Oct 16th was the big day....Toronto Goodbye 38F and hello 38C

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Hey Awesome ladies, I am having a breast...

Hey Awesome ladies,
I am having a breast reduction next month. It's feels so surreal. I have to pinch myself. It's the most amazing birthday gift for turning 50. I swear I came out of the womb needing an underwire bra. I am wondering if I will have to replace all of my tops. Mind you, I'll he reclaiming all of the ones that don't currently fit over the girls. However, does anyone have any insight to share about how tops fit post-op.

My 29 day boob diary -- it's not Bridget Jones but I'm hoping it will help others

Hi Ladies,

I thought I'd start a daily diary to manage my emotions (one minute I'm off the grid and the next moment I'm in the lotus position imagining myself being chased by George Clooney in my new strapless bra). I also want to provide ladies considering a BR as much detail as possible - think of it as a virtual reality boob journey. I've also decided to stop sharing every detail of my operation with my amazing hubby. I know it's too much to ask of a marriage. He is my rock but this whole boob thing has thrown him off his game for the first time in our marriage. I have to keep him away from the red wine for both of our sakes. The conversation goes in strange places.
I've been enjoying many of your stories. This is the most beautiful community. I especially enjoyed Piggly70's howlingly funny story -- another 50 something like me. Her tatas look like they were sculpted by Michelangelo himself. I love her husband's comment about her boobs -- two beautiful cupcakes on a plate. Thank God it's Fall. I can wear my boob-masking jackets again. I'm a 38 F and I feel like I'm carrying the world in my $150 bra.
I will provide my personal boob story in the next post.

It's actually a 30-day boob diary (oops) Today is day 30

Hi Ladies,

My story...about a year ago I was on the golf course chatting with one of my co-workers. The conversation always turns to boobs when I am with women. Wonder why? Golf courses are hell. It's impossible to hide the girls in the little outfits. Sigh! We were discussing the woes of being small (her) and big (me). She told me her sister had a BR, covered by OHIP (our provincial healthcare plan). I couldn't believe it. The government will pay to release me from my physical and mental agony? It was a life defining moment. I could never fund the operation on my own. Without knowing it, that amazing woman changed my life.
I starting Googling breast reduction specialists in Toronto. I didn't like the idea of anesthesia and anyone carving my breasts so I was thinking I'd do lipo. Last December, I found a PS that did breast lipo. What a horrific experience with that guy. Within minutes of meeting the guy, my top was off and we conducted most of the consultation with me topless. I kid you not girls. Now I'm not a wilting violet. I can kick butt like the best of them but for some reason in that office that day I just couldn't walk over and put my top on. He kept on talking and then he started taking photos. I swear, I'm probably in a porno movie somewhere. In the midst of this humiliation, he told me that the government didn't pay for lipo, just a full mammoplasty -- the bride of Chuckie treatment as he called it. He told me he could do the lipo in the next couple of weeks for $4500 and told me to talk to his assistant. He never mentioned pre-ops tests or my medical history, he was just going to get the canula out whenever I was ready. Whoa, don't call me, I'll call you buddy. My mother and husband both agreed he was a perv.
So I was back to square one and I thought I'll lose some weight. That didn't work for me either. I lost twenty pounds and the girls didn't budge. I have a theory about boobs. Fat goes in there, but it refuses to come out. This summer I was in NYC in for a conference and I was invited to so many parties. I just love wearing dresses but you all know, that's a challenge for a 38F. I couldn't stand the way I Iooked in my dresses. I just felt so out there for all to see. After one of the parties, my husband and I went off to the Empire State Building to see it after midnight and I made the decision while walking there that I was going to get a BR, bride of Chuckie style.

