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Hello, I live in a Northern community (Thunder By,...

Hello, I live in a Northern community (Thunder By, Ontario). 

I am 31 year old mom, I am 5 foot 9 and 145 pounds. I was always small in the chest (34b) but when I turned 30 I went down to an A cup. I have a twin sister who had 2 small children. She had been a D cup for over 6 years, as have all the other women in my family. I always felt like the odd gal out. I had a hard time dressing to look feminine and just didn't feel like a real woman. I decided I wanted curves, so I started researching like a mad woman on all of my options. I interviewed women who had breast implants and what their experience was like, any tips and what the warranty was on their investment. All fingers pointed to going out of town. I visited 2 clinics in Toronto and found Dr. Jurgenburg's to be the most comfortable, the most beautiful and the staff was the most friendly and professional than all the rest. I researched size and struggled with the amount of CC's for a long while. I knew I wanted Saline because it had been on the market the longest, and I knew I wanted the incision under the breast fold so it was easier to hide and had the shortest recovery time. I went in thinking I wanted 300 CC's. I left after sizing with Kim, wanting 500CC's. No one drew any marker on me or touched me which was something I was nervous about. I didn't want to feel judged or inspected and none of that happened. It was such a comforting sizing with Kim. It felt like two women trying on on new bra's and having fun.

My boyfriend and I arrived in Toronto the day before surgery for my last fitting. The clinic ordered me 550 CC Implants because they were going under the muscle where they would get squashed smaller. The 550's would give me the look I wanted. On surgery day I picked up all my meds and went to the clinic right in our hotel. I cried I was soo nervous. Kim was wonderful, and so was my boyfriend. Before I knew it I was in my room again recovering. I was afraid to take the oxi's so I took the T3's which was a big mistake! I was ok when I was laying down but when I went for my first shower I was so shacky and in so much pain I almost fainted. Thank goodness for my boyfriend being soo supportive. I talked to Kim that night and started taking my meds the right way. Take your pain medication the way Kim said to! They give you Oxi's for a reason! I was very sore and uncomfortable and weak for about 3 days after surgery. The clinic lent us a wheelchair so we could still go out while in Toronto. I went for a follow up the day after surgery and got a lesson on massage and support for pain relief as well as comfort. I went from being an A cup to a DD overnight, 550 CC are big and they can be uncomfortable at first.

By the time we were flying home I was feeling better. When you fly after surgery you get motion sickness very easily! Be prepared to throw up on the plane. We told the air line (Porter) and they were super accommodating. They also shuttle right to the hotel Dr. Jugenburg's clinic is in and back to the air port again. I felt like total poop and was nervous to go back to work. I was in Toronto for 3 1/2 days after surgery and was not going back to work until day 8 post op. Kim said that by day 7 I would be feeling better and she was right. On Day 7 everything turned around and I felt well enough to work and was not being medicated all the time. I do Admin. Assisting in a car dealership.
I finally feel sexy!, I feel like a woman. I model as a side hobby and I don't have to have everything pinned in to fit my chest. My sex life is more lively and I feel great! I am very happy with the size I went with and have zero regrets. I followed all the advice on line and didn't really tell anyone I was having the surgery. As people find out it has been very positive. There are always going to be people who don't under stand or are jealous - I just don't let it bother me. Mostly I have found women are interested in the process and confide that they have wanted to do it too.
I did ALOT of research and Dr. Jugenburg's office did an outstanding job preparing both me and my boyfriend for what to expect and how to handle the surgery and recovery.
I have a few follow up apt to do. They are super important - the after care is where the research falls short as most people do not do the one year and every 2 years follow up apts. As I live and work up north - Dr. Jugenburg's office allows me to send pictures and e-mail in the info for the appointments I cannot always make. I plan to be due diligence in maintaining my new investment so they will be in top notch shape for a long long time.
I am at 3 months right now. They are nice and soft, my nipples are still a bit sensitive and I have a bit of left over discomfort under one breast but every day it gets better. During recovery it seamed like it would hurt forever - but everyday got better and they will continue to get better, you just have to be patient like everything else that is worth wait.
August 29, 2012 : A cup to a D cup (after swelling went down) Sometimes a full C cup.
550 CC saline, under the muscle.

2 years 5 mths - and awesome!!!!

