37, 5'3" 115lbs After 4 Kids Need BA with lift and Tummy Tuck - Toronto, ON

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After 4 children, one of which I had at 16, am in...

After 4 children, one of which I had at 16, am in serious need of a body makeover. First pregnancy caused significant stretchmarks after gaining a total of 45lbs in only the last 4 months of pregnancy. I was 98 lbs when I got pregnant. Subsequent pregnancies caused more weight gain which I always lost afterwards, but it still changes your body and the tone in your skin etc. I have since gotten into the best shape of my life and have put on quite a bit of muscle and leaned down to about 20% bf. Sadly, this has left me with nothing more than empty sacs that used to be boobs and plenty of extra skin on my tummy.

I was a 32A before kids, no bigger than a 36C while nursing, and now I'm a 34AA if I'm lucky. My chest muscles have more projection than the actual breasts lol. I have essentially lost all breast tissue following nursing 4 kids and working out. I've scheduled a consult with Dr. Jugenburg in Toronto for June 20th. At this point I feel this is merely a formality as I'm pretty set on having him perform my surgery and am just anxious to determine precisely what needs to be done, the cost, and book a date asap.

I will likely spend the next few weeks obsessing over boobs and trying to figure out what implants I want to go with. Right now I'm thinking smooth, round, silicone placed under the muscle. As for size, it really depends on what it will take to re-inflate and whether a lift would be required. I don't think so, but ya never know. I'd ultimately like to end up with a nice full D ish breast. My best guess would be a 350 - 450 cc high profile implant, but I'm no surgeon so will wait for the expert to give me a verdict on that one. Definitely want to try on some sizes in office if possible during the consult.

Can't wait for June 20th!

Before/current photos as of May 2016

Never thought I'd be posting this type of content on the Internet, but if it helps anyone, all the better.

This is the train wreck I was left with after having 4 babies. Most of the damage was done when I was just 16. I was 98 lbs when I got pregnant and I was so sick during the first 5 months of pregnancy I didn't put on any weight. Once the sickness passed I gained 45lbs in 4 short months and was pretty much stretched from calf to boob. I don't think it was the amount of weight I gained, but simply how rapid it was. I also developed hypertension at the time, which created more volume due to water retention.

I have always gained a lot of weight with my pregnancies and have always lost it as well, but each left me with some shape changes and of course ageing has made it slightly more difficult each time.

I just want to experience a flat tummy and some decent breasts in my adult life. I've worked really hard in the gym for the last year or so and have developed some great muscles and cut a ton of body fat. No skinny fat over here! I feel like I've earned a body that reflects all the hard work I've put in. This surgery couldnt be more deserved and can't come quick enough!

Possibly scheduling surgery prior to consult

I contacted Dr. J's office to see when they were booking surgery as I already have vacation booked for most of July. I was going to move my vacation around to potentially accommodate recovery, but if all goes well I won't have to. I will be securing my finances with regard to paying for my procedures by end of the week. My plan is to actually put down a deposit to secure the surgery date prior to my consult in June. Call me crazy, but sometimes you just know what you want and I have confidence in my choice of PS, even without the consult first. I can't believe that I could potentially be having my surgery completed in just over a months time. Been waiting 21 years for this! Now that is so close to being a reality I can hardly contain myself. The wait will be torture!

Can't book surgery date prior to consult...

So as it turns out the PS won't book a surgery date prior to the consult. They are currently booking into the second week of July. My consult is in 2 weeks so hopefully I will be able to schedule my surgery for some time in July.

My major concern is that I quit smoking back in November of last year by switching to a vape. As it turns out nicotine is a vasoconstrictor and could negatively impact skin healing. That means that I will have to eliminate my nicotine consumption well in advance of my surgery. Not a huge deal as I have quit smoking in the past BUT it causes me to have severe insomnia wherein I wake up every 15 minutes all night long for about 2 weeks straight. This is why I switched to a vape. I was slowly decreasing my nicotine intake in order to avoid the insomnia and to lessen the chances of going back to smoking in the future. Hopefully vaping with zero nicotine will help curb the the habit and get me through until I'm fully healed. Necrosis is not a word you want to hear after a BA or tummy tuck!

