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I grew up being teased on a daily basis. My nose...

I grew up being teased on a daily basis. My nose was one of the things they pointed out, it is not only crooked, bumpy, but it has a very bulbous tip. Kids can be merciless.
As a result I have a lower self-esteem than I should, and I miss how small and straight my nose was when I was a little kid.
I don't hate my nose, but I would love to feel better about it.
I have had lots of people think I've broken my nose at some point- which I actually don't think I have. I have my dad's nose. I wish I had my mom's nose- small and feminine! It seems like having a pretty, feminine nose is a faraway dream.

I had surgery to fix my deviated septum at some point. The doctor said it was one of the worst cases he'd ever seen. But it's still crooked even after the surgery! I did not have rhinoplasty done at this time, and I'm sort of glad I didn't- there are no rhinoplasty specialists here.
I remember the recovery time and imagine that rhinoplasty will be similar, except they'll be breaking my face (Ouch) but I still have knots in my stomach, worried about the surgery.

I have always tried to tell myself that I didn't need plastic surgery and that I was beautiful without it...
The main reason I haven't considered the surgery until now (i'm in my late twenties!) is because I was afraid of my family's judgement, and felt extremely guilty about spending money on myself for aesthetic purposes.
I found this website and found I'm not alone in these feelings. I feel very grateful to have the opportunity to do something like this, and decided to share my journey in hopes of obtaining some support and hopefully helping someone as well.

As for what my friends and family think... I have told very few what I am planning and am receiving support and help from them, which is making the whole process a lot less terrifying.
My boyfriend thinks I'm beautiful and that I don't need the surgery, but is supportive of what I want for myself, to my great relief.

I have booked a consult with Dr. Rival in Toronto. I have done a lot of research and I love his aesthetic sense so I believe he will end up being my surgeon.
I will post how my consult goes (In January) and update as to when the procedure will be done (Probably May-June).

Had my consult

I spoke with Dr. Rival over the phone, (I am out of town) he was very friendly and helpful, and we seemed to see eye to eye on things.
His receptionist Nadia was very friendly as well.

I'll probably be booking my procedure tomorrow as I would like to go over some of the details with my boyfriend first.
There is a private clinic for an additional cost that I may end up paying for, as I don't really want a long drive after my surgery.
I've been given some dates, I'll be shooting for May.

I think the prospect of planning the whole trip and staying in a different city than my own is more anxiety provoking than the procedure itself!

The date is set

I have booked my surgery date for the 6th of May. It doesn't feel real quite yet, and it's hard to wrap my head around...
I suppose it'll feel more real once I've booked the hotel and flights as well.
Guess it's time to start getting ready and doing my research!

Infection a week before surgery :(

So I have been feeling a little under the weather and went to see a doctor,
who tells me I have a bacterial infection in my throat (one week before surgery!!!).
He gave me horse pill antibiotics and says I'll be fine in time for surgery, which is hopefully good news, but I'm still very worried.

In the case I have to cancel, my surgeon will reschedule at no cost, but my flights are unrefundable and I doubt my family can book time off to help me again.

Really hoping I get well soon. I have the week off anyways- lots of sleep and rest.

Seeing the doc in a few hours

I'll be seeing the doc in a few hours.. no fever, no green or yellow mucus, but my throat is still sore.. a little sneezy, slightly runny nose... been taking my antibiotics religiously.
Really hoping I'm okay enough to go. Really worried. :(
Been sleeping like crazy!

Ok to go!

Says I'm still sick, but ok to go! Excitement!

Surgery today!

Everything is ready for the surgery today!
I met Dr. Rival yesterday and he was incredibly sweet and easy to talk to,
I used pictures to explain my aesthetic differences and he explained everything
that was possible and not possible with my nasal structure, and we made
sure both of us were on the same page about what was possible and what was not
possible, and specifically what I liked and didn't like.
Even the things he was hesistant about (he usually does more conservative noses)
we managed to talk about what would work and what wouldn't, and he agreed
I would be able to make a dramatic change.

I felt very comfortable with him and I am worried about how hard it will be to sleep
after surgery (I'm usually a nose breather) but I am super excited and relieved the
day is finally here. I haven't slept well the past four days and I have deep bags under
my eyes, slept better last night knowing the surgery was today and it was a go.

It will be an open rhinoplasty, which I already knew because my nose is very lopsided and crooked, and he was able to explain to me why it lumps and bumps in certain ways by showing me nasal structures and explaining why they are doing that.

I believe I chose the best doctor for this and will be happy to know that within a few months the swelling will start going down.

I also chose THE most comfortable/clean hotel ever and I have no worries about recovering in here.

Wish me luck!!! :)

Surgery finished! And then... unexpected ER trip :(

Dr. Rival came to meet me beforehand, we discussed everything we did the day before, he was dead on remembering everything I had talked to him about.

Afterwards I went into surgery, they didn't even ask me to count down lol I was like "...am I getting the anesthetic? I feel woozy" I was out shortly after that.

Woke up in recovery, and quickly realized I woke up faster the more I breathed deeply and wiggled my feet, toes and hands. Started feeling pain, got pain meds. Very dry, took gingerale (escort brought some :) Love her)

We went home quite quickly after that, maybe 20 mins? I was pretty amazed how quickly I felt like going home.

Then the trouble started.

I tried to take a nap when we got home, and everytime I fell half asleep (wasn't allowed to take my sleep meds) I suddenly stopped breathing, became aware of it and had to manually start breathing again. This happened about 6 times before I was like "something is wrong" I figured I'd stay awake for it to wear off, but my escort INSISTED that I call the hospital to make sure, and the nurse said to go to the ER.

I went for a quick bathroom trip before we left... only to find out I was no longer able to pee. Ohoh.

We got put into the quick end of emergency (still 8 hours total zzz) ... turned out they weren't worrying about the sleeping (anesthesia related, and already wearing off as when I kept drifting off to sleep I'd gasp and wake up (progress!), they had also xrayed my neck to make sure it wasn't a clot- all good.

But I still couldn't pee properly and had a bad feeling about that, so against all my worst fears I said yes to the cathedar (i do NOT like this thing) ... only to find I had a LITRE waiting inside me unable to escape.
Turns out sometimes anesthesia puts the bladder to sleep (who knew?! :(...)
and since I was super dehydrated and need to take LOADS of water with my regular medication anyways, I think I dodged a bladder rip-open/explosion bomb.

Thank goodness it wasn't super serious and treatable. I'll have it for two days (honestly? It's worse than the septoplasty when I have my pain pills numbing my nose all I can think about is this darn tube.) and I can't wait to get it out.

But! Good news... I saw the general shape of my nose in the mirror, and was quite pleased... he took all my aesthetics into account, and even though it's covered up by a cast and tape and whatnot, I think I will be VERY happy.
I had quite a fat bridge before, so it was shocking to see it STRAIGHT, thin, and my fat bulbous nose a beautiful defined shape. I found my eyes are now the dominating feature of my face and i love my eyes. It also makes my lips more noticeable too and I love those as well.

Although I need to see the whole nose to get used to the bridge, it was a shock to see how thin it was now- something I wanted, but it was so wide before I was certain it wasn't possible. So far it looks like Dr. Rival completely listened to me when I said I wanted a dramatic change and addressed all my concerns- it IS dramatic, yet, doesn't look fake. I cannot wait to see what it looks like when it is finished. It is very exciting.