I had officially reached the end of my rope. I usually take my bra off after dinner because it's just too uncomfortable to wear the over the shoulder boulder holder. I have all the other regular big boob symptoms, but the after dinner bloating is just awful. The girls seem to expand from a 38 to a 42 and I have special extenders for my bra in case I need to go out at night.
I found Dr. Leila Karsai on this site and my consultation with her was just amazing. I liked her on hello. She answered all of my questions, then examined the boobs and then told me I could cover up. The woman is a true class act and she comes with amazing reviews.
So here I am starting my diary. I can't believe this is going to happen. I have been defined by my big boobs my whole life. Sometimes I feel like I'm boobs with a body, not the other way around. They arrived very early when I was about 10. I swear they grew overnight. I think I started as a C and I just ballooned from there. I'm convinced if I don't have this surgery, I will be in the Guinness Book of World Records by the time I'm 65. I'll need a forklift to carry them around.
I just can't imagine not having them. I get breathless exercising and go up stairs. I'm not sure what other medical damage they have done. I will definitely know once I'm smaller. I can't wait to revel in the changes.
I've always been so sensitive about my boobs. They really are a handicap for me. I just can't help feeling like a porn star even though I try to conduct myself with such class. One of my friends told me I'd make a fortune if I got a job at Hooters because I'm well-endowed and so friendly. Who says things like that? I spend hours looking for clothes that hide the girls and still flatter my figure. It's an exhausting full time job. A lot of energy is wasted on managing my boobs. I can't imagine not having to focus on them. Being smaller is going to seem so surreal. I feel like it will be similar to being obese and becoming skinny overnight. It's going to mess with my head in the most fabulous way. I read a comment from one of the ladies on this site or perhaps in a magazine. She said that she looked like she'd dropped 15 pounds after her BR. It's amazing how they make you look big when you're normal everywhere else.
I'll do a photo session with the girls when my husband isn't around. He'll be horrified if he finds out I've posted my boobies on the internet. I've never actually photographed them. Should be liberating.

Day 29 of my boob diary

Feeling pretty calm today. I'm making a list of all the things I'll need. Anyone have any advice? I'm definitely putting chocolate on that list - a big bag of rose buds. I love those. I'm also going to start taping some shows on my PVR (I think you call it TIVO in the U.S.). I was thinking about Newton's Law today -- what goes up, must come down. My boobs are the only exception to that law. The girls felt really big today even though I hardly ate anything yesterday. My apologies for the silly comments. I intend on using humour to get me through this. I'm really going to have to get out the big girls pants to be able to walk into that OR.
I am going to do my pre-op tests tomorrow - the ECG and blood work. I've been reading everyone's stories and they really inspire me.

Day 25

Hey partners in crime,
I had my pre-op tests so I can cross that off my list. I am trying to get into shape before the big day. I have had major surgery before many years ago and I found all of my pre-op exercise really helped with the recovery at that time. So I'm working on my arms, doing step cardio (nothing tones the bum better), having fun on my twist board and walking my little dog. I have also been reaching out to the amazing ladies in our community who had the same surgeon as me for insight on their operation. I got a long email today from one of the ladies and it made my day. I am waiting for OHIP (my insurance) approval and I hope that comes through. I slept on my back last night, something I never do. I hope it will be that easy when I'm recovering. I am also taking my vitamins because I really don't want to get a cold and have to put off my operation.

Girls you have to read this...

I found this blog posting with some interesting information on bra sizes. I had no idea about a lot of this stuff. I thought all of the ladies out there who were an 'F' like me were the same size, but not so. Check it out. http://www.epbot.com/2013/04/everything-you-never-knew-you-needed-to.html

Wondering about the pain meds

I keep in thinking about the pain meds. I hope I don't have to take anything really strong. Based on the comments, no matter what you take (Vicodin, etc) they turn you into a zombie. How did House handle the Vicodin and solve all of those tough medical dilemmas on TV.

I have the option to move up my surgery...ladies I need your advice


My doctor called me today to say I can't have my operation on the 28th but she can do it on the 16th. That's less than a week away. Just wondering what you thought, oh wise ones. I'm not even prepared with my stuff but I guess I could get prepared fast. Would love feedback from those who have been there.

My surgery has been moved up to Oct. 16th

Girls, what a blessing. I'm going in early. It took a bit of juggling but I'm ready to go in on the 16th instead of the 28th. Yeah, now I have to get my stuff ready for the big day. Do you think I'll be able to do a little typing and talking on the phone from my sick bed? I planned on doing nothing but now that I'm going in early I may have to do a little work (eek).

Three more days...

