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Hi everyone, thought I would keep an account of my...

Hi everyone, thought I would keep an account of my experience as reading all of yours on here has really helped me a lot. My surgery is on Monday with Dr. Asaria in Toronto. I'm more excited than nervous at this point, I am sure whatever he does will be an improvement, I am just hoping that it will be as drastic a difference as I want. My consultation was all the way back in October so I am a little worried he won't remember exactly what we talked about or something, but I think I'll have time before the operation to go over everything one more time. I have all the supplies ready, and have stocked up on books and video games to keep me entertained. I'll most likely post pictures later or you can message me and I can send them to you, I feel sort of weird having my pictures on here.

Day 1 Post op Update

First off, I want to thank everyone for the nice messages I received wishing me well on my surgery. I can't believe the surgery part is over! Everything went well. I got there at 6:45 AM and had a nurse take my blood pressure, ask me some questions, and take a urine sample. Dr. Asaria as well as the anaesthesiologist came in briefly to talk to me as well. Another doctor took some pictures as well. They do a great job creating a really comfortable atmosphere. I really recommend doing your surgery at his office rather than at the hospital, I felt way less anxious there. By 7:30 I was in surgery! Such a strange experience one second you are lying there and the next second you are out like a light. It took until 11:30. Dr. Asaria told my parents that it all went really well, that he straightened out my septum because it was quite crooked on the inside. I noticed when I woke up, before the swelling began, that I already felt like I could breathe better than ever!! And I never realized my breathing was impaired because I guess I was so used to it and although I noticed I have always been a mouth breather so maybe the deviated septum is why. I was in recovery longer than expected, until 2:30. I was feeling really emotional and anxious from the drugs, and light headed. The nurse Charla was absolutely so lovely, beautiful soul inside and out and I am so grateful for how calming her presence was to me. Asaria also said I have thin skin, so to expect bruising and I am definitely very bruised and swollen today.

So the weirdest thing is being able to see my nose in my peripheral vision when I close one eye and see there is no longer a hump and it is not crooked, I can tell already that it is straight!!! I'm happy already and to be honest I feel a little euphoric that I FINALLY did this for myself after being so insecure about this since I was a kid. I really hope that all of you have this feeling afterwards as well, do what you need to do to feel happy, life is too short to not improve and transform yourself when you have the chance to. :)

BTW I was totally wrong to be worried that Dr.Asaria wouldn't remember me, he creates a detailed plan for each of his patients and knew exactly what I wanted for my nose even though its been months since I have last see him. I will write a detailed review on him as well after I get the cast removed. So far, I am extremely impressed.

My concerns

So my main concerns with my nose pre-op were:
1) the bump
2) over projection
3) overall size
My nose was quite strange because from the front it looked straight, very narrow, and fine, but from the side it was pretty misshapen, it stuck out so far from the rest of my face and also was bumpy even though the rotation of the tip was fine. I asked Dr. Asaria to create a nose that was straight, shorter, more feminine, and more delicate. Here is a before pic and after pic, I have better before pics but Ill post them later.

random tip

Best tip I got is to take the prescribed antibiotics with two little greek yogurts, it apparantly lines the inside of your stomach and prevents nausea from these pills. It has been helping me a lot and thought I would pass it on to you.

All im thinking about is the makeover im going to give myself after this ordeal is over, nails done, eyebrows threaded, highlights haahah the works. You do feel pretty gross after surgery.

day 2

ohhh im definitely uncomfortable, it feels like someone is pushing on my nose there is quite a bit of pressure but the pain meds have helped a bit. Is this normal? I know a lot of people dont experience any pain at all, but I am definitely having some pinching nerve pain so far. I am also so paranoid that something will happen and the bump will come back lol so I am being extra extra careful

Day 4 post op update

Haven't been feeling the greatest today and yesterday, had a splitting headache and generally fatigued. I am going to stop the pain meds, they are making me feel really out of it. Need to start getting up and walking around a bit, I've been pretty much in bed all week. Also, having a bit of anxiety today not exactly sure why, everything still looks great but just generally don't feel great today, looking forward to having the cast off.

Cast off tomorrow

Getting the cast off tomorrow! Cant wait to shower normally again. and start wearing a little makeup again and feel more like myself. Th bandages seemed tight to my nose after my surgery, but I guess some of the swelling has gone down because now there is a gap between the bridge of my nose and the tent of the cast over the case. Therefore, the bandage is higher than the rest of my nose which makes it look like there is a bump still!! But I am 99% sure it is straight underneath, i just cant wait to have the cast removed and have it confirmed that the bump is gone! and isnt coming back lol! *paranoia* haah

Cast off!!