And the most exciting thing- the septoplasty part seems to be draining my nose properly.
If this is the case, I breathe the biggest sigh of relief as I will no longer have to manually clean my nose (it used to just get stuck and refuse to drain normally).

I've been dodging a LOT of bullets lately, all by coincidence. And I am SO grateful to the two lovely awesome peeps staying with me right now.

There may be some complications, but things are really looking up :)

Lol about Catheter, and talk with my Doc

Recovery Day 1:

So it turns out although it's very uncomfortable when walking I loved the catheter for sleeping because my meds normally make me pee everything 3 hours and I only had to get up once to drain the catheter, I had the best sleep ever.

Today no pain, just dehydration, all the advice I took from peeps online and researching- this is the most comfortable recovery I could have asked for.
I had talked to a pain doc back home when my mom had cancer and she taught me to take pain meds properly- you end up taking less if you keep on top of them before the pain starts. And no pain. It's awesome. I can even breathe through my nose a little, and unlike my last septoplasty, my teeth don't hurt, just my throat a bit, I could probably eat normal food (in normal bites, the other doc I could barely eat for a WEEK).. it's night and day. This is such a comfortable recovery.

Will have catheter removed later today (will miss it a bit, for the quality of sleep I got)

Called my doctor, he was very concerned and sympathetic, was glad I was okay, and says the surgery went well and he didn't give me as much of a curve as I liked because I was missing too much cartlidge from the previous butcher septoplasty, but still have me one to make it more feminine, just not too much so my nose didn't collapse. I am happy he was looking out for my nose. He said he was very pleased with the way the whole surgery went, thinks I will look great and I thanked him because I can already tell I will love it.

Very sleepy time for nap.

Back to hospital

Had catheter removed.. still can't pee properly. Painful straining and squatting in bathtub. This is worse than the pain from the surgery.
Starting to feel the broken face... even holding my cellphone seems like too much right now.

Pics so far

First day I felt great, now I'm starting to feel very rough. Hard to bring myself to eat

Post op day 3

In and out of consciousness I'm so tired. Thankfully my helper is an angel and making sure I take all my Meds on time, eat and clean up my face. Salinex used gently in each nostril, don't trust the extra heavy stream one I bought. Face really cleaned up here, used a cotton swab gently rolling on the dried blood using saline. Then gently coated inside of nostrils and incision line with saline, mustache gauze bandage, and frozen bags of wet cotton balls and wet face towels a must (ice doesn't feel too good for me.) a filled water beside me at all times with a curvy straw (so hard to drink) in a bowl so I don't knock it over, a baby toothbrush to gently brush my teeth with, and eucerin intensive lip balm- mouth breathing and I still wake up with lusciously moisturized lips. I always have dry lips so this is the best lip balm i have ever used. I bought clorasceptic for my sore throat after anesthesia but by the time I got it, I didn't need it anymore. Sleeping propped up , with a round pillow under my back and a soft travel neck pillow to keep my head straight. Now I know why everyone suggested it- it seemed so uncomfy when I tried sleeping with it before surgery but now it is absolutely perfect. I have all my pills organized in a container, and every breakfast lunch and dinner (so far just smoothies and baby food stuff) my helper wakes me up, we do the food, pills and cleaning routine. Brought dry shampoo/body wash I will try later, but since doc said to pee in tub I decided to clean it out and take a small bath in it after making sure not to get my cast wet.
Good to have your own bed to rest in, I use earplugs as I am a light sleeper with pink noise in background to drown out snoring.
Charged phone beside me so I have internet and text and can still rest.

My nostrils are uneven today due to swelling and the tip and under my eyes and cheeks are swollen, but I was expecting worse bruising. Didn't take arnica. I guess it's a doctor thing my last septoplasty I had all the colors of the rainbow.

And the funny thing is my swollen nose is still a million times better and smaller than my old one.

Still feel not so great, to be expected. Highly recommend Heinz organic baby food in squeeze bottles for those who have trouble eating.. Can just squeeze the right amount into your mouth.

Need pain Meds again soon, feel my face starting to hurt again.


Whoops, meant I used polysporin on the inside of nostrils and on incision, very gently. No idea how to change something I've written from my phone.

My eyes... being too rough on myself

My eyes are so swollen I actually look asian. It's very amusing to my helper, who is asian.

I can't stop sleeping, and when I wake up, it's the same drill again- he brings me my 'ice' pack, baby food, I drink water, take pain pills, and then strain to pee (which exhausts me)...
Oh man, when the pain pills kick out, the pain is very bad.
I wake up literally like owowowowowowow
But then again, I did literally have open surgery on Tuesday and my bones broken.
I think I was expecting an amusing recovery period with lots of DVDs but it's mainly just sleeping, pain and trying to eat. (a tiny bowl of chopped chicken and a tiny mac and cheese tv dinner took me 3 hours to eat...)

I think things will be better once I can pee properly!!!! :(
I definitely could not have done this alone, although one of my dear helpers had to leave me due to work I still have the one and he is doing an awesome job.

I tried using the rinse free shampoo and well.. I can't smell to see if it did a good job or not lol.

My throat still hurts from the tube they put down my throat during surgery, my upper teeth and mouth really hurt, my nose hurts, my face hurts...
but I'm trying to take less pain meds- haven't gone number two since Tuesday, I'm probably clogged up despite the meds I'm taking for it. :( Then again, I also haven't been eating very much. No appetite, and very slow eating.

I keep finding myself wanting to do stuff myself, but bending over and lifting stuff does NOT feel good... right now even lifting my cellphone is OUCH and typing makes me really feel my nasal bones, and this is after one pain pill. I should probably take a second one. I need to take it easy :( Thank goodness I have someone to help me with all that stuff... It's hard to believe I had this surgery only on Tuesday, I feel like I should be healed more by now, and need to be more gentle with myself.


Humidifier and still waking up parched

Interestingly enough my eyes are the things that hurt most in the morning. One eyelid is puffy and red. Keeping up my routine of food/pills/clean nose/bathroom/sleep, added in walking gently around the room. So tired all the time. Helper is my angel. Looking forward to feeling better. Excited whenever I look in the mirror. I think I will be very happy.

I'm using a humidifier and drinking water but always parched due to mouth breathing . Dry tongue and throat in morning is a bad feeling yuck. Baby toothbrush is now my new favorite thing. I'm gonna stick with it even after surgery is done, first time in years I can reach everything in my mouth and not gag while brushing.

It will be worth it!

Eyes/cheeks painful and swollen, bruising seems to be minimal

Burning Eye Solution

So I'm finally able to pee with little difficulty (this was a very tiring last few days) ... still haven't been able to pass anything solid yet :/ I'm assuming it will come in time, I feel no discomfort or pain that way.

I've been having a major problem where I wake up with severe burning and pain in my eyes, and they water like crazy but it doesn't help at all.
I finally found a solution.
I took some Renu (eye contact fluid) on the tip of a Q-tip and cleaned out the corners of my eyes-
it turns out they were so swollen they were unable to clean themselves/flush out debris, and I found all sorts of gunk in there. They feel great now. Thank god.
I have a bruise in the corner of my eye and one eyelid is very red and swollen, but the other seems pretty okay. The bruises seem to slowly be going away, and I didn't have as much bruising as I thought I would.

I'm able to get by with a pain med in the morning and a pain med at night (the roof of my mouth feels SO painful, I'm guessing the septoplasty irritated the nerve at the top of my mouth, but it goes away with pain meds) and my face actually feels broken when the meds wear off. I'm running out though, guess I'm going to have to rely on extra strength Tylenol in a few days.