It all seems so surreal. I'm working down my list getting all of my stuff ready for the big day on the 16th. I can't wait to be the proud owner of a small pair of boobs. I've been trying to cut out all of the booze and caffeine. I am making good progress - I get a B but not an A. I have had some wine since it's the Canadian Thanksgiving weekend. But it's nothing compared to what I would have drunk on a regular Thanksgiving. I've been reading so many of your stories and they are inspiring me so much right now. A few years ago, my new year's resolution was -- live life without fear. I am so excited about the surgery. I feel so brave and empowered. I'm doing this completely for me because a life without risk is no life at all.

Two more sleeps...

I was checking out my wardrobe today. If I was having any second thoughts I'd just have to go through my closet to see the outfits I own that are tortuously tight over mount boob. I have a dress that I love but the zipper can't make it over the waist to scale mount boob. Here's an example of a dress I love with my big boobs in all their glory. Blonde hair + big boobs = porn star. I hate it.

I will be posting a before and after pickie once the operation is complete

Just want to keep you all waiting in suspense. Ha ha. I feel like I've looked at more fabulous boobs on this site than Hugh Hefner could ever dream of. You all look amazing. I am dreaming of looking like all of you. Hugs to all of you and happy healing for those of you on the amazing road to recovery.

16 hours and counting...

Hey ladies,

I will report back from the field once this is over and I feel like I can string words together again. There have been so many good reviews here -- not sure i can outdo them. One thing I wanted to share, my surgeon told me to try to handle the pain with extra strength Advil if I can. It helps manage the swelling and doesn't have the horrible side effects of the harder narcotics - constipation, dizziness, etc.

Resting comfortably on my back

Hey ladies, All is well on my end. No pain from the boobies but I'm really tired. I am hoisted up on comfy pillows on my couch. I was so sick from the anaesthetic. Holy cow, that was brutal but I'm eating again and just vegging out. I'll provide an update when I'm feeling more human. I got through this because of all of you. I was so scared but I just kept my head full of your inspiring and funny stories. Love you all!

Can't believe I did it...

Hey ladies,
I'm a little bit late with my update but the nausea was something else. I'm now resting comfortably and handling pain, which is about a 1, with extra strength Tylenol.
I got to the hospital at 10:30 for my 1:00 surgery on the 16th. I am married to the most amazing man. He was such a trooper. We didn't speak much as I was going through all of the pre opp stuff. I was trying to get in the zone and all of your stories really helped me. I just kept thinking of all of your hilarious stories of what's happened to all of you. When I arrived at the hospital I had to sit in a packed waiting room. A lady in a wheelchair was bitching about something. It was charming in a bizarre way. I was wondering how we were all going to be processed. It just seemed like a madhouse. Finally my husband and I were taken from the crazy waiting room to the inner sanctum where you get to put on the hospital couture matching outfit - gown and matching jacket. I was a stunner. I would have taken a photo but you'd all be so jealous of how spectacular I looked in my new outfit with my face and body stripped bare of anything. Ha ha ha. In Canada they won't let you eat or drink anything after midnight. I was so parched. I was also a little stuffed up and I kept telling all of the professionals I spoke with and no one thought that was a big deal. I was so thirsty and my mind was jumping all over the place. Somehow I managed to remain calm. They said my vitals were excellent. I had to speak to the nurse, then another nurse, then the anestesiologist, and then my surgeon came in. I was so thrilled to see her. She is the most amazing doctor and seeing her brought me back down to earth. I knew she was going to look after me. She truly is awesome. She marked me up and that took about 20 minutes. We talked about our dogs. Her dog is a princess just like mine. Then, after the initial craziness, they walked me into the OR at 12:30. I went in on my own steam, sat on the bed, answered a number of questions. My doctor confirmed again what they were doing. I was going to say, "Breast reduction, I thought was was having a nose job." Decided not to. Ha ha. I just wanted to go to sleep. The anestesiologist told me he was going to start my fluids since he knew I was thirsty. He said it was St. Joe's best - better than coffee. Then I was in La La Land. I woke up staring at a big clock that said 3:30 and I was still out of it. I was so sick to my stomach. I never even looked at the face of the nurse in stage 1 recovery. It was a guy. I kept throwing off my covers because I was so nauseous and hot. He kept covering me and telling me that we had to remain decent. Hello, I didn't realize I was only in my bra. What happen to the couture matching jammie set? Must have lost my clothes in the OR. Then he jammed some crushed ice in my mouth to cool me down and he put a cold compress on my head. That felt so good. I was no better when I got to stage II recovery. My husband finally arrived and joked that my dog called to say hi. I just groaned. He knew were were going to be there a long time. I didn't leave until 7:30. I was wheeled to the door with my turquoise spit bowl as my husband calls it. You should have seen me - think Walking Dead. I was just hunched over and felt like death. If someone I knew had seen me, I would have died. I never leave my house without being decked out. Even though I felt like shit, I was amazed but how quickly everything went. You arrive at 10:30 and you leave at 7:30 with new boobs. It still blows my mind. Truly amazing.
My big piece of advice, lovely ladies. If you suffer from nausea like me ask for a patch to go behind your ear. I think it's called a Transderm V motion sickness patch. The best invention known to mankind. I had it on my list but I forgot to ask my doctor for it.
For those of you who are next up to bat, you are all going to be fine. The roughest part is the sitting around. I'm on my couch right now propped up on comfy pillows. I'm going to be here for the next week. That's the only part that could be described as rough. I lost six pounds. I think a lot of that is because my appetite is gone. I feel like the bravest woman in the world. I did something that was 100% just for me. It was my 50th birthday present. I knew a lady who went down a building in Vegas on her 50th - I watched her go down the side in a harness. It scared me to death. I got a BR. I would do it again in a heart beat. If I hadn't had the nausea, it would have been a walk in the park. Happy healing everyone. Momma Small Boobs is now a BR coach -- I'm here to cheer you all on and help guide you on your journey. XO

