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I'm finally too tired to think about getting my...

I'm finally too tired to think about getting my nose fixed any more. It's been decades now. I'm willing to go through the fear and the pain and the recovery. I have a date booked but I'm wavering now on my surgeon. I have a final appointment to do the digital imaging and I'll have a chance, I hope, to ask some important questions. I'm writing here now in hopes that I get some feedback on which questions may be most important for my particular nose. I've read on here, a list of great questions and I'll try and hit most. But if anyone has (or had) a nose like mine, help if you can. I'm near Toronto but can travel if any surgeons pop out as particularly good at my surgery type. I heard Rival is good at subtle changes. I want subtle but a worthwhile difference as well. My biggest fear is needing a revision. I really just want to do this once. I'm no spring chicken! I need to make a final decision in a dr and get a date booked asap. No more thinking and reading. It's time to just do it. Ps. For Canadian drs, what should I ensure my surgeon is a member of? I only found out about American accreditation here so far. Thanks! To all of you. This place has been great.

All Consults Complete

And I'm further from a decision than before. :(
I thought I was seeing several surgeons in order to chose the person whom I felt most comfortable with. I recently saw hacker and asaria to finish my search. Fortunately I liked them both. Unfortunately they had completely different opinions about the plan to fix my nose. One said open one said closed. One thought de projection was necessary and grafts were not. The other said no deprojection but certainly grafts. Argh! I can chose a person to like best, but I don't feel qualified to make a decision about which procedure is right for me. I'm going to email them about these discrepancies. I was hoping to book for January.

Photos are back... With a disguise.

Booked and Ready

I'm booked. Again. And paid. Again. But this time I'm feeling more 'sure'. At least I'm as sure as I can be, having done a ton of research and multiple consults ($$).
I'm still scared. I'm scared that it will make me look wierd. I'm scared I'll Criticize my new nose, even more than I do my current beak. I'm actually worried that it will still be a big nose AND that it will be overdone! Nonsence. What if it's nice from the side but then sucks from the front? That would be worse right? Now, I don't let people see my profile. But imagine how much worse it would be to avoid eye contact!!!
I keep telling myself that most people are happy with their results. 84% right? & I try to remind myself that my nose is a common one, and my surgeon has done loads of noses just like mine. I'll be freaking out as I'm going in. For sure. But my goal is to settle down and stay positive. I'm gonna try and work through the fears and just de-stress. I'm thankful for all the posts about how to prepare. Frozen peas are a favorite!! And of course the neck pillow. Well that's my update. Now I'll go back to reading and I'll type in again in a month. Bye!!

Who got a final appointment?

Ok my date is creeping up and I emailed my Dr to ask about booking a final (second, after my initial consult) appointment. I thought we would discuss the plan, go over important details ect. I got a reply that we could 'chat briefly' before I go in for surgery. Is that normal? Did anyone on here get a call back???
Should I call back and ask to book one? I was looking forward to it. I'm not sure it's really Necesary. Help!

Booked for a Pre Op visit

Well I mustered up the courage and called Dr Hackers office. His Wonderful office manager booked me in for next week! How do you like that? I feel great. I'm excited to see him and go over, one last time, all of the exact same things we talked about before, that I know full well are written in his notes! Crazy right?! But only we (who are having our faces operated on) can appreciate the need to be redundant in this way. (Not so) Funny story from my nursing experience; a man came in for knee surgery and the surgeon, after beginning the operation, found the knee was perfectly fine! The only problem was that he had operated on the wrong knee.
True story.

Can't update


I'm in Dr hackers office

I made it to this next step. I'm glad I did. I have a few last minute questions and I'm getting a really good 'vibe' so far.
Its very busy. Im in no rush, and he's in demand, so I guess that is a good thing. By the looks of the crowd they are here for inner ear operations or something, because they all have perfectly fine noses. Some are seniors and some children. Call me a stereotyper, but I don't think the Sikh man is here to improve his look. Anyway, I appear to be the only patient in need of a rhinoplasty. And I've been thinking, and reading and it seems that tip work is the main point of contention for most real selfers. I'm thinking about keeping my tip. Any thoughts??
I know it's not perfect.
Shave the bridge?
Yes Please.
But what about the tip? Should I leave good enough alone, in order to speed healing and avoid any of the many complaints I've read about here?
Or have it refined?
I'm having loads of trouble with updating and messaging too. Not sure why. It keeps telling me to try again then erases my typing. Argh!

Last minute tips??

Hi guys. Thanks for all your comments and support. This place has been great for me. Now, I'm just wondering if anyone has any last minute tips! Did you start taking anything or doing anything Before surgery in order to prepare? I've got arnica, bromeline, turmeric, and vit c.
Did anyone start taking anything early?

Tips on tips??

Ok I went through my phone and stretched all these front nose pics.

