Been Wanting This my Whole Life! Areola Lift and Augment! - Toronto, ON

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I'm a fit, 33 year old woman.....even in my teens...

I'm a fit, 33 year old woman.....even in my teens I believed I had tuberous breasts, but I now know I just have low puffy nipples and assymetry. I have wanted to get a lift for so long, and even went to a consult ten years ago but at that time the only option I was given was to have a full anchor lift-and I really didn't think I needed a full lift-I was hoping for a benelli as my actual boobs aren't nipples are just really low!
Sooo......I finally booked a consult a couple of months ago and went yesterday! The doctor told me that a donut lift with implants would give me the result I'm looking for--god I hope so!!

I booked my surgery for April 9th with pre-op on March 25th....I will be getting a donut incision with cohesive gel implants....haven't decided on size yet....I'm thinking maybe 300gr???

So unsure about size!!

I am really unsure about what size to go with!!! My pre op is on the 25th which is when I will get to try on sizes, but I'm so worried about going too big or too small! Im thinking 300 to 330.....errrr???? Going to post some full body pics so maybe you ladies could tell me what size you think would look good on me!!

Bought scar patches and 'Make me heal' pre and post op supplements....I just got everything in the mail so I'm excited about that:)

The countdown app!! Get one:))

Pre op complete......Size chosen!!

I had my pre-op yesterday where my doctor took my dreaded 'before' pics, and I met with the surgical nurse to discuss details!
My doctor suggested 275cc and 335cc....60cc's difference in my boobies:0

I tried them on and it was exactly what I was looking for:) My doctor said that if you go too big with the benelli lift the possibility of streching the areola is greater, so I am happy with the size he chose!

Also I wanted to mention that when I got my Vectra scan at my original consult, it measured the cc's in my natural boobs.....they were 295cc and 225cc! So the size I am going to end up with would be the exact same as a completely flat chested woman getting 560cc's!!!

If you ask what cc your natural boobs are it makes it much easier to compare to other woman to get your ideal size:)

My surgery is scheduled for April 9th with a tentative time of 12:45pm! Can't wait!

Surgery Supplies and CHEAP gel packs!!

Here are some of my surgery supplies....I got the pre and post vitamins from Make me Heal, and they also had the gel ice packs made for your breasts but for the two little packs it is $60.00!! That was outrageous to me! My boyfriend suggested I look in the baby section at Shoppers or Walmart and find a teeting product that goes in the freezer-such a good idea from my hunny! I ended up finding the purple gel packs pictured which are meant for cooling breasts after pumping milk....they have two soft enclosers that go over them when you take them out of the freezer. These were $13 at Shoppers Drug Mart:)

Can't believe I only have 8 days left!!


Oh my is in 11 hours from now! My time got changed from 12:45pm to 9:15am tomorrow scared! Wish me luck!


Wow.....I am in so much pain right now. I would say a 7-8 out of 10. My doctor said he had to do a lot of scoring (slicing) with the scapel as I had more constricted tissue then first thought.

I can't move at all right now and I'm considering taking the higher amount of 2 oxycodone (10mg) my next scheduled dose. What do you girls think or what was your experience with pain, what helped? Did you need to take the highest prescribed dose of meds? Any help appreciated!

On a positive note.....although they look egg shaped right now and are extremely bruised.....I think the size is going to be perfect!


Well, I am finally able to eat a bit and walk after a few days of pure hell! I stopped taking the heavy narcotics which I think was more of the problem than the answer....they were making me so out of it that I couldn't walk, very nauseous, and made me not want to eat a thing.

My boobs already feel a little softer....very heavy to walk around with, lol, but so far I like them! Tomorrow is my first post op and hopefully after I will be able to shower for the first time-I feel so gross!

I will definetly update with my story from the day of surgery when I feel a bit better, just wanted to give a quick update and some really bad quality pics:)

Pics didn't load!

Nipples finally uncovered!!! Lol

First post op appointment waa today! Finally got to see my nipples, lol!

No time for a long update, but here are the pics!! No more tuberous breasts!!!

Never thought I'd say this but....................I love my boobs:)

More pics:)


Sugar & Spice & Everything nice??

I had a mass try on session of lingerie, bras, bikinis, and sport bras, here it is!! Too early to purchase much as the girls are still changing, but I am a 34D as of right now!!!! I can't believe it!

My incisions after FIVE days!!!!

I keep telling everyone that I'm going to put up pictures of my five day incisions....and then I forget:/

Please note that I only got a glimpse of this because one of my tapes fell off-but I was wowed by what I saw already!

Progress update:)

Things are going really incisions are healing nicely and my breasts seem to be dropping slightly, although they are still pretty hard, lol.....speaking of 'hard'....what's with the constant state of semi-hards nips?! It's creating havoc in my boyfriend can't even look me in the eye anymore, hahaha;)

As I find the constant massaging to soften them very annoying-it's lucky I have someone who is ready, willing and able to do the job around the clock, lol!

Boobs & Bras;)

So my first day at work is tomorrow....I'm a little worried as I have a very physical job. I am still a little sore, especially in the mornings. My incisions are healing up nicely and I have begun using my silicone sheets daily. I have also started working out again...mostly training legs and doing some slow cardio:)

I can't believe how fast the time went!! Here are some new update pics....

On Vacation!!!

Almost 2 Months!

Can't believe how fast time is flying by! Just finished my post op appointment with Dr. Brown. Everything seems to be healing perfectly! My breasts have dropped a lot and scars look really good. For quite a while my areolas looked like they weren't a part of me, they stuck out like they had pressure from the sutures underneath.....hard to explain, but now they are flush with my breast and I have sensation back in both my nipples and areolas!!! Amazing! Here are a few comarison pics.....lots of changes in the last two months--notice in the middle picture of the front facing comparison shot how big my one breast looks compared to the other.....that is from swelling because that implant is so much larger than the other, it took some time for that one to settle!


Still loving my breasts now-my nipple incisions are barely noticable, I have full sensation in both nipples and areolas, and the size is perfect for me!
I do have very slight pain in the incision line still when I massage them, and I have very slight animation deformity when I flex my pectorial muscles, but nothing major. Overall, I'm very happy and they feel and look completely
Toronto Plastic Surgeon

Can I just say A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!! Look at my before and afters! It is unbelievable work that this man did for me! Okay, Dr. Brown was the first consult I went to. I wanted the best reconstructive surgeon I could find, and he was it! I would describe Dr. Brown as friendly, but maybe somewhat elusive if I can say that? He definetly cares about people, but does he care if you book with him? NO. He is confident in his work, and very sure of himself....he is super busy, and he definetly doesn't need your money, lol! Dr. Brown was very expensive, even his consult was pricey-BUT-he gives you the time you need to make an informed decision, his staff are outstanding, he is not running an assembly line......I was given about four hours after surgery in recovery and STILL wasn't being rushed, with some of the nicest nurses I could ever hope for! On top of all that....I was a tough case, my breasts were not easy to fix and he not only fixed them, he literally made my boobs......boobs that I would wish for in my wildest dreams! Dr. Brown and his staff far exceeded my expectations. Dr. Brown is not a run of the mill surgeon, he is truly an artist. If you need cosmetic surgery, and you live anywhere in the vicinity.....this is your guy.

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