I will discuss with my PS during the consult and drop down to the lowest amount of nicotine this week and see how that goes. If all goes well I'll switch to nicotine free by the end of the week which should give me several weeks of being off it prior to my surgery. Anyone else have to quit smoking prior to their surgery? If so, how was your healing?

Consult done, surgery booked! Only 31 days to wait!

Had my consult with Dr Jugenburg this morning. Visit was pretty short and sweet, but I really didn't have any questions or indecision. Dr J was very pleasant and professional. I didn't feel uncomfortable in the least.

We discussed that I wanted a BA and Tummy Tuck, with full knowledge that I may need a lift to get the results I want. He agreed that a small lift to move the nipple up would give the best results. I tried on some 365cc implants which seems to fit my proportions well and should achieve what I'm hoping for. Given how those looked I can't see going much bigger. Maybe up to 400. I'm concerned with getting accustomed to them while they're swollen and the ending up disappointed once the swelling is gone. I've got some time to decide...

It seems that I'm the perfect candidate for a tummy tuck being that I'm very lean and have only skin left. Dr Js nurse Kim told me that my surgery would be about as easy and straight forward as they come. I already knew that, but the reassurance was very welcome.

I honestly can't say which I'm more excited about. The tummy tuck will literally change everything. I have been self concious of my stretched belly since I was a kid. Everything I wear is decided around how I can conceal it. But the boobs, these are on display for everyone, whether you're trying to show them or not. I've lived with them being stretched and deflated for almost as long as the belly. Hurry up July 21!

All those pre op forms!

I got all my pre op documents yesterday from the PS. Requisition for CBC, medical history form to be filled by your family dr, consent forms for each procedure and for aenestesia etc. Everything needs to be completed and returned, including full payment for the procedure, 2 weeks prior to surgery. That means I have until the 7th to get it all done. That said, I work 12 hr shifts with a 1 hr commute each way and will be working every day for the next 9 days. I'll be off for 2 days which aren't business days then back again for 3. That puts me at the 7th being my next business day off lol.

I managed to get both my bloodwork and my medical history done today so I shouldn't have any worries besides getting the payment in. I won't have the money until tomorrow or Friday so I will have to figure out how to get to a bank and deposit it into the PS account by the 7th.

Once I get all this stuff it will just be a countdown to D day. 29 days and counting.....

Paid in full! 17 days and counting.

I'm officially paid in full as of today. It was satisfying and yet somewhat terrifying to know I have just paid $25,000 for something besides a car or house down payment lol. I have done everything that I need to do. It's all just a waiting game now.

I will be expecting a pre op call from the head nurse sometime soon as well as my prescriptions to be faxed to my pharmacy. Would love to know what time my surgery will be so I can make all my necessary arrangements early on. Not sure how much advance notice I will receive on that.

I'm just anxious to get this show on the road. 17 days can't go by quickly enough!

6 more days and I now have a pharmacy!

Yep, that's right, I now possess my very own pharmacy thanks to my surgeon! They faxed my prescription to the pharmacy yesterday and when I picked it up this is what I got. I felt terrible for the poor woman in line behind me as she had to wait for the pharmacist to explain what each drug was and how they were to be taken.

Anyhow, for those that are interested to know what what they can expect to receive in terms of pain management etc., I've included a brief list below:

Cephalexin (Keflex) - antibiotic
Oxycodone - heavy pain killer
Tylenol 3 w/ Codeine - pain killer
Lorazepam - anti anxiety (to take just pre-op I believe)
Celecoxib - anti-inflamitory
Ondansetron (Zofran) - anti-nausea
Dexamethasone - anti-inflamitory
Soflax - stool softener
Gravol - anti-nausea

I do have drug benefits so, in total, this cost me about $50, which included the last two drugs that were over the counter and paid by me in full. That said, even without the benefits, it would have been under $200.

