540cc Saline Implants by Dr.Jugenburg Toronto

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Hello all, I've been creeping this website for...

Hello all, I've been creeping this website for about three weeks now, reading all of your experiences, researching doctors and looking at transformation photos. I'm 23 years old, 150lbs and am a full A/small B (never properly measured). Ie wanted implants since I was 15 and all the other girls in school had boobs and I didn't, i now have a 15 year old sister who is a full C/small D and that pretty much topped the cake for me. I know it's very vain of me to want implants, or ridiculous to be jealous of my little sister, but all the woman on this site seem to be very understanding and supportive of each other so I know you won't judge. Ive expressed my interest in surgery with my mother, sister, boyfriend and best friend! And I've already went out and bought a bralatte haha to take before and after photos. I've narrowed it down to two plastic surgeons that I want to consult with, Dr.Lista and Dr.Tong, if any of you have had an experience with ether surgeon I would love to hear your feedback! I also have no idea how I'm going to fund this surgeory, I'm thinking of applying for a bank loan but I don't have the greatest credit, and medicard seems to have some pretty awful reviews, any feedback ok financing would be great too! I'm still in the research phase of BA, so I'll post more when I actually have a consult :) Also I had to make up a price, I obviously have no clue what I'll be charged

I just emailed two plastic surgeons inquiring...

I just emailed two plastic surgeons inquiring about booking a consultation (Dr.Lista and Dr,jugenburg) I also want to see Dr.Tong but he charges $150 for a consult so that'll have to wait until after my bills are paid lol, I've been putting off booking consults because than this will all start to feel real and I'm a little nervous and embarrassed about it all. I also have a friend who works at dr.listas office and I'm not ready to share this decision with everyone yet. I am excited to get some professional advice and opinions though! And once I get My hands on an actual computer (I currently use my phone) I'll post some before shots.. Unfortunately it's not working with my phone.

I officially have two consults booked, one is on...

I officially have two consults booked, one is on may 9th with Dr.Jugenburg and the other may 17th with Dr.Lista, both have amazing reviews and seem promising. Dr.Jugenburg mentions that his patients have minimal pain and minimal scarring, all of his breast augmentation patients also get to spend their first night of recovery at the fairmont royal York hotel (where his clinic resides) with room service.. Very appealing. Dr.Lista mentions that he specializes in providing his patients with natural results, and provides a free pain pump to all patients. I wish I could've booked closer dates, but unfortunately my work schedule was already up, I'm excited to see what the doctors say, and am curious who I'll feel more confident with in person, and what type of implants I'll choose. I have a pretty open mind, but I'm thinking from research that I'm most interested in cohesive gel, through the breast crease.. I'm open for opinions otherwise. They advised me to come up with a list of questions to bring with me to the consult.. Suggestions as to what I should be asking?

Yesterday I went for my first consult with Dr...

Yesterday I went for my first consult with Dr.Jugenburg, my best friend came with me for support. I filled out some new patient information forms and than his nurse brought me into the consultation office. She told me a little of what I can expect and got me to try on some Sizers before the doctor came in. I went in interested in high profile silicone under the muscle through the breast fold or armpit and maybe 300cc based on people's photos I've seen. I ended up trying on the 400cc and 450cc Sizers, and the doctor even recommended I try 500cc and go over the muscle for the look I'm interested in. I spoke to him about it and I definitely feel more comfortable going under the muscle because of the lower risk of complications, and I felt most comfortable with the 400cc Sizers, the larger ones totally freaked me out! But maybe it's because I'm not use to having boobs. He also pointed out that my boons aren't symmetrical wompp wompp, and that going through the breast fold would be my best option do he can try and make them more symmetrical as well. I'd also have to remove my nipple piercing for the surgery (not looking forward to re-piercing that lol). At the end of the consult I can't say that I'm excited or thrown off the idea, the surgeon was nice and funny but I didnt feel that connection most girls post about, and I'll admit I've been second guessing if I really want boobs at all. Thoughts on cc's? The risks of over or under the muscle? Anyone go over and loved it? Also I was quoted $8500 plus tax and they use a finance company I actually have used before in the past and loved so I'm pretty sure I can get approved! I'm planning on just paying the deposit myself

Second consult :)

I am so excited, I was having second thoughts after my consult with the first doctor but after meeting with dr.lista today I cannot wait until I'm able to book this procedure! I had to wait quite awhile for my appointment but once I was brought in by the program coordinator it was worth the wait. Dr.Lista was super friendly and comforting, and incredibly knowledgable he actually measured me unlike the last surgeon And recommended anything from 360cc to 460cc. He told me that with my frame I could do saline or Silicone under the muscle and I told him id prefer silicone . I tried on a bunch of sizes and loved the 425cc ! I was quoted $8927 including taxes & fees :D and I took their info for financing , my mom came to the consult with me and even She was excited for me, now all I have to do is save for the deposit!

