everyone is doing well! Its officially been 4 months since my sugery. Im feeling better there are days when i wake up in the morning and my nose looks swollen and huge and other times through out the day where i look in the mirror and i like how it looks. The swelling has gotten better, but i think my oily/thick skin is taking forever to redrape around my new nose. My lower 1/3 of my nose is still wide but im crossing my fingers that it will thin out in the next couple of months. Overall, i think im not obsessing as much as i used to everyday and thats definatly helping me alot. I have my 6 months post op appointment on nov 4th so i may ask my sugeon for a steriod shot if i feel like my nose is still swollen then and to help my skin to redrape better, has anyone found that the steriod shot helped their nose alot? Ive been following some of your stories, and wanted to say goodluck with your upcoming surgeries and happy healing :)

5 months post op

Hey guys! im 5 months post op now! crazy how fast September went by since being back at school and everything, im happy though it keeps me very distracted and busy. I still feel like my nose looks a big puffy to me and especially when I smile I dont like how its looks wider now. I think it all has to do with taking the hump down thats making it look wider which makes sense. However, If I knew that was the case before my surgery I would of asked my surgeon to make it more narrow, but I guess its a bit too late for that now. Im hoping the swelling has some kind of play in it still, but to be honest at 5 months out Ive kind of lost hope, especially since I never got any tip work done...which I also sorta regret. All in all im doing okay, I am happy I dont have that stupid dorsal hump anymore but am I totally thrilled about me results? noo not really, if anything I feel more insecure about my nose now. To be honest this whole procedure at least in my eyes was painful and just takes forever to recover from (my nose still feels stiff) that maybe injectable fillers was the way to go for me (had them done once before 2 years ago) and yes makes your nose look a bit bigger from the side profile view but it hides the hump well and front the front view it still looked very narrow. I have my 6 months post op with my surgeon on Nov 3rd so I shall update you guys with what he says. I really cant afford a revision procedure anytime soon, so im hoping he can do something about it, or at least give me some kind of hope that it will thin out. Anyways hope you guys are all doing well :)
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