Did I mention there's only 6 more days until my surgery!? I'm scheduled for 10:30am surgery and have to be there for 8:30am so I can check into the hotel room thats provided and then do any necessary preop stuff. Given that I'm taking the train in (and the clinic is in the Royal York right across the street from union station) and the fact you can't eat or drink for 12 hrs before the timing couldn't have turned out better. I'll get to sleep and not suffer all day starving lol.

I'm officially on vacation now until August 4th. Only thing left to do now is wait!

3 days pre-op, more before shots

3 more days until my surgery. I thought I'd add a few more before shots on here. Shirt on shot is just a tank and no bra. The other 2 I'm wearing a heavily padded push up bra in a 34A. Typically I wear a 34AA, but this one was on the smaller side.

Tomorrow I'll start taking the stool softeners to ensure I don't get constipated from the pain meds. I think this a super idea for anyone having surgery. Not being able to poop is definitely not a discomfort I would like to add to the mix given the fact that I'm having two procedures and will essentially be a drug addled cripple for a few days.

3 days out and I'm not even a tiny bit anxious. Is that normal lol? I have read about people having crazy boob dreams and other weird stuff, but I got nothing like that going on over here. Cool as a cucumber. I guess surgery doesn't really concern me. Anyhow, good luck to all those having their surgery this week.

Last night, can't sleep...

It's the night before surgery day and I can't sleep. Ate Costco shrimp salad with cilantro and lime at dinner and it's not sitting well. Something was seriously spicey in there and my tummy is pissed! Doesn't help that I can't eat or drink anything now either. Popped a melatonin. Hopefully that will do the trick. Gonna watch some netflix in bed and wait to get sleepy lol

Checked in and waiting

Got here early and they upgraded my room to double beds in the newly renovated area of the hotel. 2 hrs and counting...

On the other side!

I made it! I'm finally clear headed and don't want to take any more meds, boo! I will of course, but it sucks. I feel good, tender and a touch sore for now but good. Tired and apt to fall asleep holding my phone lol

Day 1 post op

Didn't really sleep great. Really feeling the sutures that were used to repair the muscles and the do the drainless TT as well. That's what I find gives the most discomfort. I'm. Moving around. Just need help getting g in and out to bed so I don't use mg abs.

Going to add some surgery photos. If you can t deal with graphic content I would skip past them.

Day 2 post op

Been getting around a lot better today. I no longer need assistance getting in and out to bed. Honestly, it really pays to be as fit as possible before hand as I believe it has helped me to recovery quicker.

I went light on food today as I still haven't had a BM and don't want to get things really backed up if I can help it. I've been taking stool softeners since 2 days pre-op. Hopefully that helps a little. I don't feel like I have to go yet so that's a plus.

I have cut my oxys from 2 every 4 hrs down to 1. Hoping to switch over to the Tylenol 3s tomorrow depending on how I'm feeling. I haven't had any nausea since my surgery so I'm not on gravol and I took the single 8 hr nausea pill yesterday just as a precaution.

Piece of advice for any weight lifters out there (or anyone who uses bcaas) who have BCAAs on hand. Drink them from the very minute you're out to recovery. I firmly believe that doing so has cut my muscle pain in half and helped to repair the muscles that were sutured far quicker than if I had not been drinking them.

Day 3 post op

I'm officially off the oxys as of this morning. Only taking 1 Tylenol 3 every 4 hrs. Pretty sure I I don't need those anymore either so tomorrow I'll be eliminating pain meds altogether. I'll keep the robaxicet for my back pain from walking hunched over and will take advil as needed. Definitely need to get back to being able to drive. I don't have anywhere to go, but not being able to just go out when I want bothers me.

