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Love this site!! Think I'm addicted to it. I want...

Love this site!! Think I'm addicted to it. I want to thank all the women who post these reviews because without this I don't know if I would have been able to decide on my PS.

So far I have had my initial consultation with Kim (head nurse) for Dr. Jugenburg. She made me feel very comfortable. Going into this I was more interested in feeling better in my clothes. I'm currently a small B cup. During my consult Kim recommended I get a lift which I was pretty sure I needed. My husband and I both felt it should be done right even though it doubled the cost of what we expected it to be. I am also getting an areola reduction with it.

After my consult and trying on the different sizers we decided on a Saline high profile 450cc to 480cc. I am only 5ft and I don't want to be all boobs. So I am scared they might be too big. My husband has never complained about my breasts it has always been me who hated mine. Mostly just that they weren't big enough. Now when he's asked the choice of sizes he says you might as well go bigger...lol

Another consult booked with PS on August 22nd. Hopefully will be able to decide exactly what implant I want. They seem to push Saline not sure why even though it is cheaper. I'm afraid my breasts won't feel real and will be too hard.

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Getting excited!! Still feel like I'm dreaming.

I still feel like this is all a dream. I've wanted bigger boobs my whole life and now it's finally happening. I'm still very confused as to what size and type to go with. During my initial consultation the sizers I tried were high profile 450cc. I thought they were too big but when I look at other pics post op sometimes don't look big enough. I don't want to regret not going big enough. I'm also afraid of going to big and having issues with getting bras to fit as well as nice tops. I have another consult with the PS on August 22 so hopefully he can help me make my decision. I'm also having a lift which I'm nervous about the scarring. I've had 2 c-sections and my scars are great so hopefully my breast scars won't be very noticeable. I am really looking forward to the areola reduction. I will try to post my wish pics.

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Well it's really getting close now. Only 2 weeks from this Tuesday. I am some so excited!! After my last consultation I was more confused than ever. My PS thought I should go moderate instead of high profile. I was worried at first but I've decided to go moderate approx 395cc implant overfilled to what he thinks will give me the look I want. Went to Victoria Secret today to try on the awesome sports bra that fastens in the front. I tried a 36DD as well as a 38D and 38DD. They all felt great but I'm going to wait till after my surgery to purchase the correct size. I'd be happy with any of those sizes.

2 days post-op

Really...really sore and my chest feels so heavy. Trying to transition off the harder pain meds to the T3 but I'm finding it quite hard. This Velcro band that sits on top of the implants to hold them down is very uncomfortable. My implants feel very large on the sides under my arms. I can't seem to rest my arms flat yet. My implants were moderate profile 420cc overfilled to 500cc. Was hoping to be back to work by Monday but at this rate I really can't see it. No shower till after my post op appt on the 22nd. Going to have to get hubby to give me a sponge bath. Trying to massage my sternum too as they have a blue tube like thing sitting in my cleavage area. Supposed to apply pressure there a few times a day. Would like to post some pics but it's taking all my energy to just type this. Hopefully my next update I'll be feeling a lot better.

1 week post op

Thought I'd be back to work by now. Frustrated with how slow my recovery has been. Was not expecting this at all. Really tired of sleeping on my back already. I think my back is more sore than anything else at this point. My husband helped me bathe last night. I feel so helpless. I've never had to depend on anyone else this much in my whole life even after having 2 c-sections. I keep telling myself that the results will be worth it but it's pretty hard I'm not going to lie. I should have been back to work yesterday. With the bandages the way they are there is no way I could hide this from my boss. I'm afraid I went to large cause I'm having difficulty even putting my arms by my sides. I know everything is still swollen and high but I'm still worried. This compression bra that they put on me is so tight it's driving me crazy!!! Hopefully after the bandages come off Thursday I can go buy the Victoria secret sports bra. Hopefully my next update will be much better.
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