Dr. Jugenburg is amazing! Mommy makeover (photos) Toronto, ON

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I had my consult with Dr Jugenburg on Feb 2nd 2015...

I had my consult with Dr Jugenburg on Feb 2nd 2015. I had done lots of research and was fully equipped with my list of questions. After discussing options I'm booked Feb 26th for a full tummy tuck and breast augmentation. I've opted for the drain less TT approach as this should result in a lower, thinner scar and easier recovery! (with no yucky drains to care for). As for breast augmentation, we're going with 400cc moderate profile saline implants, no lift recommend. I'm a ball of nerves, terrified my results won't be what I'm hoping for. I've seen so many women ending up with very high scars, dog ears, puckering etc.. but I'm confident that I've chosen the right surgeon to achieve the look I'm after. Fingers crossed!

10 days to go!

I didn't know my husband took pictures at my consult! What a beautiful office.

I'm super nervous! Hopefully everything goes well! Low scar please.

3 days to go!

A little more about me. I'm 29 years old, 5'7 & 135lbs. I have had one child, he's 8 years old now. I gained a whopping 100 lbs with that pregnancy... I went from 120 - 220 lbs! I was lucky to loose it very quickly but I've been left with the aftermath. lots of stretch marks and excess skin on my belly and somewhat deflated boobs.

I hope everything goes well with this surgery!

Getting more nervous!

Low, low, scar please Dr. Jugenburg!

a few more pre-op pics

All Done!

I made it through just fine! I'm in some pain but the meds are working great! Can't see the incision yet, but I can see the boobies! They look a little uneven, high, and swollen, all normal of course. Can't wait the see the rest!

free to go home now!

Nurse just checked me over and I'm clear to head home! Go to see under the binder! ?

day 3 post op!

Doing well so far. Pain is being managed well with oxycodone. Lots of swelling of by right breast. It's huge all the way through the my armpit to my back. Stomach seems flat no sign of fluid build up at this point. Getting up to go to the bathroom is not too much of a challenge slow and steady. I hope I don't jinx myself but this has been less painful then I thought it would be!?

day 3 again (I'm all mixed up)

I'm on a lot of pain meds... my last post didn't make complete sense lol! Things are going well. Very little swelling of my tummy but my boobs are huge! Just dealing with lots of tightness.
I'm scared to see my belly button. I had a bad dream last night that it's just a hole leading into my body, as if he forgot to attach it Eeeewww!
I'm starting to get bored and a little stir crazy!

day 1-3 pics

day 4

Doing good today. Slept well with dome help from my oxycodone and gravol. Boobs are still huge and swollen. .. they seem to be very far apart still. My tummy is the same, flat as a board and sign of fluid build up. I'm not doing much of anything, I do get up and take small walks around the house to avoid getting blood clots. I absolutely LOVE
my recliner! I've been in the recliner since I got home, I would strongly recommend this to anyone having this surgery. I bought mine used off of kijiji from $250 well worth it! I have my fl/up appt tomorrow so I'm assuming I'll get to se my belly button ? I'm super nervous about how it's gonna look!

day 5

Feeling good today! Up and moving around well. I have my first post op appt today so I sould get to see my belly button!

First post op appt!

Tummy is super flat! No fluid present. The incision looks great and only 7 days post op! Belly button is small and cute. Got a quick picture when they were changing and bandages.

Day 11

Things have been going on. So my right breast had always been more swollen and tender then the left side. I kept getting more and more concerned as the days went on. I suddenly developed lots more dark purple bruising and hardness, so I emailed pictures to my PS. Turns out I had a small hematoma (internal bleed ) this is a none risk of breast Aug.  Dr. Jugenburg had to surgically go in and remove the blood, clean the pocket, and put in a drainage tube.  Afterwards I was to wear a compression binder on my chest, in addition to the abdominal binder. I was ok for a bit.... but the reopened breast was so tender and compressing it hurt so much I just started to cry and cry ????. I called the nurse, who spoke to Dr J, they said it would be ok to take off the binder, but if the swelling comes back the binder will need to go back on. So, I was ok again...a little tender to the touch but without that binder i was fine. We had a nice evening, dinner and a movie at home. I woke up at 4am and my boob was hard and swollen again! I freaked out! I put the binder on and cried and cried! I was so scared, and that binder hurt soooooo much! We called the nurse, who spoke to Dr Jugenburg he wanted to admit me to the hospital where he could check it over and give me iv pain meds. I cried & cried thinking about all that could go wrong. Keep in mind I'm on the max dose of my oxycodone. He promptly met with us at the hospital. After looking at it he said it's just swelling not bleeding, so the painful binder is not necessary. The drain was pretty much empty. He said it's nothing to be worried about. The right breast is a little more tender and swollen due to the second surgery but it's fine. Now after hours & hours of crying I was full on anxiety. He had them give me iv pain meds, Antibiotics and Ativan to bring me back down. He arranged for me to stay for 3 days as he was concerned about my anxiety and coping. 

