Rhiniplasty, Septoplasty Toronto, ON with Dr. Hacker.

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I have seen a couple of Dr.s for a consultation in...

I have seen a couple of Dr.s for a consultation in the Toronto area from Rhinoplasty but I decided to go with Dr. Hacker from nasalcosmetic.

I reason I chose Dr. Hacker was because is a very honest, genuinely nice doctor who have a passion for his job. Unlike the other Dr.s I met, they seemed to be grumpy and almost acted like they didn't want to be there and were just trying to sell me a product quickly.

Another reason was that Dr. Hacker only deals with Rhinoplasty.

I am hoping for a smaller tip, a lower bridge, my bump removed and a smaller nose over all. I just want a small nose to better suite my face. I feel like my nose is not feminine.

I will update after the procedure.

Had the surgery yesterday!

So I did it yesterday!! I was sooo nervous but it went great! The staff was great at the hospital! I gotta say I also felt much safer being in a hospital rather than a private clinic. Dr. hacker made me laugh big time right before I was put to sleep. I woke up and I was in pain but the nurses automatically gave me something to take my pain away. I stayed in the hospital for 45 min before I left.
I have bruising and swelling on one side of my face under my eye and I am bleeding. All normal though. I feel great and can't wait to get the cast off next thursday to see the results. I feel like my nose is much smaller, which is what I asked for. So excited!

Dr. Hacker is a very nice doctor. He keeps in touch with his patients through email and replies very quickly. Even if he is out of the country or just not working. He takes his job like no other Dr. I met here in Toronto.

I'm happy I chose Dr. Hacker so far. Also, I bugged him about what I want continuously. Other Dr.s wouldn't of bothered listening to me until the end. He did and he kept on saying that it's not a problem.

Update from Dr. Hacker

My mother wasn't around after the surgery for Dr Hacker to speak to her and tell her how it went so I was just told that everything on our list for him to do, including giving me a bridge which I didn't have before was done. It's all now up to how I heal. I hope I heal well!

I am drinking raw smoothies with lots of Kale bananas and oranges for vitamin c to help heal!
I recommend staying on time with the medication! 2 pills every 4 hours or else it will really hurt and take a long time for the pills to kick in.

Day 3 Post op!

I always read the third day is the worst and it's true in my case also. Today swelling is the worst! it moved to the other eye and forehead and lip and bottom of my cheeks! Pain killers are just keeping the major pain away. I still feel my jaw is sore and my teeth as if they are falling out.
I am icing the swelling as much as I can and will try to sleep through this. I'm hoping tomorrow (dAY 4) will be better for the swelling. I am worried the skin under my eyes will get ruined due to the stretching and puffiness.
My two dogs and kittens have kept me company every minute of my journey. They haven't left my side :) Love them so much.

My animals haven't left my side. <3 Love them so much.

HUGE difference already!! OMG!! I LOVE IT SO FAR!

I just took a picture from the side and there is a huge difference! Exactly how I wanted I think!
So excited!

I just realized I'm only Day 2 post op.

I guess i'm sleeping and waking up too many times I got confused with days. I'm only 2 days post op. I guess swelling might get even worst still.. I'm hoping this goes by quick. writing in here helps keep track of time and what I am going through. I'm glad for this site.

I get the splint off today! I think I'm more nervous than the surgery date!

Surgery date I was excited. Yes there was a little part of be being put down for the anesthesia but I am soooo scared today! WHAT IF I DON"T LIKE IT! What if I decide that I would need to get another one! What if something is lop sided or went wrong! What if it LOOKS fake or looks like I actually got a nose job! What if I become a perfectionist!

Hahahaha! I am hoping NONE of those things happen! All I wanted was a smaller cuter nose to fit my face that looks natural!

Today is the moment I have been waiting YEARS for... Will post pictures!

Just got my cast removed and boy it was painful!

Taking those tubes out of my nose was one of the most uncomfortable feelings I have EVER experienced! Horrible!

Other than that, I am happy with my results OTHER than my tip! My tip now looks like it's TOO BIG for my nose!
I know it could be swelling but I really don't think so! I hope I am wrong! I really hope I wont need another surgery!

I wanted my tip to be straight with the rest of my nose but it pops out! I didn't want that. I specifically asked for my tip to be reduced as well.

I think my nose looked more symmetrical before then it does now. Will wait for some swelling to go down though! More will show in time...

So I completely freaked out yesterday! Today it is much better and it's still say 9!

Ok, I freaked out yesterday! I love it! It's day 9 so I'm sure it will get much smaller after the swelling is gone!
I love it though! The tip is straight now and not curved up! Dr. Hacker was kind of enough to keep in touch with me through email after I took the cast off and went home! This is what I'm talking about guys! Best Dr. Ever!

How I am controlling my swelling.

I have very bad swelling to the point where it feels like my nose is a balloon about to burst.
I am taking Bromelain and Turmeric for swelling. They come together in a herbal pill from the herbal store. This is the information I read about Bromelain and I must say, It does really work!