I had a big operation as I had a really wonky nose- it was twisted, deviated septum, wide bridge, bump on bridge, misaligned cartlidge, bulbous tip, tip stuck out too far, and hanging columnella... lucky me huh?
That and the fact that I have very low pain tolerance means my face feels like it was hit by a truck. The pain IS lowering a little bit by bit day by day but it's still pretty bad, can't wait for mornings to feel okay and not ouchouchouchouch.

Really happy I bought the 5x extra large guy shirts at Walmart for 3 bucks each that have buttons in the front... so much easier when I don't have to worry about placing a shirt over my head. Would NOT want to knock this thing around.

I also have covered my bed with a Cinderella on-sale bed set so I didn't get blood on any of the hotel blankets. So I feel a little like a princess. Bruise Eyed Beauty or something.

Old Nose

I uploaded better pictures of my old nose, to better show the odd nose shape and how it grew.
I really feel as if my old nose distracted from the rest of my face.
I'm very happy I finally had this surgery done... just need to get through the healing and hope for the best now. i'm finally starting to notice my eyes and lips first now.
Really, I didn't see very many people out there with similar noses, even though my doc said he's seen a few. Very unique.

Hurts to eat and my uvula looks weird.

I feel like I'm the poster child for everything that can go wrong post-septorhinoplasty.

I've noticed increasing pain whenever I try to eat, even something as soft as bananas.
Really bad. To the point where I don't want to eat.
I did some research and it's probably an irritation or damage to the nasopalatine nerve. Apparently it can heal within two months, but .. two months of painful smoothies..?

Upon inspecting the roof of my mouth (and finding nothing) I realized that the tip of my uvula was bloody and white looking. I thought maybe it was mucus, but upon closer inspection I realized I was wrong. It's probably an ulcer from the tube in my throat from surgery... :/

Waiting to hear back from my doc as I'm running out of pain meds, don't know about the pain or the white uvula, still haven't used the bathroom properly (although I can pee now, thank GOD)... maybe time for those horrific sugar free gummy bears...

The burning eye pain returns with a vengeance in the mornings, but is solved within 5 minutes using my eye drop/q tip plan...

...am I just very unlucky in the post-surgery department or is anyone else having/had similar problems to the ones I am having?

On the bright side, my bruising isn't incredibly terrible. I mean, my face is puffy and yellow (I look almost like I have jaundice) and I have red bruises under my eyes, but it could have been worse.

Eating is like knives... talking is a cheese grater... but... SUCCESS

So, after the uvula discovery, I found a webpage full of other people who have been through the same problem (YET ANOTHER COMPLICATION OF SURGERY) ... and lo and behold, it will be fine in two weeks, but until then, it's going to be terrible trying to eat or talk.
And the roof of mouth thing, well.. also another complication...

The roof of my mouth and the back of my throat ache SO much it feels like someone is trying to pry my palate off every time I have even a pea sized amount of mashed food :(
And cold food actually makes it worse!!!

...and a stitch popped and I bled. I think it's probably one of the dissolvable stitches, but I am a little worried. The bleeding has stopped, though.
I'll be calling my doc's office tomorrow when it's actually open.

Some good news though! I FINALLY WENT TO THE WASHROOM. YES.
AFTER NOTHING SINCE THE SURGERY. I did a low impact victory arm swing.
Yes, it seems something weird to celebrate. But after all these problems, even
having one addressed is a victory.

I think I'm going to live off liquid food for the next week or so, even if it does feel like someone is trying to murder my mouth.

Today I finally got out of bed and went on the tiniest adventure ever and it was great

I was so cabin feverish, and decided even though I still felt like crap, I'd make myself up, hide the bruises, and go to a nice restaurant with my friend for a change of pace. I could feel pretty even if I felt horrible.

I felt slightly back from the dead when I had a careful shower, using a shower cap over my face with a hole poked for my mouth to breathe through, and a hand towel over my hairline to catch any spare drops, and not letting the water run past my hairline. I then did some makeup and it was so nice to feel a little normal again.

It was nice to get out even if like a one, two minute walk from where I am staying.
The food was great (from the taste I do have) and soft which was better for my throat.
OMG the apple pie was melt in your mouth amazing,.. it was a great experience to have even through all this chaos. Everyone at the restaurant was so nice and the hotel staff asked me if I needed anything at all, to ask! It helped make the day so much better.

When I got home I was so tired I just crashed... and upon awaking I felt such a severe jolt of pain in my throat that I sharply inhaled through my nose, upon my reaction was surprise/joy/pain/surprise/joy/pain.
Me: :D! ...D: :D! ...D: :D! ...D:
So I can partially get air inside my nose now, which is a nice feeling. Now if I can get rid of this stabbing throat pain, I'll be aces.

Just gotta hold in there while my throat heals!

And I get my cast off tomorrow, and more pain meds because thank goodness even though I have been rationing them I am pretty much out (and rationing doesn't help the pain too much)
I am so excited to get it off and see how it looks underneath.
And a little amused that my boyfriend will see me

quick update

really not feeling well so i'll make this fast
started passing out before i even got to see doc
wheeled in to have cast taken off
nose looks good break into full body sweat
rushed into er
really sick
need rest

So yesterday was pretty scary

Well I thought I understood that "plastic surgery is real surgery" but I definitely didn't
think that so much could happen as complications to it.

Yesterday I was having trouble waking up and felt very nauseous, and convinced myself I'd get to the office to get my cast removed if I got some fresh air. I arrived in the waiting room only to feel like I was going to throw up, so I excused myself to the washroom.

Upon approaching the washroom everything started going black and red and sound started dimming out and I realized that I was going to pass out. I just kept thinking "don't pass out on your face" somehow managed to get into a stall and sat on the cold floor for a long time trying to wait for it to pass. Upon trying to get up and dabbing myself with cold water at the mirrors a cleaning lady spotted me, asked if I was ok and told me she'd grab a wheelchair and bring me back into the office, to which I gratefully agreed to.

Before I reached the office I was in a full body sweat and very hot. I got to see the doctor quickly, and had my cast removed, but at this point I felt so sick I didn't even care about seeing my face. I felt like I was dying I was so sweaty and nauseous. He did manage to get me to agree to see my nose but then told us to go to the ER.

My friend ended up wheeling me across a bridge and down sidewalks and roads to get me into the ER. I ended up sitting in a hallway for a short period of time feeling like crap until someone spotted me and quickly took my blood temperature, and grabbed my wheelchair and rushed me into a different section than I'd been in the ER previously, where I immediately got hooked up with two ivs, a saline drip, medicine and had my bed tilted?
Apparently my blood pressure was dangerously low and my heart was racing. The sweating and heat stopped and suddenly I was freezing. A couple of days ago I was 120/80ish and today I was 70ish over 51.
I had so many tests and lay there for so many hours before they finally figured out the catheter must have caused a urinary tract infection, which then spread to my entire body. :(
Yeah and you don't want to hear a doctor mention "this makes no sense" while looking at your chart.

So yeah yesterday was one of the worst days ever. I felt as if I was going to die.

It doesn't matter if it costs extra to take a taxi to get checked out. It's hard to tell what pain is "normal" pain after surgery and what is not. I am so glad I was not alone for the first week after surgery. They say 24 hours is the danger zone but for me I was not lucky.

I think I will avoid any type of surgery unless it is completely necessary from now on.
This was not a good experience. My nose looks like it will turn out great, it's swollen but I can make out the shape. If something is slightly off, f*** it. I will live with it.

