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After training my Pecs for Yrs at the Gym as a...

After training my Pecs for Yrs at the Gym as a competitive Bodybuilder, and trying every possible remedy for them to grow (yes even steroids), and failing. I had to start considering other options. Especially when my chest was beginning to look like a visible weak point compared to the rest of my physique. The option that came to mind was Pec implants, and so I began the search into this procedure. All of us who are in the Bodybuilding world are aware of the stories, whether true or not of Schwarzenegger, having chest and calve implants, as these stories have made our minds wander many a time upon this subject, but this time I actually put some action into the thought. First thing I learned was there was/is no one in my city of Hamilton ON, who does this procedure, and soon I learned not too many Plastic Surgeons are available in my geographical vicinity who do, do this procedure. So I started internet searching Dr's in the surrounding area to where I live, who might perform this procedure. After running through the lists, Dr Dupere's website caught my eye, one because it was/is attractive and really professionally done. Two his experience stuck out. Three he went into depth on his site about the procedure, and his patients before and after photos, looked a lot better than any of the other surgeons before and after photos which I had seen. Also with Dr Dupere's site he actually had pictures of the different implants which could be used for my procedure. Also I noticed on some of the other sites there were no pictures of the Dr's or their staff. But on Dr Dupere's website he had pictures of himself and his staff, and they all looked, very attractive, happy and appealing, which to me is important, especially if I am visiting a place for the first time. So I ended up emailing the Dr my questions (as his email is on his webpage), and to my surprise the Dr himself emailed me back that evening. I say surprised, because usually when one emails any professional office, the reply from the office usually is, can you call us between 9-5 tomorrow? So surprisingly, the Dr emailed me back the night, and we exchanged a few emails at length, and he suggested for me to get a better grasp of it all, that I should come into the office, at which time I could meet him in person and see how I felt about him, and if I felt okay then he could show me certain things with regards to the Op, Etc., and I could see how I feel bout it all. He told me the staff would be anticipating my call, and he asked me if he could he could CC our emails to them, which was no problem for me, and that the staff will book me an Appt. And so I did call the next day to book an Appt., was greeted by a very nice woman, and I believe I got in the same week to see the Dr. Before hanging up, the woman at the desk (Laura, I believe was/is her name) was kind enough to email me directions to their downtown T.O location (as they have another office in Richmond Hill, ON), and she gave me plenty of ample parking options. I remember before I hung up I asked, will the wait be long before I see the Dr? And she said, no you should see him close to the Approx time you have your Appt for. I thought to myself, no way. But it was true, the day of my Appt., the first thing I noticed was it was beyond easy finding my way to the Dr's office as it is literally downtown just minutes away from the highway. Parking was more than enough. The building had a nice, historic, architectural charm about it, and the office was pristine. The staff greeted me and treated me like an individual, walked me to an extremely comfortable and private waiting area, asked me if I wanted coffee or water to drink, and/or even chocolate to snack on, and they really made me feel comfortable with their warmth and generosity, not too mention the women were/are really cute! And to my surprise the Dr, did actually only have me wait 10 minutes before seeing me, and the first thing I noticed on him was his smile, which was very warm, welcoming and comforting. The next immediate thing I noticed about the Dr was his pure sincerity, humility, concern, and my favorite personality trait, positivity. Yes the man was/is a total expert and professional, but he made me feel so comfortable it was as though I was speaking to an older brother. The Dr always spoke to me, and not at me, and listened so intently to my concerns. The one thing I really liked his assistant (Joyce), telling me before I seen the Dr was, "The Dr is an artist of the human body, just as an artist works with clay or granite, the Dr has this same eye but instead of working on inanimate objects he works upon humans." I really liked hearing that, because it made my explanation of what I wanted done, so much more easier. The Dr spent all the time with me I required, he answered all my questions, and even before I left he said for me to email him if anything else pops to mind. Before I left the Dr asked me to see Willians (yes spelled with an "n"), who works at the finance desk to get a quote from him, at which time I did, and he as well turned out to be a joy, and a charming gentleman just like the Dr. We worked out an exceptional package, that beat all other quotes which I had seen online. I had asked for my surgery to be booked as soon as possible, and so I was in for surgery within 10 days. Joyce had went over everything with me, through email with regards to Pre-Op, with a fine tooth comb, God bless her. The surgery staff and location were exceptional. The procedure went exactly as the Dr and his staff said it would. The results, well let me put it like this, I never would have dreamed the results would be this great. The best way for me to describe it is, my chest looks as it would normally look, pumped after an intense chest workout, but the blessing is, I dont have to workout out for it to look like it is "pumped" from an intense, mind bending workout. It is like I have a perpetual chest pump all day everyday. And when I do workout, my chest looks even more amazing, if that was even possible. Most importantly my chest looks as though it belongs on my body now, where it ties in with the rest of the musculature nicely and evenly. My chest, to the touch feels normal, functions normal, looks normal. Many people have seen me with my shirt off and everyone says, hey your Pecs are looking nice and full, have you changed your training routine? And no one for a second has made a suggestion they were/are implants. To say the Dr hit a home run with me would be and understatement. From my 1st email to his office, to the last time I was there for post Op, exceptional experience! Without a doubt worth the drive, or the flight from anywhere you might be coming from. I have never written a "review" good or bad in my life, but I was/am so pleased with these folk that I had to. Some businesses are out there just to grab your dollar, you will see with this office, that first and foremost they are concerned for, exactly what you are concerned for. I liked my procedure so much, that I know without a doubt that I will be coming back in 2014 sometime to do my calves. We're here only once, might as well live it up! On a side note, this was my 2nd plastic surgery Op. The 1st one I had done was in my hometown of Hamilton ON, and was not chest related. The Dr's office in Hamilton was fine and all, but not exceptional to the point that I would take the time away from my evening to write a review on them, as I have done here for Dr Dupere. I guess if I had not been to another surgeons office, perhaps I would never know how much "a cut above" Dr Marc Dupere, really is!
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Please read above.... But if I had to sum it up in one letter and two words - A Cut Above!

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