It has been two and a half years since i adopted my implants.
I just recently checked in with Dr. J and Kim,
I like to stay in touch and send in my pictures like they asked every year. It has been almost 2 and a half years since I had my implants implanted :) and things are great.
There are things to learn when you have bigger boobs, myths dispelled, illusions realized. Such as:
1. it is not easier to dress bigger breasts. It is equally as difficult only in a different way - I have 550 CC saline implants under the muscle. They are super soft and real looking. But they also settled into being a size 32 G. Try finding a bra at Victorias Secret or La Senza for those ladies. BUT when I do modeling gigs I usually fit into the sample dress without alterations braless.
2. People will treat you differently. Men nicer / women meaner until you share that you have implants then they want to hear all about it and confess about their dream of having breast implants too. Which is where I usually suggest Dr. J to be their PS because of the great service I got there.
3. People who gave you a hard time about getting implants at the beginning with either a) forget all about it in time because they look , feel and act so real OR b) 'hater are going to hate' - some people are just haters and always will be - as long as you are happy : don't worry about them.
4. Your family and friends will not actually care or judge you once you have implants - even my 88 year old grandma is fine with them. She was not stoked about the idea at first, but I always make sure to dress appropriately for which ever situation I am in (aka no spaghetti straps with grandma around) and it all works out. For me I finally have breasts that match the rest of the women in my family :) I was a 32 AA while my mom and sisters rock the D's.
5. You WILL GAIN WEIGHT that will be difficult to keep off once you have bigger breasts!! your body naturally changes to adjusts to the extra weight and will become more curvy to match. Plus side you will look super natural and curvalicious! With a small amount of work you can keep the love handles at bay - but like natural curvy ladies - it is work.
6. You got great implants now get a great bra! don't cheap out - go to a real bra boutique and get fitted. I went to Perfect Fit in Thunder Bay - Sue the manager fitted me and now I just can't go back to mall bra shop crap. Fit is key! Its healthier for the implants and better for your nerves that run from you arms down your chest to almost you belly button. Take care of yourself. You wouldn't put dish soap on your new hair do. Spend at least $80 a bra and more - and DON"T RUSH INTO UNDER WIRE BRAS. You will be back into those torture traps soon enough. Let your body heal. You will know you are in a good bra shop when they refuse to sell you an under wire bra unless you are at least 1 year post op.
7. You will always second guess your size. Some days you will wish they were smaller, some days bigger. Best way to deal with this: HOT SHOWER. It has been suggested that breast implants plump up after a long hot shower. I know mine do. If bigger for a date is what you want turn up the heat. Smaller is better - a short warm but not hot shower is the way to go. No joke. Try it. put on a new bra before a shower then after and watch those puppies overflow over the top of that bra. Weird - but it works!

I did come across a few issues along the way.
I had more trouble with my right (dominant hand) breast during recovery. The lower part of the breast was numb for longer and was more swollen, the numbness is gone in the breast now. It took about 4 mths. Don't freak out if this happens to you. It will work it self out.
If I have bad posture for long periods of time - like at my desk job - the inside of my right arm and armpit get numb. I have had the whole scene ultrasound and looked at - it is a nerve issue. Best way to handle these kind of issues is to lay off the under wire bras and massage the area. Sometime heat helps to - but not a bath and hot water bottle is best, and cuter.
Finally to the G's - I was looking for a D to DD cup. I got 550 cc implants. They are super soft and great now. Over time they settled down into a nice slope and are a bit wiggly, not hard but firm. In Victorias Secret I have been a 32 d/ 32 DD/34 D / depending on the bra. But under the breasts the bra would rub and be irritated by the end of the day. This led me to be sized at Perfect Fit where Sue just took one look and me and declared " you are a size G" I was happy and sad. I love my big boobies - but all the cute, revealing tops are too revealing, almost nipply :( BUT all the regular tops are AMAZING. and sexy sweet is my new mantra! Sexy in a t-shirt is what we all want. Anyone can look cute in a club dress, but Im 34 now. No one needs to maybe see my vagina and nips unless its in a private setting. You know what I mean :D

Over all it has been a whirl wind of an experience - but one I would neverchange!
Toronto Plastic Surgeon

I decided to use Dr. Jugenburg after researching many clinics including the local one in my town. I found Dr. Jugenburg and his staff to be soo helpful and friendly. They always returned e-mails and phone calls quickly and helped with all of the arrangements for my surgery, including my room. I did one consultation visit and I knew right away they were the ones to help me through my journey. He had excellent reviews, was very accessible on-line. Was just amazing in person! And had the most friendly professional team available! His clinic was modern, clean and bright. Just meeting him was the dream experience. I especially liked not having to go to a filthy hospital to have the procedure done. It felt very safe, caring and comfortable.

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