I did it. I made it. I'm ok.

I made it through. Everyone was kind. Everything went well and I hope Angie lets me change my review of Dr Hackers aftercare because the 1 was a slip up made before having surgery. Also I know now my review says 3 months post op but as of today I'm actually closer to 3 hours post op!! It was today and I'm a bit beat up but feeling great. Hotel life is wonderful and my Best Friend is taking amazing care of me, so my Man can handle thd Homefront. Thanks to all of you that supported and encouraged me. Elizabethan, I can't message you again. Are you shut down? Message me once more and we can just trade emails! If u like.

Day 2. Feels like 3.

The first day, the day of surgery, you get a bit of a grace period, before things start to really swell up. Well I'm there now and wondering how much more swollen I can get by tomorrow, the dreaded day 3. I'm off the perks. They made me feel nauseous and druggy. Did anyone else go down to Tylenol so soon. Am I crazy?? I just don't want to throw up. Yuk.

A few tips for you...

Get your bedside table set up so everything is at eye level when you're sitting. Stack a foot or two of books if you have to, so there's no need to look down or fumble around feeling for what you need.
And thd next one, oh it's good! Ok, they tape gauze to your cheeks. It hurts like hell to pull it off. It makes your skin all red and irritated and the gummy part of the tape stays even after the ouch of tearing it away! Here's the gold: take a shower cap and cut the hat part away, leaving just the head sized elastic band with a little plastic for extra comfort ;)
Put it over your head and hold gauze drip pad in place while guiding each side over an ear. Voila!

Day 3.

It's really not that different from yesterday. I'm staying on 1 perk every 4 hours religiously. At least until cast removal day. I Haven't yet found the courage to venture into the nostrils yet. When are you supposed to saline and q tip and all that??
I'm loving icing. I ice regularly. My hotel Mimi fridge has only one setting; Way Too Cold, and so I'm using nearly frozen baby mush to ice my pallet. I hold it to the roof of my mouth with my tongue. It's truly lovely. Please get baby food squeeze pouches. They're manditory for post op.
Bruising is going and swelling is falling from my eye sockets, to my cheeks more now.
I'm staying another night at the hotel. Because I can't imagine being more relaxed anywhere else.
Type in regarding nose cleaning. I'm scared.

The menu

Skin changes after swelling

Hey guys. I have a question. I was very swollen around my eyes and now that it's subsiding, the skin feels hard and looks weirdly wrinkled. As opposed to normal wrinkles, which I am familiar with! : /
Does anyone know if that's normal. Does it go back to how it was? Did I maybe over ice? Frost bite? Freezer burn? Oh boy.
Cast comes off tonight. I'm on the edge of tears when I think about it. Splint removal that is. So I'm not thinking about it. Guess I'll pour myself another virgin piƱa colada. I like the sound that 6 ice cubes makes in a glass.

Cast is off.

Ok. Cast and splint removal Coles notes: It hurt. I acted like a huge baby. Now I'm embarrassed and wishing I hadn't gotten totally hooped up on perks beforehand. Let's just leave it at that.
Dr Hacker gets another 5/5 from me for being so wonderful and caring and patient (while dealing with my tantrum). And when I FINALLY settled down and left his treatment room, he said, "don't forget, you've got my email. You can get in touch with me any time"
Who does that?? I'm very grateful to have found him. (Thanks ;)

The result: Yet to be determined of course. I feel like it's a bit of a scam to call it a reveal. Like raising up the curtains to find out it's still hidden under a blanket.
The one thing I know is my nose won't look like this!! Haha
What I know: The bump is gone and I'm happy with how I think it might eventually look. I'm sure it will be good eventually.
Now it's bruised and swollen and crazily broken out. Yuk.
It works: can breath through both side. I do look a bit like a 'who' but the upturn will fall and the puffy cheeks will shrink. Ok ok.. The photo... I'll get a good one if I can. Hold.

The "Reveal" (of what it won't look like)





Day 9

I've updated my detailed recovery experience a few times now. Only to have it disappear after an error message once I try and post. Grr!

