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I underwent breast reduction with lipo and a tummy...

I underwent breast reduction with lipo and a tummy tuck October 2012. I did this due to chronic pain and weight loss. I felt that I needed to post my experience as I researched this Dr extensively prior to my consultation and well waiting for my surgery. I was unable to locate any negative information, he is marketed extremely well. I met with Dr Judenburg in Feb 2012 regarding a breast reduction. He looked at them and insured me that he would be able to use his less envasive breast surgery and that he would make them beautiful. I had him apply for Ohip and well I was waiting to be accepted I came back and spoke to him about a tummy tuck. I met with Dr Judenburg 3 or 4 times before the surgery and sent many emails regarding my questions. The surgery was booked for October 2012 at Humber View Hospital as the breast reduction was covered by Ohip. I felt very confident in his skills at this point. As it came closer to the day of surgery things started to change. I had many issues from the wrong time (found out the night before the surgery from the hospital) and also that Dr Judenburg was going to New York for the weekend and would not be seeing me in my hotel room the day after. This meant I had to make an extra trip to Humber Hospital (1.5 hrs from where I live) When I arrived 4 days post op for my appointment at the Humber I was shocked to see a line up about 15 people to register for the clinic. I had to stand in line 4 days after my surgery, not an easy thing to do. I did this 3 times before I was able to go back to his clinic at Royal York (I chose this due to the accessibility to the Union Station).Prior to the surgery he said that the breasts wouldn’t be pretty at first but as they heal it will look amazing. But as time went by it was quite noticeable that there were issues with my breasts. There was a large indent where too much tissue had been taken out and it was very deformed under the left breast. When I spoke to him about my concerns and he became very defensive and envasive, he assured me that he could fix it with a nip and tuck. He said come in to the office (Royal York clinic) it will take about 45 minutes under local anesthetic. I returned home that day not feeling confident at all that that’s all it would take. I sent him along email and photos regarding my concerns, and he asked me to come back in. I went back in to see him and he stated the same thing but now insisted I had to go to Humber Hospital to have it fixed. The date was booked then a few days prior I received a call from him office stating that it was very busy at the Humber View clinic that I should come to the Royal York clinic instead. He was very envasive the day I went, he made me feel like I was asking for too much, and that I should be happy that I had a reduction for medical purposes. I underwent a very painful revision surgery under local anesthetic. Yes that means lots of needles in some very sensitive places. I knew right away that it hadn’t fixed the problem. This time I sent him pictures and my expectations prior to my second revision surgery and expressed my concerns regarding his skills. This revision was done again at his Royal York clinic. He seemed more prepared this time but again was quite invasive. Needless to say even this surgery didn’t fix the problem. I’m now about 5 months post 2nd revision, the left breast is larger than the right and the areola is much larger on the left. I still have deformity under breast as well as significant pain. When I expressed my concerns regarding the pain when I wore a bra, he said put some cotton under the breast. So I live with a deformed breast that causes me daily pain. I’m not happy at all with my breasts appearance, but trying to learn to life with them. I couldn’t forgo any more painful revisions and I didn’t feel confident in his surgical skills anymore. If I can’t learn live with them or the pain becomes too much I will see another Dr to repair it. I have since found he has 3 profiles on rate MD’s some of the comments left on these are similar to mine. So check them all before you see this Dr. The office staff was friendly and the office is beautiful, but if you have any issues after your surgery be prepared for a different experience.I should have seen a few more Dr’s before I made my decision, but I couldn’t find anything negative about him at that time. He came across as confident, perfectionist, just what you want in a surgeon. He was aware that he was the only one I had seen and he never encouraged me to see another Dr. I paid full price never asking for deal since it was at a hospital. I felt that I wanted the best not a deal. There were many more issues I could list but this review is long enough. I hope this helps other people in their decision. Had I have read this I would have chosen another surgeon.

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