24 Yr Old Rhino Surgery for Sept 28/16 - Toronto, ON

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Hi everyone! My Rhinoplasty is scheduled for Sept...

Hi everyone! My Rhinoplasty is scheduled for Sept 28/16 with Dr.Oakley Smith in Toronto. Getting super nervous (excited nervous)! I've been wanting surgery for over 10yrs. It's a very personal decision. We are narrowing the bridge and decreasing size in the tip! 1 month to go till surgery. Super excited !!!

Before/After Mock up

Less than a week before my surgery!! Here are the before and after mock up photos

An hour after surgery

Surgery went great! Went for a nice little nap, and woke up with a new nose ;) no sickness after which once nice. Had a few Popsicle on the way home (I think I'll be living off these) already swollen and bruised. This will progress over the next few days. First two pictures are right before surgery.

Post Op day 2?

Slept well. Face is swollen and bruising around the eyes. Not in any pain. Throat is super sore, and my entire body aches. I'm thinking its from the medication. Overall feeling good.

Post Op Day 3

I think swelling is at its worst today. Bruising has gone down. But my entire face including cheeks and lips are swollen. Again no pain. Drinking lots of fluids. Not much of an appetite. Going to get arnica pills, I heard that helps with the swelling. Also I get my cast off tomorrow evening - going to ask my dr about a steroid shot for the swelling. Has anyone had one? And did it help?

Post Op Day 4

Feeling great!! Did my hair and put some make-up on.Bruising is almost gone. Swelling too. Majority of my swelling is in my "third eye", and cheeks. Stopped pain meds as there's no need for them anymore. I go later today to get my cast off.

Post op Day 9

Sorry I've been absent !! Updating with recent Pictures - tried my best to do before and after collages. What an emotional rollercoaster! I got my cast off 5 days ago, and to be honest, I was so upset. NOT because of my new nose, but because of how SWOLLEN I was. (I'm very impatient) It was hard to look past anything but that. I had major swelling in between my eyes and the bridge of my nose. I guess I wasn't expecting that. I knew that I was was going to be swollen, and tried to mentally prepare myself for that, but I let my emotions get the best of me. So for a few days I went into a bit of a depression. It's a matter of time. Each day I've progressively seen the swelling go down, and I'm so happy with the results. I know from here on out, it will only get better !
Toronto Facial Plastic Surgeon

My consultation with Dr.Smith went extremely well! From the moment I walked in, to the moment I walked out. Very personable, took the time to talk about my concerns, and wants, and what realistically could be preformed. I had two consultations with two different dr.s and confidently choose Dr.Smith.

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