I'm about to be discharged feeling much better. My results are fantastic! Some of the best I've ever seen.  I'm so happy! I feel terrible for being such a difficult patient ???? but I'm sooo thankful to have had Dr jugenburg to take care of me!!!

So happy! Home and taking it easy ?

Day 12! I'm home and happy ?
Right breast is fine now. Tummy is perfection! The drain less TT was amazing, no fluid at all... i expected to get some swelling or something but there has been nothing! My tummy is flat as can be! Boobs were the worst part lol!

The girls!

17 days post op

Not much to update. I'm getting around much better. Did the Victoria Secret trip to get my first post op bra, I'm fitting into both a 32 DDD or 34DD. I'm finally able to sleep in our bed now and lay flat. Still walking slightly hunched over, I'm sure in a day or 2 I'll be back to normal.
I have a love hate relationship with my binder... I've described it to my husband by comparing it to African women who elongate their necks with rings... imagine what it would feel like for them to just take that off lol! It provides support and makes me feel protected, without it I feel weak....but the darn thing ride up an digs into my BA incisions! it also digs into the top of my thighs too. I'll be happy to stop wearing it!
I have a post op appt tomorrow where I'm planning to get some more pictures of my incision, it's been covered with tape that I've been instructed not to remove myself, they will change it. So I'll be posting an updated picture of that and my belly button tomorrow :)

Post op appt today- got to see incision!

I had another post op appt today, I'm just under 3 weeks. My PS applies surgical tape to all incisions and asks that it not be removed, they change it at each fl/up... so I got some quick pic's before they covered it up again. *Note the akward unshaven area that was under the tape lol!

Back to work tomorrow!

Just over 3 weeks and the time has come to go back to work! I don't feel like I'm up to it...but I don't have much of a choice. I still get tired doing tasks around the house. I start to feel weak and short of breth so I head right back to my recliner :( Unfortunately my trusty recliner will be staying at home, so I'm going to have to tuff it out for 8 hours. Im very nervous! Did some crying today and may have had a few mini anxiety attacks. Ugh..
I'll keep you guys posted on how it goes!
Posting a belly button progress picture today, as not much else has changed.

Life goes on!

So back to work has been ok. My first day back was yesterday, that was hard. I'd been so inactive over the last 3 weeks it was like I had no stamina. While I was off I had a person filling in for me and she has agreed to stay on a few days to help out, thank god! Today was better, less sore & more energy I even went to victoria secret after work and bought my first post op bathing suit!

Belly button srinking!

Dr J gave me a perfect belly button but I noticed about a week and a half ago it was shrinking! Almost closing in on its self. I don't want to loose this perfect little thing he made for me so I looked around here on Real Self for a solution. I've seen a few different things. .. some Dr's recommend wearing a glass marble in it for 3 months, or if that won't fit a foam ear plug will work! A marble won't fit so I'm doing the ear plug. It's bin over a week now, and it look perfect again! Seems to have reversed the collapsing in issue. I've got an unlimited supply of earplugs, so for hygiene I change it daily. It's working great!

5 weeks

Not much to update. I'm full time back to work with no problems. Still wearing my binder and just a tiny bit hunched... hunched just enough to make my bum disappear lol! Tape is finally off now and my incision looks fantastic. I'm starting to use some scar strip I got at the drug store. I'm very very happy with my results!!!! Can't wait for summer!

Photo update

Not much to say really.... I love my results! Dr J did a fabulous job! Not a single complaint! Best decision ever I'm so happy its worth every cent!
Toronto Plastic Surgeon

Very elegantly decorated office inside the Royal York Hotel. Included with the surgery is a one night stay at the hotel making the post-op follow up easy. It really is the Royal treatment! The attention to detail is obvious. Dr Jugenburg took plenty of time to discuss all the options with us didn't seem rushed at all. He and his team just seem to go above and beyond the necessary. Those things didn't go unnoticed by me or my husband.

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