31 Year Old Mommy of Three Boys Finally Getting my Dream - Toronto, ON

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So a little about me. I'm 31 5'6 140 pounds I had...

So a little about me. I'm 31 5'6 140 pounds I had my first baby at 17 and have had two more in the last two and a half years. My body was just not prepared to have a baby so young and I was left with terrible stretched out skin and pouch in my belly and deflated boobs. I had breast implants in 2010 and have never really been happy with them. Never as big as I wanted and the dr did not address the size difference as he said he was going to. I always dreamt of getting my tummy done as soon as I was done having babies so when my last was born last August I made the decision to start saving and start losing the baby weight. Worked hard for 9 months and made the consult with Dr J. Having been so disappointed with my first implants I wanted to make sure I chose a dr carefully when it came to my tummy because the scar is a HUGE concern for me. I already had a feeling I would be going with him before my consult but once I let him and his head nurse Kim I was decided. At my consult he told me he didn't really want to touch my boobs again because the result was good enough and not to mess up good for perfection. I respected that so much. He was actually trying to convince me not to give him 7,000$ lol I booked my tummy with him anyway because he is supposed to be the best and figured I would just do the boobs after. Well Kim is a angel and knew I really didn't want good enough and was willing to accept the risks again in order to get what I wanted in the first place with the other surgery. She talked to dr.J and he agreed to do it. He also said since my muscles are so so bad from the babies that I would need an extended tummy tuck. I was FREAKING OUT. Kim assured me my scar would not be much longer and it was just because of the muscle separation. So I felt better. Everyone there is amazing. The nurses and Kim especially are fantastic and Dr. J is quiet but very friendly. I believe he loves what he does very much and that he is he type to under promise and over deliver. My surgery is a week from tomorrow and I cannot wait! I'm a ball of nerves and excitement! I will post some before pics when I have a chance. I wasn't really sure I wanted to write a review and put pics on the Internet for all to see but this site has helped me so so much in researching and feeling confident in all my choices I want to pay it forward!

Some wish pics

Love all these just a bit bigger

Surgery details

So we decided one the extended tummy tuck and saline implants 485's overfilled to ??? Letting the dr do his art and make the call in the OR. Prob around 550 ish is what we talked about. Hoping to achieve a DD but sizing is so all over the place with different brands and whatnot I don't go by bra size too much. Hoping for a LOW LOW tummy scar!!!! Total faith Dr J is gonna amaze me with the scar placement!!! 7 days to go!

Omg the dreams!!

Stared having crazy surgery dreams! The other day I dreamt my son pediatrician was the one doing my surgery. Then tonight had a crazy vacation dream and when I looked down my scar was angled up across my belly button and around.

New bikini

Got kt new bikini in the mail today! Was super excited until i realized the "medium" would prob fit my 11 war old neice! Get what you pay for i guess lol

Some before pics...

Really hating these. Like a lot.

Four more sleep until I won't have to wake up to this.

Getting excited now! Having fun bathing suit dreams now! I think the excitement is taking over! My belly looks angry :(

Hoping my scar can be this low

This is another of the masterpieces done by dr J! Apparently this is the one to beat everyone loves it soooooo come on dr J this is my official challenge

Prep for the boys

OMG prepping for the crazy eating machines! Decided since my hubby can't cook...like at all. Really. At all that I was going to make ahead some meals and freeze them. I'm sure I'll think this was a great idea a week from now when my kids are eating healthy food instead of McDonald's or pizza every night but MANNNNNN right now it seems like a awful terrible idea!! I love to cook but this is ridiculous! Two more days and tonight to go!!!!!!! Omg!

Two days!

Two days to go and starting to get emotional. Thinking of all the times I had to choose what I wear because of my stomach. Of the six years I wouldn't take my shirt off being intimate with my hubby. Going on vacay and having a girl ask why I wasn't in a two piece I was so young and pretty (was pretty drunk when this happened and think I told her the whole long story lol) I wore a maxi dress the other day that I wore when I was pregnant and still looked 4 months pregnant. Had a moment when I said to myself never again will I feel like that in a tight dress. No more hot itchy spanks that's don't do the job anyway. No more worrying when playing with my babies that they've pulled my shirt up in the middle of a rambunctious game. I can't believe this is really happening. These are all the things people don't understand. My "friends" who think I'm crazy for spending this amount of money. They don't realize that the change this will make is priceless. Those same people take for granted being able to just get dressed in the morning. Not have to struggle to buy pants that will never fit right because if they fit your waist they looked like you took a poop in your pants. To not wear a two piece bathing suit since 16. It's not vain. It's about who you feel you are and the mirror lining up with that image. It's about being comfortable in your own skin.

