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I'm going to go ahead and say that this was truly...

I'm going to go ahead and say that this was truly the worst thing I've ever been through/done. I had jaw surgery (plus genioplasty) nearly 4 months ago and I'm very unhappy with the results. I've been extremely depressed since having it and all I want to do is go back in time and take it all back. I have an appointment with my orthodontic surgeon on Monday the 12th, so I will report back as to what he has to say about it but until then here is a summary of my experience:

I had jaw surgery because of a very complicated experience involving baby teeth still in my mouth (adult teeth were stuck and needed to be removed) - basically this whole thing (surgery) was so that I could get dental implants to replace the baby teeth. In total, I had four teeth removed: two adult teeth (one on each side) and both baby teeth were taken out. The space where the adult teeth were removed was closed with jaw surgery (cutting of the jaw into sections). I also had a genioplasty, because of something the surgeon said about facial harmony, blah. blah.

The healing experience has been horrendous. No one tells you about the mental implications of having jaw surgery, and all-in-all it was extremely depressing. I had a splint in my mouth for the first 6 weeks and was on a puree diet for that time. It was truly awful. After that it only got worse, as my swelling came down I could see what I looked like - and I hated it. My nose has been moved up, causing my philturm area (the space between your upper lip and the bottom of your nose) to look huge and long. Basically I look like a monkey. The left side of my face is still very numb, and at rest it looks like I had a stroke, as everything 'sags' down slightly on that side. When I smile with my teeth (which I never do since I have braces) my smile is so contorted and ugly, plus my nose contorts super weird. I look so 'off', it's ridiculous. Basically I feel terrible all the time, and it's really come to a point where I need to do something about it because I refuse to wake up depressed for the rest of my life. I met with my ortho surgeon about two-three times in the first month or three weeks of healing, but after that I wasn't scheduled to see him until the end of August, which is over four months post-op. I have called to get in earlier (Monday the 12th), because this is getting really mentally tiring. I called him a month and a half because I noticed at that point (even with some swelling still present) that something just didn't look right about my face. Eventually I realized it was my philtrum (upper lip area), and he told me it was swelling. Well, from comparing pictures I can tell you it isn't swelling. After some research I found that upper jaw surgery WILL move your nose and change your face - something I asked about and was told any changes would be 'good', and nothing dramatic about my face would change. Actually I was specifically told I would only 'look better' from this surgery - biggest lie I have yet to be told in my life.

Anyways, to put it simply, anyone considering jaw surgery let me tell you this: YOUR FACE WILL CHANGE. Any surgeon who tells you otherwise is telling a massive lie. Especially if you are just having jaw surgery for a non-astetic reason (like I did), it's going to move your face around. And if your surgeon doesn't take your outer facial appearance into consideration when playing around with your jaw bones you will come out looking bad. There was nothing wrong with my face before this surgery, now I hate how I look. I wake up every day and am disgusted.

I will update once I speak to my surgeon on Monday. I'm bringing a ton of before and after pictures and all I want to know if what can be done to fix it. I also have a consultation with a plastic surgeon on the same day in the afternoon so I will also report back on that. I have a bad feeling that I will be relying on a plastic surgeon to fix the mess he made. If my ortho surgeon refuses to deal with this I will be reviewing him on this page as well.

*Note: I'm from Canada so my surgery was covered by health care. So the cost was a rough estimate of what it would cost if I had to pay, based on the 'receipt' I saw of all the costs.
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