First Timer with Juvedern for Lips - Toronto, ON

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So I took the plunge and gave in...after being...

So I took the plunge and gave in...after being super happy with the mini-lip injection, I went for Juvederm, the full syringe (0.8cc). I freaked myself out the week prior to, checking out all the clips on just looks so gross, sticking a needle into one of the most sensitive parts of your body! The day of, I arrived early, and immediately started sweating while the nurse got everything ready (I was in there for Botox as well).

I requested a dental block as she mentioned the freezing cream. In goes the dental block, top and bottom. The bottom froze almost immediately but she had to put two more shots in the top. Three minutes later, I couldn't feel anything and then she proceeded to inject my lower lips first. I was waiting to feel something but honestly...I just felt like something was being done there but absolutely no pain. If you're going to do this, i strongly urge you to get a dental block. The dental block itself is a little prick and then numbness. Anyway...she showed me the lower lip afterwards and it was really puffy. Then she did the top and to be honest, she probably put more in the lower than the top -- I really don't notice a difference there. So yes, in less than 7 minutes, it was over and done with and I had fuller looking lips.

The recovery, which I am in day 4 of, takes a little longer. Because the needle goes in deeper than the mini-lip injection (think Botox needle vs regular/longer needle), and because I bruise way easier...well, yeah, the pics speak for themselves. The nurse was awesome though (she's one of the top injectors in Canada) - she called the next day and I told her about my upper lip and she said to come back in 10 days and she'll take care of it. I'm filming a commercial in less than 5 days and the bruise was bad on day 1, day 2 was at it's peak of ugliness, and day 3 I went to Sephora and the makeup girl worked her magic with concealer and powder. Don't waste your money on anything but Make Up Forever's concealer - it's the strongest on the market apparently.

Today I am on the hunt for Bromelain - there is only so much pineapple I can consume in one day! And of course, ice it a bit. But even on Day 2 i was getting compliments. My fiance, who really is against all this stuff, couldn't help but smile and agree it looks good. I seriously don't regret the decision to drop $500 on my lips, on what some would say is an "expensive experiment"...but hey, you gotta try before you buy! And by "buy" I mean, I like it so much, I'm now considering implants! :) makes sense though..they're about $3k. if you get your lips done 6 times, there's ur $3k there!

Glow Tanning. Ask for Karina!

One of the top injectors in Canada. Does all the local celebs in town.

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