I'm not saying don't get surgery if you want it, but I am saying please please PLEASE
do your research, find a good doctor, and don't consider it a "in and out" one day surgery.
It's still surgery.
It is very hard on your body and a lot can go wrong. Don't risk your health if you don't feel well.

Waiting to go home

Managed to eat digestive biscuits and apple juice and the meds made me feel well enough to get the heck out of here. Wish me luck on my journey home I obviously need it, I have been extremely unlucky in terms of health and lucky in terms of getting the right treatment. I just want to recover in my own bed.


Finally home, it feels so good to be resting on my own couch, watching tv with my sweetheart, and being enthusiastically greeted by my loving cat who covered me with kisses and head rubs.

Healing better at home

So last night I had tingling feet... Maybe over exerted myself? Weren't numb, though...

This morning however, I woke up to a pleasant surprise... The nerve seems to have only been irritated and the sensation of cold no longer causes extreme pain. It still hurts to eat but I can now eat cold foods and drink cold water :)

I look so much healthier after these antibiotics and a good sleep in my own bed! I was so pale a few days ago the er docs only had to look at me to rush to check my blood pressure.

Being at home is great, my sweetheart is working from home for a few days to watch over me just in case and I get to rest up in my own bed... I had such a good sleep last night. Not regretting the rushed plane trip at all, and even though I could only get down a handful of my boyfriends lovely homemade spaghetti (it takes me like 2-3 hours to eat I'm in so much pain) it was so good to eat home cooked food again.

Hoping that my recovery continues more smoothly from this point! :)


So here I am freaking out about the swelling in the nose, wondering if it's gonna go down (and mentally I am totally aware it takes up to three months for it to look good and a yearish to finally be finished with the swelling ) , wondering if I really even had a dramatic change and I found this pic of my old nose and now I can really see the difference.


In emergency again, increasing pain in new places of my body, trouble peeing again, think antibiotics are not working properly, nausea and tingling feet. Will update when I find out more.

Waiting for a room

Spending my time waiting for a room and commenting on the forums... -_- er wait times are so long. Got another iv and more blood tests, this is like the sixth or seventh time I've been stuck this week guh

Lucky break!

So they couldn't find a reason for pain, and it seems my infection is indeed healing. So maybe it's just part of the rough healing process. They recommended if anything else changed to come back, but for now, I'm in the clear :) !!! Lucky break!

Oh, gross

So I've been really randomly emotional, not over the surgery but over everything. I think that's a normal thing for your body when healing after surgery.
Regardless, I've been very sobby and as a result my nose got really, really moist.
And that's when I discovered the source of the residual smell in one nostril.

UGH The biggest, purple and black clot came out and it was disgusting as anything. That's why I kept smelling gross rotting blood in only one nostril. YUCK. :X
On the bright side.... I can gently nose breathe now and I have a sparkly clean nose.
And no smell.

My nose and nostrils are more swollen than yesterday, which normally happens when I cry. You can see the swelling of my tip in the picture I'm uploading, and how well my suture is healing from the open rhinoplasty. You can see that it still has quite a way to go for swelling, but as it is, still public presentable, to my great relief. I had such a bulbous tip before, even the swollen tip is smaller than what I had. Unfortunately the bruises under my eyes are not ;)

I am recovering better today, managed to do some walking around. :)

Is this what menopause will be like!?

So I've heard of post surgery depression and mood swings... and figured I'd probably have some.

I am already taking depression and anxiety medication to help balance me out, and they work wonderfully. However, it's not depression I'm feeling... I'm just a big sobby mess over EVERYTHING!

A slight callous remark that hits a nerve, and is immediately realized it didn't come out right and apologized to, and normally I can talk it out and understand, but I just VENTED at this person. What the heck. I was bawling.

Intimacy with my loved one. Bawling. I don't cry during sex (sorry if this is TMI) but know that it's a possibility so your SO doesn't get a shock. It wasn't because I was in pain or upset, I was happy. And for some reason, this was making me super sappy and bawling I was so happy.

A mention that my SO is kinda meh on the idea of a cruise. I was like it's ok, I'll go by myself, I like going on cruises. Then suddenly I start bawling because I am reminded of my last trip and I lose it.

A KISS ON THE CHEEK. I get like what, five million kisses a day? EVEN THIS SET ME OFF BECAUSE I WAS FELT HAPPY.

It seems like a month is going to be a long time to wait because this is very exhausting to be crying all the time even if I'm not feeling depressed. It just kinda explodes out.

On the brighter side, even though it's making my nose and eyes swell I woke up this morning NOSE BREATHING. It's very shallow, and I still prefer to mouth breathe during the day right now, but not waking up extremely dehydrated and parched was AMAZING.

Plus I'm pretty sure my doc got my nose finally fixed right... my nose seems to be draining from both sides for the first time in my life. It's not draining extremely well yet, because it is still quite swollen in there, but it's happening. IT'S HAPPENING

Personality changes?

Has anyone experienced personality changes after rhinoplasty?
I'm not sure if it's the anesthesia or what (there are documented cases) but I'm suddenly super impulsive and buying a bunch of crap. I've almost maxed my credit card. I never buy stuff. In fact, I've never been in debt either (AND DON'T WANT TO BE) I'm also crying at the drop of a hat- for very minor happy and sad things. My boyfriend is worried. Anyone else who has experienced this...?? Suggestions??

I need some classy women's button up shirts...

Recovery Tips!

Recovery Tips!

I decided that as a thank you to the community for all the AMAZING support you have all given me, I will write a bunch about what helped me during my recovery, what I have experienced and when to worry, and what to do about it.
I’ll also post a bit about things that I have worried about and researched in the meantime.

1. I was from out of town and cannot drive myself. - Make sure you know someone in the town or bring someone with you. Do not be alone in case of complications. I kept copies of all my travel information in multiple places- on my phone, on printed paper, etc. I printed maps from the airport to the hotel, from the hotel to the doctor's office, from the hotel to the nearest hospital. I also used google maps to “print” pdfs that I then uploaded to my phone in case I didn’t have access to the internet. I also uploaded pdfs onto my phone with instructions, airport and emergency information, etc. I found phone numbers such as taxis, hospitals, your doc's emergency number, hotel number, emergency contacts, etc, online rhinoplasty recommendations and planned for worst case scenarios (which ended up being a very good thing). My phone lock screen had emergency phone numbers on it and I brought pre-paid phone cards to avoid charges and took pictures of them as well. Anything I didn't bring on carry-on (make sure it reaches requirements) I made sure to arrive a day before my meet and greet just in case (which was great, because it turned out my flight was late). I figured out taxi rates, and budgeted for taxis and possible emergency trips.
Travel insurance. Make sure it covers you and doesn’t exclude you for having planned surgery. I’ve had to use it before in the states which saved me loads of money.

Note: Anything important, keep two copies of. Which is why I kept my second copies on my phone. The others I kept on my carry-on in the case my luggage was lost or delayed.

Plan for your recovery. - To make recovery easier I bought the necessary supplies that I would need.

U-neck pillow- I chose a specific brand after some deliberation - Obusforme Travel Neck Pillow. The brand probably doesn’t matter but I wanted to be comfy. I’m a taller lady so it worked for me but I think for shorter ones it might be too high for their neck. At first I thought it would be uncomfortable but as soon as I had my surgery, put it on and propped myself up on top of a heap of pillows, I fell fast asleep. On another note- make sure you have enough pillows to prop yourself up! Do not sleep lying down, does NOT feel good, and gravity will keep swelling in your face. I slept propped up the first week after surgery. Also, avoid salty foods to avoid water retention for less swelling.