ladies, I changed my name since I'm no longer big. :-)

Needed a new name to describe how fabulous I feel!

My girls - before the big day

Here they are. They look so much better. New photo to come.

the after

I took a selfie. My photography skills are not as great as y'all. Here they are in all their glory. Not sure what the yellow stuff is. I can't wash it off. My ps says my healing is going really well. I attribute that to all of you. No one could ask for better teachers/coaches.

My before and after

When you look at my before and after photos you may think there isn't much change. My doctor took one pound from each one of the girls. Whoa, that's a lot.I am pretty swollen. I will take a better after photo when the swelling goes down. There is a huge change and I love my new girls. I still have discomfort. The pain feels like swollen boobs from a really bad period.

holy mamma

One minute no pain, next minute pain. I am just sitting on my couch and I am nit going to move my arms. The day I went to see my doctor, I overdid it. Pain all day -- it was about a 2 but really uncomfortable.

I felt like a million bucks today

I got off he couch and out of my yoga wear today to go out for a short time to find a sports bra. It feels so much better to batten down the hatches tightly. I got a padded sports bra. I am so worried about falling or someone bumping into me. Jas will hear my screams in Germany if that happens. My clothes fit so much better. I felt so amazing. I have a waist. It was missing in action for so long. I am going to start taking Advil tomorrow instead of Tylenol because I am still very swollen.

Still just sitting around

hey ladies,
The most exciting thing I did this weekend is go to the drugstore for more steri-strips. Those darn things don't make it through two showers. Thank God for Pearl Jam's new album. It's awesome. I've been listening to it all weekend.
I am still taking the pain meds - Tylenol Extra. My nipples are so sensitive.

got stitches out

Hey gang,
I just got my stitches out. It didn't hurt but I had some oozing from a nipple and I have to put polysporen on it. anyone have any other ideas?

Went out for the first time tonight..

I went out for dinner tonight with my girlfriend. It was the first time that I have been out for some fun. My boobs are still sore but my friend and I had a blast. I had my size medium top on. We were at a restaurant called Hudson's Kitchen. They hosted a lot of parties during the Toronto Film Fest and Brad Pitt had a party there along with Scarlett Johansson. The waiter was joking that Brad sat at our table. It was so much fun to go out. I've been having cabin fever. I never told any of my friends about my BR. I just wanted to keep it to myself. It's so personal.
Jas I will post some photos soon. My boobies just aren't looking too great at the moment. They're going to be photo ready soon, I just know it. :-)

