41 180 Lbs Weight Loss 15 Years Ago Vertical Thigh Lift Butt Lift with Auto Augmentation. Toronto, ON

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This is the first review I have ever done but...

This is the first review I have ever done but think this site is great and has helped me a lot as far as where to start looking and what to expect. I have gone on three consultations and was impressed by two but ultimately decided to go with dr Marc Dupere for three reasons he seems to have the most experience with the procedures I am having done 2) he is very informing explained everything very well and was very knowledgable 3) the location is convenient I'm not a city driver and he has two locations one on the city and one out of the city so it will be easier and not as stressful for me to take myself to follow up appointments. I saw him the beginning of nov for initial conceltation was impressed with his knowledge I can't say I was overly impressed with him personally or his office but was very impressed with his knowledge and experience I went for a second meeting with him to discuss further about the thigh lift because at that point that is all I could afford after that meeting was pleasantly surprised how compassionate and understanding he was I think I didn't see this at first because that's not what was important to me at the first visit I wanted someone who knew what they were doing and had safety and my personal outcome at there best interest which I feel he does and now feel even more comfortable with him because he also seems to have a passion for mwl surgury. After our talk I decided to go ahead and nook with him which I thought might be a problem because I had a one week window that was going to work for me or I would have to wait until May and didn't want to do it going into summer so would have to wait until October which just devastated me but he made it work and I was scheduled for mar 1. About a week later o found out that my loan had been approved for more then I hAd thought and was able to get both surgury done yeah hoping that the doctor would be able to do both so I cAlled to see if it was possible and he said yes but would have to add another surgury date to his week but could do it on the 29 of feb I day earlier. So now I am just trying to prepaid as best I can got the pre op done last week and all the blood work and Ecg done hope everything is good have not heard anything yet but have another appointment on February 25 to go over everything and I have some more questions. That is all for now will update more later as date gets closer as well as download some pics.

More about my history

Guess I should have said what the second procedure I am having done is a butt lift with auto augmentation as well as a mons pubic lift. Now a little about my past. Was always over weight as a child and yoyo dieted for many years at age 22 was told by doctors that if I wanted to have kids my best chance of getting pregnant was to lose weight at that time I was 340 lbs. devastated I made up my mind and started eating properly and walking at night all I wanted was to have babies. After 1 year I had lost 180 lbs and was in an awful place the weight loss took over my life and was soon put into a eating disorder program still determined to loose more weight I did everything to fake it till you make it till I could get out and start loosing weight again my goal was to get to 110 being 5 10 that was very unhealthy but I was going to do it once I got to that point I would look in the mirror in disgust saw loose skin and thought if I lost more weight it would look better remember I was not thinking right very malnurished and I got to 90 lbs and my body started to shut down was hospitalized and nearly lost my life but after numerous blood and platlet transfusions and three feeding tubes I survived thank you God. After that and seeing the agony I had put my family through vowed to not go down that path again I had a second chance and was not going to screw it up easier said then done. I never let myself get as bad but always maid controlling my food a priority even started bing eating and throwing up which I had not done in the past I was so disgusted with my body after loosing that much weight. That went on for a few years I was functioning working but still made food my top priority. It all changed when I started working at a gym started working out got strong still had issues with food but some way working out made it less of a priority. Talking with someone at work they were talking about breast implants they had gotten thought that might help with my self confidence so set out to find out more that was in 2004 found a doctor had b/a done and tummy tuck no muscle repair or Lipo after healing I was a new person more confidence felt so much better about myself. Best decision I made. Then in 2010 I had my miracle baby a total surprise and totally unexpected but a true miracle. I had my concerns about what it would do to my body and all the work I had done but got threw it and didn't effect thing to bad. I did get another b/a in 2013 pregnancy had seemed to affect that. Now 41 and aging thighs and butt are looking worse then they did before so this start my new journey and hopefully some renewed self confidence.

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