Kinda want to go look at bras. I took some measurements and I have a 30" band and 36" bust. According to those measurements I should be a 34E??? Ummm no, there's no way. Maybe a 32DD or a 34D, but I really can't see these being an E cup. I know I should probably wait but I'm super bored and impatient as hell lol

In other news a BM happened with very little fanfare lol. I know its TMI, but seems to be a topic of discussion around here so there you have it. Took stool softeners since 2 days pre op and had first BM by day 3 post op. Should also be noted that I never felt like I had to go at any point prior so it's not like I felt constipated or anything. Just didn't have to go.

Starting to get itchy under the surgical tape which is super annoying. Can't wait for my follow up. I hope they change the tape at that visit. I really want to see my belly button and get rid if the unnecessary tape under my boobs.

Day 4 post-op

Nothing much different today. Still off all the pain killers. I took a T3 before bed yesterday just to help me stay asleep but I haven't had anything else since then. Sleeping is a chore when you're forced to sleep upright.

I've been regularly removing my binder but I still can't do so standing up. I feel. Like I need the pressure there to not feel like my guts might decide to pop out my belly button lol. Still trying to stand upright but can't seem to straighten out my shoulders. I wonder if the breast lift is partly the cause. I feel like it's pulls the most a the the line of the breast crease all the way across.

Not much else to add except to say that I'm bored stiff. Doing nothing but sitting all day is getting to me. I really can't wait for just a little bit more mobility. I'm sure it will make a world of difference.

1 week post op appointment

I had an entire update typed up and hit the back button on my phone and lost it so this will probably be more brief.

I had my 1 week post op appointment today. I can't even describe the relief of having the tape under my boobs that went all the way across removed. I literally felt like it was preventing me from standing upright. As for their progress, they're still high, but less swollen and coming along. I'm ok with being patient on those. The TT has a bigger impact in my opinion.

Got to see my belly button for the first time. It looks amazing and all my stretch marks are gone! Oh, and the incision is so clean and tiny and totally hidden by even my lowest bathing suit or underwear.

I'm truly impressed by Martin's work. He's the real deal, a genuine artist! All you need to do is take a look at my before shots if you want proof. This is only 6 days post op. It's only going to get better. The whole process, pain, money, everything, has been well worth it.

Before and after

Adding the before shot that my surgeon took. I think it more accurately depicts how bad that before actually was.

Scar care

I went ahead and bought some silicone tape to treat my scars once they're healed. Ended up buying 2 Mepitac 2cm x 3 m rolls. Based on the info I found its super adhesive but gentle and great for sensitive skin. They use it in neonatal units to keep tubes and other medical devices in place on infants. Removal doesn't damage their tender skin.

The outer surface is coated with a semipermeable polyurethane coating that is impermeable to liquids and microorganisms. Each application lasts about 1 week and if your scars are really thin you could even cut the strips in half lengthwise. You can shower with them on.

I bought these from well.ca don't go to Amazon and pay double. Each box was 17.50 + tax and had free shipping for orders over $29.

First time trying on bras

I'm 8 days post op today and decided to venture out and discover my current bra size. According to all the online tools for measuring bra sizes I would be a 34E. There was absolutely no way I was that large.

According to Victoria's Secret, I'm a 32DD (tried on to find out, their tool is equally as inaccurate). Tried on a 34D to start, which was ok, but the cup seemed to be too wide and the band somewhat loose. I had the girl bring me a 32DD which turned out to be near perfect.

I only purchased one bra as I know it's unlikely that this will be my final size once any remaining swelling has disappeared and they've dropped and fluffed. Just wanted a nice comfy proper bra (no push up, no underwire) to wear to work when I'm on day shift and have to dress business casual or a sports bra won't cut it.

Anyhow, of they remain the size they are now, great! If they lose a but of volume, that's ok too. I'm pretty happy with them regardless. :)

Stomach craps, diarrhea, first day back to work, oh my!

