3rd Time's a Charm? Doesn't Seem It. Toronto, ON

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I recently had my third (revision) rhinoplasty (5...

I recently had my third (revision) rhinoplasty (5 weeks ago) I'm extremely upset right now. My recovery has not been smoothie and I am really unhappy with my results so far. I will post my full story a bit later (it is a long one), but right now I really just need some support from people who understand what I'm going through :'(

Why so twitchy?

Hey guys, just curious if anyone else has experienced this.... I can feel the muscles on the side of my bridge twitching (almost like the feeling when your eye twitches). Looked up some questions on here and the docs were pretty vague but most said it is somewhat unusual. Anyone have any experience with this? It's s hella-irritating feeling.

The struggle is real

Today I am officially 2 months post op and feeling pretty crappy. My friend took a picture of me last night and when I looked at it I almost cried. I cannot get over how terrible my nose looks. It's just a huge blob in the middle of my face. I know my nose before was not good either, but at least it was slim and didn't stand out like a literal sore thumb. I honestly can't tell how much of what I have now is still swelling, but when I look at other ppl's pics on here of their 2-month post op updates they seem barely swollen at all. I am utterly depressed. I'm going on a really exciting vacation soon that I want to take pics for, but at this rate I will not take any of myself because I literally look like an ogre version of myself :(


Hey guys, I took some pics today and put them next to some of my pre-surgery pics. Even I will admit - it obviously looks much better, but at this point I'm still disappointed. My nose is still so fat and my nostrils are intensely uneven (I can barely breath from the more closed one). Surprisingly, even though my nostrils were absolutely terrible before, I actually feel like my breathing is worse now.

Anyways, updated photos :)

Before pics, grafts & buttonholes

Hey guys, I thought I'd post a before pic of my profile cuz I realized I hadn't. I have very few true profile pics (apparently this is not a common angle to take pics from lol) but I do have 3/4. I was also able to track down a pic of my original nose (from more than 12 years ago) and did a comparison collage.

Also, I know doctors often suggest using ear cartilage grafts and scalp fascia. I had exactly these techniques used during my revision. Before my surgery I could find very few ppl who had pics of the aftermath of this, so I've attached some.

I've also posted two pics of my buttonhole. What is a buttonhole you ask? Well - it's a somewhat uncommon complication that can happen during rhinoplasty (lucky me!) where your skin rips when the doctor is separating it from the structures beneath. In my case, my doctor said my previous surgeries had scarred the tissue down and it was "stuck like glue". After I found out it happened, I searched everywhere to try and find other people who had experienced it or had any pics etc. so I could get an idea of the scar it might leave. I found nothing. So in the interest of helping out anyone else who might be in my shoes, here's some info and pics.

I had two small stitches in it, I guess holding the skin together. After my tape was removed from my nose, it scabbed over and the scab was there for about 3 weeks. Let me tell you, it's not fun walking around with a huge scab on your nose - you can't even cover it with makeup! When the scab came off I realized it would be pitted/bumpy, which sucks, but my plastic surgeon said he would laser it in a year's time to improve it, so I'm grateful for that. I scar pretty well, so I'm not overly concerned about it, but as you can see from my recent pics, even with makeup it's obvious, and going anywhere without makeup is pretty much out of the question.

Anyways, hope at least some of this helps someone looking for info!

Frustrated with doctors on here

Is anyone else just extremely frustrated with doctors on this site? I mean, really, telling me to talk to my own doctor about it when I've clearly said my own doctor was not helpful is not the kind of advice people on here look for. Sigh. The frustration of trying to get a straight answer out of any doctor is literally killing me.

Almost 3 months, depressed beyond words

Hey guys, So I'm almost 3 months post op (84 days) and I'm back in a deep pit of depression. I really need some help but need to wait for my benefits to kick in at work before I can afford any psychological help. I'm really not doing well. I went out last night to an event where lots of pics where taken and when I saw them I broke down into hysterical tears. I've attached one of the pics. What has happened to my nose?!?! It's so terrible. It's longer, the tip is huge and now appears as though it droops when I smile. What have I done to my face? :'( I am embarrassed to go out in public. How can I go on like this?!

My life is over.

I hate myself. My face is hideous. I don't want to go on looking like this :( what am I going to do?!! I can't stand a year of looking like a monster version of myself.

Pic updates

So since I'm obviously hysterically upset, I figured I'd provide some new pics so you guys can at least get a better understanding why. I really do feel like life as I know it has ended. I don't know what to do.

Ready to take a frying pan to my face

I'm about ready to just smash my face with a frying pan. I think it would actually be an improvement.

Almost 6 months PO

Hi all,

Sorry I haven't updated in so long. I have been going through a really tough time with all if this and felt that looking at other people's perfect nose jobs was making me feel worse. I was prescribed anti-depressants to try and help me out, but those did more bad than good (holy side effects!). Anyways, I'm still not doing great, but thought I'd give an update now that I'm almost 6 months post op.

My nostrils are still incredibly uneven. The one that is more closed drives me crazy because I can feel the two sides of it touching inside and if collapses in when I breathe in. It's a super annoying feeling.

My nose is still MASSIVE. One only has to look at my pics to see that my doc actually made it much bigger rather than smaller.

I have a bump on my tip (made of god knows what, because my doc claims it isn't cartilage). I had a shot of steroid injected a few weeks ago. It helped bring the bump dow slightly, but not all the way.

I think I am getting a bit of polybeak. I feel like my tip dropped too much and now because the underside of my tip is like weird and rounded it looks like my nose tips down a bit. :(

It's still very sensitive. Hurts to touch the tip at all. Kissing is a private nightmare. Also, my ear that they took the cartilage from us incredibly sensitive. There are spots that, if touched, cause extreme pain. My doctor kind if just shrugged this off.

Overall, VERY unhappy. My doc doesn't want to see me again until October/November. Didn't even want to see me for a follow up after my steroid shot. Ugh.

Thinking I'm going to have to start saving my pennies for a fourth revision (with a different doc). Maybe I'll start a crowd-sourcing campaign lol.

I ruined my life

Guys, I am so devastated, I can't even begin to express it. I still can't breathe through my one nostril, even though I've been on steroid spray for awhile now, and the mystery bump on my nose and buttonhole scar is worse than ever. My PS doesn't seem to give a flying rats @$$ about me ("come back in 4 months for another check up where I'll tell you absolutely nothing and offer no solutions!") I don't know how to keep going anymore. I literally ruined my face and my ability to breathe. I'm embarrassed and ashamed of my face and can't believe I have to go out in public looking like this every day. I don't know what to do. I can't afford a revision, I simply don't have $17,000 to spend on yet another surgery. I feel hopeless like nothing will ever be good again. :'(

Updated pics

So I'm 9 months post-op, and I thought I'd add some updated pics to show why I'm so upset.

I actually think my nose has gotten longer since my early pre-op days, and hasn't gotten significantly more skinny as my doctor said it would ("it's just swollen. It will get better!") Bull! Plus, my nostrils are all wonky still, I can't breathe through my left one, I have a terrible scar where my doc ripped my skin and a large bump above the scar.

I think my 3/4 views are the worst. I am so embarrassed to go in public. I am actually considering applying to be on the show "Botched". Has anyone ever looked into that before?
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