VS swim sale!!!

Thought you ladies would like to know VS has almost all their swim on sale online. Already have a online cart full of stuff. This will be bad! Especially bored and hopped up on pain Meds. Yay BIKINIS!!!!!!

This time tomorrow....

At this time tomorrow I will be in surgery getting my new tummy and boobies!!! Woot woot!!!


8.5 hours till this skin is gone!!!!!! I can hardly believe this is really happening. Having a hard time with leaving my babies for almost two nights. Never been away from them this long. Going to suck the next 6 weeks not being able to pick them up and them not understanding why. So thankful my husband is so so good with them. Makes it feel a little better.

Also OMG I'm soooooo thirsty! The 4 hour drive is going to SUCK!!!

Pic didn't upload with review

Last time

This will be the last few hours of my life that I have to see these. My Freddy Kruger face stretch marks. They have impacted my life more then I care to admit. I'm so terribly lucky that I get to have my beautiful babies and then undo the havoc they did on my tummy! It's not vanity people! If this were a burn victims skin ( people have often compared the stretch marks I have to a healed bad burn) no one would say boo about any kind of reconstructive surgery. But if you happen to want it because you had babies then the haters come out. I don't get it.


Only thing I'm gonna miss is my little belly button beauty mark


Hotel is beautiful! Checking into the room now then waiting for the call that it's my turn! Won't be long now!

My snap is up

Hey ladies I'm really dopes go but feeling good. Maybe should have went 600 k the boobs but oh wells. The look awesome haven't seen the tummy Rey not till
Tomorrow but
My snap chat up. Sorry for typos k am so s so out of it

So yeah it hurts

Thought it wouldn't be as bad. Keep slipping down in bad. Husband being a not very nice person because he's trying to play online poker. I may kill him.

The boobs!!

Wish I went bigger and the one still looks a little small but hopefully just swelling!!!!! Love the shape already and they are brand new. Martins Jugenburg you are a freaking artist!!!

More boobies

I'm freaking in love with them!!!!!

Omg the Thai here

We have no good Thai restaurants where we are from. This food is to die for

Check up

Dr J just came to my room at 11pm to she how I am before her went home :) he said the swelling was because he removed some tissue from the mons to make it more flattering with the flat tummy! I love this man! So glad I picked him he was worth every penny. Can't wait to see the tummy tomorrow. One part really sore hope I didn't tear any muscle repair trying to shift positions


I can not believe how much of the asymmetry he fixed with no lift. I am in awe of his work! Before And after just amazing

Going home

Scar is higher then I thought I think, super bummed but looks thin and clean. Man I hope it just looks higher bandages


First 15

Supposed to unbind for 15 minutes 5 times a day. Feels better and worse at the same time swelling tonight

Day 3

Worst so far can't get comfy and have fleme in my thought I can't get out. My mom states to help for a few more days which is great. Stating to have mixed feeling about this all.8 know that's normal in the pain and helplessness you feel after

End of day 2

Well here we are two days out already. Gonna be a long few weeks around here I miss my kids so much. My
Baby screamed until finally
Someone put him on my lap and held all his worthy there so he could still lay with me. On a happy note more pic updates!! My one boob is def dropping or something faster. The one that was always bigger. Other then that they still look great!

My healing buddy

Kissed my belly 20 times and is so gentle. I'm such a lucky mommy!!!

In the quest for sexy...

Have become the exact opposite. Literally just puked all over the floor. Was sitting in my recliner and my tummy said NOPE. Couldn't get up couldn't stop it couldn't do anything. My poor hubby. Wonder how long it will take to get the image from his head.

Side note ladies do all you can to avoid vomiting. It literally felt like I was being ripped into 200 pieces when I did. Hope I didn't tear anything

Day 5

Nothing much new. Starting to feel a bit better getting around. Still needing the pain killers but am going to try to taper off to one instead of two every four hours. Left boobie still wants to be bigger. Honestly so in love though. Can't believe he achieved what he did without a one sided lift. Can't wait for the tape to come off and to be able to stand up straight. The hunching over is killing my back now.

Day 5

Nothing much new. Starting to feel a bit better getting around. Still needing the pain killers but am going to try to taper off to one instead of two every four hours. Left boobie still wants to be bigger. Honestly so in love though. Can't believe he achieved what he did without a one sided lift. Can't wait for the tape to come off and to be able to stand up straight. The hunching over is killing my back now.