Just got the cast off, it didnt hurt at all it was just a little tender! It felt really weird seeing myself for the first time, but I already am in love with the results. The tip is still really swollen, but I am already happy so I can only imagine how good it is going to look once the swelling goes down. I've had an excellent experience at FACE, everything seems to have gone perfect! I have to go back in a week again just because I have delicate bones and he wants to make sure everything is healing correctly.
Very very happy. Pics to come by the end of the day!! :)


Not sure ill keep these up forever, but really want to share my results with those who messaged me:)


Woke up to a massive sausage nose, totally swollen and looks so huge and piggy. It looks twice the size it did before, I know its swollen rationally and have to keep telling myself to relax and be patient, but its soo much easier said then done. :( Had a bit of a cry about it. My family is being a bit judgmental at the fact that I am upset, but they don't what it is like to go through something like this. I do wish I had a better support system that was more sympathetic not just telling me to get over it or that I am being crazy. :( sighhh

Back to not sure...

Just a warning that if you are anxiety prone like I am, this process is definitely a little scary. I've been looking at old pics of myself from the front and am starting to feel bad that I didn't just leave it the way it was, even if the profile was so misshapen. But I know this is the anxiety talking. Also, it sucks not being able to talk or eat properly and every facial expression hurts, like laughing or yawning. My upper lip is totally numb. Anyways, I think the end result will be okay, but I have to wonder if this psychological anguish and anxiety is worth it. I also have this weird black spot on the side of my bridge, it looks like an incision bruise? Anyone know what this could be? I have to see my PS next week so I will ask him then about that. Also, my skin is peeling soo bad like a sunburn it makes putting on makeup absolutely impossible. Hibernating in bed today from the world lol.

Trying to relax

Feeling a bit better after a good nights sleep. I think I'm just worried because the tip looks really bulbous and round and i wanted a more pointed tip :( maybe I shouldve made myself more clear to my PS which is giving me regret, but I know its really swollen so maybe it wont be so bulbous in the end. I am glad I am seeing my PS soon to ask about the black dot and also the bulbous tip. I decided to stop obsessing though and distract myself until the swelling goes down significantly! I know its too early to start obsessing!

Much better but also a revelation

Hi everyone, thought I'd update. My god this experience has been a lot more difficult for me psychologically and emotionally than I expected. However, the swelling has gone down significantly and I am very happy with how I look, I think it is perfect, feminine and delicate from the profile and from the front I still look like the old me. I have thin skin so luckily the swelling seems to dissipate quickly, although the swelling seems to go up and down throughout the day. When it was swollen, I absolutely hated looking in the mirror, and found it hard to believe that it was just swelling and that it would get better, even though I knew that rationally. Looking in the mirror and not recognizing myself was such a scary experience for me when I was swollen, now I recognize myself again and have the nose I think I always imagine myself to have. Anyways, just the torment of the healing process alone is enough to deter me from ever getting plastic surgery or injections ever again, I know some people get addicted but not me, this experience was really scary to me to think I took a risk to have maybe a bad result just due to vanity, and not being grateful for how beautiful I was naturally. I have always been told I am beautiful, but could never accept it fully. Now that this is done, I am happy with my result, think it does look better aethestically and matches my other delicate features, but at the same time I realize how absolutely empty this quest to be perfect is. I am a perfectionist, and if you are like me be warned that plastic surgery will never satisfy you. In fact, I think it makes you go a bit crazy, and you might fixate on other "flaws" in your new nose. Now this is done, I am going to move on from this and focus on more about myself than just my appearance. All in all, yes my nose is prettier, but the experience has been very hard. Can't say if its "Worth it", all I can say is I regret wasting so much of my life fixated on my nose. Now its "ideal" but I feel a little empty about it.

PS visit in a couple days

Going back to see the PS in a couple days to make sure all is healing well, I have a pulling feeling in my septum when I smile, I wonder if its from my stitches? The black dot I mentioned earlier was a bruise, maybe an injection site? Not sure, but will find out. At least its healing, I was worried I would have to laser it off or something because I didn't know what it was. Nostrils are asymetrical but not noticeably so, they were like this pre op as well. I'll keep this updated from time to time, but wont be on here as often because its not good for my mental state. I have deleted my pictures but you can message me if you want before and afters. All the best!


Also , still cant smile fully and tip is still numb, so defintiely still have swelling but wayyyyyyyy less. These last couple days have been drastic with respect to swelling.

