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My surgery is scheduled for June 10th with Dr....

My surgery is scheduled for June 10th with Dr. Hacker. Just like everyone else on here, I've wanted this for many years and have finally saved up enough. Actually, I had saved enough a while ago but thought I had to have around $10,000 when I only needed about $5,000. I'm not nervous yet, just glad it's finally happening. My consultation was great. Dr. Hacker seemed to know what I wanted before I even said it (straight, not sloped), and even had some ideas that I didn't think of but am glad he mentioned (bringing in the part at the top between my eyebrows). He told me I had a deviated septum, which in my heart I already knew because my mom had one and I always have breathing problems. The consultation lasted over an hour and we even talked about burgers for a bit at the end. We also talked about how often people make sure to leave reviews when their experience was terrible, but not so often when their experience was good (with burgers and surgeries), and he mentioned how plastic surgery is a really personal thing so your idea of good/bad might differ from someone else's. I'm leaving this review and progress report because this website helped me choose Dr. Hacker, but there still wasn't very much about him on here. Maybe this will help someone else.

I'm out and very swollen.

Going in to surgery was very easy. It was like the dentist but not as bad (I hate the dentist). When I got out I was very drowsy but the blood in my stomach started to make me feel nauseous. The nurses gave me medicine for it and I sipped some water because my mouth was really dry. I dry heaved a few times but only a tiny bit of blood happened and then I felt a bit better. The 30 minute car ride come didn't help and I felt nauseous again so I took a ginger gravol. I found a comfortable position that made me feel less sick and have been in and out of sleep for around 4-5 hours. I wake up every so often to have a sip of water and go to the bathroom because I'm having all this water. The picture I just posted is from about an hour after waking up but I'm way more swollen now. My forehead is also swollen in between my eyebrows and I think it makes me look like a bagelhead. Also There isn't really much pain. It feels like the splints are stretching my nostril really wide and my septum hurts a bit but I haven't taken any pain medication since waking up. The nausea was way worse for me because I hate feeling sick but am ok with pain.

The day after.

I'm extra swollen today. Decided to take two extra strength tylenols for the pain last night but then realized aleve was a better option because it also controls swelling so took two of those today. We didn't even fill the prescription for the pain medication he gave me because I knew I wouldn't need it. I'm still drifting in and out of sleep but am eating solid foods no problem. I'm not wearing the moustache gauze anymore either. Now the worst thing about it is just the swelling and my small crusty eyes.

Four days after.

The bruises around my eyes have gone down a lot but are still visible. My nose is still swollen (obviously) but most of the swelling in my cheeks has fallen to my jaw. There's also a bit still in between my eyebrows because he made that area a bit smaller. The crusty blood in my nostrils has pushed on the sneeze area twice and sneezing isn't the most pleasant and neither was biting into a strawberry. There is absolutely no pain though. When I stand up there is some shifting of my congestion also. Overall the healing process so far has been very smooth.

Some more pictures.

I'm posting a few pictures of the swelling and what it looks like now. I didn't take a picture on day 4.

Pictures of the profile.

Here are pictures I forgot to upload last night.
The part at the top of my nose (between my eyebrows) is still very swollen so I'm excited for that to go down to see what it looks like.

Cast off!

Today I went to get the cast off and stents out. Pulling out the stents felt like pulling out a huge, hard, textured booger. The cast was like a bandaid. I felt a bit faint afterwards so I had to lay down for a bit. Dr. Hacker told me where to put the tape and where to massage my nose and that made me feel faint again, so he got me to lie down on the examination table for a while. The swelling is a bit uneven down the bridge because it's more swollen at the bottom on the left side, and more swollen at the top on the right side, so that makes it look a little asymmetrical. If it ends up being a little asymmetrical I'll still be fine with it because it's better than it was before. The tip is swollen too but should end up looking pretty similar to my original tip because he didn't do anything to it except bring it in a bit closer to my face. My upper lip still doesn't lift when I smile but he said that should be better in a week. Taking out the week old blood crusts was amazing and I can breathe better than ever before in my whole life. It's amazing how well I can breathe even though I'm still a little stuffed up. I look forward to sleeping with my mouth closed tonight.

1.5 Year Update

Sorry I didn't update sooner but I just forgot. Over and over again. But I'm here now so hopefully this is useful to at least one person. This is 100% the best decision I ever made. Two months after the surgery my nose looked pretty normal from the side but still a bit wonky from the front. It was something that I noticed but other people didnt. Most of the swelling was on the left side of my nose, but it looked worse in the morning than at night. I saw Dr. Hacker recently and he said that everything was looking good. I still have a bit of swelling or scar tissue on the left side, and my septum is a tiny bit off centre to the left. Dr. Hacker offered to do a revision if I wanted but it's barely noticeable from looking at it, and I can still breathe out of that side better than my more open side before the nose job.

I've attached a picture of the profile from two months after, and a front picture from today (a year and a half after). I do have some weird bumps in the cartilage under my skin right at the top of my nose, but you can't see them and Dr. Hacker said they should go away. I'm not bothered either way. It also no longer feels tingly to touch my nose; it just feels like touching anywhere else on my face. It does feel very strange when I push the tip up a little bit. I've read that people who've had nose jobs can't do the "pig nose" and I don't know if I can but I don't want to try.

The results are very natural and nobody has ever been able to tell I've had a nose job. Some people don't even believe me when I tell them until I show them a before picture. Overall I would recommend Dr. Hacker to anyone.
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