Still dreaming of boobies

It's been mine months since my amazing consult with Dr.Lista, I unfortunately was denied financing both times i applied. For the past nine months I've been going back and forth thinking if this procedure is still something I'm interested in. I've gone through a lot of personal things that kept putting it off, and I've been trying to pay off credit debt to improve my chances of getting approved for a loan. Half my credit card is paid off and Im now living back at home and have no bills to pay other then my phone. Within the next couple of months I hope to have my credit almost paid off and then I'm going to re-apply for the medical loan, fingers crossed this time! I've been thinking of this surgery for months now, and am sure its what I want. I also realized I never posted the photos from my consult with Dr.Lista in the 425cc sizers so here is one..


I recently decided to go back to Dr.Jugenburg's office but this time bring my mother with me. My appointment was with Kim the head nurse, she is so amazing.. both friendly and informative. After my meeting with her I am torn between Dr.Jugenburg and Dr.Lista, anyone in the Toronto area that has been to either? Also, this time I tried on the 500cc and 540cc sizers, and I actually DO feel comfortable in the 500cc. Though she recommended I go with the 540 because they look a bit smaller once healed (I'm not sure I want to go that big though). I've looked at other girls with 450-500cc who's breasts looked similar to mine before their surgery and their results are great, I think larger may be too much for me. She was also giving me a lot of information on saline implants and going through the areola.. I still think I might be set on the silicone under the breast fold but I'm definitely curious.. there are some benefits to using saline (aside from the visible rippling) like a smaller incision.. and going through the areola means no visible scaring, I'm afraid of the pain though! Anyone have their procedure done this way that could give a girl some advice? I'm hoping to make my deposit by the end of the month. I have another appointment booked for July the 8th with Dr.Jugenburg, can you believe that he's fully booked until then?! crazy.

Surgery booked -Aug 13th - 540cc silicone

Ahhhhh I went in for another meeting with Kim (Dr.Jugenburg's nurse) who is fantastic, she is almost as knowledgeable as an actual Dr, I don't think there was any question of mine she couldn't answer. She also allowed me to check out the results of some of the girls who work in the office and they were all very comforting and encouraging. I decided to book my surgery for August 13th, I have all of my paperwork that needs to be filled out (I have an appointment with my family doctor next week) and I'm extremely nervous. It's also world pride in Toronto this weekend, my best friend is a lesbian and I'll be DT drinking all weekend.. how long until my system will be clean for blood work D= ?! .. I was approved for a bank loan.. yay! and all I need now is for my physical and blood work to clear.. I'm also preparing a check list for myself and I need help! any suggestions for any pre-surgery diets/work outs? I know the healthier your body is the easier the recovery and I have about 7 weeks or so until my surgery date and I want to prepare. I'm also making a list of what foods/items I should have ready for recovery and I would love some suggestions on that as well. I've been reading every review, watching every video, reading articles, saving photos on my phone :p I'm obsessed with boobs! I've actually changed my mind on the incision site from under the breast fold to the areola (ohmygod pain D=) and I've decided to go with the 540cc Silicone implant.. words of encouragement are appreciated lol I also get free botox and latisse lash growth with my surgery which is awesome.. I might give the free botox to my mother though haha anyways I've written too many rewiews and I haven't even been under the knife yet, I'll stop now and check in after my pre-op ..wish me luck&send me any tips!


I had another appointment at the clinic today, this time with Dr.Jugenburg himself because I haven't seen him since last year. Now I am confident I made the right decision in choosing him, he was super friendly knowledgable and funny and made me feel comfortable. However..I'm now super confused in what to choose! after my appointments with his nurse Kim I had decided on 540cc silicone through the areola. I went for my physical with my family doctor and he expressed a concern regarding a scar I have from a belly button ring (hypertrophic scar) I read in to it and apparently it's not common with "sex skin" so I should be fine, but I brought up the concern to my surgeon. He told me that with the size of implant that I want if I wanted to go with the areola incision that I should do saline instead of silicone to that it would fit through the incision, he also suggested that if scars are a concern that I should do the incision through the armpit. I have about two weeks to make a decision, since the payment/decisions/forms everything has to be completed two weeks prior to surgery.. does anyone have any feedback or advice on this?!