So I'm 9 days post op now and it's hard. I want people to know that this is not easy. You get through the various challenges of each day and we support and encourage each other here, but it's still tough.
Ive started massaging my nose and I don't like it. I don't know how hard or how long or how often. I feel timid and fearful and, to tell you the truth, I'm turned off by it.
It's sore. I know some of the pain is just crusty old stiches poking me from the inside but it still counts as an Ouch.
I found it easier in the shower, than at the bathroom mirror, because all the water splashing on my face creates sensations and distracts me. I'm cleaning it now too. I don't like that either. I don't know if it's scabs in there I should leave alone or debris to get off. Omg.
My bruises are going. Going south that is. I have a blue, green, and yellow jaw line where the blood has moved into my jowels. I'm looking pretty yellow around the eyes and nose, and even my cheeks now. Follies of fair skin.
I'm going to rest today. Real rest. I've been acting like sitting on the couch chatting and texting is rest. But it's not. Not the healing kind i need. I'm putting my device away (after I get this dang website to post this) and reclining into my pile of pillows. Bag of frozen peas on my bedside table. Big water. Check! Oh I was reading that green leafy stuff, apples, citrus and capers are all good to reduce swelling. Sounds like a salad to me!
I've stopoed the perks and backed off the Tylenol a bit too. I'm not waking up in the night for a pill, or mouth breathing, so that's made for a much better sleep.
Even with the obvious improvements, Week 2 is giving me more grief than week 1. I'm not sure if it's because life is supposed to go back to some muted sort of normal routine or because I'm not high on perks, or what. In my head I know things are getting better and everything will be ok. It's just that I'm not "feeling" very good. no pics today. I'm a lump.





Day 12

Well my nose hasn't changed much. I've been taking pictures every day and comparing the photos but I don't see much difference. that's okay though. I expected it. it's a long road!
I remember reading on here about swelling, and how swelling is so crazy, and how it goes up-and-down throughout the day but what I didn't read on here is exactly what that means. I thought people were concerned about the way they looked but swelling is not just about getting bigger and smaller. What it really means is that one minute you feel good and the next you may need to sit down. It means there's a lot of things that you want to do that you can't, and then there's the emotional reaction to that reality. Sadness. Frustration.
I cried today for the first time since my surgery. I've been holding it in since split removal day. I wanted to cry then, but I couldn't because it hurt. It Hurts to laugh too. The nose squishes up and I've been in 'worry mode' about about how much movement and pressure the new nose can take. But today I bawled. It sounds like a sad story but it's not. I got it out. I'm learning that takes patience to be a good patient. I miss lying down flat with the side of my face on the pillow. I miss laughing and playing with and snuggling my kids. I miss my tasty food. People in my life want to plan for March break but I guess I'd better wait and see.
All that being said, and completely true, I'm actually doing pretty good. I'm eating well, I'm getting good sleep at night, my breathing is fine, I'm hitting all the marks as far as cleaning and massaging go.
I ice. I tape at night, just one steri strip across my bridge where the tip starts. I've learned that the massaging doesn't so much hurt, as it does just feel foreign. It's almost like a 'holy crap oh no help me it's going to hurt' type pain. Pre-pain. But I'm getting used to the sensation now and I'm doing okay. I'm happy with the result and I would do it again (if I hadn't already!) to get to the point Im at now. The only thing I'd do differently is booking a month at a chalet. Yes. That's my advice!
I enjoy coming in here to see how others are doing and is share more of it wasn't so frustrating to type it all in 3-4 times.
But I type test first to make sure things are uploading so forgive that. Bye for now.





Day 14

I think I have turned a corner: hit a milestone in the healing process. Yesterday I woke up swollen. I did all my chores throughout the day, swollen. When I finally got to the couch for dinner I was still swollen. Where did the fluctuations go?? I took them for granted. I had just assumed that when the ups and downs of swelling subsided, that they would end squarely on the 'down' side. Maybe it was because I didn't stop. I didn't retreat to my bed for a rest. I kept functioning (in low gear) all day. I'm excited about that victory and I'm looking at this whole swelling, healing thing and I'm thinking, 'I've got this'.
I'm going to keep sleeping sitting up but I'm going to stop taping. I'm upping my arnica intake and staying on bromeline/turmeric. I'm juicing again. I've started a liver cleanse to counteract the internal effects of weeks on Percocet and Tylenol. I'm back!! But that doesn't mean I won't be whining about the hard parts ever again. I will. And I appreciate it friends. I'm keeping it all happy at home but when I start to crumble a little, I come straight here. It's been awesome.


Ok. So I've been keeping up with you ladies. It seems we are all letting our guards down these days. So here goes. I say I'm happy with my result. Maybe because I'm happy I did it, and I made it through. Maybe because I'm happy he didn't put it back together upside down. Maybe because I'm still alive, not disfigured and getting back my life a little more each day. I have been only looking (visually, aesthetically) at the positive. I feel that looking at the negatives will (hopefully) be a waste of time. Healing takes time, and the changes that are to come will be favourable.
My nose looked crooked yesterday. Today I noticed that my upturn, that is quite extreme for me, isn't dropping.
I quickly wipe the slate clean and refocus on my chores. Through my mind runs, "It's only a nose, who cares, it's only been 2 weeks, I'm not fixing it again, it could be worse, everything will be ok (repeat)

I found the B4&After app!

Healing Along...