Some ladies have been talking about crazy emotions

I have been feeling that too. One minute I'm over the moon and the next minute I am sad. Not sure why. Can't explain it. Maybe it's the lingering pain. So glad I went out with my friend for some fun.

picture of my new boobs

Hey wonderful ladies,
I decided to stop moaning about my nipples and how I'm keeping polysporin in business. That pain is being managed with my best friend -- ES Tylenol. I got my hubbie to take a piccie of me in my new blouse that I keep bragging about - size medium from Ann Taylor. It has lace on the sleeves. So here it is. It really lifted my spirits today to see this picture today. I have been up and down. I ate too much Halloween candy and I felt so guilty. I was so down on myself. I can't say no to a reese peanut butter cup. I ate about ten of them. You all seem to be eating so healthily and I'm proud of you. But I'm turning to the chocolate since my butt has barely left the couch. I went out today for a bit. I'm trying to go out every day because the fresh air and feeling of being normal really helps me emotionally. We went out for lunch and I had lobster grilled cheese. Oh, so good. I will start eating healthily again once I turn the corner (I promise, ha ha). I still have a long journey ahead of me. I have two sore spots under each nipple. I have photos but I don't want to gross you out. Like someone said here on the site -- one you see something, you can't un-see it. I am looking after them. Hope everyone else is healing really nicely and spoiling themselves.


Okay gals, my angry girls are ready for their close up Mr. DeMille. Up and down and up and down. One minute no pain, the next I'm wondering when I took the last tylenol. I have issues on both breasts where the breast joins the skin. They are sore and getting pampered with Polysporin. I'm calling my PS tomorrow to ask her if all of this is normal. I have neglected to tell all of you that I am a huge hypochondriac. :-)
I had abdominal surgery a long time ago and I know that recovery never tends to take an upward trajectory. It's more like up one day, and a bit down the next -- and then your totally healed and it's all a distant memory. Sorry I really am moaning a lot today. I was feeling great until after dinner. I was reading a comment from SMOOCh916 and she suggested skipping the pain meds once in a while and having a stiff drink. I'm loving that idea. Loving SMOOCH with her great ideas. I'm sure I'll feel better tomorrow. I still am crazy about my new boobs despite how red and angry they are.

Ouch - the sequel

My stupid left girl refused to upload with the angry right. Here is the lefty nasty girl.

Funny moment

I take my photos on my smartphone and I am so paranoid that I'll accidentally post my boobie photos on my Facebook page or on Google Plus. Could you imagine?!

I am going to live

Hi ladies,
I went to see my ps today about my nipple woes. All is well. I am told that my incisions under the nipple that came apart will heal nicely. My pain has subsided to 2 from a 5. Just for fun I went bra shopping today and I am a C. I got a 38 C with no underwire. That made my day and pulled me out of my funk.
I no longer feel nauseous when I look at the split incisions in the shower. That was brutal. Maybe my stomach is getting tougher.
My ps reminded me that this is a big surgery and I need to be patient. Hope everyone is healing nicely, RS buddies.

Celebrity BR

Hey ladies,

I am still over here recovering. I think my incisions over my nipples will have healed up in a week. I definitely had a reaction to the disposable stitches. You can tell from my recent photos. I will post them tomorrow. I was comparing them to the ones I took last saturday. Only I would spend Friday night examine my boob pics. Ha ha. I am tired tonight. I had some pain tonight which was so draining. I can't find a comfortable bra. Sigh! I was watching CNN and Marie Osmond was discussing her BR when she was in her 20s. I didn't realize she had the surgery. I guess Queen Latifah and Drew Barrymore are part of our club too. I love Drew. I have had many people say I resemble her. I hope everyone is healing nicely. Momma's not too happy tonight and I am hoping for a better day tomorrow.

I turned a corner today.

Hey ladies,
I am feeling so much better today. Pain just sucks the life out of you. I feel alive again so I am going to make a tasty dinner, rather than have take out. I have eaten more take out over the last three weeks than I have in my entire life. Happy healing all.

Unveiling the new me

Here are my new girls - on Day 25 post recovery. I'm pretty pleased. Looking at this photo is quite surreal. I can't believe it is me. I was never perky so I wasn't expecting that. However, the uncovering of my waist is really blowing my mind.

