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I am have my procedure done at Visage Clinic in...

I am have my procedure done at Visage Clinic in Toronto Canada I am from Nova Scotia and traveling to have this procedure done. I will be staying in Toronto for 2 weeks post surgery. My doctor is Dr. Marc DuPere at Visage clinic, my consultation with him was via Skype and it was wonderful it was about an hour and half and he answered every and any questions I had. What is also great is you pay the one consultation fee and I could Skype him as many times with questions and I wanted, he managed to answer them all with the first go though haha. His patient coordinator Joyce Palmer is just fabulous !! Any emails or phone calls I've made she has been nothing but pleasant and just wonderful with anything I've needed.
I've been wanting Butt implants for some time now and I've finally lost some weight and feel confident enough to have the booty I've always wanted ! It's quite flat. I'm a little nervous of the recovery part of it with little to no sitting/laying on back for the 2 week period. But I know it's going to be worth it !

Helpful tips ?

If anyone has any helpful tips as to what I may need with recovery for butt implants ? Certain garments ? Boppy pillow ? Anything of the sort that may make things more comfortable. Or any tips you found helpful with your experience would be awesome ! :)

2 days post op !!

So I had my pre op on Monday the 13th with Dr. Marc DuPere and his assistant Joyce. He went over everything with me and what size we would go with and took some before pictures, I decided at the pre op that I would get some Lipo done on my love handles as well , because I knew in my head what shape I had pictured and knew this is what would get me it !
The next day I went in to the surgical centre at 11 was taken in and got changed and was allowed to sit with my mom and sister while I waited for the doctor, he then took me in and marked me up as to wear he had to work on. The nurse that was with me Terry was so sweet and comforting while I waited, they took me in I laid on my back on the table , my IV was put in and Dr.Marc was so sweet to stay right by me holding my hand while I quickly went to sleep. Before I knew it I was waking up and they were gently flipping me back onto my back ! I was a bit emotional waking up as that's pretty normal for coming out of surgery. The procedure took about 4 hours and I stayed on recovery for almost 3 because I couldn't pee right away. The first attempt I got very dizzy and things got black , so drank some juice and laid back down for a bit. The pain meds finally started to kick in and I was feeling pretty good and finally was able to pee ! Then they showed me how to empty the two drains I have above my bum, which is super easy and I can't feel them at all ! I got dressed with the help of the nurse, my mom and sister were there helping as well. The clinic called a cab and I laid flat on my back in the front seat. Which was not anymore painful then laying on your belly. It's also ok to lay on your back for a bit because your bum wants to sink inward not outward like if you were to sit ! The first 2 days were pretty easy and not much pain it was more of a sore achey feeling nothing I couldn't handle. Today has been the worse , I'm having shooting pains in my bum cheeks and down my legs , the doc says it's muscle spasms and that's what it feels like. Sleeping on your belly is hard on your back !!! Do prepare for that, I have a boppy pillow that I lay on so it lifts my back up a little and not so much pressure is put on it. I take my antibiotics every 6 hours and I try to maintain my pain pills every 4+ hours if needed. Sitting on the toilet is kind of painful not too bad , take it slow and RELAX!! The more you relax as you ease yourself down makes it so much easier !! I haven't been able to eat very much I think it's from the pain meds , they make you pretty nauseous . So it's been mostly toast , meal replacement drinks And baby cookies haha I'm just trying to take it one day at a time ! I have a check up on Monday so I will update again ! Any questions feel free to ask :)

Pictures. 3 days post op

Here's A comparison of my old bum VS new bum

Sleeping tips ?

It's been 6 days since my surgery and my soreness is pretty much the same ! I'm getting super frustrated with laying on my stomach my back is just killllling me it's ridiculous. Do any of you have some tips on what you did for sleeping/laying any ways I can get the pressure off my back , wishing these next 2 weeks away haha

4 weeks post op

I was 4 weeks post op yesterday Tuesday the 11th , I am feeling great ! I flew home after almost 2 weeks, it was only an hour and 45 min flight so it wasn't too bad once I got sitting on more so my hip and I had my boppy pillow which I am telling you is a life saver!! For anything haha sleeping, sitting, it helped a lot. I started to sit around the 3rd week and now I can't feel the implants while I sit, unless I've sat for too long it gets a little sore, I'm assuming it's still pretty bruised on the inside and my sides where I got lipo is still tender when I don't have my garment on, But I wear it almost 24/7 though until I think the 6th week then I can take it off for good haha I've felt pretty great through this whole process and it has been totally worth it !
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