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My surgery date is booked, implant size/ shape...

My surgery date is booked, implant size/ shape have been picked and ordered.
Getting tear drop, 385cc, hoping it gives me a good projection as my bum is not entirely flat, there was only one size bigger than I'm getting in the tear drop shape.
Starting to get nervous, can't believe I'm only one week away! June 3rd.....
Ahhhhh!! Excited too, just nervous for the recovery part!
I live about 1 hour 30 minutes from where I'm having my surgery done, and I'm also nervous about the car ride home...
All tips and advice are welcomed!
Keep you posted !

Only 3 days out !!

I am getting so so sooo nervous!!
I've been so busy with work and family stuff that I haven't really had time to think about it and let it sink in!
What scares me the most is being put to sleep for a lengthy period of time and of course, the recovery and not sitting for 3 weeks....
My fingers and toes are crossed that everything goes smoothly, I will try and post as many pics as possible.

Tomorrow is the day !!

Tomorrow is the day!! Time flys
My surgery is scheduled 12 hours from now at 1300 tomorrow .... My fasting has begun, I'm working a night shift tonight which is helping pass the time and keep my mind off things
I feel like I am as prepared as possible for tomorrow and my recovery period
I have magazines, books, movies etc to hopefully keep me entertained...
I will attach before photos to this p

Before pics

I made it

Ok everyone, I made it!! My surgery is all done.
I am home now and laying in my bed... I am going to be as honest as possible in my post-op updates to hopefully prepare the rest of you and help you!
I went to the clinic and waited for a bit to speak with the nurse for a simple questionnaire and vital signs, then she started my IV and hung some fluids- normal saline.
Next she came back in with 2 different IV antibiotics to give me, after those had been given I hung out in my own room for maybe an hour.
Next dr. Dupere came in to talk to me, and to do his drawings on my bum for placement of implants etc.
I was then taken to the operating room where there were an additional two nurses and my anesthetist (who was amazingly kind as well) they then placed stickers in me to monitor my heart and then oxygen mask and that's about the last I remember .
When I woke up in the recovery room I was in A LOT of pain... With that being said I have and have always had a very very low tolerance for pain. I was given 2 Percocet to take away the pain which slowly kicked in and helped.
Walking was literally a nightmare I could barely stand it, it is soooooo painful. Every step I took was just awful (I'm sorry- just being honest)
One I got into my car and laid down in the back seat the pain medication started to take effect and I was able to sleep .
I have finally peed and am just relaxing in bed now waiting to have something to eat.
I will keep you all posted
I have to say the team who took care of me and dr dupere were absolutely amazing, very comforting and intelligent.

1 day post op

Well I'm about 24 hours post op now ...
Still really uncomfortable with lots of pain.... Walking is still a nightmare, I know the first 24-48 hours are ususlly the worst, here are some things I've learnt from my point of view
I've seen on some of the reviews on here people say it feels like they've just done a really intense leg/ butt workout .... No. It feels like I've been shot in each butt cheek and had 2 total hip replacements done
Also, I will never take walking for granted again after I am healed ... Holy moly the simple things in life
I thought at first I would want to lay on my back... Let me tell you you couldn't make me lay on my back right now if you had a gun to my head lol, even laying on my sides would be painful this early on- all hail the stomach (until a week from now when I'm sick of it)
Can't wait to see my results :) cue fastforward button!

2 days post op

Basically I am 48 hours post op at this point... Today has still really been a struggle and I am still experiencing a ton of pain, for some reason my hips are really bothering me.
I don't mind the compression garment so far it's kind of like a safety blanket, the drains are bothersome at times but I'm not doing much so they don't really get in the way.
Laying on my stomach is still not too bad, my neck and back are beginning to get a little achy from this though.. Repositioning with pillows is key
As far as walking I am really having a hard time, it is so painful and uncomfortable it makes my whole body shake and then I become nauseated.
I just keep thinking of the end result. Sorry I haven't posted pics yet haven't been up to it

3 days post op

Just over 72 hours out and I finally can see a tiny spec of light at the end of the tunnel
I'm not taking my pain medication as often which means I'm less tired and able to stay awake for more of the day
Walking is getting easier and my range of motion is much better today
Still lots of discomfort though at this point which I guess is to be expected
I haven't even attempted to take the compression garment off yet to see my bum I am going to wait it out
Sadly enough I have gotten used to going to the bathroom standing up lol trying to watch what I eat because of my lack of exercise, and drinking prune juice to help me go number 2
I am looking forward to having my drains removed on Monday so I can wear a bigger variety of clothing, and one less thing to take care of

Day 4

Today has been a good day!
Every day is getting better and better, I am able to do stairs now and finally make my own food/ get my own water etc.
I'm taking 1 pain pill every 6-9 hours which is a huge improvement from 2 every 4 hours around the clock
My back and neck are starting to feel a little better now that I'm moving around more
I know I still have a lot of swelling but I'm liking what I see in the mirror, I hope it doesn't shrink too much once the swelling is gone I'm liking this projection right now!
Excited for the next month
Keep you posted

Day 4 pic

Day 6, drains out

Got my drains removed today and oh what a relief it is :) I was dreading the pain so much I was nervous sweating, but it truthfully wasn't that bad just really uncomfortable as they slide out and some aches in the area after my stitches come out in another 8 days which I am also dreading
I am now only taking regular Tylenol once in a while for the discomfort.
The healing is coming along great, still some swelling but so far I love what I see and I'm very happy !
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