Day 6

Feeling much better today. Back still killing from walking hunched over. My nephew so funny asked his gramma 50 times why his auntie is walking hunched over. He's so fascinated by it. Keep getting itchy on my stomach but it's numb so I'm trying not to scratch it.


Can't believe this is how I look in a tank today

Another surgery

Man at this rate with my momma taking care of me by the time recovery is done I'm going to need another tummy tuck lol
Man I forgot how much I loved my moms food. It's amazing I was such a thin child because that woman loves her butter. She's not a fancy cook just good old comfort food I fell in love with as a child. Oh and cupcakes. I'm a hobby baker and actually started to hate cake from eating it so much but hers are just soooooooo yummy. Must say no to the cupcakes!

Miss my kids

Today is already hard last night my toddler who's been laying with my in the chair was kicking around and just being a toddler and tried to jump on me so daddy had to take him and this morning my baby came to me and put his arms out wanting so badly for mommy to pick him up. First time I ever felt selfish and maybe regretted doing this a little.

Soooo one week update

First off drove 4 hours hubby screwed up and I didn't double check what he thought so really I screwed up and my appt was supposed to be tomorrow so I didn't even get to see the dr. Left breast has been bugging me so she took pics and showed him in the OR. Put me on another week of antibiotics to be safe. But she never really told me why when I ask just kept saying don't worry. But of course I'm worried. My belly button had a bunch of white stuff and she cleaned it and said to put Neosporin on it twice a day so now I'm worried about that too. Totally forgot to ask her about one spot on my tummy that aches all the time even when I'm not moving. Really bummed right now. Day started out bad and now I'm worried about all this. Hubby has has about enough of all of this one week in and there's five to go. Doesn't wanna drive to Toronto anymore so I guess outs the train from now on. Really not the day I hoped it would be.

Forgot the pic

Feeling better today

Talked to Kim and all my worries are gone! Said dr said everything looked great just being extra careful with the extra antibiotics and that swelling on one side is titis lot normal! Been off the perks for a few days now. I hated those things. I retread some texts to my friends and omg someone should have taken my phone away until I was drug free. Was able to sit on the floor propped up and play with my
Kids this morning. It completely rejuvenated me!!!! Still hunched and nurse said until two weeks is good so not to push it at all. I don't wanna stretch my incision so just doing what feels comfy. Embarrassing to walk around like that though lol especially because walking like that makes your butt look oh so awful! Any of my ladies that have had a TT will know exactly what I'm talking about! Had my best bum yoga pants on yesterday and my bum looked hideous. Can't wait to get back in the gym. Sleeping still sucks. I've tried every place in my house I can think of but the fact is sleeping on my back just isn't for me no matter where I do. Five more weeks until I can wide sleep. That sounds like forever.


I've officially decided to name my binder Jim. I figure he must be a man because I have such a very intense love hate relationship with him. Dr told me to take it off 5 times a day for 15 minutes. When I do it feels so good for about 5 minutes and then the hate settles in and I can't wait to do it back up. 20 minute after they I wish I could have it up. It supports me and then it rides up, won't sit how I want it to, makes me warm, makes me uncomfortable. Yes it's definitely a man.

A waist is emerging

Day 9 swelling finally going down in the tummy a bit and I can start to see a waist! Now the I can almost stand I can see the scar dips below my hips when I'm standing which is what I wanted all along! Left breast is still hating on me driving me crazy swelling more especially at night. She's always been quite the a$$hole though so it's expected she would be difficult. My belly button still looks so nasty to me. I feel like I should clean it out but I don't know with what or how and the thought of that makes me wanna vomit. Been looking it it just long enough to put the polysporin in it.

Feel like a child again. From my week of not showering in the summer and my messy bun I love my hair is absolutely matted. My momma is going to have to brush it all out for me. She doesn't mind she's the best. She even offered to brush out hubbys. He's got very long very curly magazine perfect man bun hair. Which I usually brush for him but can't. I don't Ben wanna know what a mess it is after a week and a half of showers and men's harsh shampoo with no tlc. It's gonna be worse then mine.

Also omg switched to a sports bra today...I have boobs in a sports bra. That's never happened. Usually a sports bra for me is like some magic trick that as soon as its in all signs of femininity disappear. Not anymore!!!!

More pics and update

Almost two weeks out. Starting to feel great! Not overdoing it though. Allowing my body time to heal properly. I've never done that before. After my c section my son was ill and I had a toddler at home and was WAYYYY over doing it. Took my incision from that forever to heal nice so just taking it easy! I took a shower yesterday! Omg it was so nice. My mom washed my hair for me. I felt like a kid. It was great!

My belly is looking so good! I couldn't believe it when I undressed to take a shower. I have memories of sitting in the bath my tummy protruding past the water and making me sick. I can't believe this is my own body. My dr did such a amazing job. My advise to anyone thinking about doing this PLEASE pick your dr carefully. It makes all the difference in the world.read reviews look at all the before and after pics you can find from your surgeon. I found this site so helpful. The before and after pics on a dr website are so clinical looking I found coming on here and searching pics of their patients in swimsuits, in clothes, just naked was so helpful. Don't let cost make your final decision. I paid more to go to my dr. And im so glad I did. If a deal sounds to good to be true it probably is. Bad results can happen to anyone for lots of reasons but a experienced surgeon will have it happen less. That's not to say your always going to pay more it varies from area to area but I think it's wise to go by the surgeon you WANT and figure out the money then choose someone because they are MUCH cheaper. There's a reason. They cut costs somewhere. AND LASTLY make sure you have a good support network! I like to think I'm superwoman and thought this was going to be a walk in the park. It's not. It hurts and you WILL BE limited in what you can do. Even when you start to feel better the physical limitations for properly healing are still in place. This has been the best thing I've ever done for myself. I am so grateful to my family for being here for me so I could do this.

Also my scar is so low!!!! I was worried about it for NOOOOO reason! I just jumped the gun and got on the worry horse and I shouldn't have.

Still need to take off that last few pounds whe all this healing is done! Lol I really see it now

First in 16

Can't even believe it! And yes scars are covered totally! Thinking I'm gonna need these bottoms in every colour. Don't love the top but I'm sure I'll be buying tons!!!!!! Yay bikinis!!!

Morning stretch

Omg I am missing a morning stretch. It's one of those things I never would have thought of with this whole process. Every morning my body wants to stretch out and then oops I can't. I've started standing up bent over and going in tip toes to try and get my legs stretched out.

Yesterday was a long day. My biggest boy's birthday FIFTEEN! Already! I did way too much and feel tired and the pain is worse today. Also woke up with a horrible migraine so yeah that's fun! I also have family down from California so it's been great seeing them! Their granddaughter had the same surgery done last year so they are very understanding. My uncle cracks me up he asks me every time we get together "hey sweetie did ya lose something on the floor" lol he cracks me up!


So tonight is my first real bad night. It's 2:30am I'm awake after trying to sleep off a headache all day. I'm so unbelievably uncomfortable sleeping on my back. I'm hating this stupid binder. I miss sleeping with my baby. I miss going to the park and playing with my toddler. Me and the husband are fighting because everyone is stressed out. I'm super glad I did this still but it really is a emotional roller coaster. I read so much about that on here and then I got through two weeks and thought hey maybe I'll be fine I wanted this for so long I'm not gonna have that then BAM it smacked me right in the face. 4 weeks till somewhat normal activities seems so far away. All my friends are talking about how they don't want summer to end and all I can think is oh man I can't wait for summer to be over.

Two weeks tshirt

Lefty still fuller. Driving me crazy. Feels swollen so I'm sure that's it but the size difference is driving me nuts. Can't wait for them to even out.

What a mistake!

So I had my first real outing since surgery. Went to our favourite steakhouse. Ordered what I usually would a steak and big lobster tail me and hubby split the steak. Long story short I ate a ton and OMG OMG! I left there literally crying it hurt so bad. At the end of the meal I threw up in my mouth a little and by the time I got to the car I was almost in tears. It hurt so bad being that full. I have to realize now that I can't eat like I used to there just isn't enough room!! ON THE PLUS SIDE!!! the pic I posted with this is how I look super bloated after a big meal! I seriously can't believe it. Before if I ate like that I would have LITERALLY looked 7 months pregnant.

So amazing

I seriously can't believe this is me! I could never thank dr J enough. I feel like a different person and it's still only three weeks out!

Stitches out today!

So I half hour I will be stitch free! Yes! I'm a little nervous cuz my reg dr is doing it and I have zero trust in her lol keep meaning to change but I never go so I haven't! Will try to snap a pic of the scar when the tape comes off before it goes right back on. Can't wait to be tape free. Some fell off yesterday and my scar is sooooo thin! Makes me feel a little better about the ends being on my hip bone which I so badly wanted it not to be but my hip bones sit so low there was no choice in it. But honesty they are so thin I think even if I'm not wearing a bikini high enough to cover my hip it won't even be a big deal it'll just blend into the few stretch marks I still have. And once I can tan again I think it'll be invisible! Other then that not much new! Planning my baby's first birthday party and oh how fun that is! For all you ladies on your way to surgery soon a piece of advise leave a little extra on the credit card because internet shopping when your bored and housebound is a must lol maybe not a must but it got the better of me for sure! Happy healing ladies!!!

Almost 4 weeks

Getting closer to that four week mark and finally swelling going down that I can see a waist! Feels great! Left breast still swollen more (hopefully that's all it is) but omg I'm so happy! Can't wait for that 6 week mark to pick up my boys again and to swim at my babies birthday party!!! 4 weeks has gone by pretty fast I must say. Sucked missing out on the whole summer but since hubby is starting to pick up hours again already I'm so glad I did it when I did!

Four weeks today

Finally at the four week mark! Feeling so frustrated! Still struggling to get straight up. So weird I actually can stand totally straight without my binder but for some reason I hunch bad when I have the binder in which is 98% of the day. Sneezing still hurts. Swelling still in my tummy but not bad. Just enough to bother me. Left breast still fuller and feels heavy but that could def be swelling. Found out the stitches my dr left will not dissolve. One came out yesterday but found another that is still knotted and won't come out. Trying to craft for my baby's first birthday which is in less then two weeks. Thank god for my very crafty momma who is helping me with stuff I can't do. Feel like I'm falling behind and I don't want to be down to the last second doing centrepieces! Feeling bummed that I was going to make him a very intricate 3 tier fondant cake which I do for all the kids birthday BUT from how I'm feeling now it's just not going to happen. Rolling fondant requires so much muscle pushing and pulling and I don't think I'll be feeling up to it by the party. So cupcakes and buttercream smash cake it is. I'm trying to be okay with it but it's really bumming me out. I know it seems like such a small thing but my baby was very sick when he was born. Had a very slim chance of surviving and every dr that meets him calls him a miracle baby. After that they thought he might have cerebral palsy and now here he is turning one with ABSOLUTELY NO PROBLEMS! Actually ahead on most of his milestones! I wanted to do something spectacular to celebrate his first birthday especially because we are blessed to have him! Everyone keeps telling me he won't know you didn't make the cake or he won't care it's just cupcakes but I KNOW. It seems silly I guess but it's one of those things after this that really bug you and your not sure why. I'm so ready for this part to be over. I'm having a bulge around my belly button where I can suck in and for the first two weeks it was actually concave there and I was freaking that I screwed up the muscle repair and honestly if I did and they had to fix it I think I would leave it. Honestly that's how much this is stressing me out now. I wanna do stuff with my kids and my husband and I'm just starting to get very impatient. Anyway thanks for listen chickies!! Sometimes it feels better just to get it lol out


So this is my second update today but I had to give a quick shout out to every one of you back at work 4 weeks out. Ladies I don't know how your doing it! Walked around four craft stores today maybe for a total of three hours and I'm dying. My ass hurts my legs hurt my back hurts. Literally wanna collapse and it's not even 7!!! Yay for you strong women being mommies and working and healing!! Mad respect to you all!

Just what I needed!

My tummy so swollen at night but still BIKINI YAY!!!!


So my tape that I hate lol has started peeling up just a tad and I saw my scar in one spot and OMG! It's so thin it literally looks like someone took pink coloured pencil and just traced a line on my belly! Pretty sure if it's this good at 5 weeks it will be absolutely nothing in one year! HOPEFULLLLLY my tape is coming off for good tomorrow and i will post a pic

No more tape!!!!

No more tape! Can swim at my baby's party Saturday and can start lifting my jus next week!!! Feels great! Dr said the clear stitches that got left will dissolve if they are still there but he couldn't find them so either they fell out or they got grown over and will eventually dissolve. Anyway!!!!! Here's my super thin scar! Forgot to ask about what scar therapy he recommends but that's just a email to Kim! Feeling good!!!

VS 34 DD

Bought the pink
Toronto Plastic Surgeon

Had a wonderful experience so far with Dr. J and all his staff. The clinic is beautiful and everyone makes you feel so welcome and comfortable. Kim is wonderful and worked so hard to make sure I was totally happy comfortable and knew what was happening and why at every step of the process.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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