Bromelain is an enzyme derived from pineapples that helps reduce inflammation and pain. It was approved by Germany's Commission E for use after ear, nose and throat surgery to help reduce inflammation of the sinuses, says the UMMC. Additionally, bromelain can be used post-surgically to reduce swelling and pain, speeding recovery. The German Commission E recommends 500 mg four times daily for the treatment of injuries, which includes surgical trauma. Take bromelain on an empty stomach. Bromelain can thin the blood. If you take blood-thinning medicines, consult your health practitioner before using it.

Swelling has gone down a bit! Can see the nose better now and It's going to look amazing!

So I have been taping it when I sleep and massaging it. The swelling has gone down a bit and I appreciate it much more now! I love my new nose! I can only imagine how nice it's going to be when it's fully healed!
Dr. Hacker is sooooo the best!
I was sooo nervous at first because I saw my mothers friend getting her nose done over 3 times! And they screwed her nose up bad! I thought that might happen to me! That I would need to do it again! And I kept on imagining that and financially preparing! lol But THANK GOODNESS! I wont have to! I knew I went to the right Dr. He wouldn't do anything that would ruin my nose. I am so glad I went there! The tip will go down in size still. It was just soo huge when the cast came off! :P I know he told me it will look funny. But I'm the most impatient person in the world I think..

OH, And I can BREATH way better than I was ever able to in my life!

OH, And I can BREATH way better than I was ever able to in my life!

Here's another update for you guys :)

My nose is not getting better every day. I love it :)
Still hard and swollen though. can't wait for the year to be over with lol.. But it's looking better and better everyday. The bottom part is the hardest and most swollen.

Side view getting much better

here's a quick update. couldn't of spent a million dollars and still not have gotten results this nice and natural.

So.. it's finally feels normal now. Everyone is amazed with my new nose. What I imagined for myself before the surgery was nit this nice!!! My nose is sooooo damn cute and Natural looking most importantly. I am so greatful to Dr. Hacker for everything he has done for me. Literally best nicest, talented and real Dr. I have ever met.

ok 2 more pictures to show you the results at around 2 months post op now.

After 2 month post op. I'm very pleased with the results. It should look even better after a year right? I'm looking forward to it.

Ok. here is a picture of the before. Can't believe I am posting this.

Well, here is the before. My sister in law sent me these two pictures of me when I was visiting when I was contemplating getting my nose done. I have avoided cameras and angles all my life, even mirrors.. but after seeing these two photos of me! OMG, I HAD TO GET THE SURGERY DONE! And I cannot be happier with the results. Before people would tell me I needed more chin and blah blah blah... no one ever mentioned my nose. I knew it was nose :) My chin, lips, eyes, cheeks everything looks better now :)
Thanks to Dr. Hacker's amazing natural looking job, no one would be able to tell me now that I had something done. Plus. I can still move my nose if I want to. The other dr. i went to speak with before said he was going to cut the muscle so I wouldn't be able to move it.
Dr. Hacker knows what he is doing. I asked him about that and he said, there is no need. And of course he was right about everything he said. :)

Update. Nose still changing. Still feel it is swollen

Here's an update about 1 year one month. I still feel there is swelling in the tip.
I've bumped my nose a couple of times by accident. Once my dog jumped into my face I think he might of caused some damage? Not sure maybe just some one sided swelling I hope.
I'm pretty happy with my results.

I'm not happy about this part of my nose after surgery

Before surgery, I never used to smile because my nose would stick out too much. From the front view, it would be the lower middle part of my nose that had the split. From the side view , my bump. Now I'm happy with my side view but very unhappy with how pounty my nose looks when I smile especially.

I feel the part in the bottom middle between my nostrils got even BIGGER than what it was before. And I hated! Now it's even worst! My smiles are very ugly and I think my nose looks too pinched. Has the nose job look. :(

I didn't want the nose job look.

I think communication is key before having surgery done.

It looks weird.

Getting a revision done for free

On Wednesday, January 25th, I'll be going in for a revision with Dr. Hacker at no charge. I asked Dr. Hacker if he could change some things and he said that he can't really do much more other than fix the crookedness. The good news is he might not need to break my nose again. He said he will be using grafting to fill in the areas that are crooked.

I wish I could raise the tip a tiny bit more and lower the bridge a bit more in between my eyes and even shorten the tip but the Dr. said not possible to do it with my nose without great risk, having breathing difficulty or other issues.

Here are some pictures we took at our pre-surgery meeting.



Are not uploading...

Test 2 :/

I feel like nothing has been taken off the height of the nose..

I feel like nothing has been taken off the height of the nose.. that just the bump was smoothed out and the tip was pinched..

Had revision today with the lovely Dr. Hacker

Today I had my revision surgery done by Dr. Hacker, free of charge as he promised. I'm just going to upload the pictures and write an update tomorrow as I am in pain and the pain med I'm taking are not working properly due to an interaction.

I will say though, that I am VERY VERY glad that my nose did not have to be broken again! I would have been in sooooooo much more pain that I wouldn't have been able to handie it again.

I just have swelling in the forehead and nose, of course, with light bruising so far.

I'm happy :) there seems to be a difference. ???? can't see much yet. .

More angles...


Side view update.

Side view update. Bridge lowered to invetween eyes. Nose looks shorter now much better. Very happy about that.
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Dr. Hacker has good vibes.

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