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I had been wanting do do something with my tummy...

I had been wanting do do something with my tummy ever since I had my 1st child(10yrs ago). I had initially met Dr.Jugenburg 5yrs ago for a mini TT consultation, at that time, he advised that I would be better off not doing anything and that I should wait after having more children. So here I am today, 2 kids later and ready to finally get my body back! Always keeping Dr. J in mind, I went back for a consult about a month ago. I was told that I am both a candidate for a mini or full TT, after much thought and research, I decided to go with the full TT for optimum results(mini TT, mini results?!). I will also be getting a lollipop lift and 400-425cc saline implants under the muscle after he removes my current 300cc saline implants. I just turned 35, im 5'6 and weigh 135lbs. I'm hoping to have full, youthful, perky breasts after my BL and BA...I like the natural look and am trusting that the size I chose will not be too big as I want to be able to go bra less once again! I will be getting a Drainless TT and am hoping for a very low incision/scar and as cute and natural of a belly button he can give me. I'm so nervous, excited, scared...my surgery is 2 days away, but meeting with Dr.J and all his wonderful staff, I feel that Dr.J is the right PS for me! He seems very down to earth, honest, patient and most importantly, knowledgable! I'm praying that all goes well and that my recovery is uneventful and smooth, I'll try to keep you all posted;)!

1day pre-op

A few more things I'd thought I'd mention...I opted for a moderate profile implant, as Dr. Jugenburg says this will be the best option to achieve my desired look(as seen in the above Salma Hayek wish pics). Also, with the TT, there will be MR and some lipo done on my flanks to give a nice contour. So many emotions...but, really when I look at these before pics, I feel assured and excited to just do this!

I made it through!

Hi ladies, I'm finally post-op and at the hotel resting. No real pain yet(fingers crossed)...Thank God for pain killers!! Won't write too much as I'm pretty loopy.. Just wanna mention that my husband was giving a small packet of that chicken noodle soup(u know, just add water), anyway, I was to eat something along with taking my antibiotic. This was a few hrs Back...I got my hubby to go and grab me some fruit(grapes, sliced kiwi etc.) instead, first off I never eat that type of fake stuff, let alone after major surgery, it's sooo high in sodium.. Not a good idea..glad I brought some unsalted crackers as well. It was really hard to stomach anything, but I was definetly dehydrated so eating a few grapes was perfect to eat..it's like I'm craving ice cubes you know? So try to bring some light fruit and sodium free snacks, I'm sure all that salt does not help w/ healing and the way that we're feeling at this point! So keeping hydrated, I've peed once...wanna rid body of toxins! My breast feel very tight and high and am really unsure of how my tummy feels as I have not taken my binder off yet..am I supposed to? Can't remember and am also a bit afraid to see what's under!! Nurse will come tmrw morn..I will post something then..night!

Nurse has discharged me

Going home soon, feeling ok..I'm definitely not extatic with what I saw today when the nurse was here...not sure if it's the binder, but everything looks very swollen, especially my breast...they are up to my collar bones! I still don't know what to make of my tummy.. The binder, when removed for a quick peek seemed to have left all kinds of lines and imprints, so it doesn't look smooth.. Im really freaked out to see the bare incision and bb! I have my post-op apt on Tues...hopefully things will start to fall in place..trying to stay positive. Btw, my nipples look really off(positioning) but I'm hoping that it's a matter of them just dropping and settling into place where the nipples will then be position perfectly, but again, they're so damn tight to the point where I feel like they're maybe even too small and I got 420cc. We'll see!!

Day 2!

Ladies this is tough, definetly an emotional rollercoaster, and I think I'm just over 48hrs post op(still loopy) still taking my pain meds. I've had to talk myself out of a few mini panic attacks.. Just letting my mind go there freaks me out, you know, the imobility(not sure if that's even a word?) the limits you have with your own body during this recovery process..it can be scary! Can't pick up my baby... That's the hardest part! Anyway, trying to stay positive...I'm grateful that I made it this far and praying that my recovery will be ok. I have my 1st post op tmrw..I'll try to post some more pics. Btw, my tummy is sooo itchy, and yes this binder is super annoying. So far my tummy looks ok, my only concern right now is the little bit of skin above my belly button seems to kind of fold in, not sure if that's from the binder, I'm hoping that it'll smooth out completely. The incision seems to be where dr.J had marked me(in my low bikini).. I think I'll see it tmrw and of course I'm hoping that it's smooth and not puckered!

1month post op

I couldn't be happier with my TT results...so far, so damn good!! Still waiting to see exactly how my breasts will look...still settling..really like the size(420cc). Gonna get bandages off mid May which will be my 6 wk post op. So happy with my results thus far, it's definitely been a bumpy ride, but I know now that Dr.J was absolutely the right surgeon for me!!


I guess this past weekend actually marks 5weeks Post Op. I started to wear an earplug in my bb consistently(thanks for the tip ladies;). So far, so good!! Really curious as how many nipples will look.. We'll see!


I meant to say that I'm very curious to see how my nipples will look like once bandages come off, considering I had a a BL along with new saline implants.

6weeks Post!

I just got back from my 6 week post op with Dr.J and have been cleared to resume all regular activities...can't wait to get back to the gym!! Yay, tape is off, and it worked wonders! I'm going to start to use Bio Oil, as I don't feel like my scars are harsh enough to have to use a silicone base cream...we'll see how that progresses. Gonna soak in the tub tonight for the first time in a while..can't wait! The pic I'm posting shows a ton of tape/bandage marks.. I will get better update pics soon, but you get the general idea of my results...I really couldn't be happier with my results. Dr.Jugenburg is an artist, I know you've heard that before, but now I know first hand! Sooo glad I had Dr.J and his team to do my surgerie...just really thankful for my results!



I've had such a busy day..haven't had that bath yet, but had time to squeeze in some shopping! After today's appt. I needed to get a super supportive bra as I don't want to risk undoing any of the lift that has been done..wanna keep everything in place so I went to Victorias Secret to get a sports bra, but ended up with a bikini..lol:). Here's the first pic, it's the usual VS lighting, and yes I still have tape marks on my body( as I had mentioned.. A very busy day)!

BB up-close and personal:)

I had my surgery march 28th...so i should be almost 2months post op. At 4weeks post I started to wear an earplug in my BB mostly at all times to help form a more natural looking bb(a tip I got from realself!) and it totally works. Before I started doing this, my bb looked pretty good, although it seemed to be "flushed" with the rest of my tummy...when I wear the earplug for a while and take it out, initially it looks quite deep...maybe after half hour or so it starts to settle into the shape I'm hoping it will be permanently. I guess you can call it "belly button training"...hope the result of wearing this plug for a couple of months will give permanent results as I don't wanna have to use this method forever! Anyway, here's a couple of pics...the surrounding skin is dry from the constant wearing of tape to hold that earplug in place...otherwise, I like it and am happy with the results!!
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