Recovery Kit Shopping!

Hello Ladies! First.. I re-read my reviews today and given I started writing a year ago I wanted to mention that I'm now 24&single (I mentioned my bf at the time earlier in this post..he's no longer in the picture).
Yesterday I decided to go to Walmart and start shopping for my recovery as I am only four weeks away from surgery! I've read a lot of reviews and forums to help me make a list of what to buy and this is what I came up with.. A pillow that will help me with sitting up (It's super thick and soft), a natural laxative as to not interfere with my medications (I've read a few reviews where some ladies were having troubles with the bathroom due to the anesthesia), cocoa&shea butter just to help with any possible stretch marls, Dial antibacterial body wash for pre and post op showers, a pill organizer (one of those Mon-Sun cases, so I don't get high on meds and accidently take more of the wrong one), I got these breast therapy gel pack things for woman who breast feed.. you can freeze them or heat them up and they're in a round shape perfect for your chest!, a digital thermometer, wet wipes, bendy straws, two sports bras in XL that zip up in the front that I can wear when I was my surgical bra, slipper socks w.grip so I don't slip and hit my breasts D=, I aldo have my bralette and sports bra I bought previously for when I'm a little more healed.. and I bought a couple of super baggy pjs and tshirts that won't take too much effort to put on as well as zip up sweaters and leggings! I have makeup wipes and a little hand mirror as well so I can look at my incision sites closer. AM I MISSING ANYTHING!? I hope my list/photos help out some of you ladies& if anyone has more suggestions on things I may need feel free to let me know :) I appreciate any and all advice, I also need good food and snack ideas like pudding/soup etc ?

Surgery complete

Yesterday at about 3pm I was brought in for last minute questions/ took about 9 pills/ got dressed in to my surgery clothes & had the doctor draw his markings. At 5pm they were ready for me to come in for surgery (I was starving!), everything happened super quickly! You don't even have time to be nervous. I had thins strapped to me, my I.V plugged in& was given oxygen.. In about 25-30 seconds I was passed out and next thing I know I'm waking up in recovery with a very attentive nurse named Joanne. At first I felt nothing, just drowsy, then I felt a lot of tightness in my chest and heaviness. Once I took two oral pain killers In about 20 mins I was back to feeling nothing and was wheeled up to my hotel room. I ate food with my best friend and mom, walked around my room a bit and fell asleep. Its now 3:30am and my chest is feeling pretty tight and my chest and arms are sore, I took another pain killer and I'm sure I'll be back to sleep soon.. Between 8-9am the nurse (Jessica) will be in my room to clear me& teach me massages.. So far everything is going smoothly and less painful than expected! Don't be nervous ladies! I'll post photos tomorrow :)

waiting to drop

I am officially one week post off, 540cc saline implants through the armpit. My left breast is dropping quicker than the right which still looks a bit square and high, I think I'm going to love them once they settle but it's a little hard to tell. I'm also really nervous about going back to my surgeons office in two weeks to have my stitches removed D= words of encouragement please..
over all my experience has been great, pain is MUCH less than anticipated, i'm off of the oxy's and i find I'm only taking a T3 when I first wake up in the morning and then that's it. Anyone else get the armpit incision that can advise me on how long they had to wait before shaving/waxing? I know it'll be a few weeks until i can apply deodorant but I'm nervous about shaving even in a months time D=

two weeks post op

My right breast is taking longer to drop, I'm two weeks post-op and it's still sitting a little high. I can also feel like implant on the bottom of my breast and on the sides, I've done some research and apparently that's normal but I wanted to post about it. I've been doing the same two massages since i came out of surgery, I go back on tuesday to remove my stitches and I'm hoping they'll give me scar removal cream and new massages to do to help this stubborn breast..but can anyone suggest any vigorous massages and scar creams?
Toronto Plastic Surgeon

Amazing clinic, amazing staff..al of the girls there are wonderful, wait times are a bit long but so far this process has been worth it. I would definitely recommend Dr.Jugenburg to anyone in the Toronto area (or those willing to travel) for surgery.

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