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I have wanted to have liposuction on a few areas...

I have wanted to have liposuction on a few areas that never change no matter what size I was for years! I workout at least 5 days per week, but gained 20 lbs when I quit smoking 3 years ago and haven't been able to get it off. I did a ton of research and decided to go for it! Thanks to all of you ladies who have posted your own stories. It's helped me with my decision a great deal! I'm doing the same in hopes that it will help others with expectations, etc.

Day 1 post op

I was pretty anxious leading up to the surgery as I'd never had one before. Every one was exceptionally nice and made me feel as relaxed as possible. I knew I was in great hands. I had zero nausea, minimal pain which would best be described as discomfort after a tough workout, and I was able to get up and about on my own. I had a few bouts of dizziness but nothing major.
I've been taking Percocet as prescribed and have been relatively comfortable.
Dr Jugenburg and his team are top notch! He uses the Safelipo technology/method and I only have one incision that is bleeding a little. They have a stitch which will come out next week at my follow up.
Swelling started about 6 hours after surgery and now it's settled into my hips and groin area. Lots of bruising, but I expected that.
Overall I am very pleased and grateful to feel as great as I do. I'm aware that days 2 and 3 are typically more uncomfortable, but I'm hoping that a chill weekend will help.
I've been instructed to remove my CG's 5 times per day to massage all areas for a total of 15 min each time. That feels a little tender but it's nit unbearable. :)

Forgot to mention...

I'm 5'5" and 155 lbs the morning of surgery.

Day 2 post op

Woke up pretty swollen and stiff today but still manageable pain. Just super tender but not unbearable. Pushing my painkiller doses later and eliminating one per day. Would eliminate more if I wasn't required to do massages, but those get achy.
I'm really thrilled with my results so far and can't wait to see everything once the swelling goes down!

Day 3 Post Op

I think I pushed it a little too hard yesterday and paid for it with some extra swelling last night that was pretty uncomfortable. I started to have all the same thoughts I've read on here like "what have I done to myself, who's bright idea was this" etc. Lol.
I have a full nights sleep and feel much better today. Some of the swelling in my pelvic area has gone down and I feel much better for it! I'm down to half doses of the Percocet and will switch over to T3's tomorrow.
I love my tummy area but have to admit that I'm concerned that my hips aren't going to have the change I was hoping for. This is common thought for most at day 3 that I've read and hoping that there's just a ton of swelling filling up that area. Will post updated
pictures soon.

Day 5 Post Op

I had a whole update written but then lost it somehow. In a nutshell, my swelling has gone down a bit, the pain is tolerable and I'm much more comfortable than I was days 2-4.

I had a few moments of frustration yesterday and similar to other posts on here, by day 4 I had had enough of all of this. :) I feel renewed hope today. I am very happy I've gone through with the procedure, just want to be sure it was all worth it!

I've posted comparison photos between days 1 and 5... the biggest difference being that my bruising is much darker and more pronounced. Swelling was the worst the days between these photos.

My post op appt with the surgeon is tomorrow to assess recovery and get my stitches out. Will post an update then.

Surgery was 1 week ago today!

Had my first post op appt with the Dr yesterday to get my stitches out and see how I'm coming along. Had 7 stitches to pull out. Little sting, no biggie. I did get dizzy standing there while the nurse was doing that though. I think it was the combination of driving for the first time, walking more than I'd had the last few days and the office was pretty warm. Sat down, had some water, and felt fine after that. :)

I finish my antibiotics today and am only taking extra strength Tylenol when needed as of yesterday. My pain levels have been fine, only achy like after a tough workout. Even less now, but I'm sore after doing my massages. I've been instructed to firmly press out any little lumps I feel at least 5 times per day. Especially on my abdomen. As the swelling goes down, I am starting to feel a few and if they aren't worked on, I've been told they will stay. I was way too tender to really get in there before yesterday.

It seems that different surgeons have different post op instructions, or maybe it's due to the type of lipo performed. Mine are as follows after one week:

1. No restrictions. Do what I feel I can do in regard to physical activity. Wear compression garments as needed for waist. Legs are one more week. I actually feel much better with it on and will continue to wear one most of the time.

2. They've actually recommended a corset as it gives a better hold without the folds in the bulky CG I've currently got. I went and got a smooth body shaper over a waist trainer. The girl said that the boning in a trainer is causing permanent dents on some of her clients.

3. No advil for 2 more weeks as it can cause extra bleeding and I'm pretty bruised.

4. Said I'm looking good but very swollen still and my shape will change significantly as it goes down. I have another follow up in a month.