Earplugs- Does your companion snore? Mine did. I also played pink noise on my cellphone, as he snores quite loud.

Food- For those who have trouble eating I recommend some of the toddler easy squeeze fruit pouches, much easier to eat. Smoothies, milkshakes (three hours before and after antibiotics due to milk), soft canned peaches etc.

Chloraseptic- Throat numbing spray. I had excruciating pain eating and drinking, and this made it slightly more bearable for a little while. I’ve also heard that throat losenges can help, but I have allergies to some so I had to avoid them.

Otrivin 59029 Saline Nasal Spray with Moisturizer, 60ml- small enough for my plane regulations, did not understand how to use it in the slightest. Lol. I ended up tilting my head slightly to the side and dribbling it into my nostrils to keep them moist. Please do not get the strong spray O_O OUCH

Constipation meds, can get these over the counter- In case you are taking heavy pain killers, because it doesn’t feel good to strain- puts pressure in your face. Make sure they are compatible with what you are taking, you may need to take them a few hours after your other pills.

Tylenol Extra Strength- For pain. I had to supplement because I ran low on pain meds and could not eat due to pain. Do NOT take aspirin, Aleve or other aspirin type meds, even two weeks BEFORE surgery. They thin your blood and can cause more bleeding. I also avoided supplements for two weeks before surgery, and garlic, which can thin blood.

Your regular medication- I brought these in their original packaging with labels in a plastic bag for the flight, as well as setting them up in a “pill box” before the surgery so that there was no hassle for me or my helpers to figure out what I needed to take when. It also helps to set a timer

A glass of water- Next to your bed. For sipping whenever. Very important for the night as you will get dehydrated from breathing through your mouth.

BENDY STRAWS- These little things are amazing. I couldn’t drink without them the first week.

Baby toothbrush- I actually ended up preferring this to my regular toothbrush! Much easier to fit in your mouth and brush gently when you cannot open it too wide.

Toothpaste of choice - I used sensodyne pro enamel and found it didn’t foam too much, which was important to me because I had to breathe through my mouth.

Shower cap- In case you really need a scrub, you can make do by covering your face with the cap after you’ve poked a small hole for your mouth for breathing, (under cast level)

Gauze 3x3- For your moustache bandages that will catch the blood under your nose.

Paper Tape- This will hold on your gauze moustache and come off easily without leaving sticky residue.

No rinse shampoo and body wash- They sell this for if you cannot wash your hair normally, I used it at first for a few days, it was great. I just ended up avoiding the body wash and scrubbing in a shallow bath. I was lucky my hotel had grip bars! It was strenuous getting up though, maybe better to do sitting down.

Hand towel- For scrubbing your body. I didn’t want to accidentally get blood on white towels at the hotel, so I bought a black one for cleaning with.

Deodorant- Not for you, you can’t smell it. For your poor helpers LOL

Button up shirts- It is NOT good having to remove a shirt over your head, as you cannot bump your nose. I bought a bunch of cheap 5XL button up shirts from the men’s aisle in Wal-Mart for 3 bucks each. There was a Laundromat down the street, too!

Polysporin or Vaseline- for your sutures if you had open surgery. Vaseline is if you cannot tolerate Polysporin. Apply very gently with q tips.

Q-tips- My one true love. For applying polysporin/Vaseline or cleaning your nose when drenched in saline.

Lip balm- I HIGHLY recommend EUCERIN Intensive Lip Balm 10ml. I have really bad dry lips and they peel so much all the time that I thought for sure that they would bleed the whole surgery as I am usually a nose breather and I was sure that my lips would fall off. I did my research and it was a little pricey but it was totally worth it, I woke up every morning with soft, moisturized lips even though I mouth breathed all night. Keep it beside your bed so you can reapply if it comes off when you drink.

Humidifier- Much more comforting if you are in a dry environment (my hotel was very dry). Make sure it is cleaned regularly. (Not by you!)

Eye drops- For the burning eye problem. I actually used a contact fluid I was comfortable with. If you have very dry eyes and contacts I recommend you avoid Renu and go for a sensitive eye contact fluid and make sure the eye drops can be used with your contacts. My eyes would burn like crazy with Renu and I thought it was the dryness. ..Nope.

Contacts- In case you normally wear glasses. I believe you can tape the glasses over your face without touching the bridge if you need to, but I am not sure. I brought contacts.

Tiny plastic bags and hand washcloths- This I found more suitable/comfortable than ice in bags. Soak the washcloth with a bit of water, zip and put into freezer. It’s more pliable and less heavy than ice and will not drip on your cast.

Do NOT lift anything heavy (less than five pounds), bend over, strain on the toilet, bump your nose, pick at your nose, or do anything strenuous. Let your companion pamper you and treat them to a fancy meal or something. I didn’t understand the random tiny nose bleeds I kept getting because I felt bad about having to ask, but when I figured it out I started letting them do it for me.
For me, I couldn’t lift anything heavier than a pound and three weeks later I still feel pain/pressure lifting three to five pounds. I did have extensive work done though.

Cotton balls- for cleaning face and for potential nose bleeds.

Bring your health card, id and insurance information. Keep a backup on your (locked) phone. This is for emergency/surgery. Do not place in checked luggage if you are travelled, bring with you on plane.

Sunscreen- your skin will be very sensitive to sunlight for quite a while after rhinoplasty. Wear in the sun! (and antibiotics will do this too if you have to take them. If you take antibiotics also check to see if you have to avoid dairy).

2. Weird, disgusting smell in nostrils-
This is either an infection or old blood and clots (ewww). Infection is usually noticeable with yellow or green mucus or pus but since your nose probably isn’t draining it might not be easy to tell. I didn’t have this although I have in a different situation. In my case, I had the blood smell problem. It was so bad I kept gagging.

You can NOT clean the inside of your nose for quite a while after surgery so you don’t disturb sutures or start a nosebleed, only moisten with saline. I was SO happy to be able to clean my nose when it was healed enough to get rid of the smell. Don’t pick at blood clots or stitches. Clots need to heal or you’ll cause another bleed. The stitches will come out eventually. (Mine are dissolvable, I look like I’m getting whiskers) I also realized the more moist my nose was, the more I smelled these things. So I dreaded the “moistening” times.
I used a saline rinse eventually, loosened up stuff a lot but do not do with your cast! I waited until my nose felt “well enough” to handle it.

Another trick I learned in biology class- put a bit of vicks on the lip under your nose. It helps disguise the smell.

3. Not able to pee-
Emergency room. In my case it was a urinary tract infection but they did not test for it. If you can ask for a test for infection, I didn’t and paid for it. They also tested me for a clot. Sometimes it’s irritation and will eventually go away on it’s own, but right now you need to keep hydrated and if you do not have the pee removed it will fill your bladder, go back into your kidneys eventually and cause damage. So, just go to the local emergency room and they will help you. I ended up getting a catheter (it is not so fun when they put it in, but believe me it is a relief to get fluid out) …it was kind of nice to be able to sleep without having to get up to pee. It is basically a tube that goes into your urethra (the tube you pee from) and drains fluids from your bladder into a little bag, which you can then empty into a toilet whenever it is full.

