post-op..and now we wait -Toronto, ON

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So im about 10 days post op right now and i dont...

so im about 10 days post op right now and i dont know how i feel. myy nose looks amazing from the side, but the front is so incredibly swollen (im led to believe), and is about double the width of my old nose. it was a closed rhinoplasty though and my doctor even told me he wouldnt change the width of my old nose since he himself said it was nice the way it is. and those bones dont feel broken too, so i have hope that it will return to its normal width.
heres to hoping.

if it does, however, then id be very pleased and im going to go ahead and say this was 100000% worth it.

ps i dont want to add pics just yet because i feel disgusting/ ugly. maybe when i start looking right again, ill be happy to laugh over the recovery pics with the world.

swollenness is alot better.. feeling good!

put tape on my nose for a few days and it looks way better! it has come down alot an today i even went out in public! im going to post some photos of the transition. ive never come across anyone with a bigger nose than mine (in terms of swollenness) so im about to give hope to lots of people out there.

just added a bunch of photos, kinda all jumbled up. wow cant believe the chnage... def love my new nose but missing the width of my old one, it was much skinnier.. but i know its just swelling! :)

before bed...

i know theres alot of swelling but im seriously worried about the nostrils. theyre so wide and flare-y... hoping they dont stay this noticeable. theyre creepin me out :(

nose feels funny

its funny, im getting a tiny bit of feeling back in my nose. the bridge is definitely coming along but the tip still feels rock hard and like itdoesnt belong on my face. when i press on my nostrils lightly, it feels like it was sculpted from some rock lol! some days, my nose looks so defined (bridge wise) and today as i got out of the shower, it looked like puddy again. gah i cant wait for a year to come so i can finally see it.

in other news, im always always always thirsty or dry in general. maybe its cos im still breathing from my mouth, but i find myself drinking SO much water lately, and im not a water person usually. also find my skin is overall so much more dry which is weird cos im drinking so much water! ah well. chapstick, a good moisturizer and water canteens are my savior.


quick little addition.. but i miss the gym SOOO much! its depressing without it. ive gotten so flabby cos of school and nose job oh my.
when did you all go back to the gym? i cant wait

Upturned tip

How long did it take those of you with upturned tips to notice it being normal again? This is bothering me so much! My nostrils show a little too much!!

Itchy insides

The only thing I am having major issues with is the inside of my noseā€¦ It is so incredibly itchy that I cannot handle it. I think it's like the stitches and the suture knots but they are so itchy and dried up that I just want to scratch my entire nose out. It has been like this for 2-3 days now... Can't wait till this ends

day 15

my nose is looking alot thinner but the tip is still big and i feel like its upturned because i can see my round, big, nostrils pretty clearly.
im scared its going to stay this way forever....

Day 14

Hoping the swelling hurries up! Haha. Make up finally on today, felt better


oops last review was supposed to be day 16.. not 14.

17 days.. That's the magic number



found a frontal BEFORE pic lol even this one is "flattering" so you can imagine the horrors of my old nose.

however the width here is so much smaller! crazy swelling now i assume.


Getting impatient with my tip. Still slightly upturned and bulbous.

Help please

Here is my main concern and if anyone could tell me if its normal/not normal i woul really appreciate it. When you look at me head on, I like the nose. But when I tilt my head even slightly or laugh I find my nostrils are just oddly huge. Is this in my head? Is this normal for 3 weeks post op? Or not?

I have a tiny bit of hope it's swelling cos my tip part is completely rock hard and I can't move it at all.

Ps excuse the dark eyes.. Still residual bruising I assume

23? Days post op

swollen today

one eye feels like its going to shut. its so weird. it also hurts alot underneath that eye.. the other one doesnt.

maybe has to do with the fact that i had fried foods yesterday/high salt?

not sure.
very weird.


Sucks cos all my friends say I still look the same (but better)! I know I obviously don't since my nose was super droopy and had a huge bump before and it has none of that now but I was hoping for a huge, nice change!


Getting better but still soo swollen at the tip! Can't wait for a year to pass.. It's taking forever with me

almost 10 months now...

a lot better. The tip/septum area is still very stiff though, and when I smile it doesnt lift completely, which makes me feel awkward sometimes. im starting to think it wont get back to natural now though. ive also come to accept that im an insanely slow healer.

nose expansion when smiling lol

see here, its not as expanded as the other pic

10 months

Love the profile. If only it was this tiny when I smile too

10 months

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