Hi guys. I'm just checking in. All is well. Healing is goubg very smoothly and swelling is still coming down. I ate indian food a couple of days ago and I paid for it through the night and the next morning. Then everything was fine. I won't donit again though. Had some shooting nerve pains and was generally uncomfortable. NOT worth it. I hardly look at my nose. I think it's fina and basically what I asked for. It's a big improvement for sure but not a noticeable change to most people. It was for me. And in glad I did it.

4 weeks Post, tomorrow.

Two months post op.

Hey guys! I'm just checking in. I realized I hit the 2 month mark a few days back. It feels more like 6. I have pretty much put it out of my mind. I had a few sore days due to stress and long days of choring and not eating or drinking. But the sore nose doesn't effect my life. I'm doing everything normally. I don't massage like I'm supposed to but it's in the back if my mind most days. It's the thought that counts!! Haha.
Ok I'll just put up some pics and keep on choring. Next month I'm gojng full out and doing hair and make up for my close up. Great to pop in and check on you ladies. Keep it real.

Another month under my belt!

Hey guys!! I gotta say, I do miss being on here more. It was my Daily for a long time. I want to have more to update with. I keep waiting for something noteworthy to happen, but it seems that change is so slow that it's impossible to detect. I think I look the same. I feel the same. My nose is stiff. I don't squinch it up or touch it much. I don't bump it or wear sunglasses. Now I need wrinkle treatments, GREAT!!! Smaller nose in spring = bigger crows feet in summer. But I look at things differently now. And I'm keeping my crows feet!! (I don't really call them that. Everyone knows that they are laugh lines) I thought this would make me feel different. Or more different. Or better. I thought my nose really bothered me and made me insecure at times. Now I see that I just am insecure at times, and that I had reasoned it to be about my nose. My look. I really should have known. I mean most days I felt good enough. Even great. So Why did I think I could blame my bad look days on a feature that didn't really change? In the future when I go up and down (yes,I'm talking about pms) I will probably just blame my dip in self esteem, on my thin frizzy hair or my skin break out. It didn't make any difference really. Not a soul noticed. I fail to notice any real difference in my life due to this change. Before, I was obsessing over my nose. I'm glad I had the surgery because it's made that go away. And I feel like I look normal now. It's definitely a nicer nose. No question about it. My surgeon left me looking like me and did just what I wanted. I was lucky. Being thrilled may come later when I can stop treating it like a patient on my face. Oh! One more thing! Q tip cleaning! I'm still going through giant boxes like there's no tomorrow!
I Love it!!
And it's a good thing.

Since my finger doesn't got up my nostril any more!!! Hahahaha

4 1/2 months now I guess...

I was just thinking about popping in and putting so a few photos. I keep waiting for hair and make up but it doesn't happen often in my life. Weddings and funerals are the only sure things.

51/2 months

Just some pics today.
I hard bumped my nose thismorning and thought of all of you came rushing to mind!
Thank god these months have gone by to buffer me from the pain!

One Year (&1month) Update

Hey Guys. I feel like a stranger walking into the room alone so if any of my old peeps are around these days, shout out! I haven't posted since 6 months post op, back in July 2015. I've been thinking about you and your various noses since the end of January, when I woke up to realize it was my 1 Year Nosaversary! It was anticlimactic. Nothing happened. I wasn't Completely Healed, but then a bunch of reviews placed that event more around the 18 month mark. I'm pretty much fine now though. It's still a little stiff to twitch. I wish I would have been inspired to write, when I was all dressed up and wearing makeup but I'm in here now and posting so you'll get a plain Jane photo with the bed frame in the background. Thanks for supporting me when I needed it. If you are considering a Toronto surgeon I only have first hand experience with one but if you have questions ask away!


Hello Again. It's been another year I guess. My nose is pretty much the same I think, but then I don't ever really scrutinize it any more. Pictures say a thousand words so here they are ... I hope it works this time. I gave up last time when getting them posted took several fruitless tries.
Toronto Facial Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Hacker is wonderful. I never had to wait, I was offered extra appointment time if I needed it, and his communication by email goes far above and beyond anything I have ever heard of. I found him to be caring, professional, and extremely knowledgable. During my initial consultation he spent more time going over the details of my case than was spent in all othe consults combined. He complimented the work of surgeons whom I had seen, and was scheduled to go and see. Dr. Hacker gave me a very realistic idea of what I could expect to achieve with rhinoplasty. What I appreciated most was that he listened. He asked me. He wanted to know what I liked about my nose and what I wanted to change. I'm grateful to the ladies on here that pointed me in his direction. Although I have nothing bad to say about the other 3 surgeons I visited, I will say Dr Hacker is in a different class. I'm hopeful about my results, which of course won't be fully revealed until a year from now. But I have a lot of faith in my choice of surgeon. I accidentally posted a star for aftercare, and it won't let me remove it. I will leave the info about payment and staff, until I go through that part! Best of luck to anyone, in any city, who is looking for a good surgeon!!

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