4. Burning, itchy eyes- My eyes were very hot and swollen for a few days, and I would wake up to find them burning like they were on fire and extremely itchy, they would water and I found no relief.
I found the issue is that your eyes are swollen enough not to flush out debris themselves and usually the junk you find in the corner of your eyes when you wake up is stuck. I used eyedrops or contact fluid (for sensitive eyes) on a q tip and gently cleaned out both corners of my eyes until the burning stopped. I would find so much junk in there. I routinely started doing this about three times a day to prevent it from popping up randomly, but it would come back every morning until my eye swelling went down enough.

5. Numbness on body- This is potentially a clot or low blood pressure. Emergency. Make sure someone takes you, has your emergency notification numbers. In my case it was low blood pressure due to a full body infection and bad dehydration. It got dangerous but I thought I was just getting numbness on my feet because I was sitting weird on the bed.
Nose numbness is normal for quite a while after surgery, as well as lip numbness. My smile is slowly returning but it looked so weird after surgery. Try not to smile too much though it hurts lol.

6. Excessive nosebleed- I did not have this, but I have heard you are to soak a cotton ball in saline and stuff it in your nose and leave it for a few hours. Double check this information as I did not experience it personally.

7. Pain in roof of mouth- There is a nerve that can be irritated or damaged during septoplasty (or possibly rhinoplasty) that will cause unusual sensations in the roof of your mouth. It will heal within three months. For about 9 days cold sensations made my face feel like it was being pulled apart, then it miraculously went away overnight. I drank lukewarm water and ate lukewarm food until this went away, used Chloraseptic and pain killers. Make sure you are eating and drinking properly, even if it takes a long time. I experienced SEVERE pain due to this and didn’t eat or drink much, ended up so dehydrated I was in the ER.

8. White tip of uvula- Sometimes the uvula gets crushed or scratched during anesthesia when they tube you, and a piece can fall off. I think you just got to let it happen. Mine looked regular pink, then black/bloody then white. The white stretched until it fell off. My uvula is starting to feel better 9 days later. As of today, (three weeks) complete healing of it and no pain. By the way- NO CITRUS, OUCH. Try less-acidic fruit juices- apple and artificially flavored juices were so much better than pineapple and orange which burned like crazy.

9. Fluid in ears or pain in ears- This is apparently common in rhinoplasty, but can also be an inner ear infection. Call your doc and ask. The tubes in your ears are connected to your nose. This is also associated with dizziness.

10. Dizziness- Can be lots of things. Powerful pain meds, low blood pressure, infection, ear infection, common symptom, etc. Good to call your doc and ask.

11. Passing out- Emergency room. Get someone to take you. Can be many things, in my case it was very low blood pressure and infection that affected my whole body (this is extremely rare). It could be lots of things but it is not normal.

12. Pain in throat- Common after rhinoplasty, from the tube from anesthesia. Try losenges, chloraseptic or pain meds. Will relieve itself eventually, no worries. Only time you have to worry is if it continually gets worse. Then you have to see emergency or your doc. Mine was so bad it prevented me from eating and drinking properly- I became dangerously dehydrated. Don’t let this happen to you!

13. Uneven swelling- Normal after rhinoplasty. May change orientation every day. The general rule of thumb is 1 month to be presentable in public, 3 month to have 80% swelling down, 6 months to a year to see final results. HOWEVER this is definitely not the case with everyone. Thicker skin generally takes longer than thinner skin, different people have different healing times. I for one have medium skin and it was commented that I had very symmetrical, non severe swelling within nine days post op. However I also have a friend with thin skin who is still experiencing swelling two years after her rhinoplasty, I have heard that some people will take 3 years for the final result although it is not common. So do not panic if your nostrils seem uneven or something right away. Discuss these concerns with your doctor. :)
One day I will have a very fat nose, the next very thin. Crying/salty foods/sleeping low elevation will exaggerate the swelling. Sleeping upright with a u pillow the first week will really help the swelling. Low salt diet. Crying probably can’t be avoided but just so you know it’s not permanent it just affects the skin that one day.

14. Bump to nose- call doctor to assess if there is any damage. There might not be any, but it’s good to check. First week is the danger zone, at two months it should be pretty strong but will still break upon dramatic impact. (well, so will a regular nose) A nose that is broken once is not as strong as a nose that was never broken, so wear safety gear when doing sports.

15. MY SKIN IS GOING CRAZY- This is common and usually will resolve within the year. This is your skin trying to protect itself against the trauma of surgery and oversecreting protective oil. My skin personally went nuts. I had clear skin, with a tiny t dry patch, and never needed to do more than wash my face with water and a towel. Now I have massive oily spots and acne everywhere. My new skin regimen is to use “live clean fresh face” to cleanse my face, (skin was peeling everywhere for a while, and I have to rub very very gently, I ended up using a q-tip gently to rub until it felt stronger, don’t do first week), then I use Clearasil daily clear acne pore cleansing pads to gently clean the oils off my face (once in morning and once before bed), when face is dry I apply Dry Idea Advanced Dry Unscented roll on deodorant onto my fingers and apply to the oily areas (I know it sounds weird… it’s the only thing that will work for me)… and then cover my face with Neutrogena healthy defense daily moisturizer, spf 45. This has made my skin relatively normal looking when I go out now, and surprisingly the moisturizer has diminished the wrinkle on my forehead. Woot?
In any event your skin should clear up and go back to normal within the year.

16. Stiff lip/weird smile after surgery- This is common and usually will resolve within the year. Usually from swelling. I started off being unable to move my upper lip (Hello, creepy lower teeth smile) and now my smile is almost normal three weeks later.

17. Crease in upper lip after surgery- Sometimes from swelling and will resolve by itself, sometimes if your surgeon decides to release certain muscle connections. If this is the case and does not get better filler or a low dose of botox can be used I believe. I had a crease for a day, due to swelling.

18. Bruising in face- Common and will resolve within two weeks. I had red in my eyes, yellow swollen cheeks and dark purple bruises under my eyes. It was quite the rainbow. Well, they say two weeks but it’s been three and I still have a tiny bruise. I now use a special concealer from Sephora to cover it up.

19. Dark eye circles- Bruising in orbital cavity after surgery. Can take up to six to ten months to resolve in some cases. Concealer!

20. Time to heal and pain level- everyone is different. I myself have a very low pain tolerance and three weeks later my face still feels BROKEN. I sometimes have to take a Tylenol because it throbs. Some people have no pain and only discomfort. Lucky! I also had very extensive work done especially with my nasal bones which is probably why I’m having pain much longer than most people. Apparently this will feel better in a two month range, so I just have to wait.

21. Yellow or green snot- Possible infection. See doc pronto!

22. Glasses- Nono for at least a month I believe. I’m going to wait up to three, I have heard of dents for some people. Plus, my nasal bones still really hurt and I don’t want to put glasses on them.

23. Stitches poking out- Don’t pull. They are there for a reason. You can trim gently up to the nose line if they are poking out like whiskers. A lot of them will dissolve- If they haven’t dissolved after a fair period of time get them checked to avoid infection, it’s possible they were stitches that don’t dissolve that were forgotten.

24. I’ve probably forgotten something very important, but it isn’t coming to me now. I’ll add more if I remember it or if I've gotten something wrong.

