Mommy's Makeover After Breastfeeding 3 Boys! - Toronto, ON

Well I'm less than a week away and the nerves are...

Well I'm less than a week away and the nerves are starting to kick in! I've been pouring over reviews and photos on this site and am so thankful I stumbled upon it! I've never had a large chest...36B but that's mostly because I'm wide across. Now after breastfeeding 3 baby boys I've got saggy little pancake boobs :( I'm hoping to not be too huge because I don't even want my mom to know (yep, 37 years old and still worried what mama will think!) but, the boob greed is kicking in. I'm booked for the Allergan round silicone implants - 310 cc. Thoughts????? I'm 5'4, and about 145 lbs (size 8/10). I love the look of the shaped implants but I'm nervous about the increased risk of infection. Did anyone take any additional supplements to assist in recovery?

Surgery DONE!

Today was surgery day ???? I'm 6 hours post op and feeling pretty good. The back pain is worse than I was expecting...lying down I feel fine - just pressure and tightness, but Breastfeeding engorgement is WAY more painful! Moving however, is another story! Getting up and down is excruciating ???? Dr gave me oxy's but I'm scared to take them so I took some left over T3's instead - definitely think I'll be taking the oxy when the next round is due!
I'm pretty excited about the size! They are high and swollen at the moment but I think when they settle they'll be exactly what I wanted! Not noticeable, just no more padded bra! I don't even think my mom will know!!! Lol!
Dr Ford and his staff were amazing! Definitely picked the right surgeon ????

The morning after

Thank god for pain meds.
Toronto Plastic Surgeon

Amazing so far :) Such a nice man! Very informative, helpful, and incredibly available for any questions!

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