Amazing Breast Augmentation Experience!

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Toronto Plastic Surgeon

I am recovering from my procedure with Dr. Jubenburg and I had a really great experience! I had my procedure on Friday night, and have spent the weekend relaxing and recovering. I wanted to have this procedure because I had three babies and breast fed them each for 18 months. It left my breasts really deflated, so I wanted to restore the volume I once a little more. It took me ten years of wavering before I felt really comfortable with my decision, and that was in part because I saw the work that Dr.Jugenburg did and how much effort he took to make sure the patient got exactly what they wanted. Let me back track to my consultation. I booked my consultation a week and a half before my surgery. I was happy to see Nurse Kim and didn't mind that Dr. Jugenburg was operating at the time. Nurse Kim answered all of my questions without hesitation, and her presence was very calming and supportive. I wanted to book my surgery ASAP (as many of us do) and having a doctor who is always operating is the only way that we can ALL book our surgeries quickly. I assume if he were in every consultation, he wouldn't be able to operate on me in a week... and I REALLY didn't want to book my breast augmentation 5 months away like the other doctors I went to see. The week leading up to the surgery was great. I had chosen my size, incision site and implant type, and was super happy with my decision. 350cc, Through the Breast Fold, Saline Implant! I watched a LOT of Snapchat and followed them on Instagram so all of my questions were answered about the procedure without even having to email or call the office. Though, I did comment on a few photos/videos and got a reply that answered my questions - super helpful. The day of surgery I was a little nervous, but the Dr. 6ix team was EXTREMELY kind to me. I sat in the preop room for a while, and met with Nurse Minh, who gave me my pre op medication and discussed my post op care. Before the surgery I met with Dr. 6ix for the first time and he made me feel very at ease. He was nice and funny. We discussed my surgical plan, I guess just to make sure I knew all of the information. The anesthesiologist was helpful and answered all of my questions about waking up during surgery, feeling pain, and all of that crazy nonsense that I googled when I was nervous. The nurses in the room were also very kind. They made me smile and held my hand before I fell asleep. When I woke up I was just so happy. There are no words to describe that part of the experience. Even though they were swollen and high (which I was told to expect) they looked really good. The recovery process has been a little hard on me. Day 1 wasn't too bad. I took my meds like clockwork. Day 2 was hard. Burning pain on lateral breasts. Today, not as bad. The Percocet and Tylenol 3s really help manage the pain as long as you take them every 4 hours. My advice is to use ice packs, those have been helpful too. Feel like I may be over the worst part. I expected to be back at work Monday morning for a full day shift and that was a little overly ambitious of me. While I don't feel as much pain as I did Saturday, I was definitely in too much pain Monday to do a full day of work (even with the medication). I don't know what else to say! It was a great experience overall! If you have any questions I'd be happy to answer them :)

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