Ouch bumped my nose, stitch problems, loss of smell and personality changes

Last night I was half asleep and bumped my nose with a pillow,
and this morning it's like twice the size lol. Whoops swelling.
It wasn't hard enough to do damage or even cause a nose bleed, but my nose is still obviously very tender.
Dear fat nose, let's spend the day together. :P

I want to update that my personality changes have calmed down. I spent a crap load of money on shopping which is NOT me at all, and my weepiness and laughing at the drop of a hat have really calmed down as well. I can now stop myself from making impulse purchases and even though I'm still a bit weepy around sensitive topics I don't cry at everything anymore.

So if you experience personality changes be calm, don't make any serious decisions, and wait it out, it will pass.
I do have a higher sense of self-esteem now though :) That I am so happy with.
I am actually taking pride in my appearance which I never used to do.

I think I'd like to add that most people don't notice rhinoplasty, but people sure are with me. But that's because I had SUCH a DRAMATIC change from my old face. My dad got one look at my face and said "YOU LOOK SO DIFFERENT". My sister said the same as well, but said it suited me.
I am not going around telling everyone but they'll notice soon enough when they see me in person.

The stitches under my nose still haven't fallen out...??? they seem to be slowly dissolving but taking their sweet time.
The ones inside my nose have redness and lots of soreness around them, so I'm using polysporin more on them.

For the most part I'm healing much quicker now- I can FINALLY lift about five pounds, go for a walk without a problem (even with sunscreen my face peels though, but my skin routine is keeping the acne down now as long as I do it daily), sleep breathing through my nose, wondering when the moisture in my nose will return.

I can't carry heavy stuff without discomfort yet, so I try not to. My face hurts a lot less than it used to, my smile is almost 100%. My doctor checked my nose for infection and it's all going well.

No more trips to the ER (thankfully), my apartment is a mess but I can do light cleaning,
and I have lost most of my sense of smell-
A blessing for me.
I have a milder sensory processing disorder, and can be overwhelmed and shut down over a longer period of time in a loud, bright, or smelly environment.
I loved it when I had no sense of smell because it meant less stress on all my other senses, now I have a mild sense of smell and I hope it stays this way.
I know it sounds weird, but when your body can't filter out the "extras" it really helps to have one of them toned down. I used to be able to smell things other people couldn't smell, to the point of being able to tell what type of diet someone was eating. Overwhelming sometimes.

Overall my healing is now going well and even though my nose is currently swollen I have been very happy with it.

Feeling pretty good

Nose is still sensitive and it still hurts to yawn, but I don't have to very gently dap with a q-tip anymore and I can do cleaning around the house finally.

Swelling can vary a lot from day to day- When I half asleep hit myself in the face with a pillow and the next day my nose was FAT- two days later it's at the same stage it was before I accidentally hit it. Whoops and hurray.

Breathing through nose is pretty easy now, not perfect as there's still swelling but getting there.

Taboo topic- Sex after Rhinoplasty

So I have been privately messaged about this question and apparently not many people have talked about sex after rhinoplasty, and I think patient education and experience is important to talk about so I will describe my experience and recommendations here for those who want to know.

If you don't want to read about this, just skip over it. I respect your right to feel comfortable on these forums :)


They recommend you don't don't do "rough" sexual activity right after your operation.
I had a lot of work done- breaking bones, chiselling down parts, tip work, the whole bit. I had a dramatic change and my face FEELS broken, and it looks very different from how it used to. So you might have an easier experience than I did, but here is my experience with sex within the first month after rhinoplasty.

Week 1- No sex. You are probably going to feel like shit and the cast is there for a reason- bones are very easy to shift and not knitting yet.
I slept the first week and had lots of complications, so it would have been a huge no-go anyways.
Nose bleeds are very easy to get this week. Absolutely no straining = no sex.

Week 2- Bones are knitting, but straining is no good. We tried sex and I ended up smelling blood, Slightly too vigorous, could have caused a nose bleed. I am lucky that I tend not to get nose bleeds but believe me you don't want one. Felt uncomfortable pressure in nose that felt like I was being bumped and I needed a tylenol after. That didn't feel so good. So I waited a few days, then we had what I would call gentle sex- spooning so our faces don't bump, so I could relax on my side and not strain. No face to face. Avoid anything that avoids tilting your head down. If you can, prop your head up and don't apply pressure on your nose.

Week 3- Gentle, careful sex as well. Spooning is best. Lying on stomach was okay too as having my head propped up wasn't as big an issue anymore, as long as our faces weren't facing the same direction. Not everyone can do this position and depending on how heavy your boyfriend is, might not be a good idea (straining/pressure, especially if you are facing a wall and face-plant) We did try missionary sex but it caused us both anxiety about hitting our faces. Nose didn't really hurt

Week 4- Sex seems fine. Still be careful of your nose, but it no longer caused me discomfort. Still try not to bump your nose, but you don't have to be as gentle.

At week 4 I accidentally hit myself in the face with a pillow when I was half asleep. It wasn't hard, but my nose swelled bad for two days. After that it was back to it's former state of swelling. It didn't break, but a head-butt is different, so make sure to take precautions for that. Skulls are thick and heavy.

At 2-3 months your nose should be healed enough to tolerate small bumps. Large bumps meant to break noses will still break your nose (and a regular nose as well). This also depends on your healing time, everyone heals at a different pace. Keep in mind a nose broken once is weaker than a nose never broken at all. I wouldn't recommend getting head-butted but sex doesn't have to be super gentle anymore if you don't want it to be.

If you panic about hitting your partners face (mine was!) there are also nose guards meant to protect broken noses for sale out there. They're meant for contact sports, but will help protect your nose. They aren't exactly sexy but it will give you both peace of mind. Believe me, listen to your body. If it says no, it's a no. Wait to have sex.

Don't neglect your partner. Mutual masturbation or vibrators might be good until you feel well enough to have sex. This is quell any frustration that might arise and let each other know you still care about each other.

Btw- No blind folds. Especially for those who have had bridge work.
I'm four weeks in and it's still a no. I used to wear a sleep mask and I have abandoned it and haven't even tried it as I can still barely rub it to clean it, although it's better everyday. I think it's similar to the principles as not wearing glasses on your bridge.

Hopefully that helps someone, I know it's a sensitive topic but knowing there was someone else out there curious that was having trouble finding information I thought I would share.

Okay, and now my menstrual cycle is whack

Apparently this can happen after surgery though.
So don't automatically assume you're pregnant if it's late lol.
I also am having PMS symptoms that I don't normally have. They're exaggerated.

FYI surgery seems to have lots of effects on all bodily symptoms...

Acne is starting to clear up with my skin regimen, I can go for walks and do cleaning now, personality still a little wonky but slowly clearing up. Have trouble concentrating or focusing.

Nose is healing great, still feels a bit stuffed but can breathe through it without much difficulty.
It's a lot less sensitive now too! Although I wouldn't PUSH on it.

My nose really does change every day, and it's interesting to wake up in the morning to see if I have a fat or thin nose :P

Hoping everyone else's recoveries are going well and that my posts have been able to help some of you. I tend to be the person who gets the weirdest things happen to them but in response I'm usually able to help others... I would like to be normal for awhile I think...

1 month Post Op

Nose is doing very well! No more burning, I can blow my nose gently.
It feels a little stronger everyday, and although it still hurts to sneeze or especially yawn, I no longer have to yell OW and take a tylenol. Doc says I should have a strong nose in two more weeks, so my nose bumping paranoia can start to lessen soon.

Nose is starting to drain itself (both sides!!!) to my great relief. It seems my doctor did what the other couldn't, he fixed my deviated septum.
Breathing gets a little easier everyday, and I don't need to spray my saline as much :) Getting much easier to clean, no more weird dried blood and much much less pain and more numbness when rubbing sensitive parts.