Visit to the PS

Just visited Dr. Asaria for a two week follow up because my bones are delicate. He said it was healing very very well. The black mark (which has faded to a red spot) and another mark on the other side of the bridge are from where he inserted the chisel to chisel down the bone. He said these marks will completely disappear with time. He said I am still 40% swollen! This is sooo reassuring when I am having a bad nose day lol with respect to swelling. I'm so happy to know its going to get even better and even more fine and delicate. He told me to apply pressure to one side of my nose for 10 minutes 3 times a day for 2 weeks just to make sure it sets in place properly, because one side isnt as perfectly set as the other, but not bad. He applied quite a lot of pressure to it during the appointment, it hurt so much I was scared he was going to break it!! lol but obviously he must know what he is doing. The tight "stitch pulling" feeling I get in my nose when I laugh or yawn is from cartilige he inserted to keep the tip from drooping. He said this feeling, as well as my smile, will be much much better around two months. He said the tip is unlikely to drop further, which is okay with me, I like the very slight upturn although I would like it if it was straight as well. All in all, the follow up was really reassuring! I'll keep this updated as to when these things improve!


I know some of my other posts were negative, but after todays visit I am starting to feel happy I did this. It does look so much better already, and I am so happy to have finally done this for myself, it is definitely an improvement. There isn't anything wrong with wanting to improve your appearance. But I still stand by the fact that the recovery isnt as easy as I thought in terms of the emotions you do through. But I am starting to feel that even still it will be worth it in the end.

Onions lol

I was chopping onions today and my nose was running like crazy, gross I know but now like 70% of my congestion is gone and I swear my nose looks the smallest its looked, as if the swelling went down further too. LOL I don't know if this will work for everyone but I had to come on here and share this discovery hahaha will probably be cutting onions everyday if this is the case hahahaha

Best decision ever

So so so so so happy with the results. The nose I was always meant to have. So happy I did this, can't believe I went so long with that ugly old thing on my face lol! Over the moon truly.

Terrible effing day

Totally not nose related but had to vent, had the worst day had my hair totally ruined at a salon:( SOOO upset because im finally happy with my nose and feeling beautiful and then now my beautiful hair gets totaally effed up and now I have to wait forever to start feeling good again:( whyyyy. :( im so unhappy and hate myself for getting this done today... way to totally ruin my new self esteem. I know it is just hair but im so down about it :(

3 and a bit months post op

Thought I'd update quickly, I am happy with the results, think it is a big improvement but some days I like the result more than others. The tip is still a little swollen which I think makes it look a little weird sometimes but hopefully this will continue to improve. I notice the skin is still really dry on the nose, I have been peeling off dead skin on my nose carefully with clean tweezers, I hope this is okay and not making it swell more but the dry skin looks so bad! Overall, I am happy but it is still not my dream nose I dont think.

Looking good

4 months, noticed it is looking much better even compared to a month ago, swelling in the tip doesnt look so dramatic anymore, didnt think it was going to improve much since my last post but it truly has, the swelling in the tip can really affect the aesthetic so be patient!

Really really happy

The swelling in the tip is almost completely gone, and finally I feel completely happy with the result. It is so weird to me to see old pictures of my nose because my new nose feels like the nose I was always meant to have. The results are extremely natural and what I always wanted. I still have a bit of problems with nose function- I find my nose runs quite easily and also I still get congested from time to time. The skin is still a little dry but getting better since I stepped up my skin care routine. So to recap, my experience has been totally typical- but when you are going trhough it, even though rationally you know it is typical you still freak out (or at least I did.) My nose was soo swollen at the beginning, then the bridge swelling went down but the tip was massive. It would swell up and down depending on the time of day. Now the swelling in the tip is way less and the nose looks wonderful. Be patient- the swelling in the tip didn't start to go down for me until about 4 months post op.

I noticed that FINALLY the tip of my nose is not numb anymore, I would say about 95% of the feeling is back in my nose. My smile was completely back to normal around 5 weeks.

The scar is invisible, but gets a little red sometimes but then fades away.

If you have any questions please feel free to message me and we can discuss experiences and possibly pictures if you would like! I just saw I had some inbox messages I didn't see, sorry about the late replies, I hope you all are feeling wonderful and beautiful because you are!



Also, it should be noted that I e-mailed Dr.Asaria freaking out because a dissolvable stitch came out. It was a Saturday when the office was closed, and he still responded promptly and helped reassure me. I was really impressed with this aftercare and still recommend him highly.
Toronto Facial Plastic Surgeon

My experience with Dr. Asaria and the staff at FACE was absolutely perfect from beginning to end. Dr. Asaria is not only very friendly and makes you feel comfortable, but also an exceptionally talented surgeon and artist. I am just blown away about what this man can do! I feel so much more confident and am so grateful to Dr.Asaria and his team. I am so happy with my results. If you choose him, rest assured you are in good hands.

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