Hypersensitive nipples

Hey ladies...My nipples are still really sensitive. Any advice on anything I could use from my army of mommies. I might be momma small boobs but I am the momma of a four legged furry princess. I didn't breast feed any babies and I need help from some experts.
I think this could be happening because I take bio-identical hormones.

Excited to share this photo with you

Here's my before and after. You can really tell the difference based on a small scar I have on my waist. I highlighted it in both pictures with a small black box.

Pushing down on the boobies

My nipples were on fire last week and my PS told me that was good news. Hello, I am in pain and that is good news. I felt like that robot in Austin Powers who could shoot bullets from her nipples. Now sure why. I just imagine having machine gun boobs are as uncomfortable as I feel. Apparently, it means the nerves are regenerating in my nipples. My PS told me to push down on the nipples and it would reduce the pain. Seems very counterintuitive advice BUT it works. I've been pushing down for days and no more pain for Momma SB. So any ladies out there who have machine gun nipples might want to try this. Happy healing everyone.

Fashion show

Big reveal before and after

Remember the black dress photo above -- the one valiantly trying to hide mount boob? Here's the after...

I have gone rogue...

I am wearing an underwire bra and it has only been six weeks. Not sure my ps would approve. I got the bra at Winners for get this...seven dollars. It has padding over the underwire. I have never seen that before. It's a Delta Burke bra. I will post a piccie so you all can see how wonderful it is. I am delirious with happiness. I may have the best boobs of any 50 year old in Toronto. :-) Hope everyone is healing nicely. Momma loves you all!

My fabulous purchase


I went to Sears last week armed with a $10 off card. I was looking for presents for others when I spied something for moi. I found this amazing dress by Jones and Co. It was half off $130 and with my card and various other deals, I got it for $50. It's perfect for afternoon tea, church, parties, date nights. The best part - I could NEVER have worn it pre-BR. It's a size 10 and I would have been lucky back then to have jammed myself into a 14. Note to my buddy, CanadianDSC - I still look big. Check me out, girl. But I'm over the moon and I just love how I can wear something like this.

Another view of my amazing dress

Gotta love a deal. $50 for a dress. I love the adrenalin rush you get from a good deal.

Do you have a ketchup secret?

I don't why I keep thinking of this episode of Seinfeld. Not sure if you remember the one where Elaine was trying to get Jerry and George a meeting with the head of NBC. She showed up at the restaurant where the head of NBC ate regularly. To get his attention she went over to his table to borrow his ketchup. She couldn't get his attention so she bent down, exposed her cleavage and asked if he had a ketchup secret. The she couldn't get rid of him. I can still get attention like that. I was hoping those days would be behind me after my surgery. I'm resigned to the fact that I will die with big boobs on and I'm very happy.

Happy New Year to my Real Self buddies

Boy, I've been gone for a while The site looks completely different. I really like it. I hope everyone had a lovely holiday. I ate too much. I'm getting back on track. I ordered a fitbit on Amazon based on a recommendation from Jill Crazy Hawkeye Journey wonderful lady. Hope everyone is well and is healing nicely. To quote Arnold, I'll be back. I won't stay away for a month next time.

Four Month Update

Hi Ladies,

So happy on my end. No pain at all. I don't have feeling back in both breasts. I think this will take time. I am still putting my Maderma on every night. I'm a pretty happy girl. So glad I took this big step in my life. I am so excited for everyone who is getting ready to take the plunge and I am thinking of all of you who are healing. I've posted my before and after photos

Posting my before and after again

The site is a little different since the update. I used to be able to delete photos. I edited my before photo above and not sure what happened. Here are the photos I meant to post.

Whole lotta boob

Ladies, I was just looking at my photos, particularly my before and after. I am so used to the new me. Looking at the old me makes me want to sob. I don't know how I managed that wide load.
Toronto Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Kasrai is a superstar. She is an artist, a perfectionist, a genius. She is so caring and wants to make sure you have a fabulous outcome. She has an amazing technique. I had very little pain from my breast reduction.Jane and Eva in her office are so awesome. The most charming, loving and caring women. I feel so blessed to have Dr.Kasrai as my surgeon and her team to support me. She changed my life.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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