My dissolvable stitches STILL weren't out after a month so I asked my doc- he confirmed they were indeed dissolvable and to rub gently with a wet cloth until they came loose and trim. I did and I am now STITCH FREE YAY.

Skin still peels with sunscreen, but I remove it gently with circular motions with moisturizer on a q-tip. Acne is really dying down, not much of a problem anymore. Oil is dying down, but still easily oily on a hot day so I'm keeping on top of it.

Rest of me is doing well too. I can now lift heavyish items, I wouldn't try moving furniture but I can help with groceries and things up to maybe 10-20 pounds. Walking is okay, jogging might hurt my nose because of the bouncing. But I am active and cleaning! :)

I sure don't think all the suffering was worth it, but my self-confidence is getting so much better. All of a sudden all these things I have always wanted to try with makeup or hair, I can do. I'm like HA hairdressers, screw you for saying I should do hairstyles to avoid pulling attention to my nose because now I don't have to do those. Now I can do any makeup because the attention is on my eyes. I love this...
So basically I'm saying it's a neutral situation- good and bad happened, lots of WHOLE body trauma I am still recovering from (it didn't affect just my nose) but being able to walk through a public place feeling confident...? It makes me happy.
I wish I had been able to be confident in my old nose, but after years of trying, I had to admit to myself that's not what I wanted. And my new one looks closer to the one I had before puberty. Very happy.

Hope you are all doing well with your surgeries and I'll continue to update you with stuff. It's a little embarrassing posting such personal experience and detail, but I imagine there are a lot of others who have gone through the same thing and felt that discomfort, and couldn't find someone to relate to. I keep telling myself that others will need to read this. Must.. not delete! :/

TLDR; Not in any bad danger with my health anymore, wishing you all well, doing well myself and talking myself into keeping possibly important data online.

Doctor communication!

I got another PM asking about Dr. Rival and travelling from out of town so I'll write a bit about my experience here and post some pictures to aid you in choosing a doctor.

Being from a different province I had to do a phone consult (I did mine in January, surgery was in May). A week before I had to send him a package of a bunch of different pictures of my nose through email. The consult was 300 dollars, which is more pricey than if you go to see him in person. Although I prepared for the consult I wasn't exactly sure what to talk about and it felt a little rushed. With that he included a picture of what he thought he could accomplish- I wasn't happy with the picture so I decided that when I went to the meet and greet in May (the day before surgery) I brought with me additional pictures. I am better with pictures than words and emphasized I wanted a dramatic change.

I'm pretty sure Dr. Rival listened to all my concerns. I'm not even 2 months post surgery yet but I can see that he did a good job. I think the pictures really helped, he saw me before surgery and went over the things I wanted done again- he remembered everything I had on my pictures.

I'll add that Dr. Rival does not use inner nose splints or packing (thank goodness), he uses mini dissolvable sutures. There is also a little square cast that you'll be able to see in my previous posts.

Apparently he came to see me after the surgery as well but I was so groggy I don't even remember it lol.

I'll post the pictures I was talking about with this post.

7 weeks post

My nose will still get stuffy, but the swelling has cleared up enough on the inside that now when I use a spray it goes into my sinuses! (Wasn't expecting that! A bit of a shock!)

Everything is still healing up nicely, and swelling is slowly, slowly going down. Getting easier to be photogenic now. I don't think anyone notices the swelling anymore except me.

Finally tried my glasses. It was pretty uncomfortable and they kept sliding down my nose but I was able to use them to watch a movie by taking breaks holding them with my hands.
My nose bridge used to be very wide with a big bump, and now it's narrow with no bump... my glasses no longer fit lol I have to keep adjusting them.. I will have to get new ones. It used to be that I had to shop for so long just to find a pair that would FIT on my nose bridge, AND wouldn't be too lopsided (it had a tendency to make glasses sit on an angle) .. it should be easier to buy new glasses now, but for now I'll stick to bare eyes and contacts.. it still doesn't feel very good to wear glasses.. slightly sore and unhappy pressure. And when I accidentally dropped them on my nose, OUCH, little lighting shock of pain. It's not gonna break it at this point, a little bump, but my nose is still very tender to bumps. OUCH when my cat gave me a love headbutt to my nose :(

It feels a little better everyday :) I haven't had any more problems related to the surgery, and my nose has not had any infections since.
I can now actually blow my nose (not really hard- but gently) and it clears properly now.
That is the best feeling ever...

I hope it just keeps getting better from here.

Before/After- 7 weeks Post Op

Doing well- 9 weeks Post Op

I still have the random day where my nose will swell and look chubby, or the but for the most part it doesn't look lopsided anymore, and the swelling on the inside of my nose has gone down enough for me to blow my nose normally. It's not a battle, either so I assume the deviation has fixed itself up a lot :)
I do have some scar tissue on the inside, which I don't think will be much of a problem.
I have noticed with some interest that the swelling will somedays make the columella of the nose look like it is hanging a little, but on days with less swelling it looks perfectly normal.
Swelling really does change day by day and although you will most likely be the only one to notice it, it is interesting to see.

Glasses fit awkwardly on my nose (3d movie! Not used to having a smaller bridge).
Still a little uncomfortable to wear glasses like that, but no longer painful. I still need to adjust every once in a while.

Overall I'm happy with the overall outcome and hoping that within a year the swelling will have completely settled down.

11 months post!

Just thought I'd throw an update out there.

The nose continued swelling asymmetrically on and off for a couple of months, and finally evened out. It's just what I wanted, and I'm very happy with it. :) It took about six months for me to wear glasses, it was just too painful before then.

My nose drains much better than it used to, although it's not perfect. I don't breathe quite as well as I used to and I've lost a bit of my sense of smell (which I'm actually happy about, because I had an overwhelming strong sense of smell before, and it seems more normal now).

Everything has been going a-ok, haven't had any sinus infections or anything. One new thing I noticed is that I get little spots of blood when I blow my nose, but it never develops into a full blown nose bleed.

Overall I'm extremely happy with it and I noticed my confidence level shoot up. I no longer think about my nose when I'm out walking in public or when I'm having my picture taken, and I no longer poke at it. It took a little while for me to get used to looking at it in the mirror, but now when I do I just think "Oh hey, it's me."

The only time I really think about my nose anymore is when I go to put on glasses, because now it's so easy to find ones that actually will fit on the bridge of my nose. I actually have the opposite problem now- instead of it being hard to find a bridge wide enough to fit on my nose, my bridge is too small for my glasses so they slide down a little bit, haha.

Overall I'm glad I did the surgery but probably will not go for any kind of surgery again because of the complications with anesthesia.
Toronto Facial Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Rival is an extremely kind man who helped me feel comfortable in every way, and it really seemed that showing him pictures and specifically what I liked / didn't like in noses really helped as well. His receptionist Nadia is very helpful and friendly. Although I felt the phone consult was rushed, when I went to see him in person he took the time to address all my concerns. I felt that he cares about what he does and made sure not to sacrifice functionality for aesthetics (for example, avoiding collapsed noses etc). He was very good about listening to my desires and explaining to me what was possible and what was not possible with my features, and what would be best with my specific face. He was very sympathetic when he found out I ended up in the emergency afterwards (not his fault, a reaction to anesthesia) and was good about getting back to me quickly when I left a message. Still waiting on the healed results, so I can only review what I have experienced so far!

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