I am back to work today and have been running around. I am really swollen right now, and haven't had enough water yesterday or today. I am trying to get as much water into me as I can today to help alleviate some of this bloat. It's a beautiful day here today and I'm hoping a casual stroll outside later will help too.

Overall, I feel terrific. The only thing that is impeding my day is the fact that I get pretty tired really easily. I'm sure that will get better day by day too.

I will take measurements and updated photos soon.

3.8 liters removed!!

I forgot to mention that....and I have 10 incision sites, not 7. :)

Overdid it yesterday a little bit and paid for it with some extra swelling. Super uncomfortable but felt 100 times better after putting my CG garments on after washing. Had a double Spanx thing going on while they were drying and it just wasn't enough.

Only needed 2 extra strength tylenol's yesterday. One in the morning and one in the evening. No other meds required.

TGIF everyone!

Lymphatic Massage :)

I had my first lymphatic massage today and it felt terrific! I feel like it's "woken up" my circulation. Which is what it's supposed to do I guess. Lol

She suggested taking measurements before and the day after to really see how much fluid gets released. I feel energized and am going to have a second one on Tuesday.

I'm curious to see how I feel tomorrow morning when swelling is the most uncomfortable for me.

Some relief from the swelling!

I really noticed a difference in swelling this morning after my massage yesterday... I feel so much more like myself. Plus I felt recovered enough to hit the gym and had so much more energy throughout the day. I was able to manage a few light circuits and lots of walking. I've also done lots of meal prep and laundry. I feel like a new woman :)

I haven't had a single Tylenol at all today. I've been wearing my garments a little looser today as they've been bothering me and digging in a bit. I tried removing my leg CG for a little bit in the evening but it felt weird and my legs felt like they were swelling so I put it back on. I think I am only going to use that one for work tomorrow as well. It's really high waisted, but it digs into my ribs and upper abs so I undo the top couple of clips and fold it down. My swelling is mainly around my hips, groin and thighs now.

I promise I will post current photos shortly. :)

11 Days Post Op

I slept without my leg CG last night and only the tummy one. My thighs felt pretty swollen this morning and when I was walking it felt like I had sand bags hanging off my inner thighs. I put that CG back on Pronto. Lol

Still no need for any medication. Just stiffness, a but of a achiness like a workout and the occasional "burn, tear, sting" sensation but it's brief and not severe.

My pre op weight was 155 and I am 153.8 this morning. I was up much higher the first few days. I will admit thay I had a moment this morning and was feeling a little disappointed that there wasn't a more significant difference in my flank area. I have dreamed of a "pear shaped" back side for decades! As my husband so kindly pointed out, I am only a week and a few days in and stop being ridiculous. Haha

I love my new shape, especially from the front and am looking forward to seeing more progress each week, especially once I pick my lifting routine back up and just getting more active in general.

Overall I am very happy and would say it's 100% worth it!

16 Days Post Op

Just wanted to update for anyone following lipo recovery.

To date, I've had 2 lymphatic massages and have a third scheduled for Tuesday. They really make a difference for me and I highly recommend them!

I've been back to work and find that I'm pretty uncomfortable by the end of the day but not enough for any Tylenol or anything. I'm still wearing my leg garment which is high waisted but I get swollen and it digs into my waist as the day goes on. It's the swelling that is the most uncomfortable and makes where it settles feel tender. I usually get out and walk 45 min or so and that makes me feel a lot better.

I've been able to manage the gym a few times but am very careful not to overdo it. I certainly don't want to set myself back at all....I can't wait to feel like myself again !

I feel pretty tired in the evening and sleep like a log at night. I have to remember that my body is still trying to repair itself and that takes energy! I'm eating healthy and at a slight deficit. I was 150.8 this morning. Just over 4 lbs since the day of surgery. However, I'm sure I've lost a touch if muscle in there.

I still need to take and compare measurements which I might do this weeken . I've been waiting for a not so swollen day and forget after my massage days. :)

I forgot....

The reason why I added an update....I find that my skin has started feeling like it's sunburned. Some areas are numb still like my hips (mostly where the most swelling pools) and some areas get a burning sun burnt sensation. Again, not "painful", but mildly annoying and a little strange. :)
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I found Dr Jugenburg to be extremely professional. His entire staff is very helpful and attentive. They put me at ease every step of the way. I whole heartedly recommend this team and should I consider any other procedures in the future, I won't hesitate to use them again!

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