I'll be 2 weeks post op tomorrow. My recovery has been rapid and uneventful until today. Started having stomach cramps yesterday and hit the bathroom a few times. I thought it might have been caused by my binder being a bit tight and making digestion a little difficult but I'm still not feeling great. Been running to the bathroom every 20 min since shortly after I got up this morning and then discovered blood in my stool (sorry for the TMI). I don't feel like it's related to the surgery at all, but I called my surgeons on-call nurse to be safe. She agreed that it was not likely related to my surgery and probably a bug that I picked up or possibly a delayed reaction to the antibiotics I took post op. I don't normally take meds of any kind besides maybe an advil 2x a year so it's entirely possible. Plus, we all know how antibiotics basically kill off all the good bacteria in your gut and intestines etc.

Will be keeping an eye on the situation for now and sticking to a very light diet as I don't want to aggravate things. Best part of it all? I am scheduled to return to work tonight on night shift. Blah! Really hope this passes before I have to leave this evening....

Waiting for labs

So apparently you can have severe cramping and bleeding out your rectum, but that's not serious enough to do anything except send off stool samples for testing that will take 3-4 days. Oh, and suggest probiotics. Wow, thanks!

I guess this means that I will be on a starvation diet for however many days it takes for labs to come back. The pain is literally drop you on the ground bad and happens several hrs after I eat. When I've been purged and have an empty stomach is the only time I can I feel semi ok. If I eat I pay for it a few hrs later.

The suspected cause is C. Difficile overgrowth caused by the antibiotics I took post op. Basically the good bacteria get killed off by the antibiotics and the c. Difficile is allowed to grow in numbers and produces toxins that attack the lining of the intestine which ultimately causes the diarrhea, cramping etc.

So anyhow, not sure how I'm going to get through 3 or 4 days without eating. Here's hoping the probiotics actually help...

Sutures are out, 3 week post appointment

Had my 3 week follow up today. I'm officially 3 weeks post op in 2 days. The nurse removed all the sutures and changed my the tape on all my incisions. The boobies looked good from what I could actually see. Abdomen was great as well with the exception of a small area just above my pubic bone. She said it looked a bit raw and that she was going to leave it uncovered. I've been instructed to wash the area 3 x a day with soap and water and then to dry it thoroughly. I will the follow up by emailing them a photo in a week.

I'm not sure what she's concerned about. It looks fine to me. It was just a little bit moist when she took the tape off.

Anyhow, next appointment is in 2 weeks as my PS will be away when I'm 6 weeks post op. It was either go a week early or a week later. I opted for earlier. The sooner I can be rid of this tape the better!

3 weeks post pics

Just thought I'd add a few pics from first thing in the morning before any swelling sets in. Photos were taken today.

Belly is pretty flat when I wake up. Boobs are slowly doing their drop and fluff thing. Right is still a bit more tender and swollen than the left and I can actually hear it squeak against my ribs when I move it around or reach for things. Still have a bit of fluid sitting in the pocket. Hopefully that will dissipate over the next little while.

4.5 weeks post op

Just a quick update with some photos. I'm. About 4.5 weeks post op. Will be seeing my PS on Wed for my 6 week check (he's away when I'm actually 6 weeks PO) and will hopefully be rid of this tape for good and can start my scar treatments. Hoping to be cleared to get back to the gym as well. I think I'm about ready to at least do some light cardio and body weight stuff.

I've been back to work for a few weeks now and have actually worked more than I normally do (10 12 hr shifts in the last 12 days). Being that it's a desk job I've not had any issues.

Anyhow, I've attached some first thing in the morning pics. I'm currently sitting at about 117.5lbs which is up a bit, but I haven't really be restricting what I eat at all and have been eating ice-cream and stuff like that when it suits me. I figure my body likely needs to extra calories to heal and I'm not going to complain. Please, ladies, if you get any surgery done DO NOT restrict calories while you're recovering! It will simply prolong the healing process. Just eat and enjoy. A few lbs will be nothing to get rid of when all is said and done. Happy healing! :)
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