49yo. Lipo, Ab Pec Etch & Gyne. Toronto, ON

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Totally healthy male. Wanted to get rid of belly...

Totally healthy male. Wanted to get rid of belly post cool sculpture and have abs and breast fat reduction with gyneocomastia tissue removal. Wanted this to be part of my new life pre 50. I will continue to exercise but ready for the change. I've had many surgeries over the years because I wanted a certain look. Find the best. Work together with the best. Be honest about your expectations and though it may seem pricey, remember one life. One body. Worth more than any house or car. Educate yourself and trust your doctor. Trust me when you find a gem, you'll be back for another procedure in the future.

10 days post

Dr Marc checked me today and removed areola stitches. I'm a bruiser. I swell easily. Please take this into consideration when looking at my timeline. I could have shown you only pre op and 3 weeks post op but being honest with the community here, future patients and myself, look at these on how well I heal and change for the better as swelling goes down. 4.1 L of fat and 2 egg size breast tissue excised.
No pain after day 6 and wear compression vests and drink lots of water. Don't massage etched areas and take good care during any healing process.
Enjoy the updates of a wonderful artist working my blank canvas.

12 days post op

healing very well. I'm a rosacean so I have very light sensitive skin. Saying that 12 days post, most bruising is gone and I wear my compression vest, shower and use virgin coconut oil to smooth out dry skin and feel great. Enjoy your recovery period. It's all part of the process.

15 days post op

bruising going down. Still swollen of course and just a little discomfort in areola region. Wearing compression garment for one more week. Biooil and no massaging etched areas. No massage at all. Walking and water.

16 days post op

fab abs and still wearing vests. Oil - Virgin coconut non bleached and bio oil. No massage. Lots of water. Asymmetry is present but just 3 weeks post so lots of swelling to go down and healing. Feel great.

20 days post op

Tomorrow marks my 3 week mark post op.
I see the most healing and changes at the 2 or 3 week mark.
Chest is firming and abs are fading in reddish color. In my case 3 weeks relax and healing time was needed.

26 days post op. Gyne. Ab pec etching & lipo

26 days post and loving my results. Sorry pics aren't with arms done but haven't mastered that with iPhone yet :)
Chest still swollen but I'm patient to wait and let the healing process continue for many more weeks.
No pain and slowly getting back into routine. For Cooper08, I bought a tight compression shirt to wear under suit (first time next week). It really feel good and I put oil on before any clothing. Dry skin and helps in the healing process.
Dr Marc Dupéré did an incredible job and will keep updating as the swelling settles.

Chest at 27 days post op. Arms down.

5 weeks post-op. Love my surgery results with Dr. Marc

5 weeks post and feeling great. Still using compression 24/7 and important note for other ab etch patients, NO massage to the etched areas (pecs/abs). I still like oil twice a day under my cotton shirt pre-compression vest as winter makes my skin dry and oil feels very comfortable. Treadmill walking only and stretching for past week to loosen up body. Feel great!

40 days post op

Feeling great. Notice improvement daily. 40 days post and still using compression garments. Will do a check in at 6 weeks.

7 week post op pics.

Have been on work vacation so missed 2 days of compression vest but will wear on long flight today. Healing better week by week

8 weeks post op

feeling great and living a normal life plus abs and pecs:)

10 weeks post op

feeling great and no issues. 10 weeks have gone so quickly. Dr Marc will do a follow-up next week.

15 weeks post op

Feeling great after Dr Marc Dupéré's incredible artistry and aside from a few minor touch ups year end, I can honestly say this surgeon put me on a positive path and made me strive to change my diet and attempt to enhance his work evenmore. I would do it all over again seeing the results 15 weeks post.

1 year post-op

I must say first of all that the VISAGE team are very responsible and excellent with communications. Dr. Marc is always there to reply and give his honest opinion. From "former" Joyce to present Willians, very kind and quick to reply. At 50yo I understand that only so much can be done to a body and a year later the body settles and changes post-op. I will clearly need a touch-up and to "calm" the lower abs and side rolls. So without further comment I will upload photos.

Final thoughts

I was looking back at this surgery and the past year and my conclusion includes the following:

1. Ab etching does not look real. (be very subtle or you will have everyone tell you how unnatural it looks and it did change for me over the course of 6-9 months.
2. For more than half the price I was able to have more areas done and fat removed where it was missed in surgery with "traditional lipo". I personally think smartlipo is better and more exact.
3. Try and keep it as natural as possible. No matter how much you workout, having etched abs does not always mean that it will match the rest of your body.
4. I had cannula burns with my first classic lipo surgery and they did not go away despite revision. I have had much better placed port holes with smartlipo.
5. Ask around and see many doctors. There are many surgeons these days and just because they are the most expensive does not equal the best work.
Toronto Plastic Surgeon

Nice staff and very professional. Dr Marc is very nice. Pricing is a lot higher than most PS and after a year, the results were not like the first months post-op. I was lucky to have found another doctor that has been doing smartlipo for years and was very honest on what looked right and matched my age and body. I am sure there are many wonderful success stories but I didn't